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Artie Lange makes a comeback

Artie Lange
Artie Lange, longtime sidekick on The Howard Stern Show, has staged a comeback to the comedy circles after a terrifying suicide attempt nearly 10 months ago. 

Fellow comic Craig Gass appeared on Howard Stern yesterday and said he caught up with Lange at the Comedy Cellar where he made a surprise appearance over the weekend.
"Yes Artie performed two 20- to 25-minute sets Friday and Saturday, and he was as funny as ever," said a spokesman for the Comedy Cellar told E! Online.

"He had a great line when he opened the show," Craig Gass told The New York Post. "He said, 'Well, folks, I gotta say I am so glad that Fashion Week is over because I am %#&@ing exhausted.'"

Gass posted a photo (below) of Artie Lange on his Facebook fan page, where Lange looks noticeably thinner and clean shaven.

Artie Lange returns
At the Comedy Cellar, Artie only lightly touched upon the demons he was battling earlier this year. During the holidays, Lange had attempted suicide, stabbing himself 9 times in the abdomen. Still, in great comic style, he was able to make jokes about it.

"He had a good line about how a year ago he was going through withdrawal from heroin, and his agent came up with the great idea -- 'Hey . . . you should start Twittering!' " Gass said.

Comic Dan Naturman related, "He mentioned the fact that he had been in a psych ward for the past eight months and that he was playing Scrabble with one of the other patients. But the guy was so scary that whatever [dubious] word he spelled, Artie would say: [long pause] 'OK . . . let's count it up.' "

The Comedy Cellar crowd had no idea that Artie was going to show up.

"You could see he looked like how he did when he first came on the Stern show in 2001. He's lost a lot of weight," Gass said. "Everyone is really cheering for him, as am I."

Welcome back Artie!



God Bless you Artie Lange, glad to me you are getting well and hope you return to the Stern Show very soon.
All Jersey has your back!

So glad that Artie's doing well. I hope he comes back to the show.


Glad to see he is back and working. Hopefully Stern stays with Sirius and brings Artie back. Robin is killing, and not in a good way. If Stern goes to the Internet, I guess it will be ok until I get my first bill and see how much MORE expensive the show is going to be.

I love Artie but he's never going to be back on Howards show. Sirius is way to corporate to open themselves up to the potential liability that is Artie.

Glad to hear that he's okay. I wish him nothing but continued success in battling his demons.

fucking loser can't even kill himself right, next time start with howard then yourself you fucking loser!