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"Boombox" returns on Alt Nation and Area

Liquid ToddDJ Liquid Todd and DJ Icey, both former jocks from the Boombox channel, will be debuting new shows on satellite radio starting this Friday. It is yet another example of Sirius XM Radio Inc. being attentive (and responsive) to listener feedback.

Alt Nation (Sirius channel 21 and XM channel 47) will launch Boombox Radio, a weekly show featuring remixed versions of today's best alternative rock (including Weezer, Coldplay and The Killers) as well as the biggest names in electronica (like Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and Moby).

Host DJ Liquid Todd (pictured above) will bring his experience as a radio host and his knowledge of cutting edge electro rock music to the Alt Nation turntables, every Saturday from 10pm - 12am ET.

Also, Fformer Boombox channel DJ, DJ Icey, will host a weekly show called Automatic Static, featuring the world's best breakbeat music on Sirius XM's Area channel (Sirius channel 38 and XM channel 80). Automatic Static will air Fridays at 12pm ET.

I'm really happy to see this move by the company, much like seeing the return of Vox programming or the return of entire channels like Backspin and Strobe. And from what I hear there's a strong desire by the entire programming team to be responsive to subscribers, and to accommodate us, when they can.


Get rid of the single artist channels , and bring more of the old channels back .

I think many of these new changes were actually planned from the start and they're spinning it this way to make themselves sound attentive to the fans.

If they're so attentive, why won't they bring back Lucy considering that there are countless message board posts about it?

DJ Liquid Todd already has a show on Alt Nation Saturday nights playing the same type of music that was played on Boombox. The idea that this is some sort of a return for Boombox is a sham.

The only move by the "company" is that they are giving a show to DJ Icey on Area, which is nice, but does not deserve the Headline ""Boombox" returns on Alt Nation and Area".

Would be nice to see SiriusXM take back Billy Zero on XMU. He was the personality of that channel. It has since gone down hill significantly.

I still have my fingers crossed that they bring back X Country! I stopped holding my breath though, at least until Mel gets the heck out!

I thought the DJ Liquid show was the Zeroes and Ones buried at 12-2am. glad to see it a better time, renamed and getting promo.

now what about adding shows and variety to 1st Wave and making it similar to Fred?

time for some PUNK back on these whimpy channels

So what. More of the same. No Fine Tuning. No Prog rock, slacker radio wins.

fantastic....just what we need, the resurrection of shows featuring out-of-key mashups and outdated florida breaks. I'll stick with Radio 1 On-Demand, thanks.

Because "Lucy" sucked....especially that GODAWFUL "XM Saturday Night" crapfest. One of the many benefits of the merger was the cancellation of that idiotic show right there

Say good-bye to PoP2K for the Sirius listeners. Backspin Ch. 39 will take over the channel spot. I for one would take PoP2K over Backspin any day! I hope all you Backspin fans really enjoy your F??king channel as I know I will miss PoP2K!!

U-Pop and The System need to come back to satellite then i'll be very satisfied.

AGREE 100%, There just making you think that they are listening. All you fools are falling for it!

Slacker sucks. Billy Zero got himself a much better gig, and this news rocks.

A Punk channel would be nice. I miss Fungus. The Marky Ramone show on Faction is very cool, but it would be nice to have a channel with more of a focus on punk. I can't listen to Faction for any length of time. I can't stomach Hip Hop, and when they play punk its just the most common songs. Nothing deep or cool. So if they are listening over there at Sirius XM - Punk Please!!

While you're at it, bring back X Country. I am not a fan of country music at all, but obviously there are very many people passionate about that channel who want it back. Obviously X Country is a channel that should not have been dropped.

Let's see if you are really listening .......

Great! Let's replace one show with another at a time that no one can listen to it, and lets give DJ Icey a show on the channel that is dedicated to DJ shows. We can look as though we are trying to help subscribers without actually doing so.

Complete and utter crap from Sirius.

Keep the changes coming! Fuck the haters! Fuck Pop2SUK!

I actually like Pop2k when I'm in the mood for Pop. I really wish they wouldn't have messed with it.

I gave up on Sirius XM for music. It's just a lost cause and not worth getting annoyed about. Slacker, and Live365 are far better options. Sirius XM are actually good in the news, sports, and talk area.

POP2K was a waste of a channel. Glad they are getting rid of that.

Are you guys brain dead or something? All Sirius XM is doing is changing the name of the show Liquid Todd is ALREADY doing on AltNation. "Launching Boombox Radio???" Calling Zeros and Ones "Boombox Radio" isn't what I'd call LISTENING to the subscirbers.

Its more like treating us all like a bunch of retards. Glad to see Icey back on the air. Hope they give him a decent shift. BTW just to be clear Liquid Todd was ALREADY on the air at the EXACT same time playing the EXACT same music on the EXACT same channel. So they are calling it "Boombox Radio "now.

Gee, thanks Mel. You really hooked us up. Changing the name of the show. Were sooo happy now.

I'm really annoyed by this whole sham. LT was already on the air with his (brilliant) Zeros&Ones show Sat nights on Alt Nation (same time too). This is a bait-and-switch. Look! New show with familiar name!

But the truth is they are giving us nothing new and making a big deal out of it. What is the deal with Orbitcast pumping out press release copy? Are you guys really going to buy this as the Return of Boombox? They are basically telling us to go f*@k ourselves. We don't get a channel. We get a show we already had and an hour of DJ Icey on Area. Whoop-tee-doo.

Give us a break. This isn't a gift. This is an insult.

Hey Orbitcast, thanks for censoring my earlier post. Apparently, if you aren't thrilled with having these two shows "back"....Orbitcast has a problem with it. Let's try again....

Boombox = bad out-of-tune mashups. Icey's sound = outdated Florida breaks.

If you want REAL, RESPECTED edgy electro music, check out BBC Radio 1...Kissy Sell Out's show, or the Essential Mix, or Annie Nightingale, all viable options already on Sirius.

Not sure I know what you're talking about T-bot, I didn't censor any comments. Your original comment is right here.

How about the one comment that Slacker sucks. WOW! You must not have it. Slacker and the Slacker G2 was some of the best money spent. I've had Sirius for 3 years now and have never been near as happy with it as the Slacker G2. This person does not own a Slacker G2 or maybe does not know how to turn it on. Because when it come to getting what you want when you want it Slacker gets the job done! From music to the comedy you just can't compare a service like Sirius to Slacker. I've had the G2 for about 2 months now and will not be renewing Sirius after my year that is prepaid is up. How can you say Slacker suck when the service give you better sound then Sirius/XM, and only the music you want to hear.
Oh and one other thing... Fuck the haters! Get rid of backspin and bring back pop2k!

Boombox was a great channel. Not sure why someone is saying "Boombox = Out of tune mashups". I think his hearing is out of tune. Bring back Boombox ENTIRELY!