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Best of XM on Sirius - another success!

Best of XM on SiriusXM subscribers aren't the only ones who are successfully getting the "Best Of" programming, Sirius folks are getting hooked up too as evidenced by these photos.

I don't know about you, but to me it's mighty strange to see the cross-pollination of programming on the opposing receivers. After all these years, it's just... weird.

More photos of Best of XM programming on Sirius receivers below.

Best of XM on Sirius

Best of XM on Sirius
Best of XM on Sirius[via Wackbag]



Any official word from Sirius on these radios that are coming up not compatible for best of XM?

Wow that receiver looks like a bag of ass.....I love the XpressRC

Agreed Ryan. It's very strange to see Howard Stern on XM. After all those years of trashing the rivels.

Well I logged into my Sirius account and saw the option to purchase my subscription to include the best of. So it seems like Sirius is for sure doing it maybe just CS hasn't been all updated yet.

I wish they would just give an option to tack on the best of to my sirius sub without having to renew another month or more.

my sirius unit doesnt have 197?what am i doin wrong

just to give everyone a heads up, it looks like those with receivers with a stronger fm transmitter will not be able to get the best of xm. i have 2 starmate replays and the newer one with the weaker fm transmitter shows the xm and xm xports category's

I have a Starmate 4 and Sportster 4 units, I
checked MY ACCOUNT with Sirius today and can
get the 'best of XM' on the Starmate but not
the Sportser.

That's crazy. I have a Inno1 with strong FM Mod and I have the Best of Sirius as seen in the Inno pics below.

Why would this person who authors this site fix the problem where you can't read the text across the screen?

Great advertising.

Fix the site please.


I have a couple of questions. Maybe someone can help.

I believe I read that Sirius online streams at 128K, is that true? Are the Best of XM channels available on Sirius Online? Will Fox Sports Radio now be available on Sirius?

If those three are true, I may think of switching from XM to Sirius just for the better online streaming quality.

BTW, Does anyone else use uXM? Have you received an error that the channel list cannot be downloaded when you attempt to start the program? This has begun happening to me today. I wonder if it's related to the addition of the Sirius channels.


(these are my pictures)
I didn't get these until i called in and upgraded my service. It said "Invalid channel," until i got the "Susbcription Update."

As of 5:24 PM PST it looks like "Your Account" on XM's website is down.

Failure of server APACHE bridge is the message that keeps coming up.

You guys are awsome I love your music
actspectlly Burin up.


I am a Sirius subscriber with a StarMate 4. I upgraded my subscription this evening to the "Everything Sirius and Best of XM" package with no problems from the Customer Serviec rep. He answered all of my questions and the upgrade came down without a hitch. I have been in favor of the merger from the beginning since I can now get all the college football conferences on my Sirius radio. I might check out The Virus channel. Don't care about Oprah!

If you look at Sirius' "Best of XM" offering on their website, you'll see that the Best of XM Package includes NBA Radio and Play by Play of the NBA. However, XM has never the NBA, as far as I know. Do you think that they mean NHL play by play? I only have XM - but I'd love to get the NBA. I thought that Sirus' contract with the NBA expired in June.

I'm confused, obviously.

Just got my Sportster 5 on with the Beat of XM and it works fine.

For Lifetime Subs it is $150 to sign up for Best of XM

well that would be a direct violation of the merger agreement as imposed by the FCC, they better figure it out or the FCC will get flooded with complaints and Sirius-XM will be fined heavily, something they can not afford

XM broadcasts NBA games on ESPN Radio XM 140 a couple of times a week. That is probably what the website is talking about.

Will there be MLB on Sirius? at least the MLB Home Plate (I can live w/out P-B-P til spring traning) if not I won't be getting best of (O & A aren't worth the 4 bucks by themselves), If I can get it on ala carte I'll just wait til next spring to get one.

Will there be MLB on Sirius? at least the MLB Home Plate (I can live w/out P-B-P til spring traning) if not I won't be getting best of (O & A aren't worth the 4 bucks by themselves), If I can get it on ala carte I'll just wait til next spring to get one.

I'm seriously thinking about canceling my Sirius and going to XM and just getting the Best of Sirius package for a new XM radio since I only listen to Howard and Football. I'd prefer Hockey and Baseball and Opie and Anthony. What XM radios can get the new Best of Sirius packages and has anyone tried canceling one service or the other to get on the new service

I'm still suffering from the column cut-off blues.

@Rev Can you try reloading? I think I might have fixed it

I have to pay extra to get the Best of XM on my account? That's what Sirius' site seems to imply. No thanks.

@dave Any of the new XM radios at any store that sells them will get the Best of Sirius.

I just got done talking to a Sirius customer service rep and her manager.

Any person who has the Sirius lifetime subscription would have to pay an additional $150 to get the Best of XM programming. At the moment that programming consists of 7 channels.

The AC/DC channel - which is already on Sirius (channel 29)
The Oprah Channel
Some other channel along the lines of Oprah.
Something else I did not hear the manager say.
3 Sports channels - NHL, PGA, and XM Sports talk.

So, if you are like me and wanted XM for MLB, you are out of luck.

More to the point, I am irate over the fact that I have a LIFETIME membership and I now have to pay additional money to get some extra programming that is now part of Sirius/XM Radio.

At the earliest, I won't be talking about this fee until April 2009.

Sirius/XM - shove your new fee.

Ok, can someone clear something up for me? I just looked at my XM account and I'm signed up with the XM family plan. According to the website, it says that I can get the best of Sirius for 3 months for free, and then after that I pay $14 a month? Is this correct? I pay quarterly, so which plan is the one that matches best with my current account? I don't mind paying a little more for Howard and the NFL but I'm not gonna pay for like a 4 or 5 year plan in advance.

That's a huge stretch to call Opie & Anthony the "best of XM". LULZ!!

I'm bullshit about the new fees. As a lifetime subscriber and stockholder, I'm in awe of this direction. If I were SIRI/XM, I'd want to do everything in my power to keep my current subs happy.

MLB on SIRI would make me happy, not Oprah/NBA/PGA. I'd gladly pay $150 to upgrade to a strictly MLB lifetime service agreement.

Mel, like you're fond of saying - "Satellite Radio is all about the content."

While you're at it, where's the Irish channel? That channel would be well-received...doesn't make any sense.

As a lifetime subscriber
and shareholder
Major League Baseball
I'm not paying an
additional $4
If they cared they would
throw us a bone
Also if Mel goes
private and screws us
I won't renew my radio
once it breaks or ceases
to work
A lot of people still on
the sideline waiting to
purchase additional subscrip-
tions or new subs

The crying here is amazing. Where were you when they wanted to merge? Lining up behind Mel, that's where. We always knew that sports weren't easily broadcast to the other sub base, that would cost much more if the contracts were correctly structured. But you bought it hook, line and sinker because Mel told you so. Now you're unhappy? Too fucking late. Perhaps you should have looked more closely at what was happening before blindly following.

"Mel wouldn't piss off existing subs."
"The merged company can't afford to annoy their current subs, they're not that stupid."
"They're not going to do anything that would harm their current subs, that would be suicide, Mel's to smart for that."

Remember all these comments dominating the board for the past 18 months? Reality not what you thought? How's that stock value doing?

I prepaid XM for 5 years 3 years ago. In order to get Best of Bubba I had to stop that and pay the full $17 monthly for the whole thing. I'll get credit for the unused portion of the 5 year. They tried to get me to pony up for a year of the best of Ferrell, but I told them I'm be bailing again when the a la carte radios come out.

In summary, shut the fuck up you whiners. If you want the content, pay for it.



If the choir is confused on product offerings, how does anyone expect Mel & team to get the congregation interested in buying it? Prospects look dismal as most on Main St. couldn't care less about satellite radio. Some aggressive everyman publicity and plainspeak is needed. As price per share hunkers down with seeming corporate stasis in shorted-economy, I second-guess my getting in and stubborn stay.

I called yesterday and talked to a cust. service rep. She told me as a lifetime sub. of sirius I would be upgraded to best of xm for free. Ask if my channels were updated this morning as they were and said it may take a few days to take effect. Nothing yet.

I think PFreak needs counseling.


Most of us were watching what was going on. What exactly did you expect people who were subscribers, lifetime subscribers like me, to do?

"Gee Mel, if you the merger goes through, I'm going to cancel my subscription that I have paid for for the rest of Sirius' life or my life."

Yes, I was all for the merger because I assumed that people who had already paid for the their subscription for their life would be entitled to the XM content at no additional fee.

I can honestly understand upping the price on the people who pay per month, but how can you charge an additional fee to people who have already paid for a LIFETIME subscription?

Ryan, the comments
are still cutting off
in IE7.

I said the only way
I cancelled was if
O&A were dropped.

O&A were re signed.
I am happy. I
don't see getting
best of Sirius.
XM has everything
I want.

O&A, MLB, good music
channels. Football is best
watched on TV, and Nascar
is syndicated to just about
every country station in
the USA.

Thanks for keeping O&A
Mel. I badmouthed the heck
out of Karmazen here before
the merger.

I never thought he would
Re up O&A. I will humbly
enjoy my crow now.

Based on my experiences, lifetime memberships are never something that can last forever. Lifetime subs are a marketing term. Sometimes they can last for 10 years or so, but on average a lot of Lifetime subscribers can expect to have to pay again sometime down the road.

Sirius was just stupid for offering them in the first place. It's a marketing gimmick.

But even ignoring that, people don't realize that the merger is not likely to have everything become one unit. Sirius and XM will gradually become more like each other, but there are still several technical differences. It is like Exxon Mobil. The tech differences alone require this.

This is why you'll probably have to have certain services remain with one of the two. Want everything--get a dual-sub and pay more, because the sports channels will likely never be 100% on both services.

You have a lifetime sub to Sirius. Not XM.

It's a business that has modeled prices based on content available. There is a cost that came with Sirius obtaining XM's content. What makes you think you would just be entitled to have that additional content for free based on a pricing subscription from the previous content available only on Sirius. What kind of a business model is that to just give away for free what you had to pay a significant sum to obtain? In other words, if Sirius had XM's content when it developed lifetime subscription fees it would have been higher than the $500 you paid. Sirius is putting that additional fee at $150 now (basically pays for itself in 3 years) just like the original lifetime subscription fee did.


You made an assumption about XM content. What your lifetime sub (and mine) is entititled to is all Sirius content and no more and no less. Sirius is allowed to add or subtract the occassional channel (Punk for AC/DC for example) without compensation. A new pricing package would not be automatic and those who assumed it would be assumed wrong. There is/was no logical reason for Sirius to give you more than you were previously entitled for nothing.

Regarding Ryan's comments,it comes as no surprise that content would be"cross pollenated" this way as this was a quick and dirty method of getting certain channels on each system, and of course, they wasted no time moving the Howard and Oprah chess pieces. Regarding pfreak's comments they are the usual blogger bashing stuff- your existing contract is as it was (and no one said any different) and if you want to add services, well goddamn it you're gonna have to pay for them. Me, I have no interest in SIRI content and never did.

Does Sirius broadcast all NFL games? If so, I don't see how they can cram all the games on only four available channels. When I scroll on my XM unit, 105-109 all say "Upcoming Games".

How am I bashing exactly? Almost ever post here is bitching about having to pay more and not being happy with the offerings. What else did you expect? Pity? You shouldn't have assumed anything, you should have questioned everything, but Mel never gave much concrete info did he? I'm really just sad to see a service I found to become my #1 source of entertainment diminish in quality and ultimately may die.

I don't need counseling, I never wasted my $ on the stock but there's a lot of you here that may want to call a financial advisor.

I'm a Sirius lifetime subscriber. I could care less about best of XM. If I wanted anything on XM I would have went with them. I think XM subscribers are getting the better deal. The best of XM really sucks. NO MLB??? O&A are terrible. They get no ratings on regular radio(0.0)and the Oprah channel was the biggest mistake XM ever made. She brought in no subscribers. Now you have Sirius paying Mad Dog all that money and he brought in No subscribers. No wonder my stock for Sirius is in the tank.Plus who in their right mind would pay $150 for the best of XM and not get baseball????? I guess their are stupid people that will.

I don't care how many crybabies there are. PRE-MERGER, no one told you this was not going to be the case, and if people actually expected free additional content (especially Stern) they better take their heads out of their asses.

How can anyone be disappointed about something they were never promised or even hinted at? I never heard of a media company detailing their channel line ups and pricing prior to a merger but that is what "Mel" did to please the morons at the FCC.

I don't care how many crybabies there are on this site. YOU'RE NOT GETTING ADDED CONTENT for NOTHING. No one promised it to you, and if you think they're going to give you free STern after what they paid him, that's crazy. You know it and I know it.

Ranger -

You do realize that 105-109 is FIVE channels, right? Looking at the schedule:

8 games at 1 pm
4 games at 4:15
1 game at 8:15
1 game monday night

So it looks like you can get 11 out of 14 games each week, assuming they don't expand the number of NFL channels on Sundays. And it seems like it would be easy enough to tack on 3 channels for a few hours on Sunday, since sports channels don't use much bandwidth.

Yep, I was originally thinking it was channels 106-109. On XM, the play-by-play channels take a lot of channels. I wasn't sure how the Sirius side worked.

No dudes. It's all the NFL games. Check the PDF again. The PBP channels for Best of Sirius is 106-109, 114, then 117-120. That's where the confusion is coming from. They aren't consecutive.
Here's the NFL schedule for this week.

My radio cannot get the best of XM (and i dont feel the "best of XM" channels is really the "best") I would like to get the radio where i can get all of XM and All of Sirius. When is that radio coming out?

when will you people learn, its not actually a lifetime subscription. go back and reread your contract.

Whoever suggested turning in their Sirius radio and getting and XM with "best of Sirius" seems like the way to go. I mean the best of XM on Sirius is a joke- no baseball and no SEC sports. On the other hand XM gets everything good about Sirius on their radios.

I thought Mel said that ALLLLLLL current satelite radios could get the best of xm or the best of sirius??? That was part of trying to get the merger to go through right??? I have sirius in my car and was just told 'my radio is too old to upgrade to best of XM'. WTF?!?!?!?!

does sirius still make a radio with a decent FM transmitter, I am in a different truck almost every day at work and the FM transmitter is my saving grace, that being said my radio is "incompatible" with best of XM.... oh well


I believe I read that Sirius online streams at 128K, is that true?

Yes but it costs extra. You can have a free stream at 32k.

Are the Best of XM channels available on Sirius Online?

Some are. The Virus, NHL Home Ice, Oprah, and PGA Tour are available. There is also a 24/7 stream of Bob Edwards.

Will Fox Sports Radio now be available on Sirius?

No. No AM/FM based radio networks will be a part of the package. Especially not anything from Clear Channel.

LIFETIME SIRIUS ! I dont care if it changed its god dam name I paid for ALL Sirius's channels!
Sirius bought xm,so I am lifetime sirius subscriber and should receive all their content ,Period!NO EXCEPTIONS.All this merger did was get everyone ANGRY and confused ,oh yeah and the god dam stock went down into the mud.
Anyone who has xm should get sirius content FREE and vice versa . THAT WOULD GET SUBSCRIBERS and money rolling in,WAKE UP YOU MORONS in the SUITS!