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Bubba the Love Sponge sued by Tampa radio hosts


Bubba the Love SpongeBubba the Love Sponge is being sued by local Tampa radio hosts Todd Schnitt, and his wife Michelle Schnitt, over comments made over the air by Bubba.

The suit alleges that Bubba called Schnitt, who is a radio personality for Clear Channel's WFLZ and WFLA, a "lying piece of crap," "a kid Schnitt snitch" and "one of the top four or five people behind our arrest and the trial of the hog deal."

Schnitt also accuses Bubba of calling his wife Michelle a degrading name.

"I didn't say anything defamatory or slanderous like he made allegations of. Really bad stuff like touching kids or something I would never go there," Bubba the Love Sponge told WTSP-TV. "This is somebody who got his feelings hurt that's exactly what it is. He gets on the air everyday. He's a public figure."

"He gets on the air everyday. He's a public figure. It's okay for him to put billboards of OJ and Britney Spears up and his whole show is based on TMZ," Bubba added. "Unfortunately what he doesn't understand is that he and his wife are public figures. I can call them names and be outlandish and be Bubba the Love Sponge, be the people's hammer and say it like it is all I want."

View the court filing here.

[WTSP-TV via AllAccess]
Thanks Derek!


Bubba stinks and I don't like him.

*I'm a douche*

Let me get this straight, you can sue someone for hurting your feelings? Shit , I'm not going to say anything anymore.

Your curse hurt my sensibility, expect to hear from my lawyer.

Waaaaaaaah.. you picked on me..Waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

Isn't Schnitt's afternoon persona the conservo-talker who wails on P.C. thugs ? Guess it's the morning show Schnitt who did the lawsuit .....

I gotta support Blubba on this one!!

Kinda like Blob Kelly.

I hate Bubba but I have to side with him. It is stupid to sue because your feelings are hurt. Another attack on free expression and the intimidation on radio people. Sadly coming from someone who should know better!

All Schnitt is doing is getting Bubba free publicity. I am sure Schnitt has said mean things before about people who decided not to sue... because they were not children.

Bubba is on the air to be who he is.

"It is time people realize these are words. If you do not like them, change the dial"

Sean Hannity was right!

The Jerky Boys did a prank call about Sol getting his feeling hurt and wanted to sue, sounded pretty crazy back in the mid 90's.

so let me get this straight....a loser radio host who depends on britney and paris hilton disasters to get him ratings and call them names when bubba did the same thing back.....someone needs their sippy cup filled!!!!

I guess there's no feelings for each other after all that time working together at WFLZ.

Just because you are a pu$$y and can not handle what you dish out is no reason to sue somebody harden the f--- up!!