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March 31, 2005

Morning Coffee with bloggers, Afternoon Photo Tour at Sirius HQ

Wow, what a crazy day today. On a whim, I met up with Mike Kaltshnee from Hacking Netflix today at Grand Central so we could get together with Steve Rubel (Micro Persuasion) - which in of itself would've been cool because I love Steve's blog - but low-and-behold we bump into Dave Winer of Scripting News. Off we go to do an impromtu Podcast at Starbucks. HUH?! I guess Dave and Steve had this little Podcast thing setup but I had absolutely no clue, and pretty much sat there dumbfounded.

This afternoon I'm going to Sirius Headquarters to do a photo tour they invited me on. Very cool. I'm hoping Dave Winer can come along and maybe we could have audio commentary of the whole thing, but who knows. I'll post the photos and anything fun from this photo tour of Sirius as soon as I can...

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