Audio: Listen to Artie attack Teddy and resign from Stern Show - Orbitcast

Audio: Listen to Artie attack Teddy and resign from Stern Show

Artie LangeHoward 100 apparently is not replaying today's show where Artie resigned, instead they're replaying a show from the beginning of the week. To my knowledge, this is the first time that Sirius/Howard has done this.

But thanks to the awesome power of the internets, you can listen to the audio from today's Howard Stern Show, and hear Artie freak out from the comfort of your chair.
"Your job is to stay under control," said Howard Stern in the heated exchange with Artie Lange.

"And then I can't do my job... I can't guarantee you that won't do that again," replied Lange.

Stern: "Well then you can't be here."

Lange: "Then I won't be here anymore."

Stern: "You can't Art... you can't act that way."

Lange: "Howard I love you, but I can't do it anymore... I'm an out of control person"

Stern: "Alright, then you can't be here... If you can't control throwing things at people..."

Lange: "I resign, I'm sorry, I can't do it anymore."

"Then I accept," replied Stern.

Listen to the full audio below:

(WARNING: Explicit language, so put on your headphones if you're at work.)

UPDATE: The original audio apparently stopped working, so I've updated with a clip supplied via YouTube. Enjoy.

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I was sad to hear about this today on the wrap up show.
Clearly, Artie has some serious problems.
Still, I always enjoyed him on the show and hope that something can be worked out where he can return.


Great fight. Sucks we have to wait a week to find out the aftermath.

This sounds like more than just lashing out at Teddy. Artie seems like he has some deeper issues that go beyond the money thing. He seems to be an unhappy guy. Maybe he needs a very long break, some fresh air and by the looks of it, some excercise. I hope he figures it out. Life is too short to not be good to yourself and in turn, good to those you love.

Artie is an unhappy guy, no question about that. He's a complete fuck up. But a funny one. If he live, so be it, they show will move on. Just ask the Jokeman about that.

He needs to go backing packing in Europe, that will set him straight.

I'm a fuck up fez.

any wagers that anthony has updated his resume and sent it to gary yet for his dream job and to jump off that show with titantic like fail attached to it?

Great audio....thanks Ryan!

Ron & Fezzzzz. The Best Thing Going!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!


Artie is flying to Amsterdam tonight right?

How much you want to wager he's found dead in some brothel there next week after going off the deep end with booze, drugs and sex?

Not wishing it on the guy...but he's headed for an overdose.


what kind of a douche bag says WOOOOO!

HOW GAY... get a room guys...

Yeah! Great Radio!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Great Radio!!!!!!!!

The way Robin was acting and the kind of stuff they were saying sounds too stupid to be real. I think it's a fake bit that they ran for Arties vacation.

Hey Brian?? ...over here.... listen,'re a jerkoff.


If you believe this dribble then I bet you sit at home and watch Soap operas thinking everything that happens on the soaps is true and the characters are real. You’re a bunch of TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

AWESOME!!!! Now bring back Jackie so I can listen to Stern again! I really thought the show went down the tubes when Jackie left.

It always amazes ...the Internet attracts them all...


I find it funny that Sirius always says "Uncensored" " Everything Howard Does" Etc. But that there not replaying this show. So I guess they lie when they said that stuff.

I don't listen to Stern anymore so I don't know Teddy but after listening to this clip, Howard sounded reasonable when talking to Artie. No matter what happened before, Artie can't lose his cool like that on air or in the studio. Howard was right in this situation and handled it responsibly.

Perhaps they aren't replaying it due to legal reasons. Stop crying and go wash your p*ssies.

I think the reason why the show is not being replayed is one of the following:

1. Legal reasons. That fight could be used as evidence in a lawsuit. Let's say Teddy were to sue Artie or Howard. That fight would definitely be included in the case.

2. Shock and embarrassment.

3. Out of respect for Artie (and even Teddy). I'm sure Artie right now feels like 300 lbs of crap. If he had to hear it again, that could make him snap.

I don't think this is a bit at all. They've replayed the Artie vs. Sal and Richard incident several times. The fact that they still haven't posted the rundown for today's show further shows it to not be a bit. They've probably got to figure out a way to do it diplomatically.

In all seriousness, Howard needs to suspend Artie indefinitely and tell him that the only way for him to come back EVER would be to get his shit together. I think that could be the motivation he needs to finally lose the weight and get his head on straight.

Even if this might be theatrics, it's some of the funniest stuff i've heard since Alec Baldwin went off on his 12-year-old on the phone. LMAO Does anyone know where i can get a soundbite of that Alec rant?

I missed todays show so 3 will be listning to the audio after this message. First I want to say yesterdays show when Artie went to sleep on the show was absolute best. The play by play of Artie sleeping just killed me. As for Artie even when he is sleeping he can be funny. I wish him the best. Second sirius censors programs all the time /Bubba/ but it is still the best radio on the planet. And I pay 260.00 a year and It is the best money I spend on myself. JJ

That was crazy. Artie has been acting like a real cunt for the last few months. He's been looking for reasons to bounce.

another week of vacations til you zombies find out what happens. Join the On Air Retirement Revolution

another week of vacations til you zombies find out what happens. Join the On Air Retirement Revolution

Too bad they are on vacation next week. We have to wait almost 2 weeks to hear the aftermath.

"any wagers that anthony has updated his resume and sent it to gary yet for his dream job and to jump off that show with titantic like fail attached to it?"

See article above this one.

Artie gives and gives, be it 7,500 to co-workers, benefit shows, hookers for shmos, and all you people have to say that this is a bit? LEAVE ARTIE ALONE! PLEEASE!

Howard has to follow through and fire Artie if he tries to come back. Remember A.J. ? He was fired for the same thing, granted that was at K-Rock. Still, when you have a show that pushes the boundaries as much as Stern's, that's precisely when you do need to reinforce what boundaries you have. You can't have physical altercations in any workplace.

I enjoy Artie in the context of the Stern Show---but his standup is awful. I hope he enjoys it when he is booked at Bananas Comedy Club rather than Carnegie Hall. But I agree, he won't make it until than. Amsterdam is the worst place he could go right now. It's 50-50 as to whether he'll even be alive when they come back from vacation.

its a bit if it were that serious howard would have went to commercial. artie needs a break and this is how he gets it be a in a few months or earlier. cuz if not there goes my sibscription

Hope Artie comes back! He is great!!!

I used to enjoy artie but lately its the same gay jokes over and over. he could just be replaced by his own sound clips now. i mean how many times has he joked about "tony homo". its the same joke over and over. hes supposedly such a great comedian but he cant come up with anything new.

perfect example is when the iron sheik was in a couple weeks ago. he was "sick" but if he was there he would have ruined that entire interview doing his stupid impression.

Yo, Ryan, what happened to the clip? There's only 1 second of it up there.

Two words... Jackie Martling.

See you in two weeks...

He does have self esteem and death wish issues. He himself has always said that he knows why he's playing Carnegie Hall and has mega bucks paychecks for his stand-up - it's all because of the Stern show. Bottom line, part of me wants him to come back but another part really don't care if he doesn't. There are plenty of willing, talented people out there who want to be fill his chair. If he can't do it or doesn't want to do it, he really needs to be off the show. More than that, he needs to just get away from everyone and take care of himself.

Artie leaving leaves room for Howard's two little bitches o&a to work for him. Those two talentless idiots o&a would be happy just to have jobs even if it means working for Howard their master. dopey spit shine these shoes, anthony bend over opie shinning my shoes and take gay rich and the king of blacks in in your pooper

where's the frikin' clip?!?!? unfortunately, I'm on the left coast and got the late feed!?!?! i click on the link and get 1 second!!!!! argh! save the baby gorilla!

Artie is just one of those f'd up Jersey Italian's, too arogant to take advice and too stupid to get help. He should get off the show and sort his life out although he probably won't and he'll end like Belushi and Farley. Another bloated self destructive mess.

zoo hack radio at it's best! Fake! lalalallala

zoo hack radio at it's best! Fake! lalalallala

One second of Audio?

zoo hack radio at it's best! Fake! lalalallala

Fake? There is NO WAY that was fake.

You want fake? How about having someone pretend to be a "Stern fan" who "attacks" you on your "walk over". Now THAT'S fakeness, straight from the 0.0 Hacky Morning Zoo.

>> One second of Audio? >>

Same here, it cuts off after a second and ends.

Firefox 2.0 on a Mac here.

Geat Stern show. Artie needs a ton of hooker over the weekend . Fake no way .

Great Stern show. Artie needs a ton of hooker over the weekend . Fake no way .

When did Howard start putting washed up lesbian country singers on his radio show. I mean I loved Constant Craving like everyone else, but still. I am glad she is leaving and now she can go back to CMT where she belongs.

ESD forever

NOOOOOOO that is KD Lang

I love that all you rubes have is the 0.0 line.

Tell me how 0.0 = contract renewal at CBS?


Viva la Revolution!

If you believe this dribble then I bet

Heheh. You think the word is 'dribble.'

another example of a manchild out of step with reality. Send that fat fuck back to the jersey shore docks to really work hard for little money again. I'm so sick and tired of all these people who take for granted how lucky they are to just fuck it all up. Bring in George T. full time and to hell with that fast fuck manchild.

We'll all see if it was a bit in 2 weeks. Anyone that does that has to be fired. I'd be fired in an instant, probably on the spot for that behavior as would most everyone else. It's a liability issue. So if Artie's back then it's a hacky bit. If he's not, that fat bastard will be dead by years end and dying will be the funniest thing he's ever done.

Day Two, still not any buzz on any mainstream entertainment news web sites.

Oh look what he did to you again.

Radio Gold? No, Radio Platinum! Thank you so so so much for the clip!

I don’t listen to the Stern show but I found that clip to be quite funny. Some people are saying it’s fake but I have no clue. The way the staff reacted it sounded real. Robins over exaggeration and yelling is only what makes it sound like a bit but as I said I have no idea.

I would be quite surprised if this is a gimmick. I've been a Stern listener (on and off because of intolerable commercials during latter FM days), and this team could do this show on Thorazine and still best all competition. To make this up would undermine everything they have accomplished over the years and just doesn't seem worth it, given the many bits they have on the shelf. I've seen Art several times, and the comedy is about average -- less so on the roasts perhaps. Late show appearances are great, but may dry up in any event if he leaves Stern.. Nevertheless, Art is a real talent. He knows when to keep quiet and when to chime in.. There will never be a comparable talent and his departure surely would expedite Howard's retirement and consequent nosedive of Sirius' market cap (if you have actually bought in response to Howard's endless plugs, best of luck... you may actually make a nickel in the long run regardless, but Sirius could also risk being de-listed if Stern goes silent). But whatever ill can be said of Art, especially for someone who champions his labor background (no offense to the unions..), he actually has the most relevant and detailed knowledge of issues and topics that listeners actually care about. No idea if Wikipedia and Google are open while he comments, but even so, his knowledge of interesting topics is virtually encyclopedic and his personal stories keep me riveted. While Howard has suffered the rich man's affliction (i.e., so blinded by his wealth that he is literally more concerned with pampered dogs' "rights" and the splendors of Nobu than most at-risk citizens and other mortals' daily struggles), Art at least sounds like a dude you'd want to invite over every weekend for a bbq and appears to only hold back details that would otherwise violate the Guy-code most of us have burned into our DNA. Whether it's classic rock, Discovery Channel-type topics or general history, he is a veritable encyclopedia. He is the champion of the everyday man and it would be a real loss for those of us who don't have a quick commute to work, etc. and -- I would hope -- the many people who have had the privilege to work with him on a daily basis. For most, it is beyond dispute that Art epitomizes the definitive Guy (for better or worse), and it is therefore not surprising that he gives freely to friends and colleagues, calls people out when necessary, and still maintains a friendship with George T despite fairly offensive comments made on air. Most disturbing though is that Art is clearly in a death spiral -- some of his statements are downright chilling (and appear to reach beyond the attention seeking "why me lord" statements we have all heard from others we know from time to time) and simply can't be contrived; even his team appears to be hypnotized by the train wreck in front of them, but this is no different from the many celebs before him that were allowed by friends and colleagues to blithely tempt fate with any number of indulgences. No one in Art's condition wants to hear "advice", but if there is anything I would note it is that Life is full of peaks and valleys and constantly seeking out that valley is a dangerous, but easy, means of ending whatever is really getting to you, however organic and irreparable it may seem. Most anything can be overcome with time. No amount of celebrity or money will end it, but it might just delay it long enough to work it out. In any event, worst case scenario, RIP (whether in life or in your day job) A. Lang.. 1!! (As a side note, and in fairness to Howard, I have no idea how Howard and his team keeps making the show better each week; his retirement is the end of talk radio.. He also does appear to care for Art and is surprisingly capable of appearing to understand someone well over a decade younger than him with problems he could never understand...)

Screw Artie. He could NEVER hold a candle to Jackie anyways. Even Stuttering Fucking John is better than this suicidal fat pig. Time for him to leave. He's been around long enough to determine he's a shitty Ed McMahon. He's got his cash. Go eat yer fuckin Devil Dogs and do Beerfest 2. Fat loser.

Screw Artie. He could NEVER hold a candle to Jackie anyways. Even Stuttering Fucking John is better than this suicidal fat pig. Time for him to leave. He's been around long enough to determine he's a shitty Ed McMahon. He's got his cash. Go eat yer fuckin Devil Dogs and do Beerfest 2. Fat loser.

Listening to it as it happened live now a second time, I think Artie's back using again. He was falling asleep the day before and then like a stick of dynamite goes off on Teddy. What kills me is that Teddy tried several times to leave the room before it blew up. I am sure he knows his set off point but it was just dragged out by Howard. Sometimes its great radio to hear but not when this kind of stuff happens. I listen to get a laugh or two during my day, but that day felt like part of the family up and left. I don't think this was a setup and I think Artie will crash and burn very soon if he doesn't get some help. Re-hab and some anger management, maybe a trip to AA).
He's has had alot of crap thrown at him lately granted, but its nothing is worth killing someone over...not that anyways.
Are they going to dedicate next week to Artie's life, instead of the Client 9 channel, Maybe a Artie's last hurrah channel?

Artie joins the long list of Stern people that walk out around vacation time. I guess a reminder popped up on Howie's Blackberry that the annual Howie-staffer-walk-out was due.

Robin's fake screaming was worse than Melendez's fake acting.

Norton talked about how Artie and Teddy went to Amsterdam together after the incident. Artie blowing up just before vacation...hmmmm

I bet Artie's plane was leaving soon and they needed something to buildup before vacation.

I call bravo sierra on this one. Unless Artie dies in the next 24 hours, I call fake bit.

@ 33 Jones d/b/a EZ rider, wow, you're in love.

Another desperate Stern stunt.

Old man desperate.

Artie hired Teddy, if he was that bad he should have fired him also. It doesnt make sense, why keep an employee who steals? What does make sense is that Artie is using Teddy as an excuse for his stupd behavior, anyone one else or company would have fired the guy for "stealing money" Artie is a looser, he can and should be replaced. I never found him that funny. His movie sucked and the one stand up comedy DVD I saw was at most average. The only reason he had ANY kind of popularity was becasue of Howard. He will be a nothing soon if he doesnt wake up. If he doenst, he deserves what he gets.

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Mighty Horse rocks the fat a$$

I finally get to listen to this show.(I live in the west, I typically have to listen to the replays). Artie and Robin were right when they said Howard prodded that situation. Artie has a temper, so does Fred( Howard did the same thing to him). Howard is like a TV reporter trying to get the good goo to put on the air. I Like Howard, I just don't think he knows when to quit. Artie is f@#$ed up in his personal life. He does try to ruin everything in his life. But, this moment was Howard's. There is a time to realize that things are not going to go well. If Howard is the true King of All Media, then he should realize that things are not gonna go well with his kind of questioning. Grow up Howard and take the blame.

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