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Derek Jeter at XM's Baseball Confidential


Derek Jeter
Eight-time All-Star shortstop and captain of the New York Yankees, Derek Jeter, sat down for a taping of XM Satellite Radio's "Baseball Confidential" in front of a live audience a little over two weeks ago.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the event, which was held in the beautiful Allen Room located in the Jazz at the Lincoln Center building overlooking Central Park. I originally intended on simply doing a photo tour of XM's NYC studios, and had the opportunity to attend the Baseball Confidential event as a result. (Ironically, the tour never happened, but I'm hoping on picking up the pieces in the near future.)

The interviewer was Buck Martinez, who's the co-host of XM's MLB Home Plate (ch 175) morning sports-talk show "Baseball This Morning" as well as a former MLB manager and catcher. The entire taping was a little over an hour (not counting the cocktail hour beforehand complete with baseball-themed horsdeurves) which was done in front of an audience of around 300 people.

The best thing was to see the audience filled with kids wearing Derek Jeter jerseys running around beaming with excitement. Moreso than most other sports, I think baseball is really all about the kids. Questions ranged from the bumbling hardcore fan, to questions that only a kid could ask, like "what do you do besides play baseball and date girls?" (Jeter's response was "How old are you? Don't worry... someday you'll understand.").


hopefully sirius will do a q&a with michael vick as well.

Baseball Comfidetial is a great show for any fans of baseball. David Ortiz did an interview last offseason and it was great, he came off as a guy you might just be talking to at a BBQ. The interviews conducted by the XM MLB hosts are much better than those done by the Hall Of Fame and Curt Smith, but they are very informative.

I'm a huge baseball fan and Preset 1-A is XM 175 MLB Homeplate, so my opinion might be a little biased.

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Derek jeter rocks yankees do not suck

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jeter's awsomeee. i love himmm. and the yankesss are the bestttt. =]

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