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Bed Bugs at Sirius XM headquarters?


New York City's bed bug investation appears to have affected the Sirius XM Radio Inc. headquarters, according to employees at the company.

A sign (pictured above) posted by Opie on Twitter sparked speculation about the shock jocks contract negotiations, but from what we hear - it's about the bugs.

New York City has been dealing with a bed bugs problem, and recently everyone from President Bill Clinton to the New York Public Library has been dealing with the critters.

More on this soon as news becomes available.


you could hear the bugs in the equipment yesterday during the reply. it was shorting out and making alot of popping & static noise so they had to come off of ron & fez's nasty backs and climbed into the equimpent. only those 2 gravity stealing objects could walk around with an army of bedbugs infested in their back hair & blues traveler wanna be hats & coats. hopefully kevins' smodcast is going to replace r&f as that show stinks! 3409823098724 buddy buddy, wtf is that? here's an inchibahn: take a bath once in a while!!!

Must be why Ron & Fez was a replay today also. Speculate! Speculate!


This is probably a stunt by the staff to get Friday off.

And this whole contract negations thing in probably a way to get people to keep listening.

Also Sarah Palin is a cunt.

marcus, you're a dolt.

"investation"? new word??