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Alltel gets more XM Radio Mobile channels

XM Radio Mobile
XM Radio Mobile listeners on Alltel Wireless have recently received an update to their lineup, bringing the total number of channels available to 25.

Alltell Wireless was the first wireless carrier to add XM Radio Mobile to its offering, and at the time they had a total of 20 channels available. Now Alltell customers can enjoy fan-favorites such as The Heart, XM Hitlist, Lucy, Chrome, The Groove, US Country & Caliente.

The services runs for $7.99 a month, but if you're looking for a quick music fix check out Alltel's XM Radio Mobile "Day Pass" which runs just $1.99 for 24 hours.

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If it's this easy for XM or Sirius to put their service on a cell phone, why even bother wasting money making their own portable players anymore?

Why not save that money for other inovations?

Because phones are the future as far as portable media....look at Apple and the iphone. They know.

Who wants to carry around a phone, an ipod AND a sat radio player.

This is cool news. It's the service people will pay for here, and XM and Sirius should both aggressively shift focus more to cell phones. :-)

If Sirius is going to be the predominant satrad company why are cell phone companies and others 'adding' XM to the capabilities versus Sirius? Wouldn't it make more sense to go with Sirius?

Since I have a HTC Touch with Alltel, and can take advantage of EVDO high-speed access, I can enjoy both XM and SIRIUS anytime with my phone, at no extra charge.

One of the many benefits of the HTC Touch, a phone which crushes the iCRAPhone!