Elton John’s Big Head

Elton John’s Big Head
I dunno what’s my obsession with this AirTran / XM deal, whether it’s the big news of free Satellite Radio being available on flights, or just Elton John’s big head plastered along the side of a perfectly good plane.
Either way, AirTran recently published the announcement page on their site featuring this lovely shot of Elton holding a big replica of a Boeing 717.
Surprisingly enough, upon seeing the design featuring his image, Elton John commented, “This plane looks fantastic.”
At least we now know some numbers. AirTran Airways currently has three planes with XM Satellite Radio service and plans to have XM installed on 20 planes by the end of February. While the remainder of the fleet will get XM installed through summer 2005.
But nevermind all that! Did you know that Elton John’s head on the 717 is comparable in dimensions to the head of the Statue of Liberty? Isn’t that fantastic?