Monday, May 21, 2007 at 1:49 PM
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XM Satellite DownSeems like there's a massive outage going on with XM right now. Reports have been coming in like crazy, and I myself in NYC haven't been able to get signal since about 12-noon.

UPDATE: Reportedly one of the satellites (SAT1) is down, and all of the repeaters are down due to a "software update." Some are saying that they were told the system is expected to be up within 2 hours, while others have heard that it will be fully restored in 2 days.

UPDATE 2: An XM Spokesman has provided this statement regarding the issue:

"We are experiencing a temporary degraded performance issue, which has affected some of our customers. We expect to return to normal service levels this evening."

UPDATE 3: Add yourself to this Frappr map so the world can keep track of your outage location (Thanks Ken!):

...and of course, more on this as info becomes available.



About time Ryan. I keep refreshing the page to see when you were going to put something up.

I called up Xm and they told me that they were doing a software update and it should be back in 2 hours.

I think they were me.

The satellite that's apparently down is the one over the midwest, so that explains why the signal would be worst on the east coast due to the outage.

XM-1 and XM-2 (rock & roll) are over the west coast, and still functional...

No problem in DC, 2.5 miles from XM. No problem at all today.

Definitely was a BS comment! Both and are reporting outages across america, and a total loss of Sat1. Someone on XMFan started digging.

Signal is great here on Sirius. Thats what you get for not picking up XM. Karma is a bitch.

Inside info -- can't reveal source.

XM3 has lost its downlinking capability for some unknown reason.

Techs are working on it.

west coast signal is out - I'm in PDX and don't have anything

Karma is a bitch, isn't it? This is a great time not to be effected; XM has been off for about a week already for me. :)

XM is doomed. What a shitty satellite company. I hope the merger doesn't go through now, Sirius will do fine alone. XM is a rat infested, hypocritical, Non-Free Speech satellite radio.

First smashing radios. Now smashing satellites. The pests will not give up!

Mine has been working all day in southwest Minnesota. Full signal on my home kit and in my car.

Up in Minneapolis since Tony Kornizer was on the air. I am going to Miss O & A at 2 p.m! Oh wait there not on at 2 p.m.

Does anybody else think that the Pest might of planted a computer virus through XM? That would be so cool!

No signal at all here in Atlanta, GA. I had some in my car around noon and now my boom box is just shifting between No Signal and Antenna. I placed a call and the CSR said nothing was wrong.

I guess Mr. Cumia finally found something interesting to do with his spare time!

My signal has been fine in Ohio on an Inno.

Why wouldn't they send out an email saying what the problem is or just letting us know that they are looking into the problem?

Problems in my Honda OEM system, Inno working great though.

IN hoboken / nyc area xm seem to be dropping connection, I tought my attena was broken, but I checked the aim sat feature, and terr seem down and sat seem not to work as great.... Hope this upgrade is a new sat and more bandwith....

el oh el

I noticed it at 12pm ET Monday sounded like my FM transmitter was having trouble.

If your signal is down, add yourself to this map:
Trying to track where the signal is down.


Spotty reception on my Airware. Thought it was the antenna.'s website is currently stressed to the point of fracture.

XM continuosly drops the ball. IF it weren't for the content, this would be a good reason for a lot more people to jump ship.

Up north in Quebec city, the repeater is down as well and no email answer from customer service!

Btw, Nothing here in Eastern Massachusetts (Greater Boston Area).

Sigh, they should give everyone a free month of service.

Coward - I'd rather get no signal than a clear Sirius signal with lousy playlists. I guess Sirius took the word "repeater" to heart with its constant repetition.

If it's a software upgrade, then XM management is really stupid.

Late morning on the east coast is not a good time to do the upgrade, since there's substantial listening at that time in the East, and by taking down the 85W satellite you're removing the West's signal diversity DURING MORNING DRIVE!

Why not do the upgrade at 3am eastern/12m pacific, so that you're back online at 5am eastern/2am pacific, thus making it largely transparent to subscribers?

Yeah, you'd have to pay the engineers a little overtime, but how much is that, relative to the potential loss of revenue? Somebody experiencing no service/extra dropouts as their promo period comes to an end might just decide that a subscription isn't worth it.

Twenty engineers making an extra $300 each due to overtime is $6,000. A single failed promo means about $700 worth of lost revenue (self-paying churn rate indicates a typical self-paying sub lasts for about 55 months times $12.95). If even 10 people decide that XM is unreliable and not worth subscribing to, XM is behind on the deal.

Due to your Inconvenience XM Satellite Radio would like to offer all it's customers ONE FREE MONTH of Satellite Radio for all their Subscriptions...

Like that will happen. We get what we pay for right guys? If this really is a software upgrade, someone's getting fired today.

If its a software upgrade then I would assume its not a planned one. More likely 'lets try some new software to see if it fixes the sattellite'.

If it was planned ... well, thats just stupid. But at least that means it should come back shortly.

Any news?? Anyone?

3 pm Central North Jersey (40 miles west of NYC)
full Sat Signal. No problems here.
Did I miss an outage?

These are the same birds that OnStar uses. Is OnStar impacted by it?

This is no planned upgrade. Planned upgrades happen during the middle of the night, so if something does go wrong it doesn't knock out half the network during the middle of the day.

Ain't Karma a bitch, XM?

"Why wouldn't they send out an email saying what the problem is or just letting us know that they are looking into the problem? "

Because XM doesnt care about you...they never have and never will. Join Sirius if your tired of getting butt raped.

FROM: []

Big Outage At XM - 5/21 - Breaking news. DCRTV hears that DC-based XM Satellite Radio suffered a major outage on Monday. We're told that the firm's XM3 satellite has lost its downlinking capability for some unknown reason. They're working on it. No idea on a time frame for a fix. More as we hear it.....

Because XM doesnt care about you...they never have and never will. Join Sirius if your tired of getting butt raped.

You mean the same Sirius that is going to join XM? Great logic there...between Sirius laying out $500 million for 1 show and XM and their "excellent" customer service not to mention both companies STILL being in the red things don't look good for Sirius/XM.

hmm... boeing solar arrays strike again!

My XM on my truck keeps cutting out for no reason. I live in Orange County, Ca.

hopefully it wasn't the rats. What a bad two weeks for XM.

Ouch. Can XM have a worse week?

My Airware can barely keep a signal. I did a full reset thinking it was something wrong with my radio. This is big issue, hope XM will get this fixed SOON!!

Out here in Tucson, thought my sub expired but it's been paid, then thought then xm2go or atenna went paid was going to call but looked here first. i saved a good half hour of my life! Thanks orbitcast!

My Airware is having problems keeping a signal in places where it would normally have one. I fully reset my unit thinking it was the radio. This is a big issue. XM Needs to address this soon. I called XM and they said it should be within the next hour (2:41pm CST), then they said by the end of the day. We all should get a credit to our accounts for this. It's a big issue!

>>Some are saying that they were told the system is
>>expected to be up within 2 hours, while others have
>> heard that it will be fully restored in 2 days.

I think it can safely be said that it will take more than 2 hours to restore service.

Gotta luv that XM Customer Service

I continue to wonder when XM will publicly address it's consumers on the current progress of fixing this issue.

I shake my head and hang it low since i'm paying for this.

no problems here in RI its been great all day...even recorded an awsome loft session with "the broken west" at noon time....guess its spotty in the north east??

40 miles North of NYC, one drop out since 1pm. Listening to Deep Tracks, no issues. Sounds fucking awesome by the way :)

Very spotty in Maine.

I guess the O&A DO always win in the end.

"Hoo Hoo, I invented no one hearing me on Satellite Radio..ROOOOObin!"

"I invented trashing Satellites by tying a BANDANNA around the solar panels...tell em Fred!"

I'm in South Texas (McAllen) and I can receive fine from my car but not my office where I MUST point my antennna towards the east. A single satellite failure makes sense. And, no, I don't get a terrestrial here :(

I heard that one the satellite in question was the one that broadcast the Opie and Anthony show when they tooled on XM for making them apologize. I believe the satellite will be back working after it serves its 30 day suspension on June 15

XM sent me a statement about this. I updated this post with the full statement.

Separately, for those of you how have a Pioneer Inno or Samsung Helix, here's how you go into Diagnostic Mode so you can see how much of a terrestrial or sat1/sat2 signal you have:

Press the ((( ))) button, Settings, Setup, Restore Defaults, Restore Setting Only, then at the “Are You Sure?” menu press ‘pause’.

Now back out of the menu to the play screen and repeatedly press the DISP button until it is displayed (there are two screens).

(...this was originally posted in my Pioneer Inno Hacks post a while ago)

Yuma, AZ here.

My grandfather's MyFi with an indoor external antenna is working fine.

Wife's Roady 1 showing 3 bars driving in an open area. No audio dropouts.

Must have patched where the rat chewed through the fiber already.

No repeaters here, so I can't tell your about that, though...

In and out in northern maine. Just another added reason to cancel xm radio in a weeks time.

Here in D.C., three miles from XM HQ, I'm getting nothing but the faintest signal from SAT2, but since my apartment faces east, that's not going to cut it.

Good...bunch of scumbags there in DC.

I wonder if it has to do with a large number of deactivation signals being sent.

Not sure if this is related to the outage, or if it's just an attempt to slow down the O&A cancellations, but I just called to deactivate two of my radios and customer service told me that their systems to deactivate were down and to call back in the obligatory two hours. As for the signal, I'm fine here in Palm Springs, CA - but there has been a few pauses during songs on XMU (signal still strong, just 1-5 seconds of silence).

thanks for the inno "hack" ryan.
heres what my inno reads.
sat1 ber%100
sat2 ber%0.1
terr ber% 100
sat1 c/n 3.25
sat2 c/n 10.25
sat agc 32
i have no idea what all that means but if its helpful to someone great. i am in providence RI and have not had one drop out all day

Just tried it really briefly in Hudson, OH, a Cleveland suburb with no terrestrial signals, and it got three bars. I don't know if it's going in and out, or NE Ohio is fine, or if it's over. Just thought I'd post that update.

Beaverton, OR

My SkyFi (first generation) under the engineering menu shows that SAT1 and TERR (terrestrial) no signal. SAT2 is strong (BER 0.0 - 0.5%). This is sitting in a large, open parking lot with clear access to the sky, no trees or buildings. XM antenna on the roof of the car.

rkb: It means that you're getting a good signal from SAT2 (XM-4).

Server just shit the bed right now. Welcome Diggers. :)

You would think XM did this to clog the customer service phones lines in order to save subs..I'm sure its got something to do with 0&A..Seems fishy. Anyone else have any theories?

I'm in South Texas (McAllen) and I can receive fine from my car but not my office where I MUST point my antennna towards the east. A single satellite failure makes sense. And, no, I don't get a terrestrial here :(

Couldn't get the map to work since it's some sort of Flash utility.

But, Reception has been spotty here in the Seattle area. On the drive home, it cut in and out a lot near Downtown Seattle...Once I got into Everett, I could hear the signal without it fading or dropping, but changing from one channel to the next took several seconds...About ten seconds to go from 41 to 121. Here at home, no signal at all with either the Skyfi or Myfi.

all repeaters in the Seattle area are down. I am only getting sat reception in the car. no signal at all for the XM Mini Tuner in the home.

When I went to work at 4pm it worked just fine, when I got off work at 9pm it was fading and out unless the car just sat still.

We turned our unit off and put in a CD, what a great way to utilize satellite radio lol

No steady signal in car or at home. Spotty, momentuous service at best. Was not a problem yesterday morning, was a big problem yesterday afternoon, consists this morning.

I want a free month.

just got a terrestrial signal @ 0% BER in Troy, MI. indoor office building, i never get sat coverage.


Thank god I changed to Sirius. XM is doomed.

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