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"Best of" Sirius channel logos show up on XM

"Best of" Sirius on XMReports have come in of the "Best of" Sirius channel logos are showing up on the XM Satellite Radio service, and someone even snapped off a few photos of them in action.

As far as we know, the "Best of" services are still scheduled for an October 6th launch, so these are probably just live tests and the channel assignments could very likely change.

But it's still pretty cool to see.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


XMFan is a site for whores and A-Holes.

I heard Ron and Fez saying that The Virus was going to air on Sirius 197. I don't know if it was a joke or a rumor, but they said their contract was signed, and that's what they were told. Ron has mentioned it a couple times.
I hope my car Sirius OEM unit can get it. Then I'd be able to remove my FM modulated RoadyXT!! Yick!

I've gotta say, I went to the XMFan link, and (I've been there before), but I have to say those guys are pricks. They're jealous that their single-minded approach to satellite radio coverage in the end failed, and orbitcast succeeded.

Keep up the good work, Ryan. Those guys on that forum are a waste of time, and I'm sorry they don't find orbitcast a valuable contribution to satellite radio. I've found it exceptionally useful for the past 3 years. So thank you.

(You don't have to publish this one if you don't want to, but I had to let you know those guys don't have a right to bring down orbitcast).

Orbitcast IS all things SatRad.

Flap Jackson: So don't go there. We'll be just fine without you.

Matt: I'm not sure what you are talking about us being jealous of Orbitcast. I find Orbitcast very helpful and even brought some things to the attention Ryan (this site's Ryan) when he has yet to come across it. I check in on this site daily to read Ryan's posts and find information. I think both sites complement each other. Feel free to stay away from XMFan though. We're doing fine without you.

Ryan: Thanks for having info on this site available too.

Hey Flap,

I can only speak for myself While I love Orbitcast, XMFAN is also a great site and I post when I can.

Can you fix the cutoff thing on the site? It blows.

I've actually been a member of XMFan longer than I've been on Orbitcast. I just haven't been there in a while. I couldn't believe the negative remarks against orbitcast.

That's all. You guys should keep up the great work too. Just don't bring down a guy you clearly linked to you, rather than plagiarizing what youve done.

Just checked my Inno ch 103 and no HOOO HOOO yet.

The worst part of XMFan is the douche bags who do nothing but post there all day long. People with like 10,000+ posts. Talk about needing to get a life.

If you want to have fun, tell one of these shut ins about something you don't enjoy about XM. You can almost see the veins popping out of their foreheads as they spend ten pages of posts denouncing you. Its priceless.

I like XMFAN, SBS and OrbitCast. Comparing posters and styles is childish and a waste of time.

I think the channel lineup is screwy. 63 for nascar? Its in the middle of the Urban channels.

I am a regular from XMFan.com and I come to Orbitcast for all of my Sat. Radio news. I love this site as most of us over there do.

These are probably temporary channel numbers.
The XM signal email I just got mentions channels 100-102 moving, so I bet Howard 100 and 101 will be 100 and 101 and all the other new channels will be right above them.

Per Marker101 (at XMFan.com) and the XM Signal newsletter:

"Beginning September 30th, the following channels will relocate on the XM dial: The Joint (XM 101) moves to XM 95, Air Musique (XM 100) moves to XM 96, and Sur La Route (XM 102) moves to XM 97."

XMFan does suck. They are just a bunch of clearchannel hobos.