Audiovox XM2go X2G-100 Found

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 at 8:13 AM
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AudioVox XM2go X2G-100
Back in October a FCC filing was discovered showing a single picture of the new Audiovox XM2go (now set to debut in February). Unfortunately for us snoops there was a 45 day veil of secrecy on other aspects of the device - a veil that has now been lifted (thanks to Satellite Radio TechWorld).

First off, while the Audiovox XG2-100 would seem to imply that this device has 100 hours of recording capability - it doesn't. The Audiovox XM2go user manual (PDF) filed with the FCC clearly indicates that this only has 50 hours of recording, just as it's earlier Pioneer Inno and Samsung Helix predacesors. In fact, there seems to be little differences between the X2G-100 and the prior 2nd-gen XM2go family.

The only functional difference that I can find is that this XM2go comes with a set of antenna headphones (ala the Sirius Stiletto) - but doesn't come with a car kit or a home kit. The user manual indicates that the Car Kit (X2G-100CK) and the Home Kit (X2G-100HK) are sold separately, but that the XM2go player w/ antenna headphones (X2G-100B) is sold as a single package.

AudioVox XM2go X2G-100

From a design standpoint, it looks like we've finally found the fabeled "Black Inno" (err... or "Black XM2go"). The earlier speculation that the "BK" in the upcoming GEXINNO2BK meant "Black" was incorrect (the "BK" stands for "Base Kit") - instead it looks like Audiovox is one going Black. Both the GEXINNO2BK and the X2G100B will include the XM SureConnect FM transmitter system.

I do have to question why Audiovox has decided to enter into the 2nd-gen XM2go market this late into the game - but with little advances in the function? The Pioneer Inno was unveiled at CES nearly a year ago, and I would have hoped that when Audiovox joins the fray they would have done a bit more to differentiate themselves.

[FCC Filings via Satellite Radio TechWorld



I'm hoping alot more will be coming out at CES in January.

Very sharp all dressed in black!

(from Gizmodo) Shhhhhh... Its the same product. Its called OEM, but don't tell anyone.

But still, no home kit included? Eeesh.

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