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Beck to take over Sirius Left of Center

Grammy-award winning artist Beck will be taking over Sirius' Left of Center and transforming it into "Radio Beck" starting this weekend.

Radio Beck will premiere on Friday, October 10th at 3pm ET and will air through Sunday, October 12th. Of course, the launch of Radio Beck coincides with the release of Beck's new album Modern Guilt.

You know the formula by now: Beck will share the story behind his new album and play songs from Modern Guilt as well as his entire catalog. Beck will also play songs by various artists who have influenced him throughout his career.

Sirius listeners will also be treated to a live recording of Beck's performance at the Austin City Limits Festival last month.

The live performance will air on Saturday, October 11th at 12am, 2pm and 10pm; Sunday, October 12th at 10am and 6pm; and Monday, October 13th at 2am, 12pm, 8pm and 12am (all times Eastern).


Unlike the ACDC-led assraping of Sirius Punk 29, this promotion is thankfully only for 2 days. I have no problem with it. :)

What warrants how long these artists get to take over a channel? I would like to hear Beck for at least a week. Why only 2 days? While the AC/DC channel is on for FOUR FUCKING MONTHS?!? (and I have yet to turn it on even once)
Why was George Strait on XM for 2 months?
Why was Michael Jackson only a month?
Why have Springsteen and The Stones repeatedly returned to the Sirius lineup and hung around like the guest that wouldn't leave? Does it have anything to do with how deep these artists pockets are? Could Beck only afford a weekend?