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Apple unveils 3G iPhone

3G iPhoneHere's the breakdown of features, courtesy of Engadget:
  • High-speed 3G connectivity (almost as fast as WiFi, see the speed comparison photo after the jump)
  • Battery life: 5-6 hours browsing time, 7 hours of video use, 24 hours of audio and 5 hours of 3G talk time.
  • Built-in GPS
  • Will be available in 70 countries over the next several months.
  • Price: 8gb version for $199 (down from $399),16Gb for $299.
  • Available: July 11th
3G iPhone
3G iPhone

Comparing the 3G iPhone download speeds to those of the Nokia N95 and the Palm Treo 750.

Showing the speeds of EDGE (the current iPhone) versus the new 3G speed, and then the WiFi speed. WiFi is still faster, but not by much of a margin.

And the money shot...
3G iPhone

So let's bring this back to "radio" for a second here. Back in January of last year, people scoffed at the thought that a $600 phone would change the mobile landscape. One year and 6 million units later, there's no question to the influence that the iPhone has had on the wireless market. Enter the NEW iPhone, bringing together 3G speeds, location based services through GPS, a full developer ecosystem, and now at an extremely competitive price. So what are the implications?

Remember, Steve Jobs doesn't intend this to be just "a phone" - it's a lifestyle device. Integrated into your life in every possible way. So what do you think the iPhone will do to the listening habits of millions of owners? Do you think the ability to stream at high-speeds, combined with the cached capabilities of 8gb or 16gb of storage will change behaviors? What about the GPS capabilities? Will waiting for "traffic and weather together on the 8s" eventually become an arcane activity?

It's questions that radio, satellite or terrestrial, should be asking themselves. And more importantly, they should be looking at how thjey themselves can also be a "lifestyle device" and not just something that comes in your car.

[more details on Engadget]


Ron and Fezzie noon to 3

ah, um, will sirius be able to run on it (without using jailbreak)?

I'm really getting disappointed with this site.

All I see nowadays is news about the merger and web related stuff anybody can get. Ryan isn't doing any research, he's just regurgitating press releases nowadays.

For instance, XM just added Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 to XM Hitlist, and also replays of countdowns on the XM 8 and XM 9 each Saturday. However, because XM didn't have a bona-fide press release no coverage on this site. Which is news for SatRad fans!

Distracting the blog with talk of the iPhone and HD Radio really stinks. If you're going to re purpose the blog please let us know. I don't really care about all the distractions from SatRad, since I can go to Gizmodo or Hear 2.0 or some other place. Let's get some news about new shows, etc.

@Vivian Chumbo I've been writing about the iPhone for quite some time Vivian (see here: because I think it poses as legit competition to satellite radio.

I saw the bit on Rick Dees a little while ago, and I missed it. I'm sorry. If there's items I miss (and there frequently are), you can always email me and yell at me for not covering it. I'm easy like that.

Without HD radio technology, the new iPhone is useless. HD is the wave of the future! It has better sound quality than satellite, and best of all it's free.
HD radio. It's time to upgrade.

@Anonymous Coward

"Presto: That iPhone is now a Radio!"

"Less than a month ago I posted about streaming radio coming to an iPod near you. Now comes word of a SHOUTcast player for your iPhone allowing you to stream thousands of stations to your phone (using WiFi - or not). It is inevitable that streaming (and stream-like cached) music will be easily and widely available on mp3 players and/or mobile phones. And sooner rather than later."

What will make your radio station different in this fast-coming world?

Apple has no plans to add shitty HD Radio tuners to any of it's products - only in your HD Radio wet-dreams.

well i will be getting an iphone as soon as my verizon contract is up in August. For $199, how could you NOT want one?

It still looks the same.

Hey, if I'm paying a couple hundred for a glorified phone, it better look pretty darn good.

If you have sign with AT&T then I'll pass-I would love to have one but not w/ AT&T

If your in a rural area, its quite easy to pass on them. I'm going to be getting something new from Verizon when my contract period is up. Its not as sexxy, but I'd rather have a nice phone that works everywhere instead of a fucking awesome phone that doesn't pick up for shit.

I really wish Apple went without an exclusive agreement. I guess I'll just be picking up the Blackberry Thunder instead.

I have about 10 months left on my T-Mobile contract, but it looks like I'll be breaking it in July. The later release date is great since I can have the money when it's out. Can't wait.

Why would Apple ruin their new product by adding what amounts to a vestigial technological appendix like (H)ardly in (D)emand radio? If HD had any merit of it’s own it wouldn’t need the FCC and TROLLS to sell the idea. Maybe you could lure them with the appeal of the lower battery life HD chipsets offer over standard radio or streaming? Maybe they want to add the expense of licensing fees for a superfluous power hungry chipset? Maybe the lure of more channels of commercials will sell Apple on HD radio? Just because the general public has given a pass on this turd doesn’t mean some idiot with a lot of money won’t try to polish it.

W S U X (H)ardly (D)ifferent RADIO…. Coming up after “Top 1000 Commercials” on H3 it’s the “Who Gives A Sh*t Show” on today’s show we’ll be talking to Anonymous Coward an HD PR Shill. He’ll clue both of you in to the reason why HD radio sales are so poor. "Who knew wasting time chastising fanboys on the Internet didn’t sell radios"?….

And now an extended commercial break….” Are you tired of radio programming getting in the way of your commercial breaks? Then HDR is your answer! Whether you want one crystal clear channel of commercials or a multiplex of low quality channels of shear commercial bliss HD radio is for you!”…

WSUX All digital has to offer…..

mistaneon. How could I not want one?\
1. It is on the AT&T network (i.e. Cingular the network for children
2. AT&T- home to the fewest dropped calls, yeah because you can't drop a call if you can't make one.
3. Phones are for talking on not listening to music.
4. I hate programing my own music
5. My HTC mogul/Verizon XV6800 does what I need. PDA, email, etc.

Blackberry Thunder- nice I might actually look at a blackberry when my contract is up in january 2010. I just got a new phone so I have to wait but I do like the touch screen option. Now I just hope the NHL will relize that the Nashville Predators are better off in Ballsille's than nobodies.

HD Radio is dead...

Ah, but they'll find a good home on museum shelves with the Quadraphonic Radios of the late 1960s & 70s.

Wow no MMS support again???? $200 for a phone that can't do what a free phone can do. Way to go apple.

You still can't use your own ringtones. Apple wants to get as much money out of you as possible. Yea no MMS. This sucks. I'll stick with my Treo 755P.

> Without HD radio technology, the new iPhone is useless. HD is the wave of the future! It has better sound quality than satellite, and best of all it's free.
HD radio. It's time to upgrade.

its free? seriously? f'n sweet dude!!!!!

but...ummm...i need to throw a few hundo out to decode the signal though, eh? and i still have to listen to 3 min of commercials every 10 minutes? and i can't listen to people swear on it?

shove it, wanker.

OR WSUX..... H D R A D I O!!!!!

Since HD Radio DOES NOT suck it takes "TROLLS" like you desperate with fear of a digital radio technology standard. Real quotes have been posted by legit reviewers and those reviews and quotes matter much more than a "TROLL" which is you posting fear and desperation relying on others with blind ignorance to join your ignorant sad group.

Again you can't fool the educated, and there no need for you to be fearful enough to hate a technology standard which doesn't matter to you.

Question - Does the battery, which is sealed inside the iphone have a limit to the number of times you can charge it? ( I don't want to have to bring it in to get a new battery.)

Well sat radio is dying a slow death and Apple keeps selling more i pods and i phones, as they just keep getting better and better. XM hasn't put out any new radios for a while now. The Inno needs a lot more memory and way more than the claimed 5 hours of battery life to even hope to compete in the portable media market. i pods rule!