Best of Sirius/XM upgrade to launch October 6th - Orbitcast

Best of Sirius/XM upgrade to launch October 6th

Best of Sirius XM UpgradeAt the Merrill Lynch Media Conference today, Mel Karmazin CEO of Sirius XM Radio Inc., will unveil that the "Best of" Sirius and XM packages will be launched on October 6th, according to the slides released prior to the event.

The presentation deck also reveals the initial packages that will be made available to Sirius and XM subscribers.

The Best of Sirius on XM package will include:
  • Howard Stern (Howard 100, and Howard 101)
  • Martha Stewart Living Radio
  • Sirius NFL Radio*
  • Sirius NASCAR Radio*
  • Playboy Radio
The Best of XM on Sirius package will include:
  • Oprah & Friends
  • NHL Home Ice*
  • The Virus
  • Public Radio featuring Bob Edwards
  • The PGA Tour Network
  • UPDATED College Sports and NBA were added to the list on the press release
* NHL, NASCAR, NFL offerings will include the play-by-play channels.

A La Carte radios will be in stores and services will be launched on October 6th. The cost to upgrade to the premium package will be only $4/month more.

UPDATE: Per the press release, included on the "Best of" XM on Sirius will be such shows as Basketball and Beyond, hosted by Duke and Olympic basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski; Andretti Green, with driver Danica Patrick; 60/20, a sports magazine show by Luke Russert and James Carville; Indy Racing League car races; and games from the top college conferences, including the PAC 10, SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East and ACC.


That is about all I want from sirius to add to my XM. Good going Mel now just sign the boys and it will be all good

No Mad Dog Radio in the Sirius package? Surprising. Or is it just too new to be included? Or will it be simulcast to both at no extra cost?

Either way, I'll be curious to see how many XM customers choose the Sirius package (Stern and the NFL being relatively huge draws) as opposed to the other way around. Bet it's a 3 to 1 ratio at least...

I have xm built in to my car, and a crappy sirius sporster, I would love to switch to XM and get howard etc, but I would lose 2 channels. All I listen to are howard 100/101, jam on, and the grateful dead channel. XM doesn't offer any jam band option, that bumbs me out.

Mike - Mad Dog Radio will be available on both Sirius and XM at no extra charge.

this is probably a good sign that o and a will be resigned and mad dog radio is being simulcasted on xm and sirius

Thanks Ryan... Missed that the first time around

wheres baseball on sirius??

No MLB for Sirius? That seems like a pretty big omission.

Ryan, they also said ala carte radios to be in stores Oct 6th?? Does that mean brand new receivers or same ones with new software?

So what does this mean to people like me who prepaid a year of SIRIUS service in advance? Can I add on the premiums without using a credit card? Or do i have to repay a whole year of service?

I noticed the same thing - MLB is the big question mark. My assumption is that the contract wasn't renegotiated in time for this announcement.

I'm more interested in the "lite" packages. My driving is way down these days and Pandora is serving my in-home needs.

My assumption, too. Baseball is mid-season. I'm not surprised it's not announced yet. It'll happen.

hmmm The Virus on Sirius. Looks good for the boys

I called Sirius. They don't have a price for it yet, but sign me up for sure.

No Radio Margaritaville or any music channels for that matter? Any thoughts on how music channels might pan out?

Fuckin real, if the virus is on Sirius looks great for the boys, and dont forget it looks good for the buddays too. Now get Kidd Chris on somewhere damnit!

Who knows if they are looking past this year right now. Baseball's regular season is over before October, and ESPN Radio carries the postseason. Maybe Sirius will be allowed to carry the games on ESPN Radio this year.

There's no need for MLB to be on there. This plan doesn't kick in until Oct. 6th - AFTER the regular season is over.

You can hear the playoff games on ESPN Radio, which is already available on both platforms.

I believe, since this launches October 6, that this confirms that O&A will be re-signed. Not a 100% confirmation, but a good indicator.

since i have both xm and sirius
theres really no need for me to
get these packages
will they let dual subs to opt out
or will these appear as a channel update?

I have a feeling MLB is left off because it requires too many simultanous channels to be included on SIRIUS only--they already have problems with preemptions.

Football on XM should be OK though since on Saturdays they can already handle college football with MLB, why not NFL with MLB on Sundays.

So it all makes sense to me.

I suspect most music channels will eventually be merged for "synergy" purposes. Some from XM, some from Sirius. But eventually we'll only have 1 80's channel, one 90's channel, one 40's channel, etc.

sweeeet! they better sign o&a because Howard re-broadcasts on his days off suck the big one!

I want his schedule! must be nice to work 3 days a week and three weeks a month

I suspect most music channels will eventually be merged for "synergy" purposes. Some from XM, some from Sirius. But eventually we'll only have 1 80's channel, one 90's channel, one 40's channel, etc.

The best of' WILL include. Does that mean it includes All of these choices and NOTHING else or does it include silly stuff that needs not mentioning AND the above choices.

Great news either way since I really only wanted/needed NHL BUT...

I still want or need to add my wifes full XM radio to my sirius account as a family shared plan. I really see no reason to not allow this to happen. And if I can do that I might spend the $7 for myself and get all of XM with my car and keep my Stilleto running.

No music channels in the best of?

I am sticking with the Lifetime Sirius

Pandora is basically out of bussiness now.In case you havent noticed, they don't offer new music anymore. They were shut down due to nonpayment of royalty fees.

once howard is on my xm the sirius receiver gets dropped and i will add that for $4 a month but i just want howard-100-101 and nfl radio i dont want to have to buy the martha channel

Seriously THAT ALL?
Man I wish the honda came with Sirrus...
No Pick and choose what you want?
What happened to A La cart programming... ?

What's the NBA thing on XM on Sirius? I thought Sirius had the rights to the NBA already? What's the deal?

Frankly, this is far better than I thought it would be. I will signing up for it.

Now I can use the platform to have threesomes and have girls fall in love with me like Anthony!

//What happened to A La cart programming... ?//

"A La Carte radios will be in stores and services will be launched on October 6th."

It's in the article folks.

Consumers shouldn't pay more for the "extra" content. And the subscription fees can become significant when one considers that each additional unit has it's own sub fee.

O&A and Ron n Fez will add balance to Howards day's off. Haven't we heard the roast repeats enough?

I might consider replacing my Sirius box with XM, I think the reception is better with XM, for my location (as indicated by the Inno last week, which I played with over the weekend). But I do enjoy the Jay Thomas show occassionally, on Sirius, on daily on Sirius Stars but he's also on Howard 101 Friday mornings. Geez, other than that, I don't listen to Sirius. I discovered on my new car, that came with XM, that I prefer the music on XM. You'd think the merge would make this decision making unnecessary, but it doesn't.

Mad dog is going to be on BOTH automatically!

Okay, I'm a little confused...First off, I like that I'll be getting the NFL on my XM now. :) But...Am I correct in assuming that for the best of package, I have to replace all my radios with new ones, or is that ONLY if I want the other a la cart offerings such as paying only for the channels I want? And will the $4 fee be per subscriber, or in my case, since I have 3 radios, if I add "Best of Sirius" to all three, will it mean paying $12? Actually, I'd probably only add it to my MyFi and the unit in the car; I may soon discard the Skyfi as it's a bit old and doesn't always work.

Help a confused man out here.

Wes: All current radios can get the "best of" packages. I'm almost certain that you'll have to pay the $4 for each radio.

The a-la-carte radios are pretty much the same as what we have now. The only difference is that an XM a-la-carte radio will let you pick and choose from XM's channel lineup, and likewise with a Sirius radio. For those of us who currently subscribe, it doesn't make much sense to buy a new radio to save a few dollars per month.

Interoperable radios will be able to get any combination of XM and/or Sirius programming. Last I heard, they should be out sometime next year.

a la carte requires special receivers not best of programing.

I am still not sure where I saw the pdf break down months ago but I believe Ryan posted it pretty much the same from what I remember.

Ok !! no MLB for Sirius subscribers? I am canceling my 8 subs, hello ipod!

Leave Howard the asshole off, please. I'd rather listen to the trucker channel and paint drying. He is the worlds largest windbag to ever walk the earth. I'd consider paying MORE if he was dropped from your entire channel lineup.

If I remember based on last season, Sirius could not offer MLB games on ESPN radio during the playoffs due to the strict MLB-XM deal.

I doubt they will allow that now as well. Sirius subs get the short end of the stick without MLB.

Sucks since now I would rather have XM and add Sirius but I have two Sirius radios and have no desire to pay MORE for new hardware.

Mel really needs to fix this. I will NOT add XM without MLB.... and most MLB fans would likely feel the same. That is the one main draw of XM.

I really hope Mel will come out soon and clarify when Sirius will get MLB. If he says it'll wait until next season, that's fine, but I will not upgrade my account until then.

Ryan, do you have any clarification if you can add this to a family account for just the $4? I have a family account with my father, and while he probably has no interest in this, I certainly would like to add it. Mine is only a $6.99 secondary account, so I wanted to make sure this won't be a problem.

I want to be clear. I just bought a new car that came with XM. I will be able to add best of Sirius to that unit with no upgrade, correct?

It seems to me as though XM subscribers got the better deal, I'd much rather watch disaster movie over and over again than listen to o&a(IMHO truly unlistenable)NHL is great, college ball is great, no MLB sucks ass, that is really the ONLY good thing worth anything over at XM. F-ofra, F-virus, and F-public radio, i might give \PGA a chance. I am very happy with Sirius and dont really care fot XM ( I had both got rid of XM when the merger was approved)hopefully they will put a sports pkg together as the only thing worth listenin to on XM was the sports.

Nice, the only things I really like about Sirius are their sports including the NFL and NASCAR and both of those are included. I would gladly pay an extra 4 bucks a month for this package. One question though would the extra programming cost 4 bucks a month extra per radio or altogether? I have two XM Radios: the Skyfi2 with the audio system/boombox and a Myfi and would love to know about this. Also, will subscribers get these channels in their line-up if they don't pay an extra 4 bucks or is it just for people who want to pay an extra 4 bucks a month. Just curious

Can we quit all of this Howard O&A crap. We are on the same team and lets crush free radio/hd radio.

Ron and Fez noon to 3

Why is everyone so upset about MLB? Season will be over when the Best Of package becomes available. I am sure they will work it all out before the season starts next year. If that's all you want, don't buy the package til next year. As an XM subscriber, I am thrilled to have the NFL, NASCAR and NBA....
Why don't we wait until we see all the of the stations before we get too upset?

From my understanding, it is $4 per subscription. So it is per unit.

I have XM. All I want from Sirius is Jam On and the Grateful Dead channel.

XM doesn't get Maxim radio! Are you kidding me? That's not included in the best of package.

Covino and Rich all the way!

So none of you Sirius subs are moving over for classic radio, AKA 60/20 Sports? Crazy...

I have lifetime membership with I have to pay additional fee? monthly or can I do a lifetime on the new fee?

So will this be available on the Canadian services?

You mean I get o & a for free? I'm going to see if there's anyway, I can get a reduced subscription rate by being subject to this garbage.

That's the only way they'll get anyone to listen to that crap.

Mel should save the money by not resign dopey and dorothy and put it towards talent that actually brings in subscribers, which is the name of the game. O & A have reportedly added 35,000 listeners hardly even worth the time it took to write this. BTW how are they're ratings?

the only channels worth having on the xm from sirius is nascar football and the playboy channel if this becomes a big joke like i think its going to im just gonna cancel my subscription and listen to cds all day

what channels are we losing?? they have to make room for this.. what are we losing??

Ramone, will my XM in my car be able to get the NFL games?

Mad Dog Radio is already simulcasted on both without requirement of upgrade. See websites for channels.

The NBA is not available on XM.

There is NO WAY I am paying extra 4 bucks for 5 channels. That is a huge ripoff. If no one buys them, they'll be included in the regular pkg in a few months. DON"T FALL FOR IT! DON"T GET THE NEW CHANNELS!

Sirius sub here. No MLB? No Best of XM. Period! You have nothing else any Sirius sub wants.

You get all play by play for NFL and NASCAR so it's more than just a five channels - now if you don't like NFL, probably not worth it in my book.

Having CFB and MLG on XM and NFL through Best of Sirius is perfect for me.

just heard on Deep Tracks that Jam On and GD Radio are coming to xm next week. XM 56 and 57.

completely agree. NFL and Stern for XM but no baseball for sirius. SERIOUSLY!

So, its Jan 2009. Any word on MLB on Sirius yet? I would love to switch to XM for MLB but it cost way to much to swap the hardware in my car. Besides, I liked the chanels on Sirius better. Just give me back the Country cahnnels and the Vault. I dont care for DeepTracks. Dont ever loose Jam-on or the GreatFull dead channel. Those are the two I listen to the most.

But if I can get MLB, it would be a perfect radio and I would spend the several hundred dollars for one of the portable sets. Baseball is a perfect radio sport.

Gave up Sirius last year when my commute got too short but deciding I'd like something fresher than my IPod when I bike into work this summer or go for a run.

Taking a fresh look at what is available today, going XM with a best of Sirius package seems to be the best option since you get all the sports PLUS Howard Stern. Only problem is XM doesn't have a good equivalent to the Stilletto2.

Still a couple of months for SiriusXM to figure this out before opening day.

With Jobs leaving Apple and the whole ITunes copy protection going away (and a sleepy ipod/iphone roadmap) there seems to be HUGE opportunities here for SiriusXM to come out a next-gen portable media device.

Opportunity seems to be falling by the wayside due to financing troubles. Maybe now that the merger is done they should be looking at spinning-off equipment design and manufacturing to another company (ala GM spinning off Delphi). Think it would be stunning if a deal could get done with a company like RIM (Blackberry).

What a ripoff, programming that USED to be on Sirius is now on the "Best of XM" and they are charging you more???