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Danica Patrick on XM this Tuesday night

Danica PatrickOn Tuesday, XM Satellite Radio will be celebrating Danica Patrick's historic win at the Indy Japan 300 with a special edition of the "Andretti Green Racing Hour," the XM show that Danica co-hosts with fellow members of the AGR racing team.

Patrick won her first IndyCar Series race this past Sunday, making her the first woman to win a major closed-course auto race.

You can hear Danica and members of her family talk about her victory on the show on Tuesday night at 7pm ET on XM Sports Nation (ch 144). Then at 8pm ET, XM will replay its broadcast of the Indy Japan 300, followed by an encore presentation of the "AGR Hour" at 10pm ET.

If and when there is more "Danica on XM" news, or even just "something remotely related to Danica" news, it will be reported right here on Orbitcast. And not simply because it's a legitimate excuse for me to dig through photos of her. Nope. Not at all. I'm actually extremely offended you even thought that.


I hope she enjoys her fleeting minutes of fame.
She neither has the talent to be a top-level racer, nor the body to be a pornstar.

More photos, please.

I request additional photos, too!

i disagree...i would plop down $20 per month to watch Mr. Marcus bludgeon her with his snake

I see no Body Problem.

Good lord, I might have to start following Indy because of her.

That is by far the best photo of her that I've seen yet!!

Congratulations to Danicka on her victory, I am sure she will continue to win more races, it also helps when you have the ever famous champion Andretti family showing you what it takes to win.

I'll be listening tomorrow night! :)

> i disagree...i would plop down $20 per month to watch Mr. Marcus bludgeon her with his snake

Your momma must be so proud.....

Ummm.... WOW. THAT would get me to watch car racing.... :)


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