European Satellite Radio to be unveiled today

Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 9:28 AM
European Satellite Radio
The European Space Agency (ESA) today will demonstrate a prototype of what they call "the multimedia car radio of the future" at the Noordwijk Space Expo in the Netherlands. Unlike XM and Sirius' satellite radio services, this system won't require the launching of new satellites - instead it will use existing communications satellites transmitting in the Ku-band.

European Satellite RadioThe satellite radio system employs a flat mobile antenna that is designed to be embedded into the roof the car. It also utilizes on-board caching (through a hard-drive or solid-state memory) to prevent interuption of service when the satellite signal is obstructed. This caching of course also allows for time-shifting abilities like pause and rewind of live radio.

ESA and its partners have worked on the mobile multimedia system for over three years. The technology could spell bad news for WorldSpace Satellite Radio which is looking to be the dominant satellite radio provider outside of the US.

There's obviously no word on any content providers for the system as it's still in the prototype phases. (Tip to Sirius, XM: Get on the horn with ESA and work on striking a deal to provide content for these guys.)

[ESA via CBC]



Can XM make a deal with ESA while owning stock in Worldspace?

*just a thought*
Could ESA and WorldSpace become the next battleground for XM and Sirius, like CSR & Sirius Canada?

I get the impression that Worldspace is dead in the water. Any competition between them and the ESA is purely in their head.

I'm also sure that the EU will burden this new satellite technology with endless regulations and ridiculous standards that will effectively retard any growth it might have. It's Europe, after all. There's a strong socialist, anti-competitive element that will attempt to stop any real innovation and competition.

is that the sat receiver on top of the car?? looks like a globe/ball ?? UGLY!

"There's a strong socialist, anti-competitive element that will attempt to stop any real innovation and competition."

like the RIAA/MPAA in North America?

"like the RIAA/MPAA in North America?"

They're a monopoly just looking out for themselves. In the end, the consumer still gets fucked, so I guess there's not too much difference.

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