Big 12, SEC, and ACC football championships on XM - Orbitcast

Big 12, SEC, and ACC football championships on XM


Big 12, SEC, and ACC championships on XMXM subscribers will be able to hear seven different broadcasts of the 2007 Big 12, SEC, and ACC football championship games this Saturday, December 1st.

XM Sports Nation will also be live from the three host cities with exclusive pre-game coverage on Friday and Saturday.

  • Top-ranked Missouri plays no. 9 Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship Game on Saturday at 8 pm ET and XM will air the national radio broadcast on Big 12 Channel 241.
  • The SEC Championship Game pits fifth-ranked LSU against no. 14 Tennessee on Saturday at 4pm ET. XM will air the national radio broadcast on SEC Channel 199, the LSU broadcast on SEC Channel 200 and the Tennessee broadcast on SEC Channel 201.
  • The ACC Championship Game will kick off Saturday at 1pm ET as sixth-ranked Virginia Tech takes on no. 12 Boston College. XM will air the national radio broadcast on ACC channel 190, the Boston College broadcast on ACC channel 191 and the Virginia Tech broadcast on ACC channel 192.

XM Sports Nation (ch 144) anchor T.J. Rives will be live from SEC Fanfare in Atlanta on the AT&T Press Box stage for game previews on Friday 6-9am ET and 1-3pm ET; and Saturday 10am - 2pm ET. XMSN analyst Gino Torretta will join sportscaster Earl Forcey in Jacksonville, Florida, for pre- game coverage of the ACC championship on Friday 1-3pm ET and Saturday 7-10am ET. XMSN's Scott Jackson and Kevin Blackistone will be at San Antonio's Alamodome to preview the Big 12 championship on Saturday from 3pm to 7pm ET.

Check out more info on XM's coverage of Championship Saturday here.


I thought Sirius had all the sports content?

I thought Sirius had all the sports content?

Sirius gets the most important part, the NCAA basketball tournament.

When it comes to college sports, XM stomps the Dog like a grape.

"I thought Sirius had all the sports content?"

They can spend all the money in the world. They dont have the ONE sport thats worth listening too when you cant watch it. I'll let you guess what sport im talking about.

And its not Curling.

Scott, I agree, Although I am not a fan of that sport. its the only one I ever heard playing from a garage or someone was listening to while working on a car or mowing the lawn or while at work.

LOL.. are you sure its not Curling? LOL

I only listen to THAT sport if I am having difficultly falling asleep.

Not a bad strategy for a radio company to invest in something unwatchable. Guess this explains the Oprah signing too.


oh crap! we;re talking about XM????

Baseball is the only sport worth listening to? Well, I hate to break it to you, but there are plenty of people, myself included, that might like to listen to their favorite team on the radio. I live in Arizona, and listen to every Dolphin game I can on Sirius, because they are my favorite team and never get to watch them on tv since I don't have any sport packages in my apartment.

It's a personal opinion, and I will listen to NBA and NFL any chance I get if I can't watch my favorite teams on tv. And just for your information, baseball is quite boring, I love the sport, but I can't sit there listening to it on the radio. Nothing happens, unlike basketball up and down. Football could be that way, but alot of times the teams are moving the ball.

NHL still isn't considered a sport in america.

For college sports on satrad, there's XM, XM, and XM.

I got to hear the U of A and Kansas game the other night, and that was on sirius.

Back to the subject at hand...

I said it's great, to be, a Tennessee Vol. I said it's great, to be, a Tennessee Vol.

I certainly won't be listening to Kesling on XM... if only it were John Ward that might be different. He was the type of play-by-play guy that made you mute the TV and turn the radio on. Anyway, Go Vols! Upset those Mich... LSU Tigers (sorry, got confused for a second just as Les Miles probably is too).