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Dale Jr. welcomes Danica Patrick on his XM show

Dale Jr and Danica Patrick
Two of the biggest names in auto racing will go one-on-one on XM Satellite Radio this week when Dale Earnhardt Jr. interviews Danica Patrick on Earhnhardt's XM show "Dale Jr. Unrestricted."

Danica will talk shop with Junior this Thursday, May 1st, on XM Sports Nation (ch 144) at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT. Encores to air Thursday at 10:30pm ET and then again on Saturday at 1:30pm ET and 6:30pm ET.

"Dale Jr. Unrestricted" every week brings you into Dale Jr.'s living room to listen to him and his friends talk about anything and everything.

Patrick is on a media tear in the wake of winning the Indy Japan 300 last week, which made her the first female to win a major auto race.

So far Danica's been on the front page of USA Today and the New York Times, plus she's made appearances on "Good Morning America," CNN, Conan O'Brian, "The View" and David Letterman... not that I'm tracking her every move or anything.


I want to be the first to say it every time you post an article about Danica...

That girl is HOT!!

And she drive.

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The two photos side-by-side are hilarious. I'd probably have the same look as Junior.

Danica is very hot.

Ryan, what happened to the Arbitron post? Came here after listening to O&A talk to E-Lo about them today, only to find the post is missing from the front page. Did you recall it based on E-Lo's discussion?

Such a nice change from Howard's ugly mug that's been up all weekend when checking the site. ;)

WTF? the press release for this JUST came out and Orbitcast already had it up here... how did you post it so fast???

With Danica involved, posting is not the only thing that would happen fast....

And I am not talking about her driving. 8)

Dale Jr. is a hayseed. Dani wouldn't give him so much as a hand-job.

More Danica, fewer analysts!

I agree with Pinball Wizard. More Danica, less analysts

She's a freakin' hottie.

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I do not think that dale will worry about anything that Jeffy boy has to say.and I do mean BOY.