Delphi SkyFi3 XM Satellite Radio: FOUND!

Thursday, September 14, 2006 at 9:10 PM
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While XM Satellite Radio hasn't officially announced the new Delphi SkyFi3 it seems that the peeps over at JJI Electronics have a pre-order page up already with some very juicy info and pics. Here's the info that we know so far:

The XM SkyFi3 mates a plug-and-play receiver with an integrated tuner. So think of it like a next generation PnP with advanced storage capabilities. It features a big ol' 2.8" screen with a horizontal or a vertical mount.

Here's the real cool part. The SkyFi3 allows for 30-minutes of replay functionality, storage of up to 10 hours of XM programming (with the built-in memory) and up to 500 songs on an optional 2Gb microSD card (!).

With the internal battery, the SkyFi3 provides 5 hours of fun in portable-playback mode. And just like the Pioneer Inno, you can "tag" songs you hear on XM for purchase later with XM+Napster.

There's some optional accessories that we don't know much about just yet... such as a wearable live kit. The microSD card compatability especially is of interest to me as this would be the first satellite radio receiver to include removable storage.

Price? Oh right. JJI has it listed for $199.99 and is expecting their first SkyFi3 shipment in late October.

UPDATE: Got ahold of the photos without the watermark and updated the images to reflect this. 

UPDATE2: JJI Electronics apparently has taken the page offline. I think I may have gotten somebody in trouble... Innocent

Check out more pics after the jump... 


Delphi SkyFi3 with Car Dock:


SkyFi3 with Car Dock
 Delphi SkyFi3
Check out the pre-order page here




I wonder how that thing fits in my SkyFi Boombox...

holy shit. sweet!

let me try this while logged in (fucking typekey sucks major dick!)

holy shit. sweet!

Totally unexpected considering Delphi's state. This one will def. replace one of my units when one breaks down. $200 is about right since it doesn't sport a color screen(even though they don't cost much, comsumers still see color screen things as a luxury).

They have actually reached 2GB on a MICROSD card? I thought they just now reached 1GB on that card which is the same size(if not smaller) then a penny. Surely they mean MiniSD. IF it is indeed a microSD slot then this means you can take the card to things like cell phones and play your songs back on them if you don't want to bring your $200 toy around. The RIAA will be all over this one though, even if it is within compliance. :(

re: >>>> IF it is indeed a microSD slot then this means you can take the card to things like cell phones and play your songs back on them if you don't want to bring your $200 toy around. The RIAA will be all over this one though, even if it is within compliance. :(

I don't think it means that at all. I doubt you're going to be able to move that card to another device and play its content.

If you could, all I can say is XM has balls of brass.

for about the same price (only $50 more) ill take the Sirius Stiletto SL10 with a color display, 44 minute replay, and "My Sirius Channels." plus its a "live" satellite receiver out of the box without any other accessories needed.

This is not the only one that will be "found" either. Elo hinted at new devices for the holiday about 2 weeks ago on O&A. I'm sure this isn't the only higher-end device either.

Wow. Anyone need an Inno? J/K. But i hardly ever go portable with it. Didnt with the Myfi either. I really liked my Roady 2 and my Myfi. Just something about Delphi products.

MicroSD isn't 2gb yet but should be soon.. It's not a removable card as much as a semi-removable though. MiniSD or full SD would've been a better pick.


2GB Micro SD is readily available now. About $100 at Amazon or anywhere else.

The good news is these flash densities are constantly expanding -- as a result, if you buy one of these you aren't stuck with 2GB.

This device supports UP TO 2GB. This is according to the shop that is linked in the article. Maybe through firmware updates they could do more.

Frontmed/Stackpointer - You can't get one at a Circuit City or BB yet. Kingston JUST announced availability of their 1GB even though the Sandisk 1GB has been out for quite some time.

I also checked Pricegrabber and didn't see one there either, just the 1GB. I found a few places on Froogle with them, but certainly not as many hits as for a 1GB card.

When they get into retail stores, you can claim they're available 'anywhere else'.

ahigee - They say that because it's the current ceiling. It's possible they'll end up releasing a MicroSD HC however for the next step after that which would likely not be compatible. They're doing that with the MiniSD and the regular SD cards.


From Wikipedia's microSD entry:

SanDisk introduced a 2 GB microSD card in July of 2006 (coinciding with the Verizon Wireless's launch of the music-oriented LG "Chocolate" phone), initially priced at US$99.

All devices which support SD cards can support microSD with the SD card adapter which is often included in the packages which increases the full compatibility list.

Here's a list (PDF) of mobile phones with memory card support.

Droo....that makes sense. I would imagine they could only allow support for 2GB but that would be stupid.

On another note,
Where are the devices that support the now renamed "Passport"? Hopefully we will see more very soon.

correction: "up to 2GB but that would be stupid"

It is just interesting that XM comes up with the first device using removable flash and you have people saying microSD was a bad choice and SD would have been better. What crap.

As to availability, from my home in the country, I can drive fifteen minutes to my local Office Depot and buy a 2GB microSD right now. I say that makes it "available anywhere".

It is highly doubtful any company would intentionally limit the size of the flash card, since that's the great benefit of using removable flash. Flash densities are growing quickly and several years from now these devices won't be obsoleted by limited memory.

Some people will just go to any extremes to bash XM.

i can't imagine they'd allow recording XM content to removable media. the SD is probably for MP3s only. if they put a gig of internal memory in there for XM content and had an SD slot for MP3s, i'd sell my inno in a heartbeat.

Why no SkyFi/Skyfi2 form factor device with MP3 playback capability and a beautiful color screen?

I don't get it. I could see this being a MyFi 2, Why hijack the skyfi product line with a portable?

Doesn't make sense to me at all...

Ryan - This is all well and good. However, there were massive delays between the 1GB release and the actual availability of it in the retail sector. The same case happened here with the 2GB. Probably because (once again) Sandisk has been making most of them for the hardware makers.


ahigee - Some other companies have said 'up to' a certain amount, and then they've announced compatibility with future later in time. They just don't want to 'write checks their ass can't cash'.

delbert_grady - You might be right. However, SD cards are SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) compliant, so there's no reason why they couldn't put the XM content on the card.


Perhaps the card is encoded somehow with the radio ID so that the card has to "see" the chip in the unit to play. That should satisfy the RIAA.

I hate color LCDs on devices that don't need them, and I'm glad that this one is monochrome. Color LCDs require a backlight to be on to read them, whereas a monochrome LCD is legible whether the backlight is on or not. Backlights are one of the biggest power demands on these devices. If you're using it in a wearable mode, you can get considerably more battery life when you don't use the backlight than when you do use it.

Looks great, but needs a color screen.

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