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Artie Lange attempted suicide, stabbing himself 9 times

Artie Lange
This is sad. Earlier reports of Artie Lange being hospitalized may have been caused by an attempted suicide, according to the New York Post.
Sources to The Post say that Artie Lange stabbed himself nine times in an apparent suicide attempt.

Lange's mother called 911 on Saturday morning after she entered his Hoboken apartment and found the bloodied sidekick to the The Howard Stern Show, according to a law-enforcement source.

Lange sustained six "hesitation wounds" and three deep plunges.

The attempted suicide report was further confirmed by a New York Post source close to Lange's management team, adding that his mother had come to visit him to drop off food. Despite heavy bleeding, surgeons managed to save Lange's life.

"We all have our demons," said Howard Stern on-air this week. "Artie has given this show tremendous moments of great comedy. He's a tremendous contributor.

"He is a good man. Don't forget how great he is."

This is a very sad piece of news, and I'm sure that I speak for everyone in saying that I hope Artie gets the help that he needs.

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Man, I'm speechless...

Jesus, Artie.

I'm not an Artie hater, but I just have no sympathy for addicts.

I don't know, there are addicts and people that need serious psychiatric help. Dying from an overdoes is one thing, stabbing yourself six times and then committing to three more serious stabs is something totally different.

There is obviously quite a bit of animosity between the Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony camps. This is not the place for those comments. This morning on the Opie & Anthony Show both Opie and Anthony spoke highly of Artie. They mentioned that since they’ve been in the Sirius XM building, now along with Howard’s show, that they run into Artie from time to time. Even though Opie had some issues with Artie when they first moved to the new building, they’ve since gotten past that and have an amicable relationship.

Jim Norton, comedian on the O&A show, always speaks well of Artie as well. I don’t listen to Howard any more, but I wish Artie nothing but the best. The guy is obviously going through some major shit. This goes way beyond picking sides of which show you support. This is another human being. If he was an ill intentioned piece of garbage, then I could understand people saying awful things about him. It sounds more like he is just a troubled individual that would rather be dead that live his day to day life. That’s fucked up. Rather than chastise him, people should just be grateful that they are not in a similar place in their own lives.

Well I hope he can turn things around for himself. The guy is obviously hurting pretty bad.

Wow! Came to Orbitcast looking for some bit of satellite-related CES update to read this! To tell you the truth, the feeling I get is not so much one of suprise considering Artie's outspoken abuses but this is depressing and somewhat confusing not to mention the infantile irony of how one can illuminate audiences with comedy yet be so distressed on the inside. And not that this is a first either!

I do hope that the "hesitations" that have kept him among us will put him on the right track for seeking help and that in time he can fully distantiate himself from this dark shadow.

Suicide with a gun or pills is one thing, but stabbing yourself to death? I don't think I've every heard of that before.

Artie needs serious, serious, serious help.

sounds like he got robbed

Biggest loser.

Artie, "Good luck bro"... and not in an Opie to Peter Jennings kind of way. Honestly, hope things turn around for you.

Poster Ed Baxter stole my thunder, but it was well stated. This goes beyond the competitive nature of the shows and the sometimes abrasive interaction between the two.

This man is so tormented by his demons that he was able to fight through the pain of 6 wounds to go three more. The fact that he is alive is a gracious reminder that he is beating his demons for now, but also a saddening reminder that his demons are still holding on tight.

Personally, I think that one of the two shows displays an incredible amount of childishness and immaturity in the way they treat the other, and aligning into a partnership not only is a decent thing to do, but would strengthen the appeal of that portion of satellite radio.

Perhaps this might be the event to do it. The two shows find a way to unite in getting help for Artie, work together to bring more attention to addiction and other medical and psychological issues and become a force for good, not just in funny locker room humor, but in things that really matter.

wow man, good luck I hope everything works out that is awful for anyone. Did Howard acknowledge it?

Shocking...The fact that he is so fat probably saved his life. i'm not joking. Those blade thrusts were blunted by sheer fat dulling the knife in the process. Wish him the best though.

wow he is a great guy... hope he gets love

The fans love Artie, wishing the best for him.

Artie that is SOOOOOOOO EMO.

Wish Artie the very best!

Find peace Artie. We're praying for you big guy.

Isn't he the comedian who basically told a million jokes as part of his "sthick"? Is he the one who used to be on XMComedy a bunch before SiriusXM took over and comedy went into the shitter. That is who I'm thinking of but thought it was "Martie" instead of "Artie" If that is the same guy, I wondered why I hadn't heard him in a while. But to be honest, I don't listen to SiriusXM's comedy channels much anymore. The content quality is way off.

If that's who it is, I was always amazed how many jokes he could tell in his 5 minutes per slot. He's good.

Wishing him a complete recovery in every facet of his life.

Hey Recondo, I think you are talking about Jackie Martling. He was on Howard early on.

As far as Artie goes, wishing the best and hope he gets it back together.

Isn't he the one who was in the remake of King Kong back in the 70's? Big tits and an ass to die for? Oh yeah... duh... that was Jessics Lange!

Question: how can anyone who posts on this site not know who Artie Lange is? Unfuckingbelievable.

i used to love hearing Jackie, but when Artie took his place, it brought the show up to a much higher entertainment value--Hes a HUGE asset to the show
Unfortunately, we all saw this happenning---ala Belusi, Farley---so much talent wasted due to drugs
I hope hes back with the show at some point this year but i have a feeling hes probably done there

Artie needs to deal with living his life the way he wants to live it. When you stab yourself that many times, without success, its represents more than suicide, Artie is upset about his real feelings and wants. Like many people, Artie is a drug addict, which doesn’t make him any less of a person, he is going to either live sober or not, this is his decision, like most addicts, he is tortured with the guilt that most friends, family members and co-workers put upon him, this is unnecessary pain brought on by everyone else’s expectations and demands of sobriety. I wish Artie a safe recovery, I hope Artie learns to live within his own expectations of himself.

Isn't he the guy who used to host those game shows? Oh shit... that was Jim Lange! Just who is this mystery man Artie Lange: popular comedian, Howard Stern sidekick for almost 9 years, best selling author, TV and movie personality, and mentioned on this blog almost daily for the last several years at least. Why haven't I heard of him? I hope they don't make me come out of my cave! It's scary knowing what's going on in the world. Somebody please hug me.

Newspapers are reporting that Mr. Lange has been released from hospital.

This is indeed sad; I am happy to see that for once the assholes who populate this board with their Howard/O&A garbage have held off.

Artie is indeed in serious trouble; drug addiction is one thing, but it is clear that this problem goes deeper.

It is short-sighted and cold-hearted (I'm talking to you, Mr. Griswold) to have no sympathy for this kind of thing, and to just throw a human being under the bus. As I've said: I don't care much for Lange's comedy, but I do wish him the best and hope for a full recovery, however long it takes.

Howard's show is so done! I'd say put a fork in it, but Artie already tried the knife.

Pop goes the douche bag...

Artie is a funny guy and I hope he makes a full recovery.

Remember when the pop singer Selena was shot in the mid-90s? He played machine gun fire over one of her songs the following week. Robin and Howard laughed and laughed. Cause you have to admit, murder is kind of funny.

So why not be consistent? He should play the audio from the shower scene in Psycho over one of Artie's bits. THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS. Or Im sure theres a scene where a Shogun commits hari kari. Im full of classy ideas.

Howard you are all class.