Few Expect to Purchase Satellite Radio (according to a biased survey?)

Thursday, January 26, 2006 at 4:36 PM

It's always facinating to see how flawed some of these "surveys" are, and while not only flawed, how transparently biased they actually are. Take this press release from the American Media Services as an example. How can you actually take this seriously when the copy is written with such a sensationalistic tone?

The 'Howard Stern Factor' is Overrated: Few Americans Expect to Purchase Satellite Radio, a Survey by American Media Services Finds

Despite recent media attention about shock jock Howard Stern's widely publicized transfer to satellite radio, a nationwide survey indicates a large majority of Americans (86 percent) are not likely to consider the purchase of satellite radio in the future because of his move.


Ugh. You don't even need to read about them to know who's pocket they have their hand in, the press release copy says enough.

See, there's this thing about "statistics" and "surveys" that's always interesting. You can pretty much modify the numbers to fit your needs by simply changing the sampling. Just take a "random" sampling from a telephone survey, of say, oh I dunno - mid-west senior citizens - and *ta-da!* you've got yourself a representation of the entire nation!


[Press Release]
Thanks Tim!


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