Audio: More confirmation of Nov 12th channel changes - Orbitcast

Audio: More confirmation of Nov 12th channel changes

Sirius XM Radio
Following audio from XM Escape, more audio has come in confirming the November 12th channel switchover.

Listen below:

The question remains whether Sirius XM Radio will let their subscribers know the exact channel lineup well before next week's launch date. Today is the day the new merged lineup was originally rumored to go public, so maybe we can expect to see some sort of official notification from the company today?

Thanks Alex!


"The question remains whether Sirius XM Radio will let their subscribers know the exact channel lineup well before next week's launch date."

That would be the "Right" thing to do as far as I am concerned. I want to know up front what's going to happen to my favorite channels. It would be the the right thing to do but I'm not holding my breathe that they will do it

Apparently Sirius is adopting the XM naming for Decades channels, getting rid of the Big 80s and calling it 80s on 8.

Hey Ryan, I can't seem to find a way to access the audio using screenreaders? If you're using flash, there's no way to click a button to listen if there is any. I'd like to hear the audio but I can't.

During the time leading up to merger subscribers were assured by Mel Kamazin that the service they currently subscribed to would remain very much the same. In the case of duplicate channels (decades for example) the better of the two would be kept and aired on both platforms to ensure that everyone would be getting the best channel possible. I guess to Mel that meant axing any redundancies over at XM and replacing them with Sirius' existing offerings. I know that I am reacting to a rumor as no one knows for sure what is going to happen when the channel changes are made. I just know that I would find it upsetting to turn on my XM one day and find that a bunch of changes have been made and no "heads-up" had been given. Out of respect for the subscribers, I would hope that the powers that be would feel the same way and let us know what to expect and when. There has been enough rude surprises since this mergers went through.


"The 90s and now on Sirius 9 The Pulse with Kim. Just wanted to warn you about this 'cause didn't want you to freak out in a couple of weeks, you're like, "UUUUHHH, where did we go?" We're moving from channel 9 to channel 12, we're like the Jeffersons, we're moving on up. It's still going to be the Pulse, we'll just be on channel 12 so you can look for us there in a couple of weeks. Pulsating new music of Blessid Union of Souls now...."

I just want them to bring back Sirius Punk and/or whatever the XM equivalent was. Enough with ACDC radio, already...

I'm still a little confused by what this means. Does it mean that come the 12th, that we will all (Sirius & XM) be listening to the same music channels regardless of which service we have? Will older radios be able to support this change?

XM never did that before.. why start now??? you just wake up one day and your favorite channel is no longer there... or they add a channel and delete your favorite channel but they move some of the music programming to a channel that isn't even remotely the same...

well, not to deeply look into the audio but it doesn't say the 12th...rather "in a couple of weeks"

Confirmation of Nov. 12th, but also confirmation of no real "official" release of the new channel listing until that date:

ME: "You have promos and DJ's talking about channel moves coming Nov. 12th. Will XM listeners and subscribers get a new channel guide or listing PRIOR to that date? It's going to be a crazy day Nov. 12th if no one knows where their favorite channel has gone..."

JON ZELLNER: "You'll be able to find your favorite channel...most are not moving. New line-ups will be available online that morning."

Take it for what it's worth...

Sadly, another management team that doesn't get it. They think that by covering this up, it will do damage control. WE ARE ALL GOING TO KNOW EVENTUALLY and as is the case with entertainment, not giving us a chance to say goodbye to our favorite channels might push many people to cancel out of spite.

I understand this has been the trend lately, but I remember back in the day when XM would give subscribers a few weeks or up to a month notice on a lineup change.

This may not have been possible here, as it appears this is being rushed, but by now all the decisions must have been made, so not publicly admiting to what is going on, is just shady.

I was close to canceling before, but keeping customers in the dark until it "happens" and expecting people to find out on their own, well that alone might get me to cancel on principal.

Bad decision Mel, you moron. This isn't commercial radio, and the sooner you get it, the better your company will be. But you won't because your retarded, right? In commercial radio, you do this kind of crap to avoid the competition getting wind of it, or to flush the listeners. Difference is, nobody pays for commercial radio. We all pay for satelite radio. We made a decision based on marketing materials, and not being honest and upfront about significant changes will likely have several hundred thousand subscribers feeling lied to. At least if they know its coming, they don't feel AS angry about it.

But yeah, just remain tight lipped about it. The longer you do, the worse the rumors get and the more people make up their minds and cancel before even seeing what might happen.

MikeHunt, the similar XM station to Sirius Punk was Fungus, and those channels aren't coming back, or at least that what XM was telling people who called to ask. Oh, but it was a "premium" channel on the lineup they submitted to the FCC a few months back.

Mnxmfan, I agree. Keeping it all "secret" fuels speculation that things will be even worse than they actually will be when the changes are made.

Ok, because of the screen-reading software I'm using, I still haven't been able to find a copy of this audio being referenced. Could one of you guys either post a link to it that's an actual mp3 that I can download, or, explain what the audio says? I'm not trying to be an asshole here, honest guys. But when you have a blog post based on audio, it only makes sense for me to be able to hear it if I have something to say. From how it sounds, the 80s channels on XM and Sirius will be murging into one, that's according to a friend of mine who heard that announcement today, but other than that, I don't know much else. So if I can get a link to this audio that'd be nice.

While I can't link to the Audio, here's the (almost) exact transcript.

(music outro).

DJ: The 90s are now on Sirius 9 the pulse. This is the pulse with Kim. I want to warn you about this ahead of time because I don't want anybody freaking out over this, and say "Uh, Where'd Everybody Go". We're moving from Channel 9 to Channel Twelve--we're like the Jeffersons, we're moving on up. It's still gonna be the pulse but we're moving from Channel 9 to Channel 12.

Ugh, sorry Toonhead. Here's a link to the audio:

(That's what I get for trying to be slick with an inline audio player.)

Has anyone heard if QutQ 109 will make the move to XM?

ethel 47 is gone, according to their myspace page.

Did anyone else see the USA Today today? They had a full 2 page lay-out on Sirius XM and gave a list of all of the new channels. Check it out!

If you have DirecTV it tells you which channels are going to be on XM. Squizz will be dropped for Octane. Which will result in my cancellation but that's not the point. The Spectrum is replacing XM Cafe. The Boneyard will return in January. XMU is actually staying surprisingly. The Heart is now Sirius XM Love. The Virus has been removed from the DirecTV line up. Just to name a few. That is enough information for me to know I'm done. R.I.P XM.

New Line Up. It's on

4 - 40'S on 4
5 - 50's on 5
6 - 60's on 6
7 - 70's on 7
8 - 80's on 8
9 - 90's on 9

10 - The Roadhouse*
11 - Nashville^
12 - Outlaw Country*
13 - Willie's Place
14 - Bluegrass Junction
15 - The Village
16 - The Highway*
17 - Prime Country*
18 - Elvis Radio+

20 - 20 on 20
21 - KISS^
22 - MIX^
23 - SIRIUS XM Love*
24 - The Pink Channel^
25 - The Blend
26 - The Pulse*
28 - Escape*
29 - BBC Radio 1*
30 - Pop 2k*

32 - The Message
33 - Praise*
34 - enlighten

40 - Deep Tracks
41 - Hair Nation+
42 - XMLM
44 - 1st Wave*
45 - The Spectrum*
46 - Classic Vinyl*
47 - Alt Nation*
48 - Octane*
49 - Classic Rewind*
50 - The Loft
52 - Faction+
53 - Boneyard (returning in January)
54 - Lithium*
55 - Radio Margaritaville+
56 - Jam_On+
57 - Grateful Dead Radio+
58 - E Street Radio+
59 - Underground Garage+

60 - Soul Town*
62 - Heart & Soul*
64 - The Groove
66 - Shade+
67 - Hip Hop Nation*
68 - The Heat

70 - Real Jazz
71 - Watercolors
72 - Spa*~
73 - SIRIUSLY Sinatra*
74 - BB King's Bluesville
75 - On Broadway~
76 - Cinemagic~

77 - SIRIUS XM Pops*~
78 - Symphony Hall*~
79 - Metropolitan Opera Radio*~

80 - Area
81 - BPM
84 - SIRIUS XM Chill*

85 - Caliente~
86 - The Joint~
87 - The Verge~
88 - Air Musique~
89 - Sur La Route~

* - merged/adjusted
^ - Clear Channel Music Channels, w/ commercials
~ - moved channel
+ - NEW channel


2 XMX - gone
18 No Shoes - Gone
51 Metallica - gone
53 Fungus - gone (but Lou Brutus is DJing on Octane 48 and Faction 52)
65 Rhyme - gone (Sub Sonic is moving to Hip-Hop Nation)
72 Beyond Jazz - gone
76 Fine tuning - gone
82 The System - gone (will remain on XMRO)
83 Chrome - Gone
91 Viva - gone
92 Aguila - gone
93 Caricia - gone
125 Weather Channel - gone
162 E! - gone

Format Adjusted / Name Changed
12 X Country - renamed Outlaw Country
29 UPOP - Replaced with BBC Radio One
45 XM Cafe - replaced with The Spectrum
66 Raw - replaced with Hip Hop Nation
80 The Move - replaced with Area
112 VOX - Moved to ch 79 and changed to Metropliton Opera Radio
120 XM Live - renamed 'Specials'
130 Potus '08 - renamed Potus
144 XM Sports Nation - renamed Mad Dog Radio
155 Take Five - renamed Sirius XM Stars

Moved and Renamed
77 Audiovisions - renamed Spa and moved to ch 72
110 XM Classics - renamed Symphony Hall and moved to ch 78
113 XM Pops - renamed Sirius XM Pops and moved to ch 77

27 Cinemagic - moved to ch 76
28 On Broadway - moved to ch 75
41 Boneyard - replaced with Hair Nation until January, then Boneyard will be
back and moved to ch 53
52 The Verge - moved to ch 87
78 Escape - moved to ch 28
94 Caliente - moved to 85
95 The Joint - moved to 86
96 Air Musique - moved to 88
97 Sur le Route - moved to ch 89
103 Martha Stewart - moved to 157
104 Sirius Nascar - moved to 128
128 Fox Business - moved to 136
157 Reach MD - moved to 160
244 Canada 360 - moved to 96
245 Quoi de Neuf - moved to 125
246 Calendrier Sportif - moved to ch 97

Name Changed
10 America - renamed The Roadhouse
16 Highway 16 - renamed The highway (Aimee Page and Storme Warren remain)
17 US Country - renamed Prime country
23 The Heart - renamed Sirius XM Love
26 Flight 26 - renamed The Pulse (Ron ross and Rod Hendrix remain)
30 XM Hitlist - renamed Pop 2K (Albie Dee, KT Harris and Jason Kidd remain)
33 Spirit - renamed Praise
43 XMU - renamed Sirius XM U
44 Fred - renamed 1st Wave
46 Top Tracks - renamed Classic Vinyl
47 Ethel - renamed Alt Nation
48 Squizz - renamed Octane (Bodhi will be on Octane)
49 Big Tracks - renamed Classic Rewind
54 Lucy - renamed Lithium
60 Soul Street - renamed Soul Town
62 Suite 62 - renamed Heart & Soul
67 The city - renamed Hip Hop Nation
73 High Standards - renamed Siriusly Sinatra (Jonathan Schartz still DJing)
84 XM Chill - renamed Sirius XM Chill
116 XM Kids - renamed Kids Place Live
150 XM Comedy - renamed Raw Dog Comedy
163 Sonic Theater - renamed Sirius XM Book Radio

New To XM
18 Elvis Radio
41 Hair Nation
52 Faction
55 Radio Margaritaville
56 Jam On
57 The Grateful Dead Channel
58 E Street Radio
59 Underground Garage
117 Catholic Channel
119 Doctor Radio
134 NPR Now
135 World Radio Network
148 Blue Colar Radio
149 The Foxxhole
152 Cosmo Radio

I guess i'm in the minority here, but I love the merger and i'm glad to see both companies finally get smart and take advantage of the opportunity presented to them....Did you guys really think they were gonna preserve ONLY the XM channels? Come on!

And for those of you bothered by the departures of some of the DJ's, please do us all a favor and get a life. They could care less about you and your pathetic little life. They love when people sympathize because it enhances thier ego, especially the DJ from Beyond Jazz who wrote her entire life story on myspace....give me a break. People get fired and let go every day. Deal with it. The less talk on the music channels, the better as far as i'm concerned....I don't need someone telling me what song i'm listening to when I can just look down at the radio.

I'm not a huge fan of Mel Karmazin....but at the same time, can you guys at least give the guy a little bit of a break? I mean, give the merger a chance to work for christ sake. I'm sorry if I don't wring my hands over every XM staffer being let go because there's a lot of other people in much more important positions that are let go every day. Maybe their egos were too big for thier paychecks. Oh well, they could care less about you living or dying, but let's worry about the DJ getting another job.

I'd really like to know what these people are smoking. Let's take Flight 26 as an example. Never a staple of my listening, so this isn't personal, but you check the ratings, and it has nearly TWICE the audience of The Pulse. So what do they do? Dump Flight 26 and give XM listeners The Pulse.

There has to be some animus between these companies and their people, because there is no other justification for this type of idiocy. Trouble is, the customers are the ones who are paying the price.

Bigger problems in the world, of course, than satellite radio, so, whatever, but it's sad to see something you like systematically destroyed. Unless Outlaw includes substantial features of X Country, and I don't mean an hour-a-week show, I'm out, too.


It is almost as if they are intentionally doing the complete OPPOSITE of whatever it is the listeners want!!! Can you believe that this shit is going on, after almost a year and a half of torture waiting for the merger to be approved? It is like a bunch of MADMEN are running, that is, RUINING the company. There is NO RHYME OR REASON to any decision they make, and I have yet to see even ONE idea or suggestion implemented, of the hundreds of creative ones (mostly common sense) submitted by well intentioned subscribers. I have never in my life seen a company so blatantly trash the feelings of their customers.

I guess when the cancellations start to outnumber the subscriptions, maybe then they will start to get a clue. Mel karmazin, my man, I really have to wonder if you have lost all of your marbles. Do you care at all about the 19 million people who pay their hard earned money for this service, and who passionately support it? Do you give a shit at all that many thousands of people have been wiped out financially because they believed that satellite radio was the future of radio? Well, if you don't, then you don't have a conscience - which would explain why everything you and this company have done thus far is nothing short of UNCONSCIONABLE !!!

No mention of Buzzsaw? Anyone... anyone?

I for one am stoked for the merger. I have Sirius on Dish and really like Hair Nation, but I own GM cars and have factory XM. XM has the Boneyard but the slant is different and I ma glad that both will be available after the first of the year. What remains to be seen is the supposed menu pricing that was promised in this merger. The only thing that I have seen is stuff that I can pay more money for, for programming that I am not interested in. The only thing that I do not like is that I am going to have reprogram the 6 pgs of presets on my wife's radio.

The way these two management teams have burned through cash I'm not surprised this merged channel thing is happening. I am a huge fan of XM Fine Tuning. If they blow it up, they have lost a huge reason for me to subscribe.
Howard Stern is a talented guy but for Karmazin to give him the contract he gave is nuts, desperate or both. You mean he wouldn't consider going to Sirius for only 40 or50mil a year????? Come On!!!

Today's channel eliminations on XM should the total lack of regard that the new SIRIUS/XM has for its customers. This kind of thing is typical of companies that have no other competition. Remember we can all thank the FCC and the Feds for allowing this satellite radio monopoly to be formed. Now, the subscribers are suffering as a result. Does anyone have Mel Karmazin's direct email address? I would encourage any/all subscribers to flood his inbox along with the FCC with our concerns and subscription cancellation requests. Then, maybe they will finally get the message that NO COMMUNICATION = LOSS of SUBSCRIBERS.

I wouldn't call a customer "pathetic" when are voicing concerns about the elimination of services that they PAY FOR....and don't receive timely communication about.