Details on the Soloist Media Dock for SIRIUS

Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 6:33 AM

Soloist for SIRIUS
The initial announcement of the Soloist media dock for SIRIUS wetted my appetite and left me wanting more. This device sure is sexy, but the iPod connection was something I didn't really get. Is it just a marketing ploy by using an AUX IN connector to put "plays your iPod!" on the box? Or can I actually charge the iPod while using this thing? Well folks, our questions have been answered.

First off, the iPod integration. There is, in fact, a 30-pin iPod connector embedded in the unit that charges the iPod (the dock meets the "Made for Ipod" program requirements).

When you remove the cradle for the SIRIUS connection (remember, SIRIUS is now using a common connector - like that on the Sportster 4 - for all their future receivers) you'll find the iPod connector in front of the Sirius connector. A cradle with an adjustable backrest for all iPod 30-pin models then fits into the unit. See the photo below for the cradle.

iPod Cradle:
iPod Dock for Soloist
SIRIUS Sportster 4 Cradle:
SIRIUS cradle for Soloist

There's also a third cradle supplied with the Soloist, but I have no details on it because it's still a secret (Stiletto dock maybe? who knows).
As for the USB connector in the back of the Soloist. This lets you connect to your PC so you can transfer files to your iPod as well.

Sirius Soloist
For older SIRIUS plug-and-play receivers, or say for the Sirius S50, the AUX IN jack lets non-dockable units get some action out of the Soloist.

The AUX OUT jack is configured for Audio/Video output, so if you use a stereo + composite video adapter cable (3.5mm 4-contact to L/R/V RCA) you can pipe video or images from a Video iPod out to a monitor, TV, or your PC or your laptop.

The remote control will control any of the docked Sirius radios, or the iPod as well.

The sleek SurfaceSound flat-panel speaker provides a bipolar-type sound field which is dispersed to the rear and wraps around quite a bit - so even standing at a 90 degree angle to the front of the unit you get good sound – not necessarily stereo at that location, but still very listenable compared to being 90 degrees off-axis to a conventional speaker system.

And there it is. Look for a hands-on review of the Soloist soon. 



Very nice move to allow for the integration of the iPod and other devices. If the unit has decent sound, the ability to use it for other devices makes it more attractive.

I wonder if XM or Sirius will develop a cheap adapter to use their devices with other units that only have iPod connectors. That would allow sat radio users to choose the speakers of their choice and not have to shell out big bucks for a dedicated unit.

DAMN!!!! thats 1 sexy beast!

That is one odd looking thing. The IPOD integration is nice. I just don't know what to think of the flat-panel speaker, though. Its interesting. I want to see one in person.

I guess the Starmate replay won't work with this nice unit.

Hmm, it sounds like XM's starting to lose ground in the "Looks" department. Their design team had better get cracking, if they hope to maintain their technology lead over Sirius... :-/

Who knows; maybe the 3rd cradle is for XM. The trademark application doesn't mention a particular brand:

Goods and Services IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Docking station with integrated powered speaker system providing connectivity to a plurality of audio sources, specifically digital satellite radio and portable media players
Standard Characters Claimed
Design Search Code
Serial Number 78928276
Filing Date July 12, 2006
Current Filing Basis 1B
Original Filing Basis 1B
Owner (APPLICANT) DEI Headquarters, Inc. dba Directed Electronics CORPORATION FLORIDA 1 Viper Way Vista CALIFORNIA 92081
Attorney of Record Crystal Biggs
Prior Registrations 3110404
Type of Mark TRADEMARK
Live/Dead Indicator LIVE

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