Audio: XM Escape confirms Nov 12th date - Orbitcast

Audio: XM Escape confirms Nov 12th date

XM and Sirius Channels
An on-air promotion broadcast on XM Escape has confirmed the November 12th date rumored this morning. Additionally, a jock on Sirius' The Pulse also announced the date, according to an Orbitcast commenter.

Listen to the full audio below:

What's clear is that the date appears to indeed be true. What's not clear, is how valid the 50 combined channels rumor is. One rumor down, one to go.

UPDATE: The audio is sourced from aegrotatio at Thanks Alex!


XM's The Pulse?

Try Sirius 9 // The Pulse.

I am curious to see if the "Qualified Entity" channels (leased to independent minority-owned programmer(s)) will be part of the new lineup, or how long it will take for those to be added.

Heh. Thanks for catching that Johnathan, I was rushing it. I updated the post to reflect the change.

with this also effect XM Canada?

Seriously, one of the things that's going to bother me is the fact they're sure to drop the XM audio 'logo'.

I'm 99% sure this will also affect XM Canada, since there is not enough room on the satellites to broadcast two substantially different versions of XM (US & CA).

The only thing that will probably not change is the number of channels produced by XM Canada and the content of those channels. However, they may move to new channel numbers in the new lineup.

Hopefully, as Sirius did in its last renumbering, it would be possible to consolidate XM Canada's channels into a Canadian neighborhood of sorts. Or, I could also see English Canadian content being "distributed" throughout the main lineup, but French Canadian content being given a neighborhood group.

hey ryan i was checking out the job openings on and there is a job for radio host on mad dog radio.what strikes me funny is the other day i was listening to his show and felt him by himself seemed bland or a little annoying,do you think sirius feels the same way and does this mean
his show need francesca! just surprised to see a job opening for a host for mad dog radio!!

If they're really doing a massive lineup change, I'd expect some sort of postal mailing with the details. They can't expect folks to just wake up and read the Internet to figure it out, can they? Moving a handful of channels isn't such a big deal, especially if they're pre-announcing it on-air.

The cooler part of the logo for me is that the XM WX pseudo weather radar service for small aircraft is the same logo flipped upside down...nice little detail (kind of like how if you look between the E and the X on fedex, there's an arrow "hidden"!)

You'd kind of think that, wouldn't you? Make massive, capricious changes to the product customers are paying for, and say nothing except through rumor and hearsay based on leaked details or inferences from statements on individual channels.

The average state Motor Vehicle Administration cares more about customer service than this company.

Now it appears clear that X Country is gone. If true, my response will be simple -- "buh-bye."

Escape from SiriusXM? Already have joined with the thousands of x subscribers in escaping from SiriusXM and upgrading to HD Radio. The churn at SiriusXM will be mind blowing when the truth is told. Thanks to Melvin Alan "Mel" Karmazin's "merge" MONOPOLY scheme, satradio and it's worth to consumers is ZERO POINT ZERO.

At least that great , head bangin' elevator music will be staying .

Not sure about them dropping the XM audio logo if they used it in the "Escape is moving" promo...In fact, the particular "flute jingle" used in that particular promo is one I haven't heard before.

Understandable that people will complain because their particular "channel X" will be dropped due to the merged lineup, but as it seems that Escape is staying, I'm happy so far in a "beggars can't be choosers" kind of way. I complained enough when I thought they were taking said channel off.

It is just me or have the playlists of XM channels been reduced ahead off November 12th? Seems like Flight 25, Lucy, 90's on 9 and Top Tracks are having a tendency to less different songs than in the past.
Also, why did SXM think it was a good idea to come back with XM 39 Led Zep Radio? It's not that I don't like their music but I hear enough of it on Top and Deep Tracks, and I can't stand hours and hours of it in the first place. And if I wanted too I would buy their albums none of which I own.

Does anybody listen to these channels?

SiriusXMFM Radio here we come.
Maybe they are modeling the company off of Jack FM, "Playing What We Want." But really what the consumer subscribed too in the first place.

with all the bull written on all the message boards never forget all the great radio started on 1-9-06. the real black fist!!!!!! join the revolution

I listen to Lucy. Other than too much Beastie Boys (how is that the correct genre?) and less Green Day in the rotation, it seems pretty similar to what it's always been.

SiriusXMFM Radio here we come.
Maybe they are modeling the company off of Jack FM, "Playing What We Want." But really what the consumer subscribed too in the first place.


Hate to tell you this, but you are in the minority. A huge portion of this consumer base does not visit silly forums and are die hard listeners. They listen to it in their commute for the most part, and barely at all outside of that unless their job allows to do so.

The most listened to stations according to arbitron ratings that have been released are the HITS stations. There is a reason for this. The people enjoy listening to a song they can sing along with, know the lyrics to.

I'm famous!
Thanks for the credit.
I love XM 78 Escape.

Ryan, yes, the most listened to stations are the hits stations. That's going to be true almost by definition - these are the songs that the most people like.

Both XM and Sirius have several hits-oriented channels, but I do not believe a service such as this can be sustained on hits stations and a shock jock. Not that many people will pay $13 a month to hear Katy Perry and Lil Wayne without commercials. There are just too many other places to hear that stuff, and that doesn't even consider the demographics of Sirius/XM listeners, who are older than radio listeners as a whole. If a 17-year-old writes in an Arbitron book that he listened to the satellite radio hits stations for two hours while he drove mom's minivan, that counts in the ratings, but he or she does not pay the bill for the service.

SiriusXMFM; thats really good. but I think of it more as "Jack XM".

I don't think the churn will be as bad as people on the boards think. I think it comes down to alternatives. HD radio is a stupid alternative. WiFi is still not readily available in a car. Most people are not passionate about 1 channel to cancel and give up on hardware they already own or have in their car. Niche channel supporters, while vocal, are and never have been the life blood of satrad.

I think you may be surprised. In destroying XM, and replacing it with Sirius, the company will be completely changing the direction and scope of the product XM listeners receive. It won't be just those passionate about a single channel who will be displeased.

The company is figuring its paying customers are like terrestrial radio listeners who have no choice but to keep eating from the buffet even when the food turns rancid, but I think that's a risky bet.

Does this mean that after 11/12 the services will be identical? Or will there still be channels exclusive to XM and Sirius?

It's one year later Jonathan, and still NO FREE 'qualified channels'. Mel made promises about his rabid takeover of XM radio to the FCC, none of which he's made good on. Price increases for Family Plan radios. No more online listening unless you pay extra, when it WAS included with XM. And worst, the tiny, itty bitty playlists on the decades channels. In just one year, the musical home we called XM is but a shadow of its former self, just a shell with crappy voicetracked jocks - XM turned into commercial free FM. After one year, the only bright spots left are "Escape" (although Sirius has tinkered with that) and "Underground Garage" - the most "XM-like" of the Sirius channels!