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At least 30 employees laid off from Sirius XM

Sirius headquarters
As expected, another round of layoffs ripped through Sirius XM today, only this time it was the Sirius business unit that was affected the most, reports All Access.

"At least 30" employees were let go, most of whom were New York-based employees (pictured above, South Korean labor protesters outside the Sirius headquarters in NYC).

According to All Access, those who are confirmed to have been laid off are:

  • Mike Peters, Director of Standards and Broadway
  • Shirley Maldonado, Director of Latin and Contemporary Jazz
  • Tonya Byrd, PD of the now-defunct Hot Jamz channel, and Sirius Love
  • Howard Marcus, PD of the now-defunct The Beat and Area 38
  • Brian Atwood, PD of Sirius Pops
  • Wayne Mayo, PD of Soul Town and the now-defunct Backspin
  • Matt Abromowitz, PD of Sirius Blues and Pure Jazz
  • Andrea Karr, PD of Classic Rewind and Hair Nation
Additionally, FMQB reports that The Beat's own J.C. Simon, Mike Bordes, DJ Monsta and Bad Boy Joe have left the company. Randi Martin is expected to leave The Blend at the end of the year.

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They even outsourced their protesters.

We love you Randi...:(

Good luck Matt, they should've kept you instead of the XM PD they transferred over.

I was really trying to remain positive the whole time and I knew that layoffs were inevitable but as more and more people leave the company, I'm afraid the channels are going to become more and more like terrestrial radio. I absolutely cannot stand the Jack FM format and it's seeming like some the channels are becoming like that.

Randi isn't even on the Blend anymore!!! It's Staci, Mike and Karen!!!

Well, would this suggest that these are channel clusters that will be headed by (former) XM'ers? Take, for example, the fact that Trinity heads the Jazz category, and now her Sirius counterpart has been shown the door. Ditto for Classical music. I especially welcome changes at Classic Rewind / Hair Nation, because as excited as I was initially, the repetition on those two stations has made those channels too FM like and very predictable. I hope that the XM team now leading Octane has better luck keeping the XM flavor of what used to be Squizz. Now if only Lucy had kept the edgy sweepers and bigger playlist, Lithium could be better. And I really miss the XM jingle...

I actually welcome the changes. I wish they would have kept Randi, but what can you do. Over at The Message, I like the trio of Lori Thompson, Doug Hannah, and Tom Carter who were the DJs formerly known as Spirit.

"Well, would this suggest that these are channel clusters that will be headed by (former) XM'ers?"

I suspect programming duties will be outsourced to Clear Channel, in preparation for an eventual sale...

I really don't know what channels you whiners
are listening to , but , every single channel
I listen to has improved dramatically. The
play lists are much much more expanded. I'm
hearing songs on all the decades channels I've
haven't heard in years and years and I've
been a Sirius subscriber for 4 years.

Classic Rewind,Classic Vinyl and Deep Tracks
are also playing expanded playlists.

I agree, I like the channels. But I've been a dual-sub for a number of years now and the people that are complaining are the XM people. They're upset because they lost almost every station they had. The new channels are great, but some people hate change...

Hey, I've been a dual sub for over six years and I have to ask what Kool-Aid are you drinking? I heard "First Wave" actually play Moon Unit Zappa's "Valley Girl" last night! I thought I was having a nightmare, but my display told me otherwise. So this is what it has come to? I think the XM'ers have a right to complain! Oh well, at least all the "Top 40 Hits" sheep should be happy.

I like Mike Bordes and his work. I'll ask Mr. Google where he is working and sharing the work.

they could drop rick dees from the 80's channel.
i didn't listen to that crap 20 years ago and it hasn't improved.

They are letting the lower paid people go, with little or no pay, while paying Execs millions of dollars. Any money saved from letting these people does nothing to save cash considering they paid people like NAte $10 million dollars. There were many under Nate that are receving millions in payouts.

I know on Hair Nation it's the same as I remember, Kiss, Winger, Cinderella, Whitesnake, repeat. It's awful. I'd have paid an a la carte fee to have this "greatest hair band hits" station but the deep cuts of the boneyard still had me getting up to see who the band was playing some long forgotten song I loved - and that's after having XM for 6 years. Instead of a potential sale of an a la carte capable receiver and subscription to the additional channel I've already cancelled 3 subs. Every time I put on the old Fred they're playing U2. Yuck.

Posting people's name is disrespectful.

BTW, Cinderella's "Nobody's Fool" just came on....for the 183rd time in 3 days.

Too bad, the PD of Outlaw Country and Willie's Place was not let go. Jeremy Tepper has no idea what he is doing. X-Country and Willie's Place before the merger were spectacular.

WL I have never seen you post here before. Obviously you are a Sirius XM plant. Please tell Mel his new SXM sucks balls. I don't want want to hear a DJ every 2 songs!!!!!!!!!

Andrea Karr, PD of Hair Nation was fired. I don't Andrea personally, but it was obvious that channel was programmed by someone who didn't listen to that genre of music. The lack of deep cuts, small playlist, and no new music by bands from the genre was proof enough for me. 99% of the songs programmed were either singles or video hits. Anyone can do that?

I hope they hire someone who's passionate and extremely knowledgable about the music.

"I'm hearing songs on all the decades channels I've
haven't heard in years"

Welcome to satellite radio the way it is supposed to be. :) My brother loves the 50's station because it wasn't like the standard terrestrial 50's station. For example, a co-worker of his that listened to radio in that era even commented that he hadn't those songs on radio since he was a teen.

Get it? The decades channels are supposed to be "oldies stations." They represent radio during that era. They are not focused on playing songs that have been determined by focus groups and demographic research 50 years later to be the only songs that represent that era.

So, yeah, WL, you noticed a difference -- the XM difference. I hope you like it.

What have we learned today?

We've learned that mergers aren't always a good thing, and what's good for the radio business is bad for radio. Those who supported this merger are now waking up to feel something sticky on their backs and their wallets gone.

We've been had. All of us. We lose.

Like Randi on the Blend in the morning. Funny, witty and topical -- Plus a killer voice. Sure, why not fire her!!! What's Mel's direct line?

WL: I'm not surprised that you're happy as a Sirius subscriber; those improvements you're hearing are what XM listeners have been enjoying for years. The deeper playlists are nothing new to us.

The problem on the XM side is that most of the channels have been replaced with the FM-style playlists and obnoxious DJs that Sirius loves so much. So while some Sirius channels have been made better by XM, most XM channels have been made worse by Sirius. Do you see why so many people are unhappy now?

I SAY WE ALL CANCEL. THIS IS DISGUSTING! ALL MUSIC CHANNELS ARE NOW CENSORED AND LITHIUM IS NO LONGER WHAT IT CLAIMS TO BE. They just played Staind and followed it with Coldplay, two non-grunge bands, from the 2000s. Lithium, for those of you who do not know, is the 90s grunge and alternative channel...

Today I was driving and Jack Johnson was on Ethel, errr I mean Alt Nation. When did Jack become a form of Alternative Rock?

Lithium is such a horrible station, over and over they play sounds that don't fit the genre that they are supposed to be playing. I can't wait until I hear Nickelback's Rockstar on that damn station. I'm gonna pull my hair out!

Now thats some Sirius comedy!

The morons who program Lithium must be the same morons who gave Jethro Tull the Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance in 1989.

I heard Kid Rock on Wednesday. The terrestrial alternative station won't even add Kid Rock to their rotation. Slacker looks better and better everyday.

I'll keep one Inno for the NHL an MLB play by play.


Hair Nation is a waste of bandwidth. I've heard the KISS song "Tears Are Falling" every day since the change was made. I am not even turning in myself; another guy that I work with has been listening to it online. A Scorpions song "The Zoo" has also been on every day. Most of the songs are repeated every day. Winger seems to be on every hour. I don't know that you could even consider what is being played as "programming". It's the same every day. Kind of like the movie Groundhog Day.

Today on Hair Nation DJ Dangerous Darren or whatever the hell his name was felt it necessary to interject that he was hung over at every break. He made reference to having bathroom issues because of it. That really adds to the music. Then the next DJ that followed him made it a point to say that he too was hung over. Listening to guys in their 40's bragging about being hung over is really compelling. Another great DJ experience I had today was on the 70's channel when DJ, and I use the term loosely, intro’d the song My Sharona by the Knack by saying "I have no idea what the Knack is and I don't have any notes on My Sharona". He then laughed and the song started. Thank God he got that tidbit of information in. What a bunch of crap.

Since I've once again jumped on the bitch bandwagon I have to say that to add insult to injury there is a degradation in sound quality. The channels that have been brought over from Sirius sound terrible. Tinny and hollow. What the hell?! I have a POLK I-Sonic that has the XM tuner built in. The sound was pretty good, better than on any other unit I had heard. Since Wednesday the audio has deteriorated significantly. So even if I enjoyed the changes that were made, and obviously I don’t, they sound inferior to what I had prior to Wednesday. I would really love to believe that this is just growing pains and that some bad choices were made because the merger took so long. I just went from four subs to one. If things change for the better, I would consider adding more subs, but the way things are right now it's not looking too good.

Too Bad.

I hate that Matt Abromowitz is no longer Jazz PD for Sirius XM. Pure Jazz was often a thing of beauty. The loss of Sirius Disorder from the channel lineup is also a travesty.

i want my old boombox back they dont need another top40 station area 38 anymore is one artist block mixes without song titles and artists this royaly sucks all in the name of progress

Out sourcing their protesters,that is funny as hell.

Randi at The Blend was probably cut because she was a higher-paid employee than the others who remain on the channel. It's all about cost savings and who sucks up best to the upper hacks.

Not AM. Not FM. Now eXM.

i call horse shit. I've heard the word shit before and after the merger on the pulse and the spectrum and i have heard the word shit drooped before and after the merger.

Why don't you all GET A LIFE & Stop Bitching

It won't do ONE bit of good

If you hate it so much cancel all of your sub and go listen to regular radio!

Take a look around there are tough times around!

The merger took to long!


They did this to us!

Randi at The Blend was probably cut because she was a higher-paid employee than the others who remain on the channel. It's all about cost savings and who sucks up best to the upper hacks.

Not AM. Not FM. Now eXM.

Stop complaining XM subscribers, now there's actually an alternative station that actually plays new music for you. and now if i change to the crappy 80's on 8 instead of the big 80's all i hear are depressing 80's songs. XM subscribers haven't lost anything except their music playlists that include lost 90's hits.

Been a 3-receiver subscriber since XM first started broadcasting. The sweeping changes that have come to the service are terrible ... both in the music and info sides. Shallow playlists, gutting of the dance music channels, the MEL EFFECT has destroyed satellite radio.

In a couple of hours, two of the three subs get canceled. I'll keep one for when I travel for business. Time to get serious with the iPod.

There used to be no parallel to satellite radio. Now with the merger and the rat bastard Mel bringing his borg-like playlists, it's over. The FCC can f*ck off. This merger was nothing more than the granting of a MelMonoploy.

I've been watching Sirius stock tank, wondering why. Now I know why.

The only way that sat radio will be saved is for Sirius XM to go bankrupt and for Mel to GTFO of Dodge. He's poison.

Another two subs gone!

I couldn't agree more with your comments regarding X Country vs Outlaw Country.


Tell us what you really feel........

Sadly, you're right.

Pre-merger XM'ers are not whining, it's that we know better programming when we hear it.

How f**king hard is that to understand?

As for Dems being to blame, I contacted our gutless Senator Jim DeMint (Rep-S.C.) prior to the merger requesting that he provide input on the merger. He replied (via snail mail) that he would not interfere in the merger and that he was in FAVOR of a-la-cart service offering more family friendly choices. Like that's what SatRad is noted for........ Shows you what he knows about SatRad.

I recall that it was a Democratic senator from Wisconsin (Sen. Kohl-Wisconsin if I remember correctly) that did his best to stop the merger.

As 'ol Paul Harvey sez..."Now you know the rest of the story".

I'm politically independent but I can't recall any Republican official opposing a merger.

SAVE US Ted Turner!!!

I'm not going to say Outlaw Country has totally converted me...However, I did actually get a reply from Jeremy Tepper, which is MUCH more than I can say for Jon Anthony, the head of country programming. He did say he definitely understands our frustrations and mentioned some specific Cross Country shows that they plan to be incorporating over the coming weeks such as Road Calls and the Texas Music Hour stuff...So, unlike those who are screaming "Cancel Cancel Cancel!", I'm willing to give it a shot. Not because I think Sirius has done a great job, but because sadly, it's a thousand times better than what we've got here in Seattle. But I will say that having listened to the country stations between football games over the weekends, I'm noticing a bit of improvement each day. Regardless of what everyone says, I have the feeling that Tepper, AKA DJ RigRocker, is willing to listen to and take our input into consideration. Granted, we won't know until/unless we listen and see what happens, but right now, I figure all we can do is give him and all the other PDs for the other channels we have issues with the benefit of the doubt.

Hair Nation, on the other hand, needs real help. I'm sure the lady who ran it was a sweet and wonderful person but Thank God she's gone. Could we PLEASE put Eddie Trunk or someone who knows what they're doing in charge of Hair Nation and The Boneyard? This time, let's get it right...Hell, I'm still not sure why they didn't just keep Kevin Kash for that job; he was doing fine.

Mike Bordes was great on the Beat his mixes always made me get up and dance....

where is backspin!!!!

lololololol....Howard Marcus is an fn scumbag, he deserves what he got. Thats goes to show you that even a frisbee wearing fairy from that network of roshashannana's can't be saved from the economy.they handed him those jobs, he never worked hard for anything in his life.lololol

Looks like someone is jealous and has a personal problem and jealousy with Howard Marcus. Pretty sad for the racism remarks and sadness....the fact remains Skyy ruined WKTU and will ruin Sirius and XM dance.....

I REALLY HATE that both XM and Sirius decided to get rid of their Disco/Classic Dance channels (Chrome and Strobe)! Six hours of Disco on 70's on 7 every Saturday night IS NOT ENOUGH! I hope that the newly merged company gets enough complaints and brings Disco back FULL TIME!