CES: The new XM CommanderMT

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 at 2:17 PM
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XM CommanderMT
The new XM CommanderMT universal satellite radio receiver delivers XM to any FM car stereo, regardless of make, model, or year. Updated from the original, the new CommanderMT adds support for, you guessed it, the XM Mini-Tuner.

More than a plug-and-play, the newly renovated CommanderMT is meant specifically for the car by integrating the slim, sleek faceplate seamlessly into the dashboard.

But for the added mobility of the plug-and-play, the CommanderMT now works with the removable XM Mini-Tuner cartridge, rather than a traditional tuner box. So if you want to take your XM with you - just pop the tiny Mini-Tuner into your pocket, instead of the entire PnP unit.

XM CommanderMT 

One of the interesting thoughts with "the return of the Commander" is that this is essentially embracing the professional install. Since the FCC-mandated changes to the FM modulator now pretty much makes professional install a requirement for any plug-and-play unit (or at least, a more complicated DYI install). So if you're going to go through the trouble of doing that, then you might as well have it integrated into your car.

The CommanderMT is essentially targeting those who want to keep their existing headunit (whether it be an aftermarket, or stock, headunit).

More pics after the jump... 


XM CommanderMT
This is a nice shot that shows how the XM CommanderMT is integrated into the dashboard in multiple ways.

Commander MT 

Commander MT 

XM CommanderMT 



Nice to see XM has adopted the Sirius "Blue" look

Ok, is this thing vaporware? It was brought out at last years CES show. When you go to Audiovox's site there is still no listing for it.

1. Does the cord coming out the side get flipped to the back? Kind of defeats the purpose of a clean install when you can still see a wire.

2. Does the Aux output wire connect to the back of the unit or to the passport adapter?

3. Did they tell you an actual release date? How much?

As for the blue screen. I believe it is actually a white screen with a hint of blue. Same as the Xpress, Skyfi3, and Skyfi2.

"ADOPTED"??????????? I believe it is the same color as the MYFI,TAO,AIRWARE,SKYFI2,AUDIOVOX EXPRESS, shall I continue?

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