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Bubba the Love Sponge Sued Over Sex Segment


Bubba the Love SpongeAn internet porn model, Hope Miller (her porn star name is Brooke Skye) is suing Bubba the Love Sponge for $150,000 over a sex segment performed on his SIRIUS Satellite Radio show back in June.

The suit alleges that Miller was forced to perform a sex act with another porn star using a sex toy - one that she claims was too big. The suit also claims that Miller wasn't informed about the stunt ahead of time, and despite her objections, Bubba berated her into continuing.

Clem's lawyer had no immediate comment on the matter according to UPI.

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Yes, great radio. Seriously.

Maybe he can create another fake radio personality and blame it on him.


If this is the type of stuff that happens on Bubbas show im going to start tuning in more often!

this sounds way more entertaining then a stupid bum shopping spree!

IANAL, but from the way Bubba describes the release form every show guest signs, I would say she doesn't have a chance in hell winning this.

"berated her into continuing"
I call shenanigans on that statement.

Hah. Sounds like a typical frivolous lawsuit to me. I'm sure at the least Bubba will get some milage out of it.

Q: What's an example of a total waste?
A: A busload of lawyers driving off a cliff with one empty seat...

Free Press for Bubba's show.

I don't even think the press is going cover this. Not really a newsworthy story. Bubba will definitely milk it for what it's worth though I'm sure!

"It was too big" Love it!

The correct term is "Stern Clone" since O&A are really stern cloan's.....

but then again i guess o&a folks have to copy everything, now people are ripping off their stuff..lol

What exactly is it that O&A copied again? Talking about stuff on the radio?

I really have never understood your argument.

As for this whole Bubba thing, sounds really exciting. A girl having sex on the radio. Sign me up. Im sure the suit will get dropped, but dont think it will help him attract listeners.

Well, hes an O&A clone in the sense he tried to take it Howie when he was on in Conneticut. Called him old, washed up, the usual stuff. Howard came back with "I dont even want to be in the same industry as a Bubba The Love Sponge". And not too long after that TODD was gone from the north east radio market.

Bubba is the worst thing ever to hit the air. His show is fake. A few years ago he told the truth about Stern, but now he's got to kiss Sterns ass for his job.
How's that feel Bubba ???

girls performing sex acts over the radio ?
if anyone finds this exciting you should stop posting and try to meet a real girl immediately . if your married and this is your only form of sexual stimulation you should put a gun in your mouth and end it now .

"O&A clone in the sense he tried to take it Howie when he "


What exactly is it that O&A copied again? Talking about stuff on the radio?

I really have never understood your argument

To start, I am not A fan, have tried and tried, Always end up on rawdog and Jim Bruer.

But you have to admit that the "foaming blank" form A week or so ago is the same thing Bubba did Last month with "poprocking the blank"

Why do you have comment back to back when you talk Tom C.? Your one studdering mother f*cker thats for sure!

Describing a sex act on the radio...how does that sound familiar.

Why do you have comment back to back when you talk Tom C.? Your one studdering mother f*cker that's for sure!

Wow did I touch A nerve,you RUDE ass bag. I posted twice with two different sub. "studdering" would be the same post twice, but I don't know why I am even taking the time to respond to your childish replay. PS- YOU DID NOT RESPOND TO MY HONEST ?, DOES IT SOUND LIKE THE SAME THING. I DONT REALLY GIVE A SH-T, BUT SOMEONE POSTED THE ? "What exactly is it that O&A copied again? " AND I THINK I SHOWED A POSSABLE EXAMPLE.

What a joke of a lawsuit. "Brooke Skye" couldn't just leave? "Berated her into continuing"? What does that mean? So non-threatening words can now force a person to do something they don't want to do?

Hope Miller, aka Brooke Skye, is a skinny little washed up internet porn whore. I've seen her in all kinds of internet videos screwing other women. She is not innocent.

Oh, and f*ck O&A. Anyone who doesn't realize those life-long Stern fans (Anthony even once appearing on Stern's show imitating Jackie Martling, and saying he was a life-long fan who knew everything about the show) are copying Stern's entire persona needs to wake up. You can like O&A and also realize their show was heavily influenced by Stern.

are you people insane? there is a reason that this kind of radio is not available freely on public airwaves just keep listening to o and a who for someway make you laugh and leave the rest of us "degenerates" alone

The Suit sound like someone looking for a payday. I have listined to the segment and looked at her porn. There is no one that can make you do anything. She was not forced. She agreed to perform. And I feal there is no clain. This is a person that has made money off her Web Site were she has this available. For anyone that has a account with her site. And someone has told her she could sue. Welcome to the USA Home of the Law Suit.

i heard the segment when it was broadcast... brooke skye was alternately whining and giggling through the whole thing. she was a total b-tch and acted like she was some sort of movie star. she's just trying to get some publicity for her lame website { where all she does is eat girls }. take a close look at this girl's face, she's fugly . by the way, o+a shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence with stern, they are lame imitators, they aren't worthy of carrying stern's sack!

O&A? Opie and A$$hole face? Check the numbers O&A fans, you lose! Bubba gets 5 times the amount of listeners, subscribers, and web-traffic. All the numbers are on this site. So great job Army!)