BREAKING: New XM Channel Lineup - Orbitcast

BREAKING: New XM Channel Lineup

Ahead of Sirius XM Radio's November 12th launch date, here is the merged channel lineup for XM leaked to Orbitcast by an anonymous source.

Combined Sirius XM Channels

[XM Channel Guide (PDF)]



what about us Sirius folks? The XM people are getting all of our good channels, so what do we get?


I can not believe they completely dropped old school rap. Way to go.

No XMX??

See now why can't XM post this on their own website. I swear.

Faction... Action Sports/Punk/Ska. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ROFLMFAOLOLOLOLOLZORZ!!! Ooooo. Action Sports!

Well, so much for ever having a real punk channel on Sirius-XM ever again. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Rock on yall! Love the diversity of the new lineup, looks like they've filled every niche HAHAHAHAHA!

you can't please everybody

Looks awesome to me! I have factory XM in my car but had my stilleto. I dont like XMs classic rock chanels. Glad to see were getting classic vinyl and rewind! Finally some DJs! :) Im very happy with the changes. I know its gona piss lots of people off, but I actully like 99% of it!

At first glance I like what the offerings are. I think that we loose some favorites on the XM side, Lucy, Fred, Ethel and Squiz all had some unique aspects that may not carry over. I like that some of the Sirius stations are coming over though such as Margaritaville, The Spectrum and some others. My greater fear in all of this is that we might loose the character and deeper playlists that XM offered. I had Sirius up to January 2006 and then switched over to XM. Here’s hoping that Sirius recognized the good in XM and that they don’t destroy it with this move.

I don't see BBC's full World Service on the list, only the news. Bummer.

Wow. I mean not as bad as I originally expected. Glad to see the bridge on there, as well as sirius coffeehouse. But damn, they got rid of XM Comedy, FAR SUPERIOR to Sirius Rawdog.

Hopefully they'll actually merge any of the 2 stations, rather than bringing the sirius ones over.

I am visually impaired, and my screen reader won't read the PDF file for this channel lineup. Could someone please email me a regular text version of this lineup to: Thank you.

--The Radio Kid



DARN! The FULL BBC World is gone! Now it's news only (a-la Sirius). No more documentaries. No more Digital Planet. At least most of the other channels were replaced with an equal. This isn't a equal. Thank heavens BBC podcasts online!!!

Ive always heard Sirius rock stations where better than XM's am i mistaken?

Any word on whether Punk will return when this goofy ACDC promotion ends?

Thanks for the Channel Guide. I couldn't get one from XM. Much appreciated.

The Move and Chrome are gone so there's no house music or old-school dance and disco anymore.

Congratulations Sirus XM, I am canceling my 4 subscriptions.

Where is Left of Center? I canceled Sirius anticipating this making the move to XM... DAMNIT!

Mike when AC/DC ends in January, the Boneyard is taking it's place. At least according to DirecTv.

Whats the point of a Jam Band channel AND a Grateful Dead Channel? I dont get it...

Isn't Faction Punk?

I find it strange that "Reach MD" is in the Talk category, while Doctor Radio is in the Health & Family section... I would think they would both be together.

I have a question. Is this channel lineup airing starting tomorrow, or are they just presenting the lineup which would air sometime in the future?

This lineup is a serious bag of fuck. I'm glad I canceled XM a month ago, so I don't have to pay for this. Glad Leo Laporte puts his Tech Guy show as a podcast. And glad the RIAA hasn't COMPLETELY crippled internet radio.

As the French say...

Le fuck.

Doesn't look like a lot of the XM names made the cut.

Just a quick question
is this channel line up just XM or both Sirius and XM.

Thanks for the chanel guide. The "devil is in the detail." For example, will Spa now also include "Hearts of Space"? If yes, then it is a good deal. If no, then it is not worth as much to me.

XM Classics is gone and replaced by "Symphony Hall." Is Martin Goldsmith at the new Symphony Hall or is it exactly the same as it has been on Sirius-- without the Chicago Symphony and the New Yokr Phil?

I suspect that with each chanel the devil is in the detail.

Does anyone know whats going on with the shows on Sirius Left and Sirius Patriot? Do you think Sirius and XM will keep their seperate political channels?

I don't think the choice of an XM or Sirius name implies the choice of XM or Sirius-style programming. I think they chose names and programming styles separately.

I bet the 2009 version of the Boneyard sounds more like Sirius Buzzsaw (missing from the lineup) than it sounds like the 2008 version of the Boneyard.

In addition to the aforementioned missing old school rap channel, a disco/80s/90s dance channel is also gone.

Anyone seen anything about whether this lineup or portions of it also shows up on Sirius tomorrow?

Is it just a typo, or are they really vaginizing Squizz so much that they're not going to have explicit language anymore? This merger is awesome! I would sure love to thank Mel in person!

Even though Billy Zero and Tobi will be gone, this could have gone a lot worse.

We'll be getting the awesome Radio 1, Jason Ellis and Faction, Alt Nation, and FSR is staying. I just have 1 question: Why the hell is Asian Radio staying on board? I mean, does anybody watch that channel?

welcome to shallow playlists, hits based music.
Thanks SIRIUS/xm

This is disheartening. This lineup pretty much guarantees I will cancel my mother's XM sub. They took away the stations she listened to, Aguila, Viva, and Caricia. WTF?

I hope the Sirius side isn't gutted like XM. If it loses boombox, I will cancel my Sub (and 2 others I gave to family members.)

First they took Discovery radio from me. Then they replaced Stephanie Miller's national show with some in-house hack. Screw you, Mel. If you love Howard so much why don't you gay marry him?!

And where, for frak's sake (Frak being my retarded cousin), is my Sirius channel guide update?

Opie's fault AGAIN!

How many of you meger supporters are experiencing regret at this point? Be honest.

so i guess i'm confused, is this lineup the xm version and there will be a similar but different sirius version? they both start tomorrow?

No fine tuning or Disorder. Bummer.

Did you really remove OPRAH? Thank you. I am grateful for the 50's channel. Hard to find that music anywhere else. Hope it won't be different. If you have some extra soap around send it to a couple of people who need their mouth washed out.

So where's Opie & Anthony?

Come on guys were getting Cousin Brucie!Don't write SiriusFM off yet! lol

If you got rid of your service why are you still commenting on it. You got rid of it so move on.

Go enjoy what you listen to now, or do you feel better hanging around boards about a service you don't have.

If Sirius and XM are now Sirius-XM, why isn't the channel line up now called Sirius-XM and apply to both systems??

The reason I dropped Sirius YEARS ago was because whenever a channel needed to be dropped it was one of the urban channels. Now I see in the new guide there is no old skool Hip-Hop channel. Fuck Sirius for what they are doing to XM.

If this is truly the new lineup for XM I am a happy customer. I get my punk back and some Jimmy to boot. Just be happy all we don't lose O&A.

No old school hip hop? No Suite 62? No money from me!! Oh well...back to CD'S

XM Kids gets whacked for some Kids Place Live? They really did a great job on that channel, and my kids are into it. Hope its just the label being changed w/o a lot of substantive chages.

On the plus side, Hello Bruce! (Cousin and Boss)

I'm upset that most of the XM channels are gone. I may be canceling my subscription soon.

The channel guide says:

"XM Everything Plus The Best of SIRIUS package includes XM Radio Online – for free."

So is XM Radio Online not available for free if I only subscribe to XM Everything?

Chipper, Squizz hasn't had the XL tag for a while. I sent an e-mail to Bodhi about it and he said nothing had changed. Guess the same rule still applies now.

Were is Ethel and Flight 26? ok so i am now officially getting rid of XM.

Where's XMX, the XM exclusives channel?

Also, at 11:36am PT, this new lineup still has yet to appear on XM's official website. This was a more than crappy way to treat their customers. 1 Day's notice is no excuse for the many subscribers to get used to the new change...

Could you make that picture any blurrier? I can barely read it as it is.

Losing fungus was horrible, but I was able to still tune into my go to channel, The Rhyme. Now, The Rhyme is gone as well? I'm glad I canceled. Thanks to my mother-in-law for keeping her radio for one channel so I can use the online account to get my baseball fix.

Today I will listen to the farewell show of Spitkicker Radio.

Shade 45 doesnt make sense anymore. It should be Shade 66 now. lol

It really would be nice for Sirius XM Radio to let us know that these changes are happening...tomorrow.

I think I'm gonna be all weepy and everything. I don't see Dr. Laura, GMA Radio or anything from "Take 5" on here. Guess I'll have to go Cosmo.


It could be worse. At least Willie's Place and Bluesville made the cut. Since I've been an XM subscriber for almost 7 years and have NEVER listened to Sirius more than a few minutes on someone else's radio, I've got 4 questions/issues:

1.Is there a big (or any for that matter) difference between "The System"(XM ch 82) and new ch 80 ("Area"). Every now & then, I just gotta have some techno and "The System" fit the bill perfectly. If "Area" is a watered down verson of techno, I'll be pissed.

2.Ditto for "Audiovisions" (XM ch 77) & "Spa" (new ch 72)

3. Ditto for "XMComedy" (XM ch 151-my favorite "roadtrip"/traffic jam channel) and 4 uncensored channels in the new lineup?

4. Ditto for "Soul Street" (XM ch 60) & "Soul Town" (new ch 60). The DJ's on Soul Street are top notch. Guess they'll hit the road today.

What I'm asking is are these Sirius channels a decent substitution for the axed XM channels? Or are they sub-par as compared to XM?

Still WAY too many drivel talk & sports channels for my tastes. Felt the same way for XM. Cut Stern & O&A loose or redo their contracts. Need to make a lot of the sports & talk stuff optional/pay extra. I like "ol Bruce Springsteen and "ol J. Buffett and even Elvis but for crying out loud... "Their own stations??

Sigh. Cosmo Radio but no Maxim. And Sonny Fox looks to be gone (no XM Comedy). At least WRN is coming.

I just called to cancel and the have no idea what's going on of course. So now I'm paying $77 for the next 12 months instead.

Is the new channel lineup exclusive to XM or
both Sirius and XM. Thank You

Yeah, I know the image is blurry. Sorry about that. I'm traveling right now and working with rocks and sticks for a computer.

Click on the PDF link to see the full version. Muuuuch clearer. :)

Looks like we get the Sirius version of BBC World Service :( I just may be canceling my two subscriptions.


I'm disappointed that they got rid of The Rhyme / Backspin, they really need 2 "modern" hip hop channels in Shade 45 or whatever it's called and Hip Hop Nation?

Anyone stop to think that the channels are being MERGED, with deeper playlists and are using the far less ridiculous Sirius channel names? Food for it up!

Drop The Move and The System and Give Us 24/7 Elvis and Bruce. Way to go Mel, You Asshole!

As an XM subscriber this list is fine. Not all channels were going to make the cut. They'll fine tune, don't cancel.

I really liked the flow until xm took it off and I liked 62, they sure must not like good R&B

What's happening with "High Standards"...XM 73
Will the replacement..."Siriusly Sinatra" still have J.Schwartz ??

I started noticing that Buzzsaw is starting to add more classic rock selections mixed in with the classic hard rock/metal. A few months ago I might have heard Motorhead, Van Halen, Scorpians, Rush, Sabbath, Motley Crue, etc. Now it's those same artists mixed in with Free, Brownsville Station and so on.

The one or two times I'd heard Boneyard, it sounded like Hair Nation on if Buzzsaw starts going more classic rock, I could see Boneyard taking over the current Buzzsaw format.

Area 38 isn't bad..but i prefer Boombox.

Ditto on losing Stephanie Miller but I can listen to her online at work when she's live so I'm cool with that.

But, I do hope there are some additions on the Sirius side. I remember having more channels when I first got it...though not really channels I listened to, but I'm hopeful that some will come over to the sirius side.

This new line up is for a new subscription XM is offering called XM Everything Plus the Best of Sirius (as stated at the top of the line up). You have to sign up for it, otherwise your line up will stay the same. The new line up also costs more per month.
Check the XM subscription page for more info

This new line up is for a new subscription XM is offering called XM Everything Plus the Best of Sirius (as stated at the top of the line up). You have to sign up for it, otherwise your line up will stay the same. The new line up also costs more per month.
Check the XM subscription page for more info

Opie & Anthony
XM202 Sirius 197

Does anything else really matter?


Ron & Fez Noon to 3

Not as bad as I feared. One question: what about Sirius Disorder, Meg Griffin and Vin Scelsa?

Sirius is affected by this change too.

One of my favorite channels, Buzzsaw, is being dropped.

At least Octane, Alt Nation, 1st Wave and Lithium are staying.

I hope Gil is right but I doubt it. Given how much "planning" and communication has gone into this shift, I suspect it's "plug and play". I have spent some time with Sirius 1st Wave and it is weak tea next to Fred. 1st Wave is deadly repetitious and gets very old, very fast. I doubt they'll change anything (they fired nearly everyone who knew what they were doing) but I hope you're right and I'm wrong.

This line up is for a new subscription plan XM is offering called XM Everything Plus the best of Sirius. You will only receive this line up if you change your account to receive it. You can verify this by visiting

Author Profile Page Defiance | November 11, 2008 4:02 PM | Reply

This line up is for a new subscription plan XM is offering called XM Everything Plus the best of Sirius. You will only receive this line up if you change your account to receive it. You can verify this by visiting

Does that mean that we're not losing our favorite XM channels??

@Defiance: The only difference is the blue box in the lower left hand corner. If you get "XM Everything", you'll get everything BUT that box. This lineup just shows EVERY CHANNEL XM provides.

i have to say I am pleasently suprised. I feared a lot worse.

Same here...I was also unable to make heads or tails of the PDF with a screenreader. It will read it, but not in the actual order it's supposed to. You get the "neighborhood, then all the channel descriptions, then some channel numbers, but never see the channel names. Very strange.

I assume this all takes effect tonight at midnight eastern; is that correct? If they take the XM programming approach with the Sirius channel names, this may not suck completely.

"Is it just a typo, or are they really vaginizing Squizz so much that they're not going to have explicit language anymore? This merger is awesome! I would sure love to thank Mel in person!"

He's right without xl hard rock sucks!!!

Does anyone know whats going to happen to Broadminded? Will they be on the stars channel? I like Take Five they should of kept it. Cosmo Radio sucks

Jay Thomas said at the start of his show today that he is moving to a new channel at sirius 108...a man talk channel...starts next monday. sounds like the maxim channel is gone.

he also said Richard Simmons is no longer with sirius..

Having had both XM and Sirius for a few years The System (with programming from Worldspace) is far far superior to Area 38...

The System was why I got XM originally anyway, I'm really disappointed in the gutting of Electronic music :(

Over all though I think the concessions made were OK... You can't please everyone.

Very disappointed in the new lineup. Thought for sure gems like Ethel and Flight 26 would make their way over, since Arbitron does list them as high-ranking stations...

I left Sirius after a year to be with XM for two years. I liked their music better and found myself streaming them on AOL more than I listened to Sirius in the car.

I like that Area moved over to XM. I hate that BPM is still around. Ethel, Flight 26 and Lucy are fare more superior than their Sirius counterparts. The one gem in all of this? U-POP is being dropped for BBC Radio 1.

Also, as a point of notice, I spoke with someone at XM's media relations department and they confirmed XM and Sirius will maintain separate programming, but did not say whether this would extend to music channels or talk channels (meaning music channels can, and likely will, still combine)

I just talked to a Sirius CSR, he said I should be getting an Email with the new sirius channel guide; they are waiting for the sirius website to get updated.

He said there will be channel changes tomorrow.

Disorder has been "retired."

I too am having trouble opening the email so if someone doesn't mind emailing a text form to me at I would be grateful.

Also, am I reading correct that if you had a normal xm sub and added best of sirius then the above line up will apply even with an older xm myfi?

I too am having trouble opening the email so if someone doesn't mind emailing a text form to me at I would be grateful.

Also, am I reading correct that if you had a normal xm sub and added best of sirius then the above line up will apply even with an older xm myfi?

I think that this lineup is much better than I thought it would be. Now I understand all of you out there throwing fits about certain channels and I can understand your displeasure. But I mean COME ON, for the channels where cut there has to be a reason why every channel was cut and something tells me that it has to do with listener data. If it wouldn't be for all of the damn bickering that going on maybe someone would use their nogin and figure that reason. I will make it known that I am a XM Subscriber and I was in favor of the merger. For those of you that believed the bull hockey about this being a merger of equals...get over yourselves. Has there ever been a merger that was fair to a party. And I agree with the populous that the Sirius-XM officials are doing a poor job letting the public and especially the subscribers what is going to take place with this merger. But, instead of getting on the damn blogs and message boards, and sittin on your rear's...why don't you and all of your fellow whiners go out and buy up a ton of the stock and then use your power as a stockholder!!!

They're axing Beyond Jazz, putting Spa in its' place? Are you fucking kidding?

Now there's only one "real" jazz channel, but EIGHT country channels. They also killed XM Chill?

They're going to do this without any notice too.

This is disgraceful.

Squizz hasn't said XL for a while, has it?

You have nothing to worry about...

SIRIUS SUBSCRIBERS: no leak has been made regarding your musical channel lineup, but I fully anticipate it to be identical to XM's (other than channel numbers and the Canadian channels). Hard Attack's page on says "Liquid Metal"; Movin' Easy and Starlite's page suddenly show not programs listed (they used to...). Changes are coming to you to tonight.

Also, these changes, for the most part, affect music channels.

For those needed this in text form

’40s Pop Hits/Big Band
’50s Pop Hits
’60s Pop Hits
’70s Pop Hits
’80s Pop Hits
’90s Pop Hits
Elvis Presley 24/7
Top 20 Hits
Love Songs
Lite Pop Hits
Modern Adult Hits
Classic Hits
Beautiful Music
UK Pop Hits
2000s Pop Hits
’60s & ’70s Country
Rockin' Country/Americana
New Country Hits
’80s & ’90s Country
Willie Nelson’s
Traditional Country
XM Everything
Plus The Best of SIRIUS
Talk, News & NPR®
BBC World Service News
C-SPAN Radio
NPR News & Conversation
News Around the World
FOX Business News
Extreme Talk
America’s Talk
Asian Radio
Live Talk Programming
Conservative Talk
African-American Talk
Talk Radio for Men FR
Talk & Information
News & Information
News & Information FR
The Presidential
Election Channel
Fair and
Balanced News
The Most Trusted
Name in News
The World Leader
in Business News
Headline News,
a CNN Network
Spanish Language SP
The Bob Edwards Show,
A Prairie Home Companion
Commercial-Free Music
The Best of SIRIUS
247 Weather Emergency
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD
Washington, DC
Pittsburgh, PA
Detroit, MI
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Seattle, WA
San Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA
Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL
Orlando, FL
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Traffic & Weather channels may be preempted by
sports play-by-play or special event programming.
Powered by
How-To For Living
24/7 NFL Talk
Howard Stern XL 24/7 NASCAR Talk & Races
Howard Stern XL Smart & Sexy
Adult Radio XL
More Music Channels
Today’s Country cm
Top 40 cm
Variety/Adult Hits cm
Adult Contemporary cm
Classic Rock cm
Requires a subscription package with The Best of SIRIUS
Sports Talk/Play-by-Play
24-Hour Live Sports Talk
IndyCar® Series Racing
Play-by-Play en Español SP
ACC Football/Basketball
Pac-10 Football/Basketball
Big Ten Football/Basketball
SEC Football/Basketball
Big East Football/Basketball
Big 12 Football/Basketball
NHL Hockey Play-by-Play
NBA Play-by-Play
Sports Schedules FR
14 Major League Baseball®
Play-by-Play Channels
Sports en Español/
Mexican League Soccer SP
The PGA TOUR® Network/
Live Coverage & Golf Talk
Mad Dog Radio
with Chris Russo
MLB® Home Plate™
24/7 MLB® News & Talk
24/7 Hockey Talk
& Play-by-Play
Sports, Schedules,
Scores & Updates
Visit for sports broadcast schedules. Games subject to availability. All sports schedules subject to change.
Listen Online – FREE
Traffic & Weather
Christian Pop & Rock
Southern Gospel
Classic Soul/Motown
Adult R&B Hits
Old Skool R&B
Eminem’s Uncut Hip-Hop XL
Hip-Hop Hits XL
Rhythm/R&B Hits
Hip-Hop & R&B
Jazz, Blues & Standards
Traditional Jazz
Smooth/Contemporary Jazz
New Age
Sinatra/American Standards
B.B. King's Blues
Show Tunes
Movie Soundtracks
Deep Classic Rock
’80s Hair Bands
Heavy Metal XL
’70s & ’80s Alternative
Adult Album Rock
’60s & ’70s Classic Rock
New Alternative
New Hard Rock
’70s & ’80s Classic Rock
Eclectic/Acoustic Rock
Action Sports/Punk/Ska XL
AC/DC 24/7
’90s Alternative/Grunge
Escape to Margaritaville
Jam Bands
Grateful Dead 24/7
Bruce Springsteen 24/7
Little Steven’s Garage Rock
117 Not What You’d Expect 170 Christian Talk
202 The Opie & Anthony Show/
The Ron & Fez Show XL
Comedy Uncensored XL
National Lampoon Radio
Blue Collar Comedy XL
Presented by Jamie Foxx XL
Comedy Uncensored XL
Latin & World
Tropical/Latin Pop SP
Emerging Artists
Canadian Pop Hits FR
New & Emerging
Canadian Hits FR
NFL & Sports
Lineup Effective November 12, 2008
24/7 News &
Talk for Physicians
Progressive Talk
Powered by Air America
Talk Radio from
FOX News
Books & Drama
Old Time Radio
Truckers’ Channel
Oprah & Friends
Fun, Fearless, Female XL
Family & Health
Radio Disney 119
Powered by NYU
Langone Medical Center
XM Everything Plus The Best of SIRIUS package includes XM Radio
Online – for free. Stream over 100 XM and Best of SIRIUS channels,
including commercial-free music channels. Visit
to get started – you’ll just need your 8-digit Radio ID.
XM Sports Tune-In Guide Channel 143
Classical Pops
Traditional Classical
Opera/Classical Vocals
Dance & Electronic
Dance Hits
Smooth Electronic
237-239, 241-246
XM Previews on Ch. 1. XL May include frequent explicit language or mature programming. Call XM Listener Care at 1-800-XM-RADIO for Parental Control/Blocking Option.
􀁺 Ch. 27 not currently available. 􀁺 Ch. 53 airs Sep. 15 - Jan. 14. The AC/DC logo is a registered trademark of Leidseplein Presse, B.V. 􀁺 Visit for Ch. 120 special event dates
and time. 􀁺 Ch. 129 airs 5AM ET - 6PM ET Mon.-Fri. 􀁺 Channels 136 & 163 air 12:01AM ET Mon. through 11:59PM ET Fri. 􀁺 Channels may be preempted by sports
play-by-play or special event programming. FR Broadcast in French. SP Broadcast in Spanish. cm These music channels include commercials.
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The more I think about it the more I wonder why they don't just group everything into one set.

the best of packages are kind of stupid. I really don't have any incentive as a sirius subscriber to pay extra for a few extra channels.

they would probably get a lot more new subscribers if they offered everything to all subscribers.

the best of packages are just a way to milk more $$ from subscribers, but once the new wears off, I'll be surprised if they get a lot of business for the combined packages.

it just isn't worth the extra $$ for only a couple of channels.

The DJ on Hip Hop Nation just said a XM DJ is taking his time spot.

Would be nice for us Sirius subscribers to get our channel guide

Everything looks good for the most part, i guess.

Sad to see XM Comedy go, RawDog's little jockey ads are annoying.

Also would like to have seen The Beat (techno from sirius) make the list... better music selection than BPM in my opinion.

At least I get Faction. It's WAY better than Squizz and Jason Ellis is the man.

I'm anxious for my drive to work tomorrow morning! /crosses fingers

What about the Led Zep channel? Gone already?

I am also not happy about all of the Sirius channels. They have lots of repetition and less songs in their playlists.

I'm definitely going to miss XM Cafe; we'll see how the Spectrum compares. Not sure why we have the Loft and Coffeehouse; seems duplicative.

What I'm most ticked about is that they nuked BOTH Disorder and Fine Tuning. That makes no damn sense at all. I'm excited about JAM On, as that was the one Sirius channel I wished I'd have, but it wasn't enough to make me not choose XM. Then again, I had Music Lab at the time as a substitute. But, I don't get the rationale for having Jam On and the Grateful Dead channel, as the Dead are clearly a jam band.

It sucks Beyond Jazz is gone, but XM's remaining Jazz channels made it, nuking Sirius'. But, I'd trade Watercolors for Beyond Jazz any day of the week and twice on Sunday. But, Beyond Jazz didn't have a Sirius counterpart...

I am glad XMU beat out Left of Center. While the other alternative channels of XM lost, I listened to XMU more to hear new stuff.

Deep Tracks was the only classic rock channel I listed to on XM; I thought Top Tracks and Big Tracks were nothing special.

I'm shocked Bluegrass Junction and the Village made it. They are on my presets, but, for the life of me I didn't think many people listened to them. I mean, do they have a listener base bigger than Fine Tuning or Disorder? I seriously doubt it, but I always have to remind myself there are a lot of older folks who like satellite radio.

I am pretty stoked about having Blue Collar Comedy on XM. Actually, the whole comedy lineup tremendously improved with the addition of the Sirius stuff, and XM didn't lost its mainstays in comedy.

I think we ended up with more XM music channels than Sirius in the mix, save in Rock. But, it seems they kept the best stuff from XM and added a lot.

Mel lied to get the merger. For those of us who listen to more than rock and talk, much has been lost by the takeover of XM by Mel. One jazz channel has been eliminated, Fine Tuning is gone, Vox is gone and Blues programming has been rocked up and dumbed down. I do not want to buy stock in a failing company. Within a year the company will be in bankruptcy shedding all its equity owners and other debt. I am voting by canceling my subscriptions and moving on to satellite radio.

I just called to complain about the lack of information and they tried to sell me a new radio at a discount price.

* sigh * * slaps forehead *

I am absolutely ecstatic that XM164 (Radio Classics) stays! I hope Greg Bell stays as well.

i'm hoping they're merging channels rather than replacing them. i'm going to be irritated as all getout (to the point of cancelling even) if the alt rock channels are just simulcasted sirius junk


Sirius/XM needs every subscriber it can keep it's shaking little hands on. They are killing their service one angry subscriber at a time.

I really don't understand these vitriolic comments directed toward people who don't like seeing the programming they enjoy taken away. Obviously you don't see a problem with what's being done, so why not simply say that and weigh in, as others do? I'm sure there are a lot of people who find these programming changes acceptable, and their opinions are just as valid as anyone else's.

But no, you want to tell people to go away, call them names (whiners, ninnies, etc.), as if it's a burden to read opinions you disagree with.

If you don't like reading what others think, or want to call them names for voicing opinions on a forum designed expressly for that purpose, then why don't YOU go away and let mature people discuss this?

A wild guess here but I think the new XM guide also refers to Sirius except for the best of selections.

Gil, you may be the only one that makes any sense to all this crying.

Wow they're changing th BBC too? I don't mind so much I'll live with whatever change they make, most of the itme I listen to the BBC World Service for the news anyway, and I subscribe to the documentary archive anyway. I'm going to see how it goes, there might be some things I actually like. I'm not oging to up and cancle my subscription right away. Perhaps they'll bring some new channels online in the future? I'm just going to take a wait and see approach for now.

I have a feeling that the people complaining about the "whiners" are stockholder's looking for a "pop".

I've noticed strange behavior from the stockholders of Sirius. A lot of them behave in a cult-like mentality. Anybody publishers a negative article about the stock, they are wrong. Go to a site like SiriusBuzz and see what I mean. One guy is so obsessed with the stock he keeps wailing about losing money and then says he'll waste another $500 on the stock!?! (And they always end their posts with Long SIRI).

The stock is NOT doing that well. Regardless what we think of the service, good or bad, we can say that Sirius is a bad investment but a good service. I wouldn't buy stock in it. Fans of the service like the Motley Fool's Rick Munarriz has changed his position on it after seeing it fall.

And to be honest--if customers are complaining about these channel changes, maybe stockholders should listen and consider that these executives might be making some mistakes. Clearly this "don't inform people of channel changes until the day we implement them" is angering a LOT of people. I don't know what Sirius did, but XM would let us know a few weeks in advance.

I am absolutely certain that on XM148 - the Claire B Lang show (NASCAR)I heard a commercial saying she would be on XM 143. But there is no XM 143 on here....

"If "Area" is a watered down verson of techno, I'll be pissed."

Yep. You're gonna be pissed.

"Ditto for "Audiovisions" (XM ch 77) & "Spa" (new ch 72)"

Yep. You're gonna be pissed.

"Ditto for "XMComedy" (XM ch 151-my favorite "roadtrip"/traffic jam channel) and 4 uncensored channels in the new lineup?"

Yep. You're gonna be pissed.

"Ditto for "Soul Street" (XM ch 60) & "Soul Town" (new ch 60). The DJ's on Soul Street are top notch. Guess they'll hit the road today."

Yep. You're gonna be... well, you get the idea.

Wow they're changing th BBC too? I don't mind so much I'll live with whatever change they make, most of the itme I listen to the BBC World Service for the news anyway, and I subscribe to the documentary archive anyway. I'm going to see how it goes, there might be some things I actually like. I'm not oging to up and cancle my subscription right away. Perhaps they'll bring some new channels online in the future? I'm just going to take a wait and see approach for now.

Just from looking at the revised lineup, I'm happy with how this turned out. We'll have to actually LISTEN to the new lineup of course, to judge whether or not things have improved, but losing Chrome and Fine Tuning hurts. I'm ecstatic that the talk and sports coverage is basically unchanged (I'm in a rural market so I can't listen to a lot of talk programming unless I'm at a computer), and hopefully they don't shrink the playlists on the music channels.

as an xm subscriber i almost lost my lid when i saw the verge was not on the rock listings, it my favorite channel other than the virus. thank god i looked through the entire line up and saw it just go moved under the world category, i guess since it's programed by XM canada. aside from losing ethel i'm surprisingly ok with this lineup. liquid metal is still there, XMU somehow made the cut even though it was rumored to be going,and now we get npr. losing ethel sucks, but i like XMU and the verge much for for alt rock so i can deal with that, i'm sure alt nation isn't that bad, except for it name, ugh.


Thank you Xcountry for saying it, and quite tactfully I might add.

I think most of those complaining about those of us who will miss their favorite channels are probably Sirius subscribers, or those whose chief interests are still being served. Radio breeds familiarity, and people become one with the music, the hosts and the whole concept behind certain formats.

I for one am pleased that Bluesville is being saved, but at the same time I'm gonna miss X-Country, Deep Tracks and quite a few other of the music channels. There's nothing wrong with that, I don't think.

Unfortunately, people also tend to go with their emotions, and we're having those emotions reflected on the board. We'll have to see how the channels go down with those unfamiliar with them, and see if they measure up. I don't think they will, considering that Sirius ran itself like a terrestrial station, and I fear they'll do the same with the newly-merged company. But time will tell.

I heard jay thomas say all day he was coming to channel 108 on xm.

to follow up the last person about the xm ethel post: they also said on the blog titled "do not worry"

" Friday, November 07, 2008


You love your ethel? So do we! You'll love what's happening, as well. You have my word!

Keep the faith!


1:42 AM - 9 Comments"

XM would have went under without Sirius!

They have to save money to pay off XM debt!

When they square that away, you will see full use of the spectrum and expand offering.

They cut out all the channels that had limited listeners.

So sorry!

Someone please e-mail me a text version of the new channel lineup. My screen reader does a bad job in reading the file. Thanks

Hello to all XM subscribers.

I know this isn’t the proper place for such a thing, but I have nowhere else to write this request to an audience of satellite listeners who will read this. (Sorry Ryan for taking over your board this way, but I couldn’t find the forums on your site.)

I am in a situation, and would like to ask a favor. If you can help, I’d appreciate it.

As you know, tonight at midnight (EST), the XM lineup will change. One of my favorite channels is “XM Café.” That channel is going away.

Before I continue, I must say that I am visually impaired, and use a screen reader to read the internet. As a visually impaired person, I love radio, and connect to it. I digress…

I have just moved to a new apartment. Unfortunatly, this is one of the few places my XM won’t work.

My next option was to try XM online, but the player is incompatable with my talking software, so I can’t access the “Café,” and hear it’s final moments.

So, here’s what I’m asking: The lights in the “Café” will go dark at Midnight, 3 hours from the time I write this. If someone could please record “XM Café” in it’s final moments, and then upload it to sendspace or the internet archive, then email me the direct link at:, I’d appreciate it very much. I know it’s a lot of work on short notice, but I’ve done everything I can do in my power to hear it for myself, but have failed. It would mean a lot to hear the last moments of this channel, as it was a favorite, so if you can help, thanks in advance. My email address is:

What made this channel so great was this: The song ends, and then you hear the sound of a door opening, followed by café ambience (people, the raddling of plates, a coffee grinder, etc), all under the voice of Bill Evans, Brian Chamberlyn, or Kathy Carter. I truly felt like I was in that XM Café, sipping a cup of coffee, while listening to various artests play for me. It was a nice getaway channel for when I felt stressed or angry. I could just escape to the XM Café, and hear great music. So goodbye to the XM Café from 1 of it’s most loyal patrons. “XM Café” (XM 45), farewell. You will be missed. Oh, and, can I please just have 1 more coffee to go?

Thank you for your time and assistance.

--The Radio Kid
(AKA Oswego Jeremy, as nicknamed by George of the Radio Racket.)
My email:

um...108 is a SIRIUS Play-by-Play channel...

And on XM, 108'll be Sirius XM Stars. The numbers aren't going to line up across both services yet, for some reason.

I think that they have done a pretty good job at the new lineup. I have always been a Sirius subscriber until abbout a month ago when I bought my new car which only has XM.

I will be so glad to have access to Octane on XM though, mind you I was getting used to Squizz for my free trial. Sadly they didn't keep both of the two hard rock alternative channels, but again limited bandwidth i am sure.

I think I will probably end up subscribing to XM now that I will have access to all of the majority of channels I used to listen to on Sirius. :)

I do Frank. If I had known they were going to take away this many stations from XM, I would never had voted for it. It's more like they just used Sirius Stations mainly, and they can't compare to XM's. I always said XM had the better music channels with deeper play lists. I'm listening to Big Tracks for the last couple of hours it will be on, thinking this is it for me. Is it really worth it to subscribe anymore. Too many of the stations I liked are gone.

Here's the official word from Stretch (Maxim 108).

".....Ok Everybody here is the deal. Maxim Radio got cancelled. Tomorrow Sirius is rolling out the Merged Sirius Xm product for all the subscribers. Maxim and Sirius did not come to an agreement in time to extend Maxim Radio as a channel to the new merged product. Saddly that means most of the staff was fired. They said that Covino and Rich will stay on doing a Maxim Show on a channel that is not Maxim..."

Yeah, we get your "good" music. Are you serious?

This is the only place I need anymore:

Just sitting here enjoying probably enjoying the last good minutes of alt-country we'll ever have on satellite radio. I noticed the first real acknowledgements of the changes on-air. Earle Bailey mentioned on Deep Tracks that Grateful Dead Radio is coming to XM 57, and NFL Radio's hosts have been mentioning the move to XM 124 so that the channel will now be on 124 on both services. Other than that, the other channels seem to be acting as if nothing's out of the ordinary.

I plan to stick with this for a while, mainly because I'm an O&A fan and love having NFL action on my XM. We'll see where the music channels go from here. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

What I don't understand is...why are only some stations consolidated? Like, why does Sirius Hits 1, and Top 20 on 20, both now co-exist? Same goes for traffic.. This is so confusing.

Im also listening to my favorite channels before they disappear forever. The only channel that im listening to that is mentioning some kinda change is Hip Hop Nation. Other then that, no one is saying anything. Sirius Hits 1 is even advertising for their morning show...

Im kinda looking forward to the change. Hopefully it changes for the better.

Wow! What an abrupt change at midnight! Fine Tuning just vanished!

Looks like XMRO is down for maintenance...

The flip did occur at Midnight. They have not updated my Inno as far as logos. But the channels are in play. I have to admit I am going to save some money here. I liked Sirius' music channels better then XM and I thought XM was better with the Talk/Entertainment.

I am really excited about hearing Jim Breuers show now on XM along with the Wiseguys. I love Opie and Anthony and Howard so for me, its so perfect.

Looks like they flipped the switch on the XM side. My roommate checked his Sirius in his Jeep and no change there (at least, not yet).

Goodbye, Squizz... Hello Octane.

So far, sounds like Sirius...Though, I'm about to hit the XM site to see if they have an HTML channel guide that I, as a blind person, can read.

On a sidenote, I just noticed that as of now (9:20 pacific time), both XM 27 and 39 are simulcasting the Zeppelin channel, and Holly is on XM 35. Odd.

No Road Calls replay...The guy on Outlaw Country right now sucks and should be removed from the air immediately.

Yeah, why exactly should this need to be "leaked"? Don't they WANT us subscribers to know WTF is going on?

Well, my XM radio updated. The logos are messed up but oh well, thanks for the guide Ryan. I have to say I love getting Area back from when I had Sirius, but I still like the Move better. I'm still very disappointed in the Dance offerings and dropping Old School Rap altogether is ridiculous. They have 8 country stations yet no Old School Rap...ok Mel. I also don't get why they grouped channels the way they did. The rock channels aren't in any logical order at all.

il bet money after ac dc channel is done it seems they will bring the sirius punk station back to both radios

it looks like it will acording to the sirius web site so im being optimistic it will and it will come to xm too. im keeping my fingers crossed!

Just checking email, and got a reply from Jon Zellner stating that we as XM subscribers should give the channels a chance and not let the Sirius names fool us...Many will be adopting the broader, XM-style playlists. I certainly hope so.

Still no sign of the new channel guide on XM's site. I notice a bunch of rearrangements up in the talk/sports section...Since I can't read the guide with my screenreader, not sure what's where, but I'm hoping the additional play-by-play channels mean that we'll get both team feeds for NFL games instead of just the home team. However, I have noticed a slight drop in sound quality already with the addition of the new channels...Or maybe that's just that inferior Sirius sound.

To be honest, I don't think the new line up is that bad. My favorite "The Loft" is still there. Folk, Blues, Jazz, Chill, The joint, 20 on 20, Reach MD, Potus, PRI all still there and I still have my Old time radio. Yes Fine Tuning, U POP and Beyond Jazz are gone. Strangely enough I will miss the Rhyme and the decades kind of suck now, Matt the Cat, that one hurts, but I'll live. What is with those stupid 24/7 single artist stations? As for new, looks like I will get NPR and a another medical show. This still beats commercial radio, hands down. When I am in my car I like to pick and choose by simply changing the channel and not fumbling with my MP3 player. I am going to stick with it and see what happens so I am keeping my 4 radios and enjoy what I have. Change is tough but life goes on.

Still no change on my radio. Almost 1am on the east coast. Another night of Sirius Hits 1 and Hot Jams. I can go to bed happy.

As of 1:05 am , all of the Sirius channels on the Sirius side are still up .

Dr LAura is on SiriusXM Stars 155

Sirius hasn't updated their station names yet...XM however, might as well be gone, most of their stations are all former Sirius stations now...look at XM's website, they are updating now..

Speculation seems to be that Sirius won't update until around 4am.

One of the reasons why I DUMPED Sirius and went with XM was because they had WAY TOO MANY annoying and interrupting bumpers and channel IDs and shallow play lists. Now they are dumbing down XM with this crap. I wish they would please, please consider that the less interruptions in the music stream and the deeper the play lists, the better. Satellite radio should not just be "FM radio without commercials".

I have been a loyal XM subscriber for 6 years with 3 receivers and this new line-up blows. Specially the loss of "the system-channel 82". Will not renew, and switch to IPOD/MP3s. Whoever decided on this new lineup needs a major spanking.

Looks like Sirius just did the switch. My streams just updated.

well, i'm ticked, maybe i'll get used to it, buy my top 3 presets are gone. The system, ethel and squizz. yeah they are replaced by comparatives, but if wanted the Sirius versions i would have bought a Sirius radio. i liked the xm names better, and their variety of content.

"Where is Left of Center? I canceled Sirius anticipating this making the move to XM... DAMNIT!"

It's just gotten a name change and is now "Sirius XM U" (replacing XMU). All the LOC personalities are still there.

Channel update completed at 1117pm Pacific/217am Eastern

My Stiletto 100 updated shortly after midnight (Pacific time) with the new channels. Some channels are displaying channel name only and are not displaying artist or track information. The internet streams via WiFi are displaying incorrect information as well.

I got home just after midnight (Pacific) and turned the Starmate Replay on and instantly noticed some new channels. It appears to be the same basic channels as XM (many with different numbers) with a few exceptions. I don't see any of the Clear Channel-programmed stations (including the talk stations, which frankly I'd like to have)...but it's my understanding that this is an agreement that's not going to be renewed when it expires in a year or so. Maxim is still on, even though I had my doubts when I didn't see that it made the transition to XM.

I did notice that P.O.T.U.S. is now on Sirius, and it took the place of Indie Talk. When I clicked to see what the programming was, it's the same basic stuff as Indie Talk, but with all the blog-oriented stuff removed and Pete Dominic's show renamed. The entertaining "Me and Vinnie" morning show seems to be gone, though...

Ok, I'm pissed.

The one station I love more than anything "The Strobe" is missing from Sirius and XM latest released lineups ?

Maxim Radio is now something called "Sirius XM Stars Too"?

Link to the new lineup on the Sirius site. They took away E! Entertainment and I would have never noticed if they didn't tell me. Gives some of the new channel names and locations.

I'm listening to XM Online from Korea right now. I have to say, the new linup looks very strong, and a lot of my favorite holdover announcers (Kyle Cantrell among others) are listed as being part of the new XM.

Thanks for something, Mel.


ps the audio on the 11/9/08 Ratdog concert on the Grateful dead Channel is for shit

The host of "Morning Briefing" on P.O.T.U.S. just stated that those looking for the program "Me and Vinnie" can find it starting Monday on Sirius 108. That's where Maxim Radio is, there's that. So long, Maxim.

I've been reading the whining comments about the changes for weeks. Now that they are here, it looks like XM customers are getting a great deal. BBC1? Great! NPR Now? Great! So much bellyaching by so many negative, pessimistic people who didn't know what they were talking about and who feared the apocalypse

For whatever reason most of the whiners were
XM subscribers who now will receive some really
good Sirius programming.

I guess that's just the nature of people, always looking for something , anything to
whine about.

THIS STINKS. You can keep your Sirius. I have had XM since it first began. I do NOT like your talkative Sirius DJS on my Liquid Metal. Sure--the radio dial says it is Liquid Metal but they are playing crappy music. And I see from the web that Ward and Katie are gone. THANKS MERGER DUDES. This blows.

So it begins....

Woke up this morning to the new XM and actually had an email notification from XM announcing the changes. Thanks for the notice, XM.

I found the email less than forthcoming. It used words like "Same music, with a new name or home on the dial" to describe channels that now have the Sirius DJ's and, presumably, playlists. (There were 21 of these.) The Decades channels are not mentioned even though most now have the Sirius DJ's, etc.

Obviously time will tell if the above indeed have the "same music" (longer playlists) or simply the same type of music.

At least they were honest about XCountry (and 11 others). It is listed in the "if you liked (this), check out (this)" and pointing to Outlaw Country which only covers part of the mix that was XCountry.

I guess we'll all have to see where it all leads.

enough of the friggin single artist channels.. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, Elvis Pressley....Ipod radio the best radio on radio...

They've gotten rid of Fred (replaced it with the very shallow playlist First Wave), so I'm getting rid of XM. Nuff said.

Jay thomas said yesterday that his show is moving from Sirius stars to a new man talk channel on sirius 108, replacing maxum.

he also said richard simmons is no longer with sirius...his show is off sirius stars.

What can I say? It sounds like Sirius. I signed up with XM for a reason, they have a better playlist and do not have DJ's talking every 3 songs. !st wave and Lithium are not the same as Fred and Lucy, which offered a more broad playlist.

I will give this a chance, if not say hello to my ipod and Slacker.

No Old Skool, overall less in the "URBAN" genre. I'm getting my car re-wired for IPOD and I'll download my own Old Skool and Mix Tape.

Thanks for saving me a few bucks, XM or SIRRUS or whatever this is.

My Starmate updated this morning... For the most part I'm not too upset. I am a little bummed about the loss of Buzzsaw. Hopefully when The Boneyard returns it will sound more like Buzzsaw and less like Hairnation.

It is a little like when I first got Sirius. Now I have to figure out what some of these new channels are. BB's Bluesville obviously just replaced Sirius Blues. I'm not sure about some of the country channels though. Deep Tracks sounds a lot like Classic Vinyl. Pop2k sounds similar to Sirius Hits 1. I noticed some kind of book channel - can someone tell me what this is? Why isn't Maxim Radio just Maxim Radio anymore?

Been listening to Outlaw Country (RigRocker) this morning. He just welcomed his new listeners and said he planned to "turn country on it's X". Perhaps this offers some hope to listeners of XCountry who will certainly recognize the phrase.

So far I have heard, among others, Hank III, Joe Ely, Junior Brown, Lucinda Williams, Southern Culture, Rodney Crowell, Guy Clark, Ryan Adams, Uncle Tupelo, James McMurtry. Not bad so far.

For folks out there who will miss the eclectic mix of XCountry, I'd suggest listening to this and possibly the Loft. I've noticed in the past that there was some duplication between XCountry and the Loft with acoustic stuff(Alejandro Escovedo, Kathleen Edwards, Lucinda, Ryan Adams, etc)

I know I will also be welcoming Meg(less) Giffin and Carol Miller to my XM (The Spectrum). These are favorites of mine going back to when there was real NY radio.

>>I have a feeling that the people complaining about the "whiners" are stockholder's looking for a "pop".

I don't any stock in satellite radio at all. I don't have any financial stake if the stock goes up or down. Obviously, I'd prefer it go up because that means the company is doing well, but otherwise, I don't care. My problem is every Tom, Dick, and Harry crying that they took this channel and that channel away and that they are going to cancel right away. All they do is cry and complain and if they are hell bent on canceling, then let them. Let's see how long they last listening to terrestrial radio and how long they can put up with the same 10 songs repeated every two hours.

I have been listening to Outlaw as well. I really miss the tone of X Country, which was more low-key. There is indeed some overlap to the playlists. My complaint is that Outlaw plays too many of the big names, exposing me to less that I did not already know.

I'll give it a chance.

"If you liked Fine Tuning, check out the Loft"

Please! What an insult! The Loft is OK, but it's nowhere even close to being Fine Tuning.
Well, the program director and Mel have made my decison to close my accounts a very easy one. Now if I can only just get through to customer care(less). I've been listening for three hours and already I feel like I'm back on the FM dial.

I woke up this morning and the long wait is over.I as a Sirius subscriber am quite pleased.The majority of what I listen to is still there BBC Radio 1 The NPR"S WRN Radio Classics BBC News all the decade channels, Canada. ALT Nation.Underground ETC and now Book Channel wow audio books I was hooked in the first 15 seconds.I take it this came from XM The Twilight Zone radio dramas was on [also heard on radio classics] For the most part 99% Im happy and will keep all 4 radios I have activated.For satellite radio I cant go anywhere else.Unless I bootleg in Worldspace and they have a LOT less and they are goin broke. So for those who are ticked off, like its said over and over here, pay for it or hit the road if you dont like it. Thats what I like about this Im payin and Im stayin regardless. I have been hooked on Sirius for 4 years and I aint givin it up now . To those who arn't CYA!! PUT UP OR SHUT UP!!! ITS OVER. THE MERGE AND THE CHANNEL SWAP AROUND!! FINITO.I get to explore all the rearranged cahnnels and it will keep me happy and occupied for the next 8 months.Thanx Sirius for giving us something,cuz its better than nothin and thats where FM still is.!!!

I agree sit back and give it a chance.XM never had NPR or WRN.I think for those who like news & talk, a whole new world awaits them.I isn't all about music channels.We as Sirius subscribers gained back PRI programming lost to XM 2 years ago ,now back on XM public radio.And some complain still about the merger We all won!!! Sit back and look at the total BIG picture. WE ALL CAME OUT AHEAD ON THE DEAL!!!

How 'bout this whopper of a comment.

I like it.


Almost too much content for me at this point.

How you like them apples?

OK, so they kept Cosmo but are ditching Maxim? WTF?! I did hear a Covino and Rich Replay this morning though. What's is going on there?

Replacing The Move with yet another FUCKING techno channel...nice job Mel.

I don't get it. They got rid of The Strobe on Sirius and Chrome on XM. They could have at least kept one of them. No Older Dance music at all on satellite radio.

You have hit the nail on the head. Sat radio music is just non-commercial music now. I would not be surprised that Clear channel eventually purchases Sirius XM, and makes the final transformation. Lots and Lots of repetitive channels, but no place still for progressive rock. Lot of niches represented, but not progressive rock. Fine Tuning did source some progressive rock, along with Deep Tracks. However, without Fine Tuning, the progressive rock content has fallen below what I consider worth paying for. Soon Internet radio will come into the car and reduce the value of Sirius XM stock to zero. Instead of attempting to embrace the diversity of music represented on the Internet, the company has taken the failed path of FM.

AWFUL!No more Ethel or The Rhyme which were the only stations I listened to aside from NHL and The Virus.

Merging all the channels, why can't they bring MLB to the Sirius Network.

I have been a Sirius listener since 2003, went to try and upgrade to the best of XM. The customer service rep just processed my subscription, without even telling me my current radio was not compatible.

So I call back the next day and was told I have to purchase a new radio if I want MLB/best of XM...........


I will miss The System and The Rhyme. If they brought those 2 back (which I really think they should do), then I will be 100% happy.

Canceled 3 out of 4 radios already. Last one will die out on an account credit. You can get the music Sirius plays on Kazaaa. XM had playlists that could not be found so easily.

It's been a fun 7 years XM. thanks. Hail to Corporate suit repetitive playbook radio (again).

The USA Today advertisement showed MLB as on both XM and Sirius, but the new Sirius lineup does not show it. Does anyone know if MLB is going to be on Sirius, even as part of a "Best of XM" package?

horray, its now the same shit that is on my FM dial!

There was a test on the Sirius website, one could check to see if your radio was compatible for the upgrade when this was first announced.2 out of my four would accept it.So I went out to ebay and got me a nice refurbished radio which would accept the upgrade for cheap I for sure knew my 2004 orbiter would not take the upgrade heck it wouldnt accept the Canadian channel upgrade so I still have it in service for what I use it for, and went as cheap as I could and for 80 bux shipping included got a sportster 4 with a new sub 1 boombox and it did the trick. That was one of the best deals I ever found.The CSR though should have been able to tell you if your radio was capable of taking the upgrade.That was wrong.I wouldnt blame you one bit for being mad as not all radios are up to date.Neither was my old satellite tv receivers. I had to get newer models for enhanced features.Thats where they get you ,its like trading in a car for a new one.Once you are hooked they reel you in.

Nope, no more real hip-hop on XM or Sirius. They got rid of Backspin(Sirius) too. I just listened to Spitkickers last night and this morning when I started my car, Kanye was on the radio. I was like "He ain't old school" and then realized they changed it to Hip-Hop Nation, which is crap in my opinion. I'm thinking about "siriusly" cancelling my subscription. These jokers at XM/Sirius have no respect for real hip hop. They could've kept one of the old school hip hop stations.

I already greatly miss the comforting voices of many of my favorite DJs--Martin Goldsmith announcing classical music, Kathy Carter on XM Cafe, intelligent interviews on Real Jazz, and so on.


I understand everyone is complaining. But WHY TAKE OUT 66RAW and 65 THE RHYME?? Potential Cancel of membership!

For those of us that would like to see Fine Tuning be brought back.

JG_NYC, thanks for the tip about the Loft. Outlaw Country certainly does not have the mix that X Country does. I called XM and they did take my complaint about dropping X Country. Seems like a lot of other people have called them with the same complaint. Maybe with enough complaints they will bring it back or turn Outlaw Country into X Country.

It appears that Suite 62 is called Heart and Soul (from Sirius). I can't wait to listen to it to see if it is to my liking. Glad they kept the Groove 64!

Can someone post all the stations that were eliminated in the past year or so? I'm creating a petition about the line-up. Not sure if it will do anything, but maybe some will see the sheer volume of people who are PISSED!

Oh, come on people. This too shall pass. I've been an XM subscriber for several years and frankly, I'm ready for the change. After all, do you listen to a channel for the "name" or the music? After a few weeks, you'll long forget that there was ever an Ethel, Fred, Squizz, etc. I do miss Sonny Fox and the XM Comedy but I'm keeping an open mind to Raw Dog...just give it a chance.

The ONLY downside to the switch, is the talking between the that might have to be addressed. I chose to have XM to eliminate the constant chattering of DJ's and commercials but see it is in full force with the Sirus move. Hopefully, they will change that but I seriously doubt it.

You're not the only one pissed about that. Boombox is gone too, and they want people to tune to the 70s channel and "Alt Nation" as substitutes. It might help if they actually played some of the same music first.

The last I saw, MLB isn't part of the "Best of XM" package anyway. I'm hoping for clarification since the USA Today ad said it would be available on both platforms.

RIP The Rhyme and RAW, I'm gonna miss listenin' to DJ Woody Wood and DJ Bee in the mornin'. FUCK XM/SIRIUS MERGER!

For all those who wish to sign. Not sure how much this will help, but its a start!

No kidding! I signed my fiancee up just because of Backspin! She's gonna be mad! And they killed Boombox, my favorite! GRRR!!!

Kudos to Sirius for making XM their little prison bitch... Lucy, The System, and The Rhyme gone. GAME OVER! That's 2 more subs you are now losing.

this sukkkks all but 1 of my stations made it.... pointless to log in ... im canceling.

Personally, I'm not to hyped about losing my favorite XM channels (Lucy, Ethel XM Comedy) but hell, why not give this new line-up a chance? Can't be any worse than FM... or can it...

you m f's are sick for taking xm raw and for letting mz kitti go. one of the best djs out there i know you dont care but im canceling my service b----s

I printed out the petition and am snailmailing it in. May have more impact that way.

I am adding the elimination of "The System" & "Audiovisions" to the list of stations eliminated by the merger.

Turned on my radio this morn hit preset #1 Backspin, all gone, what the hell!

my wife and i are very upset about sirius xm replacing kids stuff with xm kids programming and renaming the station. "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig." our kids loved that channel and now it's been abruptly replaced with entirely different children programming that i don't find compatible with our taste. if you agree with us please sign this petition:

I have sat here and read most of these comments. Almost all of them are negative. I'm a true Sirius subscriber and these changes are horrible. XM is bad and always will be. I can't believe that Sirius would let itself be tainted by this XM crap. What a waste. It's enough to make me cancel.

somebody is their anything we can do to get are channels back.

Although I'm not a big Hip-Hop fan, I do find it a little bit strange/stupid to inlude: 7 Country channels; 7 Comedy channels; 4 channels devoted to the '80's; (not to mention a "Doctor" channel... WTF?), but NO Old Skool Hip-Hop channel. Doesn't seem fair!

The rhyme gone, stupid I loved spitkikerz and miss brown

This new channel lineup blows. They have taken my 66 Raw and The Rhyme. There is now ONE uncut hip-hop station, not TWO like i got on XM before this change. I have already emailed the CEO and placed my bitch. Here is his email address. If we all bitch enough, maybe they will give us back our sations!


Kurtis Blow and Dana Dane are looking for new jobs. These guys are founding fathers of hip hop. :(

Man, I only listened when I got a rental car but damn, I like dLucy too. A shame. :(

That's a great idea. I can't believe that in less than 48 hours the petition has generated nearly 150 names

Here is the link to the petition again and I've included some sirius execs. emails that I found.

no more mz. kitti keepin it raw up in my ear hole. this is a sad day.

I Agree. This new lack luster R&B/Hip Hop line up sucks!!!

Wait a minute there are two fucking Canadian music channels, but no punk or old school rap. This wasn't a meger, sirius raped xm.

Yes, they can please every one.Too many rock / duplicates.

Yes, what a shame that chrome,the rhyme are lost. These exec forgot that there is such a thing as music prefence and diversity.

1st Wave replaces Fred? I don't think so. Horrid playlist - and with an added bonus: I get to hear Richard Blade talk thru the entire intro of the song just like the good old FM days! Am I really paying for this? Not anymore. Back to the ipod I guess. Listen, it's just a matter of time before the commercials start!

wat tha fuck is goin on wit sat radio. this is fuckin bullshit first no kitti then they put duct tape over leo g's mouth, wow the world is a fucked up place now, i thought the world was a better without bush in power, those were the least of my worries. we need to do sumthin
people, we got barrack in the white house iam pretty sure we can get kitti back raw n uncut in r ear holes.

Listen, I'm just as pissed off about the changes as everyone else. Sirius obviously has no respect for the customers. They seem to have forgotten that Sirius wouldn't even be around without its customers. I propose this: if you want to cancel you subscription, then WAIT. First send them with hatemail. Don't write "FUCK YOU! U SUCK" hatemail (although they deserve it); take the time to tell them what they did to piss you off. Mention that they removed your favorite station. If they get enough requests for specific stations they will probably bring them back. Be sure to tell them that you WILL cancel your subscription if they don't bring your favorite stations back. If they get enough email like this hopefully they will listen to it. If they don't listen to us then I don't see why we should send them money.

Why is Chrome 83 XM not on the lineup? This was a diamond in the rough. Can we put that one back in? There are so many blank station #'s now. 4 year customer. Not going to keep my subscript after the new yr. (Unless they bring back 65 rhyme and chrome 83 - Classics)

i cant download it, either.
is it available anywhere not in pdf format?
thanks, argie

Because one hasn't anything to do with the other.

Was searchn for info on Bluesville,to comment on early version of IN THE JAIL HOUSE, another early song ripped off...that is why copywrite is so many have lost dues...dues...for what happened to them during those years...

I came across this bellyache, bellyache page...a post where one can comment...with the mega-corporation of radio, was so glad to get XM,(we are the 10,000th boneyard station, we do not talk over our musak, we only play 3 cuts per hour, while we to stoned last night to remember...) I was one of the first 1 million subscribers...june 2002...before they got the first million...and our early subs do not count...

With the merger, I feel many are dissatisfied. There are no place to complain...
XM/Serious...seems to have no place for subscribers feed bag....back....and I am most dis-please, for I was a fan of crosscunt...they dumped it from XM for the shit that they play on Serious...outlaw...there was a major difference in the type and style of programming...crosscunt had young positive written, very well written cords and lyrics.

Dime store outlaw...plays much of the same shit that most line disco country stations play...Many of us are dedicated roots music ameriana cunt...WE do have intellects..intellects...Luckily, the internet has, and KNBT.COM...out near Marcos Texas...playing intelligent roots/americana music...

thanks for this link...
aka cajunbob po-ET lariate

where I pasty my proze-ack..swamp bovine verse with a muscadine vin twist