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Apple iPad: A reset button for Sirius XM

Apple iPad
I wasn't going to write about the new Apple iPad, despite all the buzz around the device, because I didn't see it as a game-changer for Satellite Radio (or Internet Radio for that matter).

But the more I started to think about it, the more I wonder: did the "reset" button just get pressed for Sirius XM?
It's not that I see the iPad as a threat, but rather as an opportunity.

The iPad isn't a device that I'll use in my car. So it's not a "radio" replacement (for in-vehicle use at least). It's not a device that I'll constantly carry around with me like my smartphone, so it's not a personal audio replacement.

But it is a device that I'll use in my kitchen. It's something I might use on the train, or in a coffee shop.

The iPad is also a device that is viral in nature, early adopters will want to share the "cool stuff" they have on it with others. As Walt Mossberg said, "It's about the software, stupid." And while current iPhone apps, like the Sirius XM iPhone App, will run on it, there will be iPad-specific apps.

In other words: there's be a gold rush for new apps to fill this niche. And there lies the opportunity.

The reset button has been pushed.

Pandora, Slacker - and, yes, even Clear Channel - may have had a headstart with their iPhone Apps while Sirius XM was left distracted with the merger and threats of bankruptcy. But the new iPad SDK (Software Development Kit) just got released.

The field has been flattened. Everyone is back to zero.

There's an opportunity here for Sirius XM to utilize the gigantic and beautiful interface of the Apple iPad, and translate that into radio. There's an opportunity for them to take a gigantic step into the world of home audio by creating a killer app that everyone wants to share.

Some key things to think about:
  • The iPad 3.2 SDK allows the device to be plugged into a big screen (like your HDTV)
  • It's accessible: Starting at $499 (which is cheaper than what the iPhone debuted at), you can expect many fanboys to be waiting in line on opening day
  • The device naturally lends itself to at-home use. Not just because WiFi versions are $130 cheaper than the 3G versions (though unlimited 3G is only $30/month, amazingly), but because of its size.
  • You can't mutli-task on it
So imagine a Sirius XM App that goes beyond the current iPhone App.

One that displays beautiful album art and lyrics while listening. Or features a built-in browser so you can surf the web while listening. Or pulls down photos of the artist from the web - or even in-studio photos/video from various talk radio shows - to display on the iPad while playing satellite radio. Or even one that simply takes your own personal photo collection and displays a beautiful slideshow set to unlimited streaming music. (Imagine that on your HDTV?)

The possibilities are pretty amazing, if Sirius XM actually set their sites on it. Let's not throw this opportunity away - we need someone (a single person) to take control and be a champion for this.


I could have been a nice "reset button" for a bunch of applications. But the sticking point here is I can't listen to SIRIUS XM on my iPad while I am reading my iBook.

The decission not to have the iPad support at least 1 exta backround program (such as SiriusXM, Pandora or Slacker) while doing something else like reading a book or browsing the web makes the iPad a useless device for many of us.

To bad this could have been a great product.

1. It is not a reset because it runs all the same iPhone apps people already know and love.

2. You can not multitask (for now at least) so the ability to listen to music and do anything else at all is out of the question.

True, but...

1. The experience is better with a large screen and more suited for at-home listening. Yes - Pandora, Slacker, et al are still available, but iPad users will be looking for iPad Apps. In the concept of "buy low, sell high" - let's be seen as leaders, and not followers

2. You CAN "multitask" if Sirius XM look at their App as more than just a mini-radio. Google, Facebook, TweetDeck, and dozens of others have built-in browsers in their Apps. Why can't Sirius XM do the same? Why not apply the same logic with a Photo Slideshow? Yes, the OS 3.2 doesn't include multitasking, but that doesn't mean they should give up on innovating ideas.

@Scott: A great idea! Why not create an App that is a combination of Sirius XM + eBook reader?

All I'm asking is for Sirius XM to think outside of "radio" and consider themselves to be a LIFESTYLE. How do you integrate satellite radio into your life?

Ryan ...

Points 2 and 3 in your comment are off base. The OP about not supporting back grounding is completely on target.

Have you ever used another app besides Safari to browse the web? Any browser 'built in' to an application on the iPhone I have ever used has left me disappointed, they're not as usable or "nice" as mobile safari. I do like the feature that Wunderradio (and some other apps I'm sure) has where you can open a station "in the background" which really launches it in mobile safari - which is able to run in the background. You still can't surf the internet and listen unless you use their crappy built in browser, but at least you could read an ebook or do something else.

Not to sound cliche' but I'm hoping I will be able to jailbreak the iPad so I could install backgrounder - it's the only thing that makes the Sirus / XM app useful on my iPhone, otherwise every text or phone call I get means restarting the app, waiting to log back in (takes forever even with password saved) and then starting the station backup.

It would be nice to have the satellite radio running while it is charging/docked in picture frame mode.

I don't think this is a valid outlet for SatRad for two reasons. Number one, the recent increase in subscribers was almost all driven by increased car sales. That's where the sweet spot for growth of this media lies.

Secondly, I think this will not be a major distribution point for any of the music services.

The name "Ipad" sounds so retarted. couldn't they come up with a name a little more down to earth? listen: IPAD!!! so retarted. it even makes your mouth go AAAA. lol

People who love Apple are rabid and will want this no matter what it does. I think that this could be a great opportunity if Sirius XM played it right. Apple is eager to get this product out and somewhere down the road, they'll get the iPad to be able to run multiple applications at the same time.

If Howard Stern decides to re-sign with Sirius XM, his contract need to be renegotiated to allow for his show to air on the iPhone app. I also think, and this is not really related, that Sirius XM needs to drop the Best Of packages and allow all subscribers access to the content available in those packages. So XM subscribers automatically get Sirus best of channels at no charge and vice versa.

Most people buying this will be hardcore apple fans and probably already own an iphone. So if anything they will now be able to listen to sat radio on the iphone while using the ipad to access apps. Shame you need that much money in gadgets to do 2 things at once. But if anyone will pay twice as much to do something that can be done for half the price with something else, its apple fans.

Nice article Ryan. I agree - this is another in a sea of seemingly limitless opportunities for Sirius XM. Considered in conjunction with all the positive buzz the company has gotten recently due to the spike in its stock price (closed today on a 52 week high - $.816 - on incredible volume), we could really see this company that we all love turning the corner.

Didn't you proclaim that the phone apps were going to be the same savior for XM?

Get a clue already! The business model is a FAILURE!

Unfortunately, SiriusXM has a bunch of technology issues it doesn't seem to be able to get past. They have become stagnant.

I still don't see any tuners that are somewhat nice. On top of that, they still haven't gotten all of their channels on the Internet via Sirius Internet Radio. And even if they did, they still do not have Android or WebOS versions of the application.

Until Sirius can get every single channel on their Internet Radio, the service is a waste of time.

At least the iPad will be able to use the SLACKER app, which has far better music than Sirius and is absolutely FREE to use.

Content is King and after two years of Sirius' repetitive and boring content, and failed equipment breaking down constantly (three receivers and two boom boxes all dead in 18 months), the $795 I invested to listen over two years to the 'revolutionary' radio turned out to be more crap that was promised to us by incompetent corporate entities. Howard Stern reduced to four days a week with the same amount of commercial interruption and his 12 weeks per year vacation, boring fat Bubba the Hillbillie, and nothing else worth mentioning on the Stern Channels. What happened to all the killer content Howard promised? What happened to the classic KROCK shows for which was paid millions? Why were they not rebroadcast on Howard 101 instead of the unlistenable Ferrel? Is Artie dead yet? Eric The Midget? Sal? The show has become as unfunny as a stranger burping in your face 100 times straight: It’s a highly vertical niche of tired sycophants.

If you listen to any of the Sirius music channels, you'd swear they just moved all the boring program directors, who select music from the same two dozen bands from each genre, into new positions at Sirius. All the talk channels have the same, if not more, commercials than their FM counterparts. Plus, the audio quality is not at all superior to what I get from streaming radio, such as Pandora, or my iPod, in fact, the pitch that Sirius has fantastic digital quality audio is pure bunk.

Seriously: what the hell happened to Howard Stern? This was a guy who wrote books, produced television shows, produced quality collectable video and pay-per-view programs and kept everyone on the edge of their seat waiting for new and innovative product. I listened religiously for over two decades. When he got to Sirius, it all dried up in a year. Typical Rock Star Lifestyle Cliché: He becomes a mega-celebrity, rakes in staggering money, marries a super model and the trade-off is the determination and drive to continually create superior content goes away.

The iPad to save Sirius/XM? No way. Sirius/XM is the old tired method of the castor oil approach to radio shoving the same tired crap down the public's throat. Pandora has it right. Those that can create their own channels of music and leave the commercials behind do so. Those that want talk radio can get it through the AM or FM - why pay for the same neo-conservative gibberish - that's all that's on the AM/FM airways anyway. Diversity in radio? Give me a break! These days there is none, so why pay for the same crap that's free?

Tell me: When was the last time a friend stopped you on the street and said 'did you hear what Jay Thomas said on the Stars Channel today?' Gimme a break. Sirius XM is not long for this world. Nothing will save it. It's an old model that is quickly becoming outdated and has out served its purpose.


"All I'm asking is for Sirius XM to think outside of "radio" and consider themselves to be a LIFESTYLE. How do you integrate satellite radio into your life?"

Good luck! I have been waiting YEARS for them to do something innovative or create one buzzworthy piece of hardware. Look how long it took them to get their iPhone app to market... nough said. There are companies that do what you are suggesting, Sirius XM is NOT one of those companies.

Wow, gotta love the negativity in here. Almost like I never left forums. :)

I for one am starting to finally, once again, be slightly optimistic about Sirius XM coming out of this okay. And I do agree that the iPad shows promise, but not with a separate Sirius/XM app.

Think about it: iTunes initially started off, way back in the day, not as a music store, but as a location for storing your content AND for finding streaming radio stations. The ability to shop for music and buy it came later.

What needs to happen is for Sirius XM to integrate more tightly directly with iTunes and the iPod app and work with Apple to bring back the capability and awareness to stream THROUGH the iTunes or iPod apps. If you get that, then you possibly get your background capability to play music while something else, another app for instance, is running in the foreground. You can also piggyback off of iTunes' existing media features, things like album art and lyrics, without too much additional development effort. THIS is what XM/Sirius needs to tap into to make this worthwhile.

Unfortunately, I suspect that corporate egos will get in the way, on both sides, and conspire to prevent this from happening.

In any event, here's a ProTip: If you're going to call the iPad "retarted," you should at least learn the proper spelling for "retarded." Or at the very least, let your browser's spell check do the work and mask your lack of intelligence for you. Otherwise, it's you that ends up looking like the "retart" here.

Sorry, you don't apparently get it. People buy content. People will buy Sirius/XM for content it provides uniquely, and in common with other suppliers. Problem is that Sirius/XM does not compete well in the music content area, anymore. Where they may compete is in the talk/non-music entertainment area. However, as the Internet is accessable on these Ipads, so are are individually managed channels of entertainment, allowing competition at the lowest level. As car audio systems become integrated with Ipod/Ipad. Sirius/XM is left to compete purely on content, not monopolistic situation. Instead of building upon content which brought about the existence of sat radio, SXM has chosen to ride the monopoly for awhile. Will it wake up before the bandwidth gets sold and just used for data download, what ever that data is.

to me its just an oversized ipod touch i dont see what all the fuzz is about

Well put my good man. Any you did so intelligently with loads of profanity.

In terms of its effect Sirius XM, the iPad seems more like the latest chapter in a continuing saga than a game-changer. Yes, it's another product on which people can listen to Sirius XM, but like other mobile devices that access online audio content, the iPad can connect users with many providers, and a lot of them are free. I believe most people who listen to Sirius XM on mobile devices are and will continue to be current subscribers who just want a different place to hear to what they've already gotten used to. Most of the exclusive Sirius XM content that might actually pull some new people in is not offered on the online feed, and it's hard to imagine a whole lot of people paying to hear terrestrial radio-inspired, repetitious music channels and news/talk programs that are almost all available elsewhere online.

If Sirius XM is to compete online, it needs to figure out how to offer the whole satellite channel lineup and also add some edgier content -- such as online-only channels that could test new formats for possible later inclusion on the satellite lineup. Why couldn't there be 300 or 400 online channels, at least half of them free? Maybe partner with existing online broadcasters to include them all under the Sirius XM umbrella, and/or encourage independent producers to develop their own channels for inclusion in the online lineup. Online radio is an incredibly low-hanging fruit for a company with the resources and the presumed expertise of Sirius XM, yet they're leaving it largely unpicked, offering a skimpy, unimaginative channel lineup and then having the audacity to charge for it.

If you like Sirius XM, and can stomach re-living the dip to 5 cents/share, then see their “rags to riches” story on DVD. The movie is called “Stock Shock” and it goes over the history, development, and near-death experience of the stock. I did not know the inventor of sirius xm was a woman!–well she is now, at least. DVD is cheaper at , but the DVD is pretty much everywhere for sale or rent.

"Sirius/XM is the old tired method of the castor oil approach to radio shoving the same tired crap down the public's throat. Pandora has it right. Those that can create their own channels of music and leave the commercials behind do so."

First, I want to say thank you. Seems like more people coming on board and saying what needs to be said.

Someone posted above that they couldn't believe all the negativity here and it reminded them of the XM forums.

Do you listen to the music on SiriusFM? Have you realized how god-awful the programming is? It's like nobody gives a shit about what goes out over the service anymore.

Thank God Ryan allows free speech here. Go to any of the other blogs and say anything negative about SiriusFM and your posts will be removed. This is why we congregate here -- it's the only blog site that allows the free expression of opinions. Perhaps its more negative here for that reason.

I am so in love with Slacker. I am sure I would feel the same way if I subscribed to Pandora but I went for Slacker first. If any of you are curious about what satellite radio could have been, then download Slacker or Pandora. These services will absolutely compliment the new iPad and I hope -- no I pray -- that people turn away from satellite to these services because after all the garbage we have been listening to on SiriusFM, they deserve to go under.

Well, we're now at about 15 months and counting since we lost most of what was left of quality satellite radio when so many XM channels were axed, and I'm starting to lose heart. But, I do think there is still a place for actual radio, which I like. From my admittedly limited experience with Pandora and Slacker, I do not find them entirely suitable replacements for truly good radio, but compared to poorly-programmed radio, they're a lot better, so I don't blame you for going that direction.


I always enjoy reading your comments.

Very curious to hear your reasons why you feel Slacker and Pandora are not suitable replacements for truly good radio.

Speaking for Slacker, and the 70s and 80s music I have been listening to for the past three weeks....

The playlists are immense. The catalog selection goes deep. There are legitimate hit songs that I never heard before and I consider myself somewhat an authority on both eras.

You get album art. You get song lyrics. The songs are usually album cuts so none of the edited versions that are played on satellite and terrestrial. There are no obnoxious DJs doing unfunny shtick. There are no jingles. The service is TOTALLY FREE (with less than a minute of promotional commercials every few songs).

I pay about $50 for the paid service which allows me to bypass any song I do not want to hear. I can skip through a dozen or more songs till I hear the one I want. It also gets rid of the promotional commercials.

Oh, and the quality over WiFi sounds almost indistinguishable from a CD.

With all the available music, almost unlimited playlists and the control to skip songs you don't want to hear I am surprised that you still don't feel that it's a suitable replacement for radio.

Of course, we both agree that even soup cans and string would be a suitable replacement for satellite radio. :)

Slacker definitely has the music content and quality. However, for the car, new OEM systems will need to dock to the Ipod/Ipad to permit good ergonomic control of those devices while driving. I would say that SXM is the winner in that department with the OEM installed sat radios. There are aftermarket in dash audio systems which dock to and allow good ergonomic control. OEMs will come around like they did for aux connections, but the best audio is coming out of the docks, not the headphone out.

Again, my experience with Pandora and Slacker is limited, so anything I say should be taken in that context, but I still like the feel of live radio; to me, good announcing can add something to the music. Also, I think that technologically, Pandora and Slacker still do not have the nearly-universal reach of satellite radio. But, those points are shrinking in importance as Sirius XM continues to move increasingly toward mass appeal programming that neglects those who were once satellite radio's biggest supporters.

Chris and xcountry,

Very good, insightful answers.

I can't argue against them. You make
great points.

I am personally optimistic that the future of music delivery will be through the Internet. Unfortunately, getting cities wired to deliver nationwide WiFi and receivers into automobiles that can recieve that content is still a few years ahead of us.

However, I am confident that's the future.

At least for the time being, the iPad and a host of other mobile devices including the PC are capable of delivering exceptional music content within our homes.

Satellite radio is kids stuff compared to what others are doing. Too bad SiriusFM is unable to think outside the box.

Understand, but with memory being cheap, WiFi bandwidth of 50 Mbps at home, caching makes being connected to the Internet all the time is fundamentally irrelevant. Radio will become "On Demand". You charge your car with electricity (energy) and information. Narrowbandwidth channels are needed for instantaneous talk, sports and emergencies. All music content can be pre-loaded or cached.

By the way my Ipod in the car delivers higher quality audio thru the dock which enables the line out, than the headphone output on my PC. The slacker portable also had a line out from the dock that was much better than the headphone output. For SXM, you couldn't tell the difference anyway because the data is compressed more heavily.

You can't multitask on the Ipad. So if you were to use the Sirius XM app it would be the only thing you could use. You might as well just buy a huge boom box put it next to your ear.

I see the iPad selling well but not as well as the iPhone or iPod Touch. It's too big to be portable and it's too small to be like a laptop. There's no multitasking, which is going to be a problem. Also, it requires you to pay a monthly fee (something the iPod Touch does not do). Also, it has no camera, so not ALL of the iPhone apps can be used on the upcoming iPad. I really do not see the iPad hurting SiriusXM.

Actually, SiriusXM is already hurting themselves be becoming stale with their lax programming, their horrid promos/sweepers and their annoying, "hip" DJ's. I'm calling up to cancel tomorrow - I have thrown my hands up and given up on this company. They are so out of touch with their subscribers. Look how long it took to get an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch! Their Facebook posts are only good if you give them praise - any criticsm posts gets deleted. They don't care about us any more...and I feel the same way about them!

I'd like to thanks SXM for coming up with the sky dock and Powerconnect for the Iphone/Itouch. I may get one, but not a renewal subscription to SXM. Just kidding, but If all had was FM to get the sound into my car stereo I'd consider it.

When I arranged for ending my SXM 5 year, they seemed to have a hard time with understanding that my reason was that they deleting content that I bought the original 5 year. I'm was a sucker, but no more.

My PocketDock for my 80g Ipod works great, allowing the line out to go directly into the Aux input, in my car.

William, very good points on both topics; iPad looks like it'll do well, but you also target the bigger picture.

Tech geeks will love the new hardware, but as you and others have said, the multi-tasking possibilities just aren't there. Some will get frustrated easily with this.

My guess is, the more savvy buyers will hold off 'til a new version comes out in future.

On the other, I think we've all exhausted our words and thoughts on the content issue. My feeling is we'll just remain twisting in the wind, to borrow a phrase.

On the other, I think we've all exhausted our words and thoughts on the content issue. My feeling is we'll just remain twisting in the wind, to borrow a phrase.

Black Dog,

Listen, coming from me this is important -- but I agree with you nearly 100%.

However, there is a reason why we just sit here and repeat ourselves time and time again....

We aren't going to let SiriusFM off the hook.

This is one of the only places left that allows free speech about satellite radio. Have to give a HUGE amount of kudos to Ryan for allowing it as much I realize it must give him and a few of his readers frustration in reading the same comments over and over again.

The point is, as long as SiriusFM continues to ignore its subscribers we are going to speak out.

We are the pebble in Sirius' shoe. They read this site, and sometimes, people from within lash out at our comments. We know this is happening. However, our philosophy here is that if SiriusFM is going to continue to ignore the negative feedback and not address the complaints that are given to them, then those complaints are going to continue being expressed and broadcast for anyone considering switching to satellite radio.

This is a very popular blog site and it doesn't help SiriusFM to have negative comments posted on it. On the contrary, the company has blatantly turned their back on their subscribers, dumbed down their programming and service completely across the spectrum from what XM RADIO once was, and expecting its subscribers to just bend over and enjoy what they are sticking them with.

The negative comments here are just as important as the positive. Go to any other satellite radio blog or forum and attempt to talk the truth about satellite radio and watch how fast you get censored. I don't know if SiriusFM still gives freebies to satellite radio forum owners but I know years ago that was a huge reason why they tried to shut down any negative talk against them.

Again, thank you Ryan (if you are reading this) for putting up with us.

Aren't we just being a tad egotistical?

"We aren't going to let SiriusFM off the hook."

Why, because they aren't programming the music the exact way you or a very select few desire? Nevermind what the general American public wants, for better or worse. Nevermind that the service grew in subscribers last quarter despite the economic doom and gloom. Nevermind that SIRIUS ended up really beating XM in the end because of their balanced programming (it wasn't hardware, that's for sure). Nevermind that SIRIUS made the right moves at the right time to ensure their survival, unlike your beloved XM Radio.

I can understand that some of you are bitter O&A flunkies who are bitter that your company got your ass handed to you by Mel and the SIRIUS crew. But the other 95% of the customers who actually love the service could give a shit about you or your posts.

There is one thing I wish SIRIUS would do. Eliminate any retention programs for XM which encourage whiny, spoiled, worthless consumers from continuing on as subscribers. The customer is not always right in this society anymore, and the companies that realize that will win in the end.

Essentially, the company has taken your advice, ridiculous as it is: They've eliminated a "retention program" (also known as "quality programming") for XM customers, who made up the majority of their subscribers, focusing instead on Sirius's largely failed programming lineup that was rescued by the popularity of one guy. If you're really an investor, I'd think you'd have looked at the ratings and seen that rather than posting laughably absurd statements about "balanced programming" that does not exist, as evidenced by the very unbalanced ratings of pre-merger Sirius -- and this is a fact that was noted by Arbitron itself. Neither you nor I can declare with any degree of authority what the "general American public" wants, but the ratings do show that whatever that may be, it's not what Sirius offers.

Of course, your vitriolic diatribe about "whiners," and "spoiled, worthless consumers," who, incidentally, are the only thing separating the company from extinction, is hardly surprising given the vacuous nature of everything else you said, but since the company appears to agree with you that XM customers aren't worth keeping, I'd be interested in knowing where you see a vast reservoir of eager new subscribers to replace the ones the company is running off.

xcountry, here's food for thought.

You can split the customer (or subscriber) base into three parts. 1) The Champs; these are the yes we love your ideas and mean it people. They love your company and everything you do is great. 2) The Undecideds; they are not with you and not against you. They are not sure how they feel and need more information. 3) The Shitheads; these are always against you and no matter what you do, you are wrong.

Businesses used to pay more attention to The Shitheads, even when they are the smallest faction. This is the faction which is more a liability than an asset, and businesses are realizing that they are aren't worth keeping as customers. By shedding The Shitheads, they are strengthening the chances that The Undecideds become loyal Champs, that The Champs' loyalty is fully recognized, and that their employees (the internal customers) are truly valued.

In other words, the customers AREN'T always right. If SIRIUS were smart, they would get rid of The Shitheads.

True -- you can't run a company for a vocal minority. But, I don't think that's what most people here are advocating. The ratings do show that XM, with its programming lineup, attracted more listeners total than Sirius did, and that XM listeners spread their listening much more evenly across the whole channel lineup than Sirius listeners did. Certainly it's right that individual customers are not always right, but the collective behavior and preferences of customers, as seen in ratings, surveys and other measures, is what businesses live and die by.

While some people are indeed "shitheads" who will never be satisfied, most critical people are not. Many here comment because they love or once loved satellite radio and want to do so again. From Sirius XM's perspective, it's much cheaper to keep an existing customer than go out and win over a new one, so it's costly and ill-advised simply to dismiss out of hand the opinions of customers -- especially when all they want is a return to the former quality of the service for which they signed up, rather than having it turned into something they do not want.

Siri Stock Fan,

How can anyone take your response seriously?

It's amazing how we can carry on an intelligent conversation with real bullet points about why satellite radio has been in the toilet and then someone comes along and peppers the conversation with "O&A Flunkies" diatribe. What does THAT have anything to do with what we have been discussing?

And the remark about "Eliminate any retention programs for XM which encourage whiny, spoiled, worthless consumers from continuing on as subscribers" is also ridiculous. You mean to say that anyone that speaks out about a company they subscribe to is "whiny" and "worthless"? the one-sided mentality. How dare anyone speak out about satellite radio. This is the same mentality that is going on at the other blog sites that will censor you if you speak out against the service.

NJRonbo, with his head shoved clearly up his ass, ironically states "...then someone comes along and peppers the conversation with "O&A Flunkies" diatribe. What does THAT have anything to do with what we have been discussing?"

Funny you mention that. What in the hell does your tired complaints about programming have to do with a conversation about the iPad. Just as much as me bringing up that you are one of the "O&A Flunkies"! If you want to continue hijacking blogs with your crap, then expect a response in kind.

"People in glass houses should not throw stones."

Siri Stock Fan,

Thanks for the compliment.

If you actually read what I posted you would have seen that my conversation was related to the iPad.

However, with all discussions of this type, the topic can and will suddenly shift to something else. I'm not accusing you of altering the conversation. That happens all the time. I'm accusing you of walking into a discussion and peppering it with insults towards people that like "O&A" and calling people with legitimate complaints "whiners." At least I do my best to keep discussion civil without resorting to insults and profanity towards other members. Can you say the same?

I love people like you who don't have the intelligence nor skill to debate someone so they interject insults and profanity in hopes that it will make their point-of-view seem superior.

Congrats, it certainly looks as if you tried to succeed on that level.

NJRonbo, there are some people who just aren't worth my time and effort to debate.

Congrats, it certainly looks as if you tried to succeed on that level.

I understand, my friend. You knew you were wrong. It's okay. We forgive you.

Here's a good story of what SIRIUS XM should do to Shitheads like Ronald "NJRonbo" Epstein:

One woman who frequently flew on Southwest, was constantly disappointed with every aspect of the company’s operation. In fact, she became known as the “Pen Pal” because after every flight she wrote in with a complaint.

She didn’t like the fact that the company didn’t assign seats; she didn’t like the absence of a first-class section; she didn’t like not having a meal in flight; she didn’t like Southwest’s boarding procedure; she didn’t like the flight attendants’ sporty uniforms and the casual atmosphere.

Her last letter, reciting a litany of complaints, momentarily stumped Southwest’s customer relations people. They bumped it up to Herb’s [Kelleher, CEO of Southwest] desk, with a note: ‘This one’s yours.’

In sixty seconds, Kelleher wrote back and said, ‘Dear Mrs. Crabapple, We will miss you. Love, Herb.’”

Aww, dude, awesome story but you let your inner anger get the best of you.

Chuckle! I guess I still am worth your time and effort.