Busted: C3SR supported by the NAB

Thursday, March 29, 2007 at 5:43 PM

C3SRCorporate Crime Reporter has revealed that C3SR - the consumer group that was created to oppose the merger between XM and Sirius - is in fact supported by the NAB.

Separately... and perhaps more importantly... in the recent Criterion Economics Study about the XM-Sirius merger there's a footnote  (on page 3) stating:
"The Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio is a consumer group consisting of Sirius and XM subscribers. It is supported by the National Association of Broadcasters."

Consumer Coalition For Competition In Satellite Radio (C3SR) founding member Chris Reale actually works full time at Williams Mullen Strategies - the lobbying arm of the Williams Mullen law firm - whose communications practice is headed by Julian Shepard, who just happens to be a former assistant general counsel at the NAB.

When Corporate Crime Reporter confronted Reale about who is funding C3SR, he wouldn't say, but did admit that the NAB "supports" the group. Reale refuses to identify the nature of NAB’s support.

"If we were out there in the media telling people who funded us, it would detract from support from different groups," Reale said. "I didn’t think that was a wise course."

Read more on Corporate Crime Reporter.

Read the Criterion Study (PDF) ...and be sure to specifically check Page 3, Footnote 3.

UPDATE: Add some salt to the wound, a commenter has pointed out that C3SR even links to an NAB study in a blog post. I don't mind anyone opposing the merger, but aligning yourself with the NAB doesn't help your case.




You'd think a well-funded fake consumer group would have a more-active online presence.

Surprise, surprise, surprise...

Didja catch the WSJ column yesterday (page B1... it's probably behind the wsj.com curtain) about the merger?

This guy was on XMfan.com trying to oppose the merger....crazy

Hard to take this group seriously after this came out.

Xm/Sirius = 25......FCC/NAB = 0

Owned again

They now have a blog entry up, quoting another study about reduced choice. They aren't even trying to hide their partners, it's a study hosted at the NAB's website. Even if I wanted to believe they are some idealistic college students, their choice in allies leaves a lot to be desired.

When you lie down with dogs, you're going to get fleas!!

C3SR always fails in the end. Just sit back and watch the fun unfold...

Reale is at it on Wikipedia, too. The article "XM/Sirius merger" has been getting some attention from "Antitrustbust", a new identity created specifically to post the pro-NAB arguments on this article.

I'm all about making your points known, but I'm also all about full disclosure, and not concealing things like this. The more I see of the C3SR, the more I think it's one guy, not a group, and that his sole support is the NAB and its legal eagles.

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