CES: Jensen NVXM1000 "Rock-n-Road" GPS with XM Radio

Friday, January 12, 2007 at 10:25 AM
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Jensen NVXM1000

The Jensen NVXM1000 GPS with XM Satellite Radio - nicknamed the "Rock-n-Road" (ha! ya' get it?!) - features a built in slot for the XM Mini-Tuner as well as a full featured navigation system and an 8GB hard-drive. The device provides full U.S. and Canada mapping, plus over 11 million Points of Interest, on a beautiful 4-inch color touchscreen display.

Turn-by-turn voice prompts are provided in 12 languages (just in case) and it's powered by a built-in rechargeable Li-Poly battery. There is also an optional rear-view camera to check blind spots and an FM modulator that allows you to hear navigational instructions or XM programming through your car's speakers.

Jensen NVXM1000
Plus there's that built-in XM Mini-Tuner slot (pictured above), that by simply popping in a $30 XM Mini-Tuner, enables the NVXM1000 to receive all your favorite XM Satellite Radio channels.

Jensen NVXM1000
The Jensen NVXM1000 "Rock-n-Road" GPS/XM nav system will go for an MSRP price of $999.99 and will be available this Spring.

Check out a ton more photos of it after the jump... and for the record, after playing with this thing, I want it - badly. 


Jensen NVXM1000 

Jensen Rock-n-Road NVXM1000
Here's the "Home" screen.

Jensen Rock-n-Road NVXM1000
Navigation screen.

Jensen NVXM1000

Jensen Rock-n-Road
Yes, it stores and plays MP3s. Not sure if it stores and plays XM content though.

Jensen Rock-n-Road GPS
It also stores and displays photos.

Jensen Rock-and-Road GPS
Unfortunately, the XM Mini-Tuner wasn't plugged into the demo unit (probably to prevent people stealing it), but I assume the XM interface is similar to the MP3 music interface.

You can see the XM Mini-Tuner slot, and memory card slot on the left side, there's an accessory plug and volume toggle switch on the bottom, and the right side shows various plugs and whatnot.



Well...there certainly are a great deal of XM mini-tuner products coming out. This is great. The ball is in XM's court to promote it so that the average consumer understands what it is and how great it is. One tuner for the home, car, gps, bookshelf system, etc. Pretty cool. Given the size and cost of the mini-tuner, this could be much better and bigger than the normal units on the market.

I've been looking around for a GPS, and I already love my XM - this looks like the best of both worlds.

I can't wait to get one!

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