Audio: Bubba says "goodbye" to his listeners - Orbitcast

Audio: Bubba says "goodbye" to his listeners

Bubba the Love Sponge
Following yesterday's "Bubba The Love Sponge Show" - which subsequently was not heard on Sirius' encore broadcast - an Orbitcast reader has sent in audio from the Friday morning show.
I've pared down the audio to a 4-minute snippet where Bubba and crew says that working with Sirius has been "worse than Clear Channel," and they bid farewell to their listeners.

Listen below:

(Note: Audio contains explicit language)

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I don’t know why Bubba was not replayed on the afternoon and didn’t listen to the morning broadcast. Perhaps this is one more event like the past three years that indicates just how unsupportive top management is the Bubba and his crew. I do know from my experience in the business world that management will tolerate incompetence and always wants a team player so they are not disrespected.

While Bubba can be a hard-ass at times, he is the #2 in the ratings and his expansion on terrestrial radio proves he is till a high end broadcaster capable of creating remarkable ratings in a FCC restricted environment.

I came to Sirius for Howard and quite frankly after all this time I enjoy Bubba more than Howard.

As a self employed engineer who works from home, I took the time to wire my entire home for Sirius, have in all my cars, my shore home and record Howard along with few other programs and transfer it to my wife’s IPod for her listening.

I am not a big fan of the reprogramming on Sirius 8 and 14 and if Bubba is not resigned I will probably pull a few of my subscriptions as the enjoyment I’ve had for 2 years has been waning.

For the record, I am also down 6K in Sirius stock.

Wow. That whole show was gold! They went off on everybody, including Opie and Anthony. If you missed it, you have to listen to the entire show.

Bubba bye!

Regardless of your feelings towards Bubba or his show isn't it screwed up we can't hear a replay we pay for?

For $12.95 a month we're forced to resort to the internet to listen to what we already pay for?

In your last interview with Mr. Greenstein he stated that SiriusXM never ever censors. What do you call pulling a show critical of you, your company and your management?

He's Right!!!!! OPRAH???? MARTHA STEWART, seriously, how many of you guys listen to them?
Fire them, save millions.

Glad this idiot is gone.

Opie and Anthony always win in the end.

Have to disagree with the guy on the show. I walked into Best Buy the other day, and a woman was buying one. You listen to Playboy Radio for instance, a channel that would be primarily for guys, and women call in all the time. They not be the majority, but they have a good-sized minority. Ellis, Cosmo, DJ shows on the music channels... Women call in all the time.

Hey Ryan, thanks for posting about Bubba these last three years. I will be canceling after The History of Howard part 2. Sirius is screwing up big time with the latest channel line up. Not to sign Bubba to a long term deal two years ago, big mistake. If Sirius was smart they would not have let BTLS go back to FM. I'll be back to visit your site every so often, take care.

I've got to disagree with you that Sirius is screwing up with the latest lineup. I've found it to be much improved over either of the Sirius or XM original lineups. Now I did listed to Bubba, and hate to see him go, but that's just the way it is. To each his own.

Bubba's all about bluster and drama. I'll bet he'll be back before long.

I've never listened to Bubba before (XM guy here), and this rant probably isn't an accurate representation of his normal show, so I won't comment on the quality of his program. However, this clip makes it clear to me than no one - on either side of the aisle - is happy with the way this merger is turning out, or even just in the direction of satellite radio in general.

But does Bubba have a point re: Martha Stewart? I'm don't know. Sure, women aren't going to buy gadget-y satellite radio products, but women DO buy cars, and lots of cares come with a satellite radio option. Oprah and Martha Stewart were probably ways to lure women to take on the satellite radio package when buying a car. Although I'm just speculating without the aid of any real numbers, so Bubba could be right. I don't know.

Good riddance to that no talent... please let Ferrell be next

I can not stand Bubba nad his lame show, but this clip is spot on... The money wasted on Martha (Sirius) and Oprah (XM) is mind blowing. The only "chick" show on XM that was any good was BroadMinded.. gone. It was a low cost quality chick show, but instead Mel sticks with the tens of millions of dollars for Oprah and Martha... who suck on air.

But in the end, Bubba is right... SatRad is mainly a male dominated listening audience... the focus should be there and money spent on that.

How will Sirius XM deal with the loss of tens of subscribers? LOL

Anyone want to start a pool guessing the day he drops of heart failure?


How the fuck can u let Bubba go? I gotta pay 2 hear Howard whine all day about bullshit? Sirius is fucking up on this one. PODCAST WILLY!

who is this guy, I have never heard of him.

Listen to him kissing my ass Robin. hoo hoo hoo.

I'll hate to see him go. Howard is da man, Bubba is a close second. Don't you just love it how the O & A losers always come out and bash Howard? I've REALLY tried AND tried to listen to O & A to give them a chance, but NOOOOOOOOOOOO these losers just put me to sleep! No personality, no humor, no nothing. Bubba, I love you in a non-fag%ot way.

Bubba sux, he is a hillbilly that talks about wrestling/MMA and go karts all day. He belongs on terrestrial radio in the south where more people can relate to him. Goodbye, bring on O&A (if Hamptons Howie allows that) or Kid Chris

I don't know if this site is a work or not, but it has a press release from Greenstein saying that Bubba was renewed...

I've got to disagree with you that Sirius is screwing up with the latest lineup. I've found it to be much improved over either of the Sirius or XM original lineups. Now I did listed to Bubba, and hate to see him go, but that's just the way it is. To each his own.

I just listened to the entire show, and around the 43-44 minute mark, someone from the show said they are going to see Fez around Christmas time. I don't know who it is, as I don't listen to Bubba's show, but somehow this person is related to Fez and came out and pretty forcefully said that he is going to give Fez a handwritten note to give to Opie & Anthony, saying that if he see's them in public, he will knock them the fuck out and be charged for it. WTF?!?!

Can you physically make threats like that toward people? He didn't say it like a joke or a bit, this guy sounds like he's actually looking for a fight. Could this guy be charged with some sort of violation?

Good riddance, you fat slob!

Funny, because I don't listen to Bubba and in fact hate him, but DO AGREE that Sirius is destroying the lineup that people are paying for. I like seeing Bubba go because I think he sucks, but I completely understand the frustration of his listeners because they axed all 5 of the music channels I listened to.

I already canceled my Sirius sub. Hanging on to the XM unit for a while to hope they stop the madness, but I think it's gonna go soon too.

It's a tired radio bit. The whole show apparently is centered around these idiots acting like "tough guys". That's as far as I can tell--I tried listening after getting the Best of Sirius, and this just seems to be a show by dumbasses for dumbasses. Just terrible radio.

The funny part is that anyone believes these "radio wars" are real. When it comes right down to it, no matter what someone says on the air, they'll gladly work with the person they're "at war" with in the end. It's pro wrestling.

Brent is Fez's (Ron & Fez noon-3 est. XM 202/Sirius 197) brother-in-law.

I really don't care if "BUBBA" resigned or not,as I almost never listen to Howard 101. I wish they would do away with the channel entirely, and concentrate on quality programming. If he does come back, I think a stipulation in his contract should be: that he will work for SATELLITE RADIO ONLY... and give up all the terrestrial radio crap. I don't know if he could pull his weight(no pun) on satellite only.

Bubba has always been one of those one-market wonders who fills some little niche in that market (in Bubba's case, Florida) but any attempt to expand beyond that market fails and they are forced to crawl back to that market, licking their wounds. we all knew Bubba was just gonna be filler on Howard's channel. sure, he may have won a handful of listeners, but not enough to justify his existence on satellite. he is right about Sirius (and now Sirius XM) being poorly managed, but i doubt any more support on their part for Bubba would have made a difference anyway. Bubba's show is still, as one person put it, "a bunch of hillbillies from Florida that nobody listens to" and that is ultimately why he fails. and no amount of finger-pointing or threats to beat people up on his part is gonna change that. in fact, it only makes things worse for him because him threatening to "kick Opie and Anthony's asses" is just gonna make him look even more like the meathead hillbilly that never got past the 4th grade that he is.

good riddance, Bubba.

I could give a shit less about every talk channel. OandA , Howard, Anything for that matter.

I got XM for music and thats all I listen too. And now since the merged channels, Its complete shit.

Talk about bullshit.

Good riddance, you fat slob.

Who is going to replace Bubba on Howard 101? Neil Rogers and Phil Hendrie are tied to contracts.

Good riddance, you fat slob!

"Wah! Wah! I dont have my own channel. Im jealous of Chris Russo and Opie and Anthony having there own channels." Bubba, dont let the door hit you and your fake radio voice on the way out.

Does anyone have audio of the whole show from 12-5? I'd love to see what I missed.

SiriusXM never ever, BULLSHIT


Bubba's NAAAAAAUGHT Funny.

I hope this white trash loser is dumb enough to take a poke at someone from another show.

He could have fun getting railed in the ass.


Do you think he asks for a separate salary for his fake voice, Ned? Or is that just a given? :)

His show sucked anyway. He was a waste of money. Good riddance.

Sign up Lazlow, now that's a quality show!

bubba is ranting about this orbitcast article now

At about 1:10 in, he mentions you can get Martha for free on cable. Last I checked, cable is a pay service.

This really sucks... I got Sirius for music then sort of stumbled upon Bubbba's show. Actually he used to be syndicated in my town years ago so I thought I'd give him a try on Sirius. It wasn't long before the BTLS show was a regular part of my day. Hopefully they'll find a way to offer some kind of podcast version of the show. In some ways that might be better - I'll actually get to hear the entire show not just the portion I hear on the drive home.

I've grown to like Bubba as much, if not more, than Stern.

Ned is Manson, not Bubba

He is a fat homo and his wife married him for the lil money he has.
She must feel real stupid right now and mad she ever let him fuck her.

adios fat boy.

Bubba the talentless Cunt has made these "threats" before, Ipie called him out on it and guess what, nothing happened.

Bubba sucks, period!

Wahhhhhh, no one promotes my show, wahhhhhhhhhh!

"Don't you just love it how the O & A losers always come out and bash Howard?"

yeah, because Howard losers don't do the same thing...

anyway, i could recall that Bubba said he would leave if O&A were signed with the new company. time to put your money where your mouth is fatboy!!

Man, you are so right on. It's so childish. The great part to me is that thye play to this NAASCAR, conseravative base and they are all flaming liberals.

Ron and Fez Noon to 3pm XM 202

Let's see if I can explain this in a way that people can understand. Because all I've seen so far is people crying over Bubba being let go and cursing the management like they don't know what they're doing. Let me shine a little light on the subject for you. The top management at SiriusXM knows EXACTLY what it’s doing.
When you're in a horrible financial situation like SiriusXM is in, decisions must be made. They look at areas where they can make cut-backs and save the company as much money as possible. In this case they took a close look at Bubba's show. They look at what’s called a cost-benefit ratio. (look it up)
The cost-benefit ratio is a simple calculation that depicts the total financial return for each dollar invested in the talent put on the air. They look at how much money it is costing the company to put on Bubba's show; and analyze how much money Bubba's show was bringing in. IE: ratings/advertising dollars and subscriptions attributed to Bubba's show. When the cost-benefit ratio of Bubba's show dropped below a certain number, they decided to drop him.
So you can whine and cry all you want about Bubba’s show being taken off SiriusXM; you can blame Opie & Anthony, Howard or who ever and make any accusations you want. But the fact of the matter is Bubba’s show wasn’t bringing in $$$$ necessary to justify keeping him on the air.
So while I’m sure all of you Bubba fans that are posting here are genuine fans of Bubba’s show... The sad truth is there weren’t enough of you to help keep your boy broadcasting to the satellite radio audience. So the only person, who is to blame for the failure of Bubba’s show, is Bubba. If he did a better show, it would attract more people. More people means more subscriptions, more subscriptions means more money in the company budget. (Do you see where this is going?)
Bubba’s gone, accept it. The satellite radio world is a much better place without him in it.

I see your point about the cost-benefit ratio. What's the cost-benefit ratio of all of the big name celebrities they throw money at so they could put their picture on their marketing? Most of these people know nothing about radio but they're getting paid better than Bubba.

Ouside of the Bubba argument - how much better shape would this company be in if they focused on putting together a great product rather than wasting money on non-radio people?

PowerPig, Hello!!!

Get lost, you fat pig! Anybody who is a friend of that white trash phony Hulk Hogan ( and his illiterate, totally ignorant family ), should do the world a favor and simply fuck off. Bubba is a disgrace to the human race. Get rid of that ugly loudmouth Oprah while you're at it. Her face could stop a freight train, and her ego is almost as big as her fat ass. Get me some real programming, and stop throwing away millions on these obese assholes !!!

Get lost, you fat pig. I have no use for anybody who is a friend of Hulk Hogan. Bubba is white trash, as is Hulk Hogan and his entire nascar loving, law breaking, low IQ imbecile family. While you're at it, please get rid of that big fat loudmouth Oprah. She is ugly as sin and has an ass the size of a whale. I literally want to vomit at the very sight of her. Her ego is as big as her enormous ass.

I can't believe that the idiots at Sirius/XM gave these two phonies the money that they did, especially that heinous, disgusting prima donna Oprah. She fancies herself a Diva, but until she loses 100 pounds and gets that train wreck of a face overhauled, this freak of nature will be about as sexy as Mike Tyson in a dress. I loath this human wildebeest. Shame on all the fat, lazy housewives in this country for admiring this big fat yenta. She is truely the most repulsive person on this planet!!!!!!

I totally agree. The Martha, Oprah and who ever the &%$# else shows are awful and should have never been brought to satellite. It was a costly move that will surely come back to bite them in their hind quarters.

For all of you who says "Bubba Sucks" you are not in the majority, Bubba's Show on Sirius had the 2nd highest number of listeners of every channel on Sirius and Xm when Arbitron put out ratings last year. Also he returned to the FM airwaves in Tampa last January and took 102.5 the bone to #1 in the first quarter back on the air, and has deals to be on the air Jan. 5th in Orlando, Miami, Ft.Myers and Richmond Va. to go along with Tampa and Jacksonville, hear his morning show here

Kidd Chris? Are you high? He's got no talent - he couldn't get Bubba's rating on terrestrial radio if he sacrificed people live on the air.

Bubba is a douche..........

bring Kidd Chris to H101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you claim he has no talent, but he was able to pull #1 ratings in philly.......bubba could never survive in a market that big

he is still here ahole

Opie and Anthony will not survive this medium.....Bubba has been resigned and fuck opie and anthony!! good luck losers

It's BS to say that women aren't a target demographic. I was the one behind getting every sirius radio in my family. So it's not fair to say that women aren't the audience, but it might be fair to say that the kind of women who listen to Martha Stewart aren't the audience. Women who like gadgets, who are more likely to pick up a Maxim than a Good Housekeeping...there are a lot of us out there. We have money and we influence our families. Don't alienate us.