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BTLS Contract: Bubba seems bleak about re-signing with Sirius XM

Bubba Contract Countdown
With three major talk radio personalities currently in negotiations with Sirius XM Radio Inc. it seems that Bubba The Love Sponge is the most negative in his prospects of re-signing with the satellite radio provider.

Oh sure, Howard Stern says he's "pretty sure" he's leaving the satcaster, and Opie called Sirius XM's offer "an insult" - but Bubba is giving more definitive hints, including a countdown clock (pictured above) featured on the homepage of his website.
Bubba The Love Sponge also isn't just "hinting" at leaving satellite radio. He's being downright blatant about it, just look at his Twitter:

Bubba Twitter

Being "forced" out of satellite radio could mean that Sirius XM is doing the same to Bubba The Love Sponge as they are doing to Opie & Anthony: offering "significantly less" money.

As for what the "next evolution in the next revolution" would be for Bubba? The the not-so-secret possible relationship with internet radio provider Radioio comes immediately to mind.

If Sirius XM is indeed low-balling their star talent like it seems they are, the company could be betting on the fact that the number of fans lost doesn't outpace the amount of money needed to re-sign them. And if that is the plan, do you think it's a smart one?

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I personally think they should get rid of howard, and resign o and a and btls, and they could both replace howard. Ether that OR, get resign all three for hmm...lets say 80 million a year with rev shares on online subs and ad, and instead of howard having two channels to himself and bubba, maybe make Howard work Tuesdays and Thursdays, Opie and Anthony Monday Wednesday Fridayon one channel, and bubba and west coast feed on the other channel. IDK, maybe workout a part time schedule for all three of them so that costs stay down, and everyone is happy and feels like they are getting compensated fairly.

And for sirius, that means they are saving 20million just from howards contract along with cost of O&A and Bubba. Sense they would all be part time, basically get all three for the price of less than one.

He sucks anyway. I think he only does on satellite show a week, the rest are re-broadcasts of terrestrial shows. All he does is talk about NASCAR and wrestling, he's a hack. Stern brought him in after he couldn't get Ron n Fez.

While your basic premise may be correct, I think you are misinterpreting his comment. He has been making similar comments, on air and on twitter, since Sirius low balled him on his second contract, and he was "forced" to go back to terrestrial radio.

You got it backwards "the evolution to the next revolution" is 5 more years

The big difference between Bubba and O&A is that Bubba's return to terrestrial radio (concurrent with still working on satellite) has been pretty successful as opposed to the complete failure that O&A's venture back into terrestrial radio was.

Reportedly, terrestrial radio is where Bubba makes most of his money, and in the case of O&A, there's obviously no money being made there, because every terrestrial radio station that they were on eventually fired them.

Bubba is easy, because he has to be being paid next to nothing for one day a week. With or without Howard, SXM will still run his terrestrial show because it has to be cheaper than paying anyone else to do one.

With all these contracts being renegotiated, I can see a lot of shuffling around of other shows. Jason Ellis, Jay Thomas, and Covino and Rich will be put into place if somebody doesn't re-sign. How many regular shows are left on Stars Too? Two? I don't think that channel has a long time left.

If I was SXM, I'd cut a deal with the Talk Radio Network. Simulcast Phil Hendrie, Mancow, or Michael Savage and at least have some content if you don't want to pay full-time hosts.

You are delusional. Stern couldn't get Ron n Fez? That Napoleon fuck was never a consideration. Sal and Richard could have a better show and would have more success than r&f.

Bennington is still bitter that he got his ass kicked overnight in Orlando by Stern some 20 years ago.

Bubba doesn't suck as much as ona as they couldn't cut it on terrestrial despite being handed an empire on a silver platter. ona shit on it.

I use to enjoy bubba's show until they
went to the terrestrial, edited down show.
I couldn't take the new format. Surprised
they kept the show on 101 this long. Not edgy,
just like any other local terrestrial show.
I started listening to Jason Ellis. Pretty good
show and not ok for kids, like bubba's show. Bubba's new format has no place on satellite

What Joe and Smiteboy seem to conveniently forget is that Bubba didn't want this current deal. He was forced into it.

Scott Greenstein is delusional if he thinks lowballing the talent that makes Sirius as relevant as it is will make subscribers like me stick around.

That's exactly what he did with Bubba in 2008 and in 2009. He didn't want to go back to terrestrial radio. Sirius forced him to do that in 2008, thereby forcing Bubba to do two shows a day.

Bubba said he only wanted to do one show a day, which is understandable, which is why we get the replay of his morning FM show on Sirius every day, except for Fridays.

If Greenstein hadn't screwed with Bubba and left him alone to do shows like they were pre-2008, and paid him better, there's no way he'd be as pissed off as he is at Sirius, and even considering bolting to RadioIO. He credits Howard with saving his career and he feels he owes him.

I think they should add Dopie and Anthony to the stern/ bubba line up and just take over. You can have Stern from 6-10,
opie and anthony at 12-4
bubba from 4-8
Farrell from 8-12

THAT is a channel I'd leave on all day.

It's not Bubba's fault that his show is so watered down now. Even he admitted that he has no choice being on terrestrial. You have to be so careful what you say or do on regular radio these days it just sucks.

Mel's loyalty is to Howard and Howard alone.

Step back and look at it as a business guy. If he can keep Howard who's still high-profile to Wall St, etc. it's a win.

Has anyone seen one mainstream article speculating O&A or Bubba leaving? No. They just don't have the cache.

Mel's thinking he'll pay Howard nicely, get him on the Sirius App, and then drop these other guys.

Yea - They'll be some loss of subs but nothing as crazy to Wall St like the Howard loss would be.

SIRI stock already up to nearly $1.20 - the street is betting Howard re-signs.

On one hand it really sucks that Sirius is screwing with Bubba like this. But they have been pretty much from the get go so it's not surprising.

On the other hand it could actually be good - I'll just listen on my phone/Ipod and get to hear more of the show. Just hope they don't intend to try and replay the FM show. I'm hoping/guessing they'll run an appreviated unedited show on the RadioIo or where ever they show up.

Lol @ Ron Diaz your kidding right? Ronnie B is a radio genius. F Howard,BTLS and Farrel. Stick with the line up of O&A with Ron and Fez. We have radio gold here don't let the fact that the days of Ron and Ron are over.

Those were the best days of his career. It's all down hill from that point on. Farrel? Oh you mean Ferrall.

Radio Gold LOL Bit of a stretch, it's more like tin, itis that is.

you r dumb

Bubba is a C&NT ! His show is UNLISTENABLE !! Big fat guy with his "radio tough guy voice"