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First impressions: Now with combined channels, what do you think?

Sirius XM Combined ChannelsThe switch was finally thrown, and both sides of Sirius XM Radio Inc. now have a cross-pollinated music lineup.

So, what are your first impressions?

Now that XM subscribers have access to Sirius programming like Radio Margaritaville, The Grateful Dead Channel, and The Foxxhole; and Sirius subscribers have access to XM programming like Theme Time Radio Hour, Artist Confidential and Tom Petty's Buried Treasure (among many others) - what are you initial impressions?

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I think Sirius XM fumbled this from a customer experience perspective. An email the morning of the change? Are you kidding me? Should have sent out flyers two weeks ago explaining it all, thanking us for our support, etc. In any economy customer service is critical. And two of my top three stations are gone.

Rest in peace, Boombox. You were loved. And while Alt Nation is good, recommending it as a pseudo-replacement is pretty ridiculous.

I'm disappointed that there is no Classic Hip-hop station. I'm evaluating how I can downgrade my package, now that I will be listening to a lot less radio.

I've only listened to XM for a little bit. So far, I'm not too pleased with the programming. Let's hope it gets better.

I am happy as can be. I switched to XM just because it was factory installed in my car. I missed the channels that were on sirius, and now I have them and Howard! Woo Hoo!

The only issue I have so far is the removal of the dedicated Punk channels, which is extremely disappointing. I emailed a complaint but sadly I suspect that went right into the digital circular file.

Everything else seems pretty good to me so far. The channels I listen to most frequently have remained the same or have even been improved ("The Vault" now becomes "Deep Tracks", which I hear has a better, deeper playlist, for example).

I'm sure there will be tons of complaints about the "death" of XM from those who've been bitching and moaning from the day this merger was announced. Please just cancel your sub and go away. Terrestrial radio awaits your listenership.

Long live Sirius XM.


So old skool hip hop now is down to a daily program on HHN? I could find no information under HHN shows about when that program is on. I really hope it runs for a good portion of the day since Shade 45 covers a lot of the new stuff...

Not happy....but there is one assumption we are all making...that is...we are assuming that the channel names carry with them the same Sirius programming...we don't know if any of the XM PDs will be involved. My guess is no, or if yes, only to a limited extent, which is sad.

REALLY enjoying my Slacker today...

I'm sure they'll be tweaking things over the next several weeks, but my preliminary observations so far:

-Lithium fucking SUCKS. The playlist and even the sweepers sound IDENTICAL to every "alternative" FM station on the planet. What a pathetic, halfassed, and completely unworthy substitute for Lucy.

-So far, Deep Tracks has survived intact, and it even seems a little fresher and more energetic than usual. Sirius subscribers: Note the interesting songs, the classy sweepers, and that the DJ only talks when he has something relevant and interesting to say. This is how most XM music channels were programmed, and it's why many of us are rather pissed off about losing so many of them to Sirius's "FM without commercials" philosophy.

I'm reserving judgment.

I think that many of us who chose either XM or Sirius did so because we liked the depth of the playlists or the frequency of favorite tunes...and I think it will take some time to see what the "merged" playlists look like.

I'm not happy with Sirius' Chill winning out over XM's Chill, the loss of Raw and Fine Tuning, or the flattening of BPM's playlist and the increase in whineyness on Highway 16.

However, as someone who streams BBC Radio One online when in the mood, I don't mind seeing it replace U-POP in the XM lineup. I'm cautiously optimistic that the Squizz->Octane transition will be satisfactory, and I'm pleased that POTUS will survive to a great extent.

So we'll see how it shakes out. The XM lineup is still far superior to broadcast radio, but I haven't decided whether it's broad enough anymore to justify maintaining my subscription, given that the songs on my iPhone are pretty eclectic and paid for.

Let's see, shallower playlists, annoying DJs, insipid country on "the Roadhouse", nothing special on "Outlaw", a lot of wasted bandwidth for single artist channels. If that's all I want, I can get it from HD radio without a subscription fee. Goodbye XM, it was fun while it lasted.

I like it so far, exactly what I expected out of the merger if I choose not to buy into the the best of XM.

The real test will be to see what deal (if any) is worked out for the upcoming MLB season, for me, as a Sirius subscriber, is the only thing stopping me from upgrading my package.

So far so good though, I have been giving the gift of Sirius the last 2 holiday seasons and that will not change this year.

I personally think its BS. I'm also sure Lee Abrams is thinking damn there goes a good thing down the drain, glad I got out when I did.

Owell we'll see how it goes from here. I plan to continue to subscribe but we'll see how much longer it is worth.

I don't mind it too much here (sirius user) most of my channels I listen to did not change and I only lost boombox which i only listened to once in a while. Can't find a channel like it now but i am sure i will soon.

Other than that, I am happy.

I'm basically satisfied. Of course, this is also allowing me to get rid of some extra radios. I now only have one Sirius radio (I like baseball, so XM is my first choice). By adding the Best of Sirius to my XM radio, I get everything I want now.

Forties on Four? Ugh. Very bummed about Disorder and Hot Jamz gone. I hope MLB gets added to the best of XM. Overall it seems XMers came away with the better deal.

No Problems Im happy with it.Its all we have now and Im keeping my subscriptions active,all 4 radios!!I cant live with out this . To me each side got something new and different out of it.If one is not happy, like Mikehunt says Cya. FM is still there you can have it and you can whine to them and see where that will get you.

OK lineup... I actually subsribe to both services in the house but have XM in the car si its good to have The Dead channel now while I'm driving. I noticed that there is NO OLD SCHOOL RAP (yes I have many musical tastes) on neither radios. Very disappointing. Othet than that we'll see....

Personally, I think they did a great job combining the channel lineups. They brought over the best XM channels (granted they renamed some) and the best Sirius channels. This should satisfy almost everyone.

As someone who has XM factory installed in my car, but Sirius at work and home, so far so good for me. Now having Radio Margaritaville, Bruce Springsteen and the Underground Garage on XM is great.

The concern I would have is whether we start seeing the shorter play lists on the decades and rock channels that Sirius is know for, compared to the deeper XM play lists. Only time will tell. The only other thing, as someone who likes the Indy Talk channel, is the fact they have been merged with POTUS and the revised lineup seems to limit the former Indy channel voices.

I am satisfied. I once had both Sirius and XM and peferred Sirius to XM. Now that Sirius listeners will have access to shows like Bob Dylan and Tom Petty plus channels like Willie Nelson and BB King, I am happy with the lineup.

All you guys bitching need to have a open mind and give the new channels a fair shake. If you can't find something you like after a month, cancel your subscription and go back to testicle radio. I know I'd rather stick a knife in my ear.

My wife and daughter are peeved. They liked Kid Stuff on Sirus. We gave the XM channel a listen back in June and were quite unimpressed - it seemed to be for kids older than the juice-box age and more for tweens.

All the channels I bought XM for 6.5 years ago are now gone, and there are no replacements.
No need to purchase that.

btw, The cancellation dept was very busy.

It's going to be 3 years before the auto industry rebounds, so the company should have known it's easier to keep a loyal customer than to find a new on.

I will go away now.

Now that the merger has taken place, how long will it be before the new organization decides to increase the monthly subscription?

they should just merge everything. the best of package does nothing for me because My reciever cannot pick up the new channels. If I want to add best of XM, all I get are a few channels and I have to take my car to a custom stereo place and pay about $500 - $1000 to get the best of XM.

I don't want the xm channels that bad.

I also think if the company just made everything one package, they would have a really great product that would bring in more new subscribers.

I'm a Sirius subscriber so I guess I've been impacted the least. I will miss Buzzsaw hopefully when The Boneyard comes back it will be more like Buzzsaw and less like Hairnation. I added Liquid Metal to that preset for now... I was glad to see this Pop2k channel get added. I know it's similar to Sirius Hits 1 but it's nice to have another station to go to for current hits. I'll probably have to spend a little time reconfiguring a few presets but overall I'm not too upset. There are a few stations that I'll need to figure out.

The Blend? Highway - I assume this is current counrty?

I'm pretty darn happy with what I'm seeing so far.

I'm a dual subscriber and based on what I see/hear, I can't figure out why anyone would not run to XM right now unless you want the NFL. XM has more variety in terms of today's music, MLB, college sports, and you can get Stern too.

Here's hoping for new news on portable devices coming from CES in January for icing on the cake!

They eliminated Fine Tuning, and replaced Audio Visions with the (so far) inferior Spa. They butchered XM Chill and POTUS (why fire Scott Walterman, huh?!) And now we've got THREE single-band stations!

It's basically FM radio that I have to pay for. Not sure how long I'll be keeping it.

So far so good.

I'm missing Bone Yard, but Hair Nation isn't all that bad. Bone Yard will be back in January anyway.

I'll be checking out the E street Channel and Radio Margaritaville.

I've had a brief taste of the combined 70's and 80's channels. No complaints.

Jury's still out, but it's stil %100000000000 times better than regular radio.

This stinks. Every music channel I listened to is gone. When do I get the option to go talk only and drop the music? Whether you like the new line up or not, the idea of satellite radio is dead. This is nothing but a bunch of corporate programmed channels. No more niche stuff. No more interesting stuff. Just focus group tested stations and programming. Very sad.

And I still have yet to be informed of the change from XM. Still not even an email and here I have an entire new channel line-up. Great management. If this is what to continue to expect there won't be a service to subscribe to soon. I can't wait for SiriusXM to go out of business, maybe I'll be interested in what their replacement has to offer, perhaps it will be closer to the the original vision of making radio fun again.

Mike, go suck a bag of cocks. The service just became FM radio only now they think I'll pay for it. I've already cancelled 3 subs and unless I can opt out of this shit list of music channels the final one will go too. It's complacent pussy's like you that allow the company to hoist this shit on us in the first place.

I received an email from XM at 3:30 AM EST last night. It had links to all the information on the website. As for no niche programming? Really? Since when are channels like the Grateful Dead Channel, Area, Blues, Jazz, etc not niche channels? I am really pleased with the new lineup. I like my XM radio alot more now. To me, this new lineup has more variety than before.

I received an email from XM at 3:30 AM EST last night. It had links to all the information on the website. As for no niche programming? Really? Since when are channels like the Grateful Dead Channel, Area, Blues, Jazz, etc not niche channels? I am really pleased with the new lineup. I like my XM radio alot more now. To me, this new lineup has more variety than before.

Well, I bet Sirius subscribers think it's great, but XM subscribers got f-ed. We've lost X-Country and all of the shows they offered, but woo-hoo, we have HillBilly Jim on Outlaw Country (no joke, Hillbilly Jim, the '80s wrestler, is a DJ. I'm sure he's a fan of Robert Earl Keen [snark]). We've lost UPop. We've lost Raw, Rhyme, a bunchj of Spanish stations, XMX, Fungus, Lucy, Fred, etc. This was a takeover, pure and simple, and they screwed over their XM subscribers with no warning whatsoever. I'll give this til the weekend, then I'm going to seriously consider canceling unless they offer XM subscribers something in return for taking all of these stations away from us.

Here's the email sent to me.

Dear XM Listener,

We are pleased to announce our new channel lineup with more than 170 channels of premier music, sports, news, and entertainment from both XM and SIRIUS.

Along with your favorites, we've mixed in new channels, shows, personalities, legendary DJs and celebrity hosts, to give you more of everything you love about satellite radio, including new music channels like:

* E Street Radio bringing you closer to Bruce Springsteen through interviews, guest DJs, studio outtakes, concerts, and more.
* Radio Margaritaville playing great music and live broadcasts from multi-platinum singer, songwriter and author Jimmy Buffett.
* The Grateful Dead Channel boasting music spanning the band's career, shows hosted by band members, and rare interviews with Jerry Garcia.

And new entertainment channels including:

* New comedy channels, like Blue Collar Radio, featuring Jeff Foxworthy, and The Foxxhole produced by Jamie Foxx.
* New sports, including NBA play-by-play coverage of the '08-'09 season.
* New talk, including SIRIUS XM Stars with favorites from our Take Five channel, plus new shows from hosts like Barbara Walters and Deepak Chopra.

We encourage you to go online to learn more about our new channels and improved programming at

You'll have even more to love about XM with all of our new programs and personalities.

Thank you for being a loyal listener.


Here's XM's page explaining the changes, new channels, new channel names, new channel numbers, and removed channels.

So far, I'm fine with the changes.

I already miss XMX - Channel 2 (XM Exclusives)

But I am very glad to see that the XM15 "The Village" remains and is joined by Siruis "The CoffeeHouse.

I also prefer XM15 Radio Classics over Sirius' Old time Radio.

With the Best of Sirius, I now have all my sports, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins, and favorite music stations.

Just my opinion, your most likely will differ.


I miss Fred on 44. 1st Wave doesn't quite cut it for me. I tuned in this morning and they were playing The Bangles. Gack.

I know that it is easy to just piss am moan, especially being an XM customer. One of my favorite XM Channels, 70s On 7 became Sirius Totally 70s, just renamed to keep it the same on both platforms. Within minutes I was reminded of why I disliked Sirius Totally 70's. Awful, over goofy, and chatty DJ Magic Matt was making the same stupid jokes he was making two years ago when I cancelled my Sirius subscription.. That is a bummer. A lot of the Rock Channels were replaced with Sirius Rock channels and I immediately felt like I was listening to a Time Life commercial. Play lists that were nothing but the most common hits that have been played to death. So my first impression isn't a good one. For someone who listens to satellite radio in small doses, I’m sure this would be fine. For people like me who listen in the car, at home, and at work, this is hell.

Truth of the matter is that I got XM four years ago for Opie & Anthony. I knew nothing about anything else it offered and at the time I didn’t care. I discovered the music channels just by surfing around. Originally I hated most of them because the play lists were too deep. I was coming from FM radio, so I couldn't relate to a lot of the programming. Shortly after I got Dish Network and Sirius music channels were part of the package. I loved them. All the music was familiar and the DJs were animated just like on FM. I went as far as to get a Sirius radio for my car to listen to when I heard the O&A show for that day and on weekends. After about a year I started realizing that everything I loved about Sirius was starting to grate on my nerves. Everyday the music was the same with very little variation. I started to feel like each station had about 200 songs that were put on shuffle. Then when the music wasn't doing it for me, I started to realize that the DJ's were over the top and annoying. They added nothing to music they were playing. They were talking just to talk.

I started going back to my XM and listening to the music channels again. About two years ago they did a major overhaul and improved a lot of the stations that seemed too random. The 70’s channel was a perfect example of the improvement with the addition of program director John Clay. Soon after Ethel and The Boneyard were greatly improved. Now I was really enjoying the XM music stations. Enough so that I cancelled my Sirius subscription and bought two more XM units so that I could listen to it in the car, at home, and at work. For the past two years XM has been my favorite form of entertainment. Once merger talks really started to become a reality I had a bad feeling that this is how it would all end up. Mel Kamazin is at Sirius; he comes from an FM background and would ultimately remove the unique sounds of XM and turn it into FM without commercials. This morning when I turned on my XM and did a little channel surfing that is the feeling I got. Watered-down, monotonous FM like radio. Once Mel K. decided to re-sign the contract with Clear Channel to continue their music stations on XM, I figured that XM was well on it's way to becoming a Sirius clone. Mel’s take was that the Clear Channel music stations that run commercials generated revenue and were worth renewing. If I am paying a subscription fee, there shouldn’t be commercials on any music channels. Those five channels are using bandwidth that should be allocated for better use.

At this point as long as O&A continue on XM, I will have at least one subscription. Hopefully if Sirius XM manages to keep afloat the music channel will be looked at and revamped offering deeper play lists and more diversity. I think that if a lot of customers are really unhappy it will show and they'll be forced to do something about it. The sting would have been a lot less severe if Sirius XM wouldn’t have kept everyone in the dark about the changes. Customer input was obviously not a concern. It would have been nice to have more of an equal blending of the channel offerings, or at least if more of the XM programmers were incorporated into the new offerings. I realize that this is the beginning of a new phase. There is the chance that things will improve and also a chance that the company will go under. At this point all anyone can do is speculate and wait. Since I am a fan of satellite radio, I guess that I will root for its success and hope for the best.

I'm less than thrilled about Cinemagic going on hiatus on both Sirius and XM. Also, I'm not sure why the channel lineups aren't synchronized. Why is Cinemagic on XM-76 and S-81? Why not put both in the same slot?

Aside from that, both my car radios (both Sirius and XM) updated without a glitch. Just prefer some commonality with the channel assignments.

dude do me a favor if ur gonna complain and belly ache and whine like a two yr old please do it somewhere else i know xm is gone but u don't see me complaining im giving it a chance and if i dont like what i see i will cancel too but so far i happen to like what they did and i think it will help down the road

For me, most of my XM channels remained intact and I like the new voices I heard on 50's and 70's, and now I get BBC Radio 1. Could have been worse.

I'm very happy - I am getting more than I had hoped for and far, far less than the doomsday commentator's messages here have led me to believe that I would be getting. BBC 1? Great! Chris Moyles in the morning! NPR "Fresh air"? Great! They kept My favorites: Escape, Chill, etc. The ones that changed are only slight changes : System became Area, High Standards became Sinatra, Audiovision became Spa (and seems to have taken the best thing about Audiovision - the good accoustics prgramming). They kept Radio Classics (I love Greg Bell's informative chit chat between shows).
After reading months of fear mongering here, I am getting more reenforced in my view that the Internet is great in many ways but that it is not always a blessing that anyone can publish their opinions without any filters whatsoever. You would have thought that Sirius-XM was cutting down its programming to practically zero and playing nothing but Michael Bolton 24/7 (if they did that, there would be no subscribers). And I am glad that they got rid of so many Spanish music stations that were taking up bandwidth. AM radio is already awash in Mexican and Spanish music stations. We don't need Satrad for that and I doubt that those stations brought many customers to XM.

Why is Area 38 now just called "Area"? Couldn't they have just used a more normal name? What is an "Area"? What does this mean?

And, why didn't they unify the channel numbers, too?

So far not that bad. But tell the Jocks to shut up and just play the music. Why in between The Beatles and The Doors do I want to here that Shia LaBouf's crashed car is for sale on eBay. If you have to open up mouth at least make it relevant.

Too soon to tell.

Since I was extremely sorry to see XCountry go, I have been spending most of the morning so far listening to Outlaw Country. I am not sure if they expanded their list or not, but they did seem to have a lot of the artists I am used to hearing there. I have noticed several artists played multiple times already(although not the same track).

I have changed presets and am including some new channels from Sirius (Spectrum, E Street, Radio Margaritaville, etc.)

I think we all should be willing to give this some time. There is a lot to digest.

Great! Overnight, XM just got turned into FM radio---Part II. I've been a dual subscriber for several years, but XM always had the better music channels hands down. I just can't get through to customer care fast enough, but apparently I'm not the only person cutting ties this morning.

it will take a week or two to really listen and find out how it is as i was an xm only guy but i gotta say that losin rhyme xm 65 really sucks i dnt listen to rap a lot but when i do i like to kick it old school. they also should have kept xmx instead of pushing all the shows on deep tracks.

it will take a week or two to really listen and find out how it is as i was an xm only guy but i gotta say that losin rhyme xm 65 really sucks i dnt listen to rap a lot but when i do i like to kick it old school. they also should have kept xmx instead of pushing all the shows on deep tracks.

Good: America Left is still the XM version, not the Sirius version. Cinemagic was spared (tho it's gone until January). XMU is also mostly spared.

Bad: Fred, Lucy and Ethel are now dumbed-down all-hits versions of themselves, as are 70s-on-7 and 80s-on-8. Vox is gone. U-Pop is gone. AudioVisions is gone. POTUS might as well be gone without Scott and Rebecca.

My subs are both up in almost exactly one month from now. I'm still not sure if I'm going to renew or not. It depends on how grating the bad changes will be for me during that time.

And I agree with others that trying to keep everyone in the dark on this just made it all the worse. Somebody needs to remind Big Daddy Mel that we are all paying for the privilege of listening, and that ought to mean we should get a little better treatment than the masses who listen to terrestrial crap radio for free. I'm just saying.

Strangely enough, I miss the XM sounder the most

The 5 channels I actually listened to on XM are gone, my favorite being XM 67 The City w/ the multiple DJ's just mixing. I have my doubts as to whether I will keep my subscription or just goto the talk package so I can keep O and A.


There were several XM channels that were better then their Sirius counterparts. I like the merger over all, but it does seem like XM lost a lot of their legacy music channels. I'd be interested to a percentage of channels that belonged to which legacy side of the merger.

-- Long live the merger, but in mourning of XM 54 Lucy,

I haven't listened to it that much yet.. it seems okay so far. Although there seem to be more 'station identifications' then there were on XM. I'm hoping though that maybe they're just doing that to let new XM users know what's going on.

Good 'ol MikeHunt (nice nick by the way, what are you, 12?) with his lame 'ol stab at XM customers.

Heaven forbid someone with a brain might like deeper playlists than the same 'ol stuff Sirius and terrestrial play.

Keep up the good work, sheep.

I dont know what they done to sirius big 80s but the 80s music channel they are trying to pass off on us right now just isnt going to cut it. They have taken a channel that basically had all the 80s hits you knew and loved and have replaced it with songs youve never heard of before. ITS CPAP. whoever is playing the music on that channel wouldnt know the 80s if it bit them in the ass. Im not asking, Im demanding they put the 80s channel back to the way it was. Ok ok so i cant demand it but for the love of god they have to fix this crap thats on there now.

JG NYC I'm with you. I hate to see X Country go. Outlaw Country is OK but it's definitely not as good. I called XM Radio to complain and they are taking feedback and said if enough people complain, they'll put X Country back on.

might as well give michael bolton a 24/7 channel...there seems to be a lot more of the single artist channels on my xm as of late.

So far so good. Too many unanswered questions through. I feel bad for people who's lives were turned upside down. the benefit of SATRAD was you could listen to music that you could not hear over the terrestrial airwaves. Punk, and other alternative variations which have been killed. You pay money monthly for the privilege of listening to what you want to listen to. For these people I dont blame them for wanting to cancel. Maybe if enough people call and complain and cancel, it will make a difference. But the reality is that the amount of people who listened to these channels was not enough to keep them. Who knows.. As for me, I got Sirius mainly for one thing.. NFL. I am so happy I have it especially since I am a redskins fan and Dan Snyder has ruined the ability of DC area people to listen to the games on the radio. That is the only thing that I think could be worse for SATRAD. If Dan Snyder were to buy Sirius XM it would only be avail in the boon docks and you would not be able to listen to it after dark because the signal would drop to 25 watts.

I am hoping they mix up the music on the 80s channel. I have always liked the sirius 80s channel with the MTV VJ's but I will admit I did hear the XM 80s channel earlier this year when I was on a trip and I thought they had a better variety. So I hope they use the XM music catalog for the 80s channel. From what I have hard so far I think they are which makes me happy.

So, I think its good.

Good luck getting back the channels that have been dropped.

So what channels have disappeared?

I'm a longtime Sirius subscriber and I'm disappointed by the apparent loss of specialty shows on some of the combined channels.

All of the specialty shows from XMU and Left of Center appear to be gone on the new Sirius/XMU.

What happened to "Party Out of Bounds with Fred Schneider" and "Dark Wave" on 1st Wave?

Was "The Big 80s Big 40 Countdown" with Nina Blackwood replaced by "Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40" (80s) on The 80s on 8?

For what it's worth, a quick check of Sirius Canada's Website, shows the same changes to their lineup (though Sirius/XMU is listed as "Sirius U").

3 U2 songs in Lithium since about 8:30 this morning. These playlists appear to be much more shallow than XM's old ones. Keeping my fingers crossed but not optimistic. There is a reason after all that I signed up for XM and not Sirius.

The only complaint I can come up is THE BEAT is now BPM and the music on BPM is awful. Liking everything else

Mel Karmazin is determined to boost iPod sales.

They restrict all channels to a 500 song playlist, take away many of the personalities from shows, like Bill Hutton from XM54 (Lucy).

It appears like the idea that started years ago with XM being the "wild west" with visionaries like Lee Abrams is become another corporate bag of crap.

O&A and Ron and Fez are the only reasons why I have XM at this point, and I can download their shows daily. Sure I can't listen live and call in, but I can still hear them.

This is another example of a big company not caring about it's fanbase.

I may flush my XM down a toilet, go fu.... well, you know the rest.

I actually like it more than I thought. I'm enjoying the Spectrum and Underground Garage. My worries are that these stations will sound stale in a couple of weeks. That was the issue when I had Sirius before - great for an initial 14 days, then repetitive.

I am happy with WRN and NPR being added, though.

How do I like it? It stinks.

The reason why I dumped Sirius and changed to XM was because I liked the deeper playlists and more then 1 or 2 songs in a row without an annoying interruption. Now XM has been dumbed down to the Sirius level.

Satellite radio is on the edge of bankruptcy. If they want to draw subscribers, may I suggest offering us something different than we can get for free on the FM radio band?


Happy. The doomsday folks seem to be full of hot air. This is great! I have more on Sirius now then I did before.

Sad to see Sirius Disorder do, however.

So far as a sirius customer
I like it

I never liked the Big 80s because I find the VJs annoying, and I'm sad to hear that they've made the move to 80s on 8.

So far so good. I like "The Loft" and just like Sirius overall. I'm a pretty new subscriber, but I feel like those complaining haven't had to deal with terrestrial radio for a LONG time. Those who think this is anything like terrestrial radio are very mistaken. Where I live we have maybe 15 stations of ads and playlists 20-40 songs large.

Ed, great post. You pretty much said it all.

Sirius is for the casual listener. Same as you, I had Dish Network, got somewhat interested in Sirius, then started hearing XM back when it was on AOL Radio. At first I thought of XM, damn, there's nothing here to listen to.

But if you're a real radio music listener who listens to the radio many hours a day, the appeal of Sirius vanishes in a hurry, and the appeal of XM really starts to increase. For talk programming it does not matter - either service will give you what you want.

I agree with JG_NYC, I'll give it time, but my initial impression is that we're screwed. Most of the reasons I loved satellite radio appear to be gone. And it's not just the music -- as Ed pointed out, it's the approach, the respect for listeners, the sophistication, that have all been lost. Thoughtful programming has been replaced by hype.

Seven years old is awfully young to die, but XM, rest in peace.

The only complaint I have is THE BEAT going to BPM. The music on bpm sucks. THE BLEND is a great pick up for Sirius side of it. Think everything seem to be good so far

Disappointed with Faction so far. Tuned in and hear Tool and Linkin Park that stuff should be left to Octane. I like that there is talk programming on it though. Lithium and Alt. Nation seems to be okay. XMU seems to be the same type of stuff as before so that is good. Looking forward to checking out Jason Ellis on faction as well as Margaritaville and Outlaw Country

Well, I am fairly confident that its going to go bankrupt and get reorganized, and maybe then new managment without the presence of Mel (he will take his millions of marbles and go home.) will listen to all and realize that the deep playlists were one of the main drivers and add them back. Then it can come back as the thing it was supposed to be.


I hate all these '24/7 Insert Band Name Here' channels right now...

I'm a HUGE AC/DC fan, but I OWN all the albums!

I'll never listen to a 24/7 Grateful Dead or Bruce Springsteen channel...

I'd like a Rockabilly and a REAL Punk station..

The jury is still out as far as I'm concerned.

The channel transition went smoothly. Even logos on stored music on my Inno changed. Very poor job of communication by management though. If not for the various forums, I wouldn't have known about it until this morning. I'm guessing that there are a lot of subscribers who are confused as hell on what happened. You would think a seasoned corporate team would know better. It might not be Management 101, but it's part of the curriculum.

But so far the music seems okay. 60's on 6 sounds the same, and Radio Classics is still around (along with Greg Bell). I'm also enjoying Sinatra. I will miss Fine Tuning and Beyond Jazz.

The programming guide on line says that U-POP is still on and yet my radio shows -------- so what's the deal there?? as far as the rest of the music I haven't shot the load yet... the artist dedicated artist channels are pure under the nut but hut in my opinion because I think they could have one channel dedicated to these artists and just give it to each artist on individual days.. having an AC/DC channel is ok for a week I suppose.. same as for anything else but it gets old.. I have all the DC/AC I give a rats annus to own.. and I have all the Led Zep including a dozen bootleg recordings.. give it a rest.. pretty soon we'll have an ABBA channel or whatever.. if they have no idea for a channel then let it be nothing and increase sound quality..

So Far, So Good. Drove into work today lisitning to the Dead channel. Made traffic a bit easier, but is still to early to tell.


I am very disapointed that X country is gone. I listened to Outlaw Country for a few hours this morning, then got disgusted and switched to Napster's Americana Radio station.

I currently have 3 subscriptions for XM Radios, and may end up cancelling all of them.

First time poster - long time lurker. 4 years w/ XM. I love the change. GD channel, Jam-On and still keeping Deep Tracks.

Don't tell anyone , but I would haplliy pay double what I pay now to not listen to terrestrial radio - garbage! Choice is great! Money well spent. Too easy to spend the susbscrption money for a bar round.

It sucks. Bring back Fungus 53

I want to hear Rockabilly, Psychobilly and the damn surf music.

And bring back The Virus to DirecTV!!!!!!!!!


Is LIQUID METAL programming similar to that of HARD ATTACK?

As long as they think of putting Leo Laporte on Sirius, I'll be happy.

"They kept My favorites: Escape, Chill, etc. The ones that changed are only slight changes : System became Area"

News Flash: they didn't keep your favorites. Chill is a ginormous clusterfuck that doesn't know what the genre is. Area is nothing like The Move (on whose old channel it was placed); all it is is a "deeper" BPM and that's not saying much. The System was far more expansive and deeper plus its top quality specialty shows.

I agree with those who have said it's too soon to tell. I will say that Outlaw Country and Roadhouse are a far cry from X Country and America. So far, can't tell much difference between the replacements for Highway 16 and US Country, so that's good. As far as rock goes, the two classic rock channels seem similar enough to Top Tracks and Big Tracks. I missed the beginning of O&A's XM portion of the show where they addressed some of the changes, so I'm looking forward to catching that on the way home from work tonight. I'll reserve judgment on Octane until the drive home.
Liquid Metal actually seems more listenable this morning; a bit less of the death metal stuff; a bit more variety. Actually heard a Cure song on 54 that I hadn't heard on radio in YEARS ("Charlotte Sometimes"), so that was kind of cool.

Still not entirely thrilled...As Opie said, we lost some great people. But, it's still far superior to what we have on FM here in Seattle. Now, off to XM's site to see if they've finally updated the channel guide to reflect the changes.

I haven't had much of a chance to dial around the radio, but as a Sirius subscriber, I just gained one country station (which is my primary interest; where I live--NYC area--there is no commercial station) and most of the rest of what I normally put on is still there. Willie's Place serves a void in Sirius' old lineup--the really old country standards, which Roadhouse dropped a few years ago. Good to see that the Bridge is coming back 1/1; it's the only station my wife and I can agree on in the car.

Everybody, please keep in mind that they had to do this. XM and Sirius were, and still are, bleeding money. The two companies could not continue separately, and merging companies without consolidating operations would have been pointless. Even so, the combined company may eventually go under, but it's my hope that if it does, something else (universal Internet radio in cars, e.g.) will exist by then to serve as an alternative to commercial radio.

Not everyone will be happy with everything. Apparently, the "Desilu" stations had quite a following on XM. But they've tried to match things that were redundant and eliminate the least popular formats. I'm sure that if something is sorely missed, there will be adjustments. The formats are not 100% in synch yet, so we should probably anticipate more changes down the pike.

BTW, the use of expletives or the implication of them ("go know the rest") does not help to support anyone's comments. It just makes you look immature, and your opinions are less likely to be valued.

Thanks xcountry. I figured that you would relate since your posts are intelligent and heartfelt. Unfortunately at the time it seems Sirius XM is banking on most subscribers to be like the immature MikeHunt types that are telling XM subscribers to go fuck themselves because they are voicing their dissatisfaction at the changes made. MikeHunt represents those who are complacent even when something good gets too big for its own good and ends up becoming homogenized for mass consumption. Why would Sirius XM cater to some of the long time subscribers when the majority is happy to be offered vanilla programming? After all, the merger wasn't about integrity. I am in no way bashing throes that do prefer the Sirius offerings. My gripe is that there should have been room made for all of us to be happy. If Sirius XM doesn't decide to divesify and expand somewhere down the road, inevitably something else will evolve to fill the void. Posts like mine represent those who were passionate about XM. Posts like MikeHunt’s above represents power that weak people feel when the have a forum to shit on other anonymously. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

I'll play taps now for XM. Good-bye old friend

Well, most of the channels I listen to daily on XM have stayed the same except The System (Ch. 82) is now gone. That's the one I was most worried about losing, too. I'm listening to Area (Ch. 80) to see how I like it, but I'm wondering if any of the content from The System will move over or if they are part of Area already. I loved Zoltar and Armin's shows. I'm going to really miss them if they aren't part of the lineup. Glad they kept BPM!

I'm also going to miss Boneyard. :(

As a sirius subscriber, I like the changes so far. Lithium, octane, and classic rewind have all seemingly expanded their playlists. They probably don't go as deep as squizz or Lucy, but there is a noticeable improvement today. I only hope it lasts.

I am very upset at the new line up. Rock stations keep growing, and more rare stations are being deleted. The reason why you get Sirius / Xm is for something "new" to listen.

Sirius and XM started with 3 channels each of Latin / Spanish channels.
Both XM and Sirius even give you the option to see the web sites in spanish.

BUT they have decided to keep one channel for both Sirius and XM?!

The strobe has been deleted- replaced with 70's
which is half rock / half disco... Freestyle music completely gone!

Sirius and XM should have made the effort to get the subscribers opinion or run a poll to figure out which are the more popular channels. Can they tell what you are listening to?

I cannot believe that no one has mentioned what a SCAM the Best Of packages turned out to be! Rather than offering us some of the best programming from the other service, they have effectively given everybody everything except for the 'best' of what the other service had. I thought this was a merger and everyone would be paying the same as they were pre-merger? Now, as a Sirius subscriber, I get everything an XM subscriber gets, but if I want the 8 best XM channels I have to pay extra. That makes no sense.

As an original Sirius subscriber, i originally got this service simply for Howard, i dont understand why people get so upset about the music, if it wasnt for Howard, NFL,and some of the political channels, i wouldnt have Satellite, its that simple, now that XM is merged with sirius, i get to here Opie and Anthony, and Ron and Fez, so to review the only thing that satellite radio is good for is Howard, O and A, Ron and Fez and some political channels, i have an ipod for my music, i dont need a billion music channels, my only gripe about the merger is where is MLB on sirius, i love baseball, and cant get MLB, dont care about golf basketball and nascar or oprah,anyone knows if sirius will get mlb, please post, thanks

I had the XM radio on last night at midnight ET and listened as the stations changed over. Some of the logos on my Pioneer XMP3 changed immediately with the new stations and others were up to date this morning.

Honestly, my first impression when I start flipping through all of the stations, new and old from XM is wow! So much more choice. This morning I tried to pick the 5 stations I want my XMP3 to auto record and couldn’t just choose five. Can they upgrade this thing to auto-record 10? I’m pleased that Sirius gave us stations like Jam On, Grateful Dead, Margarita Ville, The Spectrum and others. Sad to see Lucy, Fred and some others vanish. RIP old XM. But, I’m excited about the new options and like the new tag line, “Everything worth listening to is on Sirius XM.” I am very worried about playlists but even in the few hours of listening I’ve done thus far, this just isn’t regular radio so stop saying that. When I hear jocks going on and on about themselves, playing commercials and just giving me the same 30 songs over and over again with one or two extra tunes thrown in for good measure, then I’ll know I’m on the FM dial. Give this time people. But my initial reaction is that this is just great.

A perfect example of the difference between XM and Sirius is what we had the last two weekends. Whereas, in previous years, we were treated to "It" on the decades channels, which was a rundown of every hit, major and minor, since 1930, we spent the past two weekends getting something called "Greatest Its", which basically included every #1 hit and some that charted at #2 or #3, but nothing deeper than that. I fear that's what I'll have to get used to. I hope they at least keep the Casey Kasem and Rick Dees countdowns - at least I'll get to hear a little deeper music selection when they air.

As long as they keep Leo Laporte on XM I'll be happy.

I think that this transition will depend on what you're looking for from your satrad. Personally, my two favorite channels on XM were Ethel and Lucy, and both have been replaced. The great thing about Ethel and Lucy was that the playlists ran deep. Sure, you heard a lot of the same stuff every day, but the PD's and DJ's were not afraid to throw some real obscure stuff in there, even some stuff that didn't rigidly conform to the Alt music genre (like Chemical Brothers, the Prodigy, Moby, etc.). Given how widely acknowledged it is that Sirius' music channels are far more tightly programmed and controlled, I fear that their replacement channels are just going to be bland retreads on FM alternative stations. I will give it some time before passing final judgement, but I'm not hopeful.

On the flip side, I am happy that BPM got kept. I've come to start liking that channel a lot.

Love it. The old XM U was unlistenable (imho...sorry) and initially sounds much better as the revised Left of Center.

Got family interested now that everything is kind of sorted out. Will make a much better holiday present w/o all the confusion. Definately moving in the right direction.

I guess we'll see, I've only had a few hours to really listen but it sounds pretty good.

Wes, Big Tracks is really the same as it was originally. I never really liked Classic rewind on Sirius, but now it is essentially big tracks with some of those songs mixed in. Overall, not bad, but need more time to listen to some other channels and see what's changed on them.

Happy for the most part. One nit to pick: I wish Jonathan Schwartz and Buddy Ladd could have more of a hand in programming Siriusly Sinatra.
That said, I'm thrilled he stays.

As longtime suscriber and listener of the X,I hope they did'nt drop Blackfoot'' Smokestack'' Hope they don't pull another Webb Wilder. Just got used to him and poof he's gone. Whatever XM still still beats terror radio

I can not for the life of me believe they chose Outlaw over XCountry. At 12:05 am EST a DJ came on and i was forced to change the channel. Hear that all the time about Sirius DJ's. It sucked.

Miss Beyond Jazz. "Chill" played Cold Play? WTF.
XM reinvented radio. Sirius was barely above FM radio. And now XM is dead as we knew it. So not happy.

I was extremely dissapointed on my drive in to work this morning to find most of my presets had become Sirius stations. I've been a subscriber to XM radio for the last 3 years. I listen in my car and I have another unit in the house. I love having great radio to listen to when I travel and haven't had any interest in going back to FM radio, until today.

My intial impression is dissapointment that the channels I've listened to for the last 3 years are now gone, replaced with something similar, but distinctly different. I haven't had enough chance to listen to everything these new networks have to offer, but I'm not feeling extremely optimistic about this transition.

My wife and I most listened to Squizz, Ethel, Flight 26, Lucy, and Sports Radio, but we also enjoyed a lot of the other programming. So far it seems that Octane is certainly no Squizz, either in name or quality.

I will give it a chance for a little while, but in these economic times if you aren't going to offer a product I want, I'm not going to pay to keep it. I have too many other choices between CD's and portable media players to worry about a premium radio network that doesn't care about it's fan base.

At work we always had Sirius's Starlite on in the offices, and now that it's been replaced with "The Blend", I find myself going crazy. I feel like some of the songs on The Blend are too unknown and too random. I miss StarLite!

I love it except for the fact that Octane isn't a XL channel. If I hear any edited songs I will be extremely pissed off.

Sirius relentlessly prunes its more interesting ideas. Disorder, which included Larry Kirwan and David Johansen, joins their Folk Channel and Mexican Channel in the dustbin, leaving us with anodyne coffee Shop and "The Loft." I'm assuming they will abandon the scant 1-hour that they allowed for New Orleans music.
At least Scelsa is still on WFUV.
Meg Griffin promoted the heck out of Sirius. Some reward.
I am very disappointed.

I am very disappointed that we have lost Xcountry. I loved the channel and see nothing that comes close to it in the new offerings so far. What is the chance that we can get it back?

As a subscriber to XM for many years (and a dual subscriber to Sirius and XM for a couple) I was surprised by the channel changes this morning. I had expected the change but thought there might be some advance notice. My biggest fear was that through the merger The Loft would be gone. I was very happy to see it still there along with Coffee House and Spectrum. Hope they all continue to co-exist. Mike (Loft) is just a great programmer and cares a lot about music. I rely on The Loft to guide my new music purchases. Through the years I always perceived XM to be more for folks who are serious about music and always found Sirius to be too repetitive. I hope the XM culture is lot overcome by the Sirius crowd.

As someone said, Sirius music is good for people who listen during a short car ride or for a few minutes at home. I listen for hours at work and short playlists aren't going to work too well. I've been a subscriber to both and I rarely will ever listen to music on Sirius. Sirius has great sports talk and political talk but musically lacks. My two favorite stations were replaced. The Boneyard will be back but Squizz is now Octane. I have to admit this could be alot worse. The pluses I have noticed thus far, they removed Jason Ellis from Octane. Thank god! This guy babbles about nothing before and during the start of the song. Probably one of the most annoying DJ's ever. That is a big plus he if off the channel. Covino is annoying too but nowhere near to the extent of Jason Ellis. Kayla and Bohdi are alright. Grant Random is pretty good. For someone who doesn't really like rambling DJ's I can live with this line up on Octane. I read on the Octane webpage that it mentions deeper tracks. I hope that is true. They really have toned down the talking over the music I noticed. Please keep that up. Really is too early to tell if the service will be worth or have gone straight to hell. Time will tell. This merged line up doesn't help me at all though because if I choose to remain a subscriber I still need two radios. One for MLB Home Plate and the other for Sirius Patriot. America Right really lacks in the morning and midday on XM. If they combined the music line ups, why not combine the whole line up? Hopefully they do that soon so I could drop one of these subscriptions.

So far good - some of the channels tend to overlap a little more than I recall they did previously. Belinda Carlise/Go-Gos on 1st Wave? I guess, but....

Also, having a little problem with the nomenclature - XM Cafe becomes "Spectrum" - but to make sure we have enough coffee, there is a new "Coffeehouse" which apparently serves just a little bit more caffiene than the "Loft" which is limitted to decaf?

I guess this is why I can't tell too much of a difference between Kona and Sumatra...

I think the only thing that is kind of anoying is they should have unified the channel numbers for the music between services. hearing sirius channel 39 and xm channel 30 is kind of anoying.
also what's up with hits 1? I didnt see it listed in the lineup but its still here and telling people to check out channel 39.

Wow. They took away some of my favorite channels. This stinks.

In 2003, in the height of the anti-terrorism campaign which banned anything that was foreign in America, XM Radio removed the only two World Music channels from his lineup and prevented Americans across the nation to enjoy this genre of music.

Five years later, the election of a new president illustrate that America's mentality is ready for a change and be re-opened to the world. The years of great musical darkness are hopefully over! Join this movement by allowing XM/Sirius subscribers to access music from Obama's ancestors - please allow existing CH98 and CH90 (World Music) to be available via XM/Sirius satellite feed, on everyone receivers!


Support the movement to bring back World Music to XM/Sirius! Email

I think Sirius XM should have only one subscription model.

I looked into upgrading to sirius/best of XM, but I would have to spend another $500 - $1000, because my custom installed stereo does not support the new package.

It's not worth it to me to get best of XM because all I really want is O&A.

I will say though that in spite of the complaints I have, I am driving my brothers car this week and he does not have sirius or xm and the regular radio is unbelievably un-listenable!!

I wish I could add XM best of, but I still really LOVE sirius!

The new XMU Sirius sucks. The DJs have no talent, have annoying voices and I am not impressed at all. I will give it a few more days but without Tobi and Billy, it just won't be the same.

"But, I’m excited about the new options and like the new tag line, “Everything worth listening to is on Sirius XM.”"

I can't believe someone actually said this. Many of the best songs out there are the ones you never get to hear, which is why I loved the deeper playlists on XM Radio. The tag line that "Everything worth listening to is on Sirius XM" is both factually incorrect and narrowminded. It shows me that the folks at Sirius don't get what XM fans really were looking for when they chose XM over Sirius.

When will they decide on just one name? I don't care if it's Sirius or XM. Just pick one please.

Thank goodness Deep Tracks remains. For me, the joy of that channel is hearing songs you missed -- or that you'd forgotten you'd ever heard. Having sampled Classic Vinyl this morning ... well, let's just say I could name that tune (each of the first five tunes, in point of fact) in four notes.

And, as a three-year XMer, I will say I'm glad to have the Grateful Dead channel and Underground Garage.

So far, I'm disappointed. I have about zero interest in any of the new channels and they went ahead and replaced a lot of my favorite XM channels with the Sirius equivalents. Most notably, Lucy has been replaced with Lithium. Now, it's only been a few hours, but I haven't been too impressed so far with its playlist. At the end of the day, I'm less happy with my XM subscription than I was before.

"Im not asking, Im demanding they put the 80s channel back to the way it was." -SyNiSt3r

Are ya? Who the hell do you think you are? You're one subscriber. Only thing you're in a position to demand is a cancellation & maybe a refund.

You've got better luck going into the DMV and demanding your license back after your 3 DUI.

Better yet, how about you go into the IRS building and DEMAND all your tax back.

Yeah, cricket..... CRICKET CRICKET.

Anybody notice that Hip Hop Nation was censored today? That was my favorite music channel because I could hear the songs the way that they were created, not with a bunch of substitute wording or pauses. I notice that The Heat (formally Hot Jamz 50) has gone the same route. I know Shade 45 is uncensored by I'm not a big fan because they don't play all the hits. what gives?

I am greatly disappointed that X-Country is gone. I feel betrayed. X-Country was the main reason I purchased my sattelite service. Outlaw Country is no comparision. The service is no longer worth what I am paying. I can't believe it!

It's called Variety. That was the big problem with The Sirius 80's channel. Their playlist was so limited.Now they have added XM's playlist in there as well. It is much better now with the added selections. Also, Sirius used shorter versions(Radio Play) on some songs, which I disliked. XM always had the longer versions. This Channel is much improved.

Boneyard is coming back in January.

Like I've always said....XM knows music; Sirius knows songs. Unfortunately, we lose the depth of XM for something slightly better than FM. Sad day for XM. I think the classic rock station I made for my Slacker has more depth than Classic Vinyl!

First the merger, then this....let's give sat radio 2 more years....

Tradegy - X country is gone. It was hands down the best, most authentic station on XM. I'm NOT happy about it. This outlaw country station sucks ass.

Can't believe we lost X Country. I may very well cancel my subscription.

XM with the best of Sirius is the way to go. You get basically everything that Sirius had with the XM sports packages thrown in. My theory is that in the next twelve months, Sirius will stop being Sirius and become XM. Look at the programming. If you go with Sirius and the Best of XM you don't get baseball. If you flip that, you get everything. Sirius is going away as a brand name. You'll be left with FM/AM/XM

My two cents.....

I am VERY disappointed that Xcountry is gone. Outlaw cannot compare to its rich and varied play list. Where am I going to hear the fantastic artists that Xcountry played? I have three subscriptions and will consider dropping all of them if this does not get better. The single artist stations that they offer are not at all interesting. Gone are the days I could just put on channel 12 and drive happily for hours. How can we get our favorites put back on the channels that are included? This is horrible.

you better fix hip-hop nation this edited shit has to go

why did the fcc say yes ?

I'm seriously pissed off that I no longer have a punk channel. It was bad enough when they temporarily turned it into a 24/7 AC/DC channel, but to now not have a dedicated punk rock channel is disheartening. I sent an email to Sirius when they put AC/DC on the punk channel and I never got a response.

I'm now sorry that the merger was allowed to go through. I'm paying an extra $4 to get Ron and Fez, but now I don't have my favorite music channel.

I think it's a bit too easy to dismiss them right now, for fans of say, Lucy. But most everybody will come around, and the threats of cancelled subscriptions will turn up empty.

I'm actually very happy. Sure, XMU is basically dead, and I only wish the best for Billy Zero & Tobi, But Alt Nation is better than Ethel, Radio 1 is better than U-Pop, and Jason Ellis & Faction are on XM!

It could have gone a lot worse, and it seems the service just might better for it.

RIP Boombox and now that this has been implemented, when will they move on to improving that god-awful Sirius Internet player?

at least hard attack is still intact ( just renamed liquid metal)..

same dj's and still programmed by jose!

It may still be too early to tell for some but I will tell you this. The choices I have on satellite radio are far superior to what I can get on terrestrial radio. I live in the NYC listening area and there are maybe 3-4 somewhat passable rock stations (when they play music and not commercials). On SiriusXM there are 21 defined rock stations and numerous other stations in other genres that play rock as well so it really is a no brainer. I originally bought Sirius for Howard Stern so I feel like I'm getting my money's worth just for that. Everything else is really, really good icing on top. The only thing I really want right now is MLB but it's not being offered to me yet so I guess I'll just have to wait.

I'm pretty happy so far. I liked the 40s on 4. It was a nice relaxing channel on XM, and I thought Sirius had too many channels that were too similar.

Good to see the Bridge coming back. It seems refreshed, I was getting a little tired of the same things. I'ts like I got a new radio all of a sudden.

I originally got XM for Fred as I graduated in '82 and I am a big fan of 80's alternative.

But after the first year are so Fred started to get to deep for me. I want to hear songs that remind me of the 'goof old days'. But when they started to play a bunch of song I have never heard of before it started to lose the reminiscent feeling.

A song you ave never heard before reminds me of nothing. I think the programmers at Fred knew this also, as the would replay 'Fred Essentials' song countdown over and over again. Knowing that people wanted to hear songs they know.

I love First Wave and I am very happy with the change so far.

First let me get this out of the way, I am an XM-er who has their sub because of O&A and Ron&Fez. So I probably would have hung around as long as they stayed.

My favorite channels were Squizz, Ethel, Lucy, Flight 26, Big Tracks, etc. So far my early thoughts are that the conversion of those channels is pretty good, so far. We had to all know that a lot of channels would get axed, but hopefully it's just the names that are gone and not the music.

I'm glad that some of the personalities I was used to on some of the channels I listened to are now on Sirius XM. (Bodhi, Grant Random, Sonny Fox are all still around).

My initial thoughts are (after about 10 hours of listening and surfing) that the merging of similar channels has been done pretty well. I'm satisfied so far and am cautiously opitmistic.

I'm sad to hear that a lot of people and their music preferences are getting shafted though. Latin music channels, Punk, should all be ones that should have carried over.

i still cant believe there is no "xm the rhyme" or "sirius backspin"...and i noticed more old school on shade 45 today....good to hear that leo g and supposedly subsoniq on hip-hop nation but no dj bee, rasta root, or any of the friday nite dj's on the rhyme make the jump....overall they screwed over the hip-hop fans as bad as any other wating to call cuz i know it will be a LONG wait!!!!

This stinks and I don't like it.

I'm pouring some beer on the curb for my dead homie XM. RIP. Lee Abram's believer for life!

I want the Boneyard back.

A two-month hiatus is ridiculous.

Im actually happy with the change. One of my fave channels got to stay and I only really lost one channel that I enjoyed. The XM channels are pretty good. Im just alittle confused about how the interoperable radios will work now. Is there any need for them?

today is the day back in 2001 that xm went nationwide im wearing my xm tshirt in honor of xm today :(

AS an XM'er I'm likin' some of the new channels.
I will miss The Rhyme and Chrome but now I will probably that music on the 70's and 80's,90's channel.

I prefer Raw dog comedy ( I was so sick of hearing Dane Cook), I like the Foxxhole and other new channels so I think I made out pretty good.

I'm also starting to think that the idea of Satellite Radio is dead. The whole point of opening up the bandwidth was to give us choice and now that is gone. If you don't like one, you were supposed to be able to go to the other.

It's tough because the promise was a big one. XM out the gate had a lot of really clever and original programming. On The Rocks and Special X come to mind. They were a great example of why satellite radio was important. Obviously they've been gone a while.

I think it's almost over. When WiMax comes and we can get internet radio in our cars, XM/Sirius is done.

By the way, there's some major glitching going on with the online streams. 72 sounds like if has at least four streams crashing through it. Same on 57, "Greatful Dead" is crossed with a Christian Rock station. Those are just the ones I've run across so far.

They have room for 18 rock channels but not one disco channel on either service!! Sheesh!!

Only thing I am pissed about is the fact that I own a Stiletto 100 and I can almost promise everyone we will never see an update to our device with updated channel logos and voice. Other than that, I like what I hear so far.

Actually, cutting the Spanish selection cost Sirius XM my 4 subs. FM radio is diseased across the spectrum. XM brought to Spanish radio the same thing it brought to rock with Fred, Lucy, and Ethel. Mel took away all that was good. They're all gone. Mel might as well let Clear channel program all the stations -- wait, nevermind, I can't tell the difference anymore anyways.

EABOD and DIAF, Mel.

I really thought the merger would give us more choices not less.

Big mistake and very disappointing. Lost several channels that I like. buzzsaw, left of center, etc.

I had XM years ago, cancelled it, because I didn't listen that much or think the lineup was very good. got sirius when howard joined and thought the music channel choices were a little better. Now many of the good music channels are gone. Why eliminate things that are not redundant? For instance they got rid of old skool hip hop, on sirius and there is nothing that has a similar format now. They got rid of Buzzsaw, and there is no classic hard rock now.

I don't really care about single artist channels or sports radio.

Sirius did away with all my favorite music stations: Punk, Backspin, Boombox, and Universo Latino. The alternatives they offer to listeners on their website are laughable: Blink-182 on Faction does not qualify as Punk, I have not heard one single track on Alt-Nation that ever played on Boombox, there is no Rock en Espanol that can be heard on the new Caliente, and I think Shade 45 actually plays more old school rap than Hip-Hop Nation. Don't even get me started on The Loft being considered an alternative to Disorder. Sirius shows no respect to music lovers by sending them off to stations where their favorite music is not being played. I have an alternative to Sirius: Internet radio and an iPod. My subscription will be cancelled.

What the hell happened to my salsa how can you give us one lousy channel and expect that all latin music is the same. are you guys idiots or what... latin pop rock and maybe a bit of salsa thrown in. How insulting to the salseros and the whole spanish population in general.... I will be cancelling my five year subscription and will be popping in my cds....... to much to pay a year for one lousy spanish channel.

I guess they Bullshitted us about XM 80 The Move coming back huh! No House Music and No Old School Hip Hop. I switched from Sirius to XM because of the House Music.

Here's a petition I found online. Not sure how much good its going to do, but its a start.

XM you will be missed… The good times…. Bigs ups to those diverse DJ’s from
B-More, DC, NYC, You fellas kept me up to date! Now I will be lost in the game!
Awwww DJ Exclusive…. What a loss….

Anyhow, I am extremely irate!! This was the worst change in history! Urban and Plush lounge fan I must say. Currently, a subscriber through Direct TV which I be downgrading my package in the next hour! I may switch to cable!! Gee!!! Hip Hop nation! What is this garbage? Where is the reggae channel? No diversity!
How in the world could Corp remove these channels? Poor management once again.

XM Chill
XM Beyond Jazz
XM The Move
XM The City ***
XM Rhyme
XM Suite 62

Good idea… Yea right! Remove 3 urban channels and have one! Where is the diversity?
Underground Hip Hop, Classic Hip Hop, Old school Hip Hop.

Well Sirius just lost me as a client. No words for the stock price!!! ;-(

DJ unKnown

I am disappointed with the line up. I use my XM subscription online all the time and now they have taken away CineMagic from the channels available...this agrivates me. I also liked listening to channel 77 on XM, which was Audio Visions, now it is not even on the radio anymore. Another is Sonic Theater. It seems to me like they are taking away all the good stations and leaving the ones that really suck!

No old school rap? BRING BACK XM 65!!!!!

Sirius XM.... FAIL!

Bunch of whiners here.

I'm very pleased overall. I have a long commute and was looking forward listening to Good Morning America for the first time today. But, much to my dismay, all I got out of Sirius XM Stars was some woman doing fake paranormal cold readings. Where's my GMA? Other than that, I like what I hear.

Having a paid subscription to XM and getting Sirius free in my car I can honestly say that I liked the XM programming better than the dog's.

Favorite XM channels
1- The Virus (O&A)
2- Lucy
3- The Rhyme

Favorite Sirius channels
1- Boombox
2- Backspin

Now I’m just one person with their own unique music tastes (like many others) but the merger has completely wiped out whole genres of music.

- Old school rap/hip hop = gone
- Vintage dance/disco = gone
- Electronic/rock remixes = gone
And I’m sure the list goes on,

C'mon Sirius XM, the appeal for satellite radio was to offer something for everyone, even if it was one or two channels people could find a niche that they liked and not have to deal with annoying commercials.

I can understand the reasoning to merge overlapping channels (decades) but to eliminate unique music genres is beyond me.

And I agree it's nice to have dedicated "artist of the month" channels a la Coldplay, Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Metallica, AC/DC but please let's limit these to MONTHLY features!
Sure some people will love the "All Elvis, All the Time" or Grateful Dead 24/7, but I'm sure a lot MORE people would appreciate these exclusive channels for other artists/bands on a rotating basis.

In some cases certain genres have doubled their amount of channels (Rock and Pop). Now I love Rock'n'Roll as much as the next guy but the amount of overlap of music that I hear on these channels is astonishing.
I can say this because I’ve had the same songs pop up on my INNO tuneselect multiple times within the span of an hour.

All this has to be addressed,

Let's hope our suggestions for an improved satellite radio will be taken into consideration and changes are made so that there truly is something for everybody.

Hopefully, some of the execs still read Orbitcast. If not, in all seriousness, it may be worth some well-thought emails to Mr. Zellner. I've actually found him pretty responsive and to be a good guy. Same with Jon Anthony on the country front. Not familiar with any of the other programmers since they're from Sirius...But for those of us who want our X Country back, maybe we just need to keep hitting up Jon Zellner and Jon Anthony.

I'm interested to hear the DJ's on 46 and 49 today...Those are two channels that don't really need them since it's all familiar music, but let's see how bad they are.

Glad to see XM finally put up the new channel guide. I noticed Alt Nation and Octane have no DJ schedule listed, so did everyone on both the XM side and the Sirius side get let go from both channels, or have they just not worked out airshifts yet?

I was glad to see that Roadhouse appears to be keeping Bill Anderson's Visits with the Legends and Outlaw is adding Marty Stewart's American Odyssey.

To the person who mentioned Smokestack, a great show, it wasn't listed anywhere...So, we lose it and road calls with X Country switching to Outlaw. It appears Saturday nights we get Shooter Jennings Electric Rodeo (sounds like it could be kinda cool) and some show hosted by Steve Earle. Two of my favorite artists; now let's see if they can do radio.

I find it interesting that, of the channels I looked at, the country stations and Deep Tracks have slightly different on-air lineups on the weekends, but most of the rock stations that do have DJ's have the same ones seven days a week...Ah, the wonders of voice tracking.

I also noticed no DJ's listed anymore for Liquid Metal; considering both XMLM and Hard Attack had on-air staffs, I'm surprised they didn't keep one staff, or some of each or something. Again, maybe they're there but the site hasn't been updated.

Also, I see the play-by-play schedule hasn't been updated when you go to; still shows 105 as NFL radio, but with nothing on right now. Nice.

Not trying to complain; I guess what I'm saying is they've known this was coming...All of this should have been emailed to subscribers days ago, and should've been ready to hit the website in advance of the changes. Very badly handled. It'll be interesting to see if the company does in fact lose subs over the changes.

XM has just lost a CINEMAGIC CUSTOMER.


Very disappointed that the king of boring, Jonathan Schwartz, has been retained and has gone to Siriusly Sinatra. Oh well, at least XM Pops seems to be intact and Escape has survived. So, for me, status quo.

I couldn't be happier so far. I have had XM for 5 or so years now and have constantly debated switching to Sirius because some of their music offerings and comedy channels appealed to me more than XM's options but never pulled the trigger. Glad I didn't because patience paid off and I am getting the best of both worlds including all my sports in one easy place! Kudos to Sirius XM, now let's work on those stock prices, ha!!

The Sirius music stations were 100x better than the XM stations - we're the ones that are getting screwed with your crappy playlists. Bring back Punk Channel & BackSpin!!!! Outlaw Country > X Country.

I hate the new line up and the fact that XM didn't bother to tell me about it before it happened. Since XM was always slanted toward east coast times for show line ups, I was only able to catch up to the Dylan, Tom Petty and Marty Stuart shows on XM 2's all day replays. Now those are gone and if I want to listen to Bob Dylan they expect me to tune in at 9am or 5pm on work days. I'm seriously thinking of ditching the whole mess. Why pay for a clone of bad FM radio?

Baba Booey!!!! Baba Booey!!!! Baba Booey!!!!

For someone who's new to Raw Dog.....when is Jim Breuer's show on?

I'm happy Subsoniq is on Hip Hop Nation, but unhappy that I've been flipping thru ALL 3 urban channels and have heard one classic song today... "Nuthin but a G Thing"... Ive been listening for a good 3.5 hours today...

So my initial thoughts are "I hope HHN starts to play more Hip Hop... Sorry, but Little Wayne/G-Unit isn't it...

Starting Monday there won't be Maxim Radio on Sirius 108. It will be called "Sirius Stars Too", and the only show remaining from Maxim will be Covino and Rich. Jay Thomas and Vinnie Politan will also be on the channel, and it will also be on XM 39.

It would appear Sirius is done with me. First they drop the PUNK channel (Faction is NOT an acceptable alternative, I'm not 15) and today Disorder was dropped too.

Apparently Sirius has no interest in keeping the "fringe" music fans as customers. We were the original Sirius/XM listeners; people who were willing to pay money to hear something different from what was available on the radio. I purchased a Lifetime sub because of Disorder, Left of Center Underground Garage & Stern and I was thrilled when they added a pure Punk channel. I don't think I'll be continuing to pay for my additional radio once my current pre-payed period is up.

I'm down to 4 presets now, the Stern channels, Underground Garage and XMU (which seems to still be Left of Center.) If Stern doesn't renew his contract I'll rarely be listening to Sirius any longer.

It may be time for me to investigate Slacker Internet radio more seriously...

I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the change. That main station I listened to on Sirius was The Beat and BPM is no where near what The Beat is(at least to me and from what I've read on here others agree). I don't like the DJ on there either, Skyy. He talks WAY to long. He needs to learn to shut up and play the music. I looked on the BPM page on Sirius and they took away the DJ's I liked as well. I miss The Beat... :(

I own stocks in this company but unfortunately the executives in this company have ruined this company to penny stocks. It is unfortunate but I don't think this company will survive. Unfortunately, I will lose my money. I think the technology is cool but these executives spent a lot of money instead of thinking of turning a profit. I should have sold my shares a long time ago. Thank you, Mr Mel Karmazin.

I live in Canada and the only thing that I feel that I am being disadvantaged over my american subs is that I wisH that I would have access to the Best of Sirius packege here in the great white north. I and a bunch of my fellow subscriber in Canada would agree with me on this and I wish that the parent company would pressure the Canadian arms of XM, Siriius to offer the combined package. But as far as what i read it looks like a good package overall. But wish I had access to MY nascar Programming on my XM receiver.

I am disappointed and amazed that XM dropped Beyond Jazz. This was a great channel that provided a brilliant cross-section of the best modern jazz out there now. I listened to this station a lot, and was made aware of quite a number of jazz artists I had not heard before.

Jazz is our true American art form, one brought to us by African-Americans, and is important to our country and the world artistically and culturally. The U.S. has just elected its first African-American president, and that gives me a great deal of hope, but then corporations such as XM/Sirius make moves like this, and it takes a little bit of that hope away again.

They have also dumped XM Café, another station I listened to that provided new and interesting music. On the other hand, we now have access to NASCAR races on the radio, Martha Stewart, and not one but 2 Howard Stern channels available-wow. I had always viewed XM as an ALTERNATIVE to the mainstream radio and cable music channels, but it’s clear that’s now not the case.

Thanks to XM/Sirius for doing their part in helping to lower the collective intelligence of this country. I am canceling my account with XM.

I echo the thoughts of some here in the Hip Hop genre. You have classic rock, classic R&B, classic country, classic pop but no classic Hip Hop? It's not like Hip Hop is new, it's been around nearly 30 years. For SXM to kill off Backspin and the Rhyme in one swoop is a programming mis-step. Hopefully, someone will think this one through and bring one of them back.

As someone said, Sirius music is good for people who listen during a short car ride or for a few minutes at home. I listen for hours at work and short playlists aren't going to work too well. I've been a subscriber to both and I rarely will ever listen to music on Sirius. Sirius has great sports talk and political talk but musically lacks. My two favorite stations were replaced. The Boneyard will be back but Squizz is now Octane. I have to admit this could be alot worse. The pluses I have noticed thus far, they removed Jason Ellis from Octane. Thank god! This guy babbles about nothing before and during the start of the song. Probably one of the most annoying DJ's ever. That is a big plus he if off the channel. Covino is annoying too but nowhere near to the extent of Jason Ellis. Kayla and Bohdi are alright. Grant Random is pretty good. For someone who doesn't really like rambling DJ's I can live with this line up on Octane. I read on the Octane webpage that it mentions deeper tracks. I hope that is true. They really have toned down the talking over the music I noticed. Please keep that up. Really is too early to tell if the service will be worth or have gone straight to hell. Time will tell. This merged line up doesn't help me at all though because if I choose to remain a subscriber I still need two radios. One for MLB Home Plate and the other for Sirius Patriot. America Right really lacks in the morning and midday on XM. If they combined the music line ups, why not combine the whole line up? Hopefully they do that soon so I could drop one of these subscriptions.

Very disappointed that our local djs on XMU are gone. The morning guy on “Sirius XMU” blows! The station names on Sirius are uncreative, not to mention XM is a much better name than Sirius!(e.g. AM, FM, XM…duh!)

The programming has incorporated the best of both worlds in many instances, but 2 Canadian pop stations as well as switching The Verge to Canadian emerging artists!?! C’mon!

I’m not happy with the apparent takeover of XM, but it’s better than commercials. In a couple years when streaming Internet to our vehicles is made easier via our phone or directly, then I’ll get rid of it. But in the meantime, I’ll pay for it.

I agree Ishka. That is definitely a lapse and I think within time they will address it.I wrote them an email. Have to see what kind of response I get. Disco is not, at least for some of us.:)

One of the GREAT things about XM's lineup was it's country channels, far less cliched then Sirius'. Willies Place has totally turned to crap in one day!!! Willie's Place was previously a unique channel with a strong Texas and Western Swing playlist, now it is worse then the ridiculouly bad Accuradio "Classic Country" offering, which is BTW FREE! The rest of Xm's country lineup has been replaced by incredibly lame Sirius alternatives who's programming is reminicent of low power a.m. local classic country stations, cliche ridden with miniscule and predictable playlists. This is the END of Satellite radio as we knew it, the charm and uniquness is gone. I subsribe to both and will be cancelling both.


My hat is off to all my brothers and sisters of the X Country faith. Everywhere I have read today, we are a bunch of pissed off folks.

I have bounced back & forth today from Outlaw & Buffett. Those 2 play some of what we are missing. But would only add up to a drop in a bucket of what we are missing.

Yes I sent some e-mails, signed petitions, and canceled 4 of my 8 XM subs.


Brian I do too. BPM is ok, but it's not the same. I will miss "Good Time Marcus". He was definitely one of the best DJ's on there. They also listened to you when you put in a request through "Beat Builders". RIP Beat, the memories will live on forever.

Too much Country music.

These comments are hilarious.
Ever heard "Don't judge a book by its cover"?
A channel that takes Sirius name, in many cases, is not an XM channel being replaced, simply renamed. If you spent the time to actually listen, you might notice that many of these channels are actually the XM channel replacing the Sirius channel, but keeping the more marketable Sirius channel name. Who the hell knows what a Squizz is? Well guess what, Squizz isn't gone. Listen to Octane. You'd think you would actually listen before spurting all of these unjustly irate comments. for the fans of rock and pop, you XMers made out better than the Sirius subs, whether you know it or not.


I thought at first that I might need a couple of days to figure out the difference between the channels, but I was wrong. I have heard the same Snow Patrol song three times on The Spectrum, channel 45 I think.

And I heard the same song on Flight 26, errr, I mean The Pulse. Its not as if SXM doesn't know how to put decent playlists together that aren't going to piss people off.

Also I have noticed that the sound quality on SXM is a lot worse. Yesterday when it was XM my stereo made nice deep bass on the same channels that I listen to today, of course there not the same channels any more. Today the sound is flat and I have to turn up the bass and treble on my stereo to make it sound decent. I had to do the same thing in my car because the music sounded like bad AM playback.

One channel that almost sounds the same is XM Classics 110, or Symphony Hall, what ever channel number is it. Martin Goldsmith is still on there and sounds like they are playing the same great music.

Backspin was my favorite. I almost listened to it exclusively and now it is gone. Damn you Sirius. What's the deal keeping The "Soccer Mom" Pulse around and ditching Backspin? Probably won't renew when my contract is up now that I have to listen to the repetitive XM crap on the decade stations. I want my Big 80's with the original MTV VJ's.

i more or less like the changes. i'm really bummed out by the loss of any type of old school hip hop. i got howard, i got o&a, i ain't got no old school yo. they dropped the ball on us 30 somethings that every now and then like to relive our old wigger days, wack!

I'm utterly disgusted. I got in my car this morning and turned on my radio only to discover that all of my favorite channels weren't working. After selecting a few more channels, my radio just reported that they were offline. Then I started seeing strange station titles. I knew something was horribly wrong.

I'm afraid that this is the ultimate demise of XM and satellite radio as we know it. When a friend and I signed up for XM radio a number of years ago, we signed up for it instead of Sirius for a reason. Simply put, the Sirius technology always sucked, from the very beginning up until now. Their channel lineup was crap, the quality was crap, and the crap they played was crap. So why didn't someone just say ENOUGH with the crap and dig them a hole and shove them in it?

XM stock took a serious plunge when this whole merger started to take light, and it looks like things are only aimed to get worse. I'm pissed about all this, and I know a bunch of other people are as well as the number of negative comments here are enough justice. I didn't sign up for Sirius, and I never wanted Sirius. But when I got in my car this morning, I knew things had changed for the worse.

I don't know what it's going to take, but I guess at the end of the day it's going to be what it is. I just can't believe that they pretty much stuck it to everyone in Washington DC and pretty much said "You're out of a job. Have a nice life".

Have a nice life, Sirius.

X Country replaced by Outlaw Country ????
are you kidding !!! The same music is on Willie's Place. Sirius has no clue when it comes to music programing. BRING BACK X COUNTRY !

Everything Sirius touches turns to crap.
I'm giving up on satellite and moving to MP3.

That was the last straw.

Cancel your account then re-open it with an American address. Just pick one out of the phone book.

now that they are one will they use the larger play list of xm on both services? i dont' see why not since they've got all of this music

I'm not as irritated as I thought I would be after the first day of listening. However, I did have some issues listening online. BBC Radio 1 wasn't on XMRO all day. I got The System anytime I clicked on 29. I like the fact that UPop is still available online. Faction is an interesting station when they actually play music; however, the online feed sounded like an FM station that was encountering severe interference.

Radio Margaritaville is what an artist-focused channel should be. I'm a big Buffett fan, but I love that they play a wide-variety of music to encompass his influences and favorites.

I like Alt Nation and Octane. Very happy that BPM is still there. I'm not fond of Lithium (playlist is way too limited and I'm really going to miss the Lucy promos), Sirius XM U (the music is fine, but the talent cannot compare to Billy Zero and Tobi), or 1st Wave (far too poppy). Lithium gave me a little hope when I heard For Squirrels "The Mighty K.C." on the way home. My favorite station is XM Canada-owned The Verge, so I'm glad that was only relocated.

People from Sirius I'm sure read boards like this one will probably never merge the two service completly knowing exactly what you wrote. I have read time and again people that have dual subs saying that they would get rid of one or the other but because each service has some niche channels as the sole reason that people stay subs to both services.
I mean when has this company been on the of the consumer?

Where can you find artist confidential these days now that XMX is gone?

as long as we have freedom of speech for $12 ill never cancel my service!
let freedom ring and let it be rung by a stripper 1/9/06
the real black fist

No doubt...its not a replacement for Boombox at all.

From what I see we now no longer have anything that is even close to Boombox.

X Country replaced by Outlaw Country ????
are you kidding !!! The same music is on Willie's Place. Sirius has no clue when it comes to music programing. BRING BACK X COUNTRY !

Everything Sirius touches turns to crap.
I'm giving up on satellite and moving to MP3.

That was the last straw.

I can't stand the changes too! I miss all the DJ's on the decade channels and I think it's ridiculous that Sirius Disorder is gone. I also miss the Strobe. I hope Sirius dumps all those artist-centered stations too. They are very alienating for people who don't listen to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Grateful Dead, and Bruce Springstein.

I won't cancel my subscription because anything is better than terrestrial radio. However, I am disappointed. I'll give them credit for keeping the Underground Garage though.

I was angry they got rid of John Devore so soon after his show launched.

I am one of those people that kept both services for the "niche" programming. I used to have XM for their spanish selection. I canceled this morning when they deleted Caricia, Viva, and Aguila.

On the Sirius side, I'm still raw about losing Discovery radio earlier, and Stephanie Miller being replaced with a no-talent, in-house, hack on Sirius left.

The loss of Backspin and Boombox was the last straw. I canceled my Sirius subs immediately after I canceled XM.

EABOD and DIAF, Mel.

Glad to see I wasn't the only one who misses Fred.

i swear sirius/xm is ran by a bunch of donkey' can you ditch old school hip-hop on both companies and give us more mainstream bullshit...i can hear all that shit on fm radio....then they give us the xm dj's who played progressive hip-hop on the rhyme and put them on hip-hop nation??????....what about the older heads who grew up on hip-hop????? what about us????? but rock has a shit load of the other guy said hip-hop has been here for a long time....just like clasic rock!!!!

Wow that didn't take long to cancel. I wonder how many people are canceling today.

I'm not sure what all the griping is about. I've had both Sirius and XM for quite some time. I felt all along that Sirius was much better. Now that my GM vehicle with factory installed XM is much closer to the Sirius I enjoy at home, I couldn't be happier.

Been waiting for this day for over a year and a half. Like several other posters, switched to XM because of factory install in GM product. Was great to hear Sirius sounds again like 'The Pulse' and 'Classic Rewind'. Unfortunately, I'm a Canadian subscriber where "Best Of" offers don't apply - so no Howard Stern for me yet but hoping the companies licensed to distribute the signal up north will merge so I can enjoy the same service offers as Americans. Until then, love the merged stations, and great to have some my favorite DJs back, like those on 80s on 8 (previously Big 80s).

On a business perspective, it only makes sense for the newly merged Sirius XM to consolidate many of the duplicate stations, rather then running two of almost identically themed stations running on separate companies - saves money, bandwidth, the need for two sets of DJs, and delivers an expanded music library. Also, will allow more leverage to attract star/guest DJs, live acts, exclusives, debuts - so for those who are thinking of cancelling you're subscription, just wait until the growing pains have eased; I think we as dedicated listeners will soon benefit from a merged company with an even larger combined subscriber base and greater influence in the music industry.

Although I lost some of my favorites today too, like 'The Beat' on Sirius among others, I applaud the merged channel lineups and look forward to the next phase of the new Sirius XM (whatever that may be?)

Sinead O'Connor even attempting to be techno???(Sirius's "Area" vs XM's "The System") Area is nowhere NEAR the quality of "The System" Plain pittiful. "Area" is definately "Techno Lite"

Earth Wind, & Fire,5th Diminsion even being associated with MoTown Soul?? (Sirius's Soul Town Vs.XM's "Soul Street") I happen to like those groups but MoTown they ain't.In one hours time, I didn't hear one Aretha Franklin,Marvin Gaye,Al Green,Curtis Mayfield,Spinners,Temptations,etc. Basically a bunch of groups I have NEVER heard of.

Chatty DJ's talking about football on Classic Rock stations?? There's an independant station in Charlotte,NC that is WAY better than some of what I heard today as far as DJ'ing goes.

What are those Sirius programmers thinking? Are they on drugs? Are are they really that ignorant of genre music?? Where did they get these people?

Is this what Sirius subscribers accepted for programming for all these years?

If they can't do any better than this,Sirius/XM deserves to fail. I've been a subscriber since 2002 but accepting substandard product is something I can't go along with. I'm still getting "The System" on DirecTV but that's not much help in the car or office.

Hopefully enough to get Mel's attention. They've had a problem with customer input from the beginning. They're so secretive, they might as well be part of the CIA. I've emailed both services in the past, but all I've ever gotten were canned responses. It's time to vote with my wallet. Money talks, afterall.

I may use the money refunded from the services to buy a Slacker.

This is very bad. Of my favorite channels, Fine Tuning and my electronica station are gone, Cinemagic and Boneyard are on hiatus (and likely to vanish every holiday or for every one act promo that comes along), the classical station is no longer HD 5.1, and Audiovisons and Squizz are replaced/changed. Only Sur La Route and The Message survived intact. I don't see how Cinemagic will last on an intermittent basis -- that can't be good for keeping an audience. For me, Cinemagic is the station that will determine whether I stay or not.

Disorder and X Country are gone !?????? I wish Mel were gone too !

My biggest complaint really has nothing to do with the changes because Sirius was always like that, THERE ARE WAY TO MANY ROCK CHANNELS! Why does Rock always have the majority of the channels?

At first glance, I am pretty pleased with the new station listings. Sirius and XM combined the best channels from both networks for the most part. From what I can tell, more of the Sirius stations survived, which may cause XM listeners some frustration and disatisfaction.

I noticed that XM's PDF format of the channel listings still has not been updated on their website. The PDF download lists the channels as of "October 26, 2008." If you want a printable channel guide you need to download and print from this site.

I just turned on my receiver this evening and foudn out about the line-up changes ... thanks for the advance notice.

The one station I bought XM for was Chrome and now they're trying to pass on Channels 7 or 64 (The Groove) as alternatives ... neither of which play Classic Disco.

The kicker?

When I first tuned into Channel XM83 I was immediately taken to Channel CM 149 The FOXXHOLE which is an EXPLICIT LANGUAGE station ... and I can testify that they were saying things that were very sexually explicit ...

I called XM and they were pretty non-chalant about it ....

I think it's time to ditch XM

True,there are a lot of rocks channels. And maybe we should look into whether AgentTom is really AgentMel. I love Sirius! Couldn't be happier! yay! lol

Wow. What to say? Last night I was wondering why 2 of my favorite DJ's on XM RAW were crying. And on XM65 (the Rhyme) they were talking about the end. Didn't pay too much attention, until this morning. Get in my car about to turn on Leo G, and who do I hear? SHADE45, playing bubble gum stuff you hear on the radio. I have had XM for 4 years mainly for 2 channels 65 and 66. Trying to cancel my sub right now. I cannot believe they didn't even ASK the subscribers what we liked and didn't like.... unbelievable.

RIP 65 & 66. Maybe Sirius will get SERIOUS and listen to their NEW subscribers.

maybe the NAB GUY over the summer was right..."merge monopoly" i hated him then but now that guy deserves a round of drinks....

So, they messed up XM Chill and others. Guess what - WE can send emails to them requesting more x,y and z and over time make it more like the old XM Chill.

First the Flow now the City and the Rythmn. No good Hip Hop station I can listen to at work. I am very disappointed. -

As a dedicated Disorder listener I am very disappointed. I haven't heard intelligent programming like that since the heyday of FM. It is the reason I installed Sirius in my car. Meg, Vin, David & Ghosty are true professionals who knew their stuff. I'll miss 'em. But apparently the "suits" have taken over like they did FM. I install A/V so I got to hear Sirius & XM on my customer's systems. Sirius programming did it for me. Now it will be iPod in the car and Paradise Radio & Pandora over the internet at home.

iLLRATED... some info for you.
DJ Bee, Rasta Root, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Monie Love and Afrika Bambataa will all be on Hip Hop Nation. I just received word from KB and I'm putting together a page on right now for it.

where is the old school hip-hop!?!?!?!?

I am pissed.
I am seriously considering ending my subscription.
I kept it for The Virus (202) and Beyond Jazz. Now that Beyond Jazz is gone I pretty sure I am cancelling. I can get everything else somewhere online. Jackass corporation.

I will miss The Beat. Hopefully BPM tanks and we get it back.

What's the actual point of having 2 subscriptions now?

Really surprising that Lithium, which was a cheap knockoff of Lucy, stays but the original dies. Lithium feels so sterile, and is hit or miss all the time. Something doesn't feel right when you play Nirvana then Kid Rock. Creed is not's crap. XM Saturday Night ruled. It will be missed. If we are going to be stuck with Lithium, how about bringing back the awesome bumpers from Lucy?

Thank God First Wave stayed! I cant stand Lucy and Fred on XM. I have had Sirius for 5 years now, and I cant stand listening to XM. For those of you who liked Fred/Lucy...........First Wave is the best channel on Sirius for those who like real 80's alternative music. Depeche Mode, Morrisey, The Cure, Erasure, New Order,OMD, INXS, Smiths, Thompson Twins, the best 80's bands are all here. Give it a chance, you will love it! NO Huey Louis and the News here.......

I was a 20 year Howard Stern listener but ended up buying XM because 1. when his change to Sirius occured, the radios were so hard to purchase and 2. XM had better music and the better choice of radios. I got a little one for $10! But hey it works and fits in my car.

NYC radio stinks. It's beyond bad. Also some of my friends are singers and The Loft plays their music. So I am happy the Loft is still with us. There is an acoustic rock venue in NYC called The Living Room and the Loft has a program called From The Living Room to The Loft which plays live concerts from there.

I love Ron and Fez and enjoy O&A also. Anyone catch Ron and Fez on election night? They did an evening show that night.

I'm sad to hear the Disorder channel is gone because I wanted to hear Larry Kirwan.

Thanks Nick for your post above explaining what happened to the Verge.

Anyone else having trouble logging in to XM online at home and listening? I haven't been able to get it to work since the weekend. At work, it's blocked so I can't even try it here. Everything else is fine on my pc so I think it's an XM problem.

This article in the Chicago Tribune explains what is gone from each service

Suffice it to say, for XM subscribers at least:
11-12-08, the day SATRAD died.......

This is total SHIT!!! Getting the update while going to work. Getting an email 5 hours later. Finding my favorites changed or GONE. I have only ONE channel that is like it was yesterday. Got Sirius because of the superior programming, minus the traffic and weather channels. Now I am considering canceling my service. If I wanted XM I would have gotten it.
This is total SHIT!!!!!!

BPM and AREA are a similar genre. BOOMBOX was completely different. I don't understand this decision. If your going to be deleting stations why remove BOOMBOX? This is a primary market among youth. That was the one station I was hoping for as an XM subscriber. There is a reason BBC has so much of this on their stations.

Losing RHYME is retarded. It's the same problem. SHADY and HIPHOPNATION are both current hiphop stations. I can turn on the radio and listen to the same garbage. Wouldn't it make since to combine them and have an Old School channel as well? Rock has 20 stations .. we can't get two different hiphop stations?

I'm going to be bummed if the talk about Chill is true. XMChill was perfect.

GOOD NEWS!!! Each platform has it's own trucking channel!!! Glad they didn't combine that riveting entertainment!!!

I have been looking somewhere to vent all day about my XM radio. Thank you Orbitcast. One thing I thought satellite brought to the table was programming not readily available over the air and reading these comments would indicate they lost their mission statement. My taste is different than most of you. Cinemagic's The Big Score was like a double latte for me every morning. I have been going through withdrawal all day. I switched to the new Broadway station for awhile but I couldn't concentrate on work with some screaming queen announcer yelling at me. I tried what was listed as the classical and classical pops stations but despite what my computer said, they were playing some nauseating easy listening crap. I don't know what to think but if it remains as unentertaining and messed up as today, I will have to change satellite radio from the necessary to discretionary spending column.


I think it's a little early to judge by just one days worth of listening, but I'll give it a shot:

Overall, I'm disappointed at a lot of the changes, but I will wait a few weeks before making a final decision to stay with SDARS.

To me, having a choice between services was the way to go, and I knew that most of these channels wouldn't "merge" well. Many stations are still full-XM or full-SIRI with maybe a name change.

Anyways, here are my thoughts as a dual-sub on the changes:

First, the Good:
1) The decades channels (with 1 exception) remain very well programmed and they were smart enough to keep Phelps and Motormouth on the 60's and keep Brucie on the 50's.
2) The merged Classic Vinyl is better than I expected.
3) Most of the Jazz channels remained (1 exception)
4) Underground Garage didn't get the axe.

The Bad and Ugly:
1) FRED is gone! My favorite SDARS channel wasn't merged, it is the inferior 1st Wave. I'm sorry, but Bachman and Lambert were kings of 70's and 80's alternative knowledge and it showed in their playstyle of the channel. It was called "alternative" music for a reason, a name that has lost all meaning in today's music.
First Wave pales in comparison to that gem. This was a terrible move by the company.
2) Chill: What on Earth's name were they thinking with this one? XM's Chill had it right, Sirius doesn't seem to have a clue what Chill music is. A total abomination.
3) Beyond Jazz is gone. A classic gem that is nearly impossible to find, even on internet radio stations.
4) X-Country gone! Let me tell you that I have never been much of a Country music channel, but this channel was fantastic and unique....and now it's gone!
5) No more Boombox, or classic rap. I only enjoyed old-school rap (newer stuff is plain garbage and predictable).
6) No Disco channel. Although I'm not much of a disco fan, my mother was, and she is very upset1

Yes, I know I seem more negative than positive, because to me, choices were taken away. This is the bad part about mergers.

I will give it a few weeks of listening to see if anything level out or changes before I decide to cancel my XM and Sirius subs.

If you hate the new channels so much, then CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION! Go back to FM and the iPod and be my guest. I listen to FM radio at work, and its even worse than when I stopped listening a few years back. See, what I think is, you guys don't want to cancel, because then you won't have something to complain on a message board about.

I bought XM for baseball....i'll be very honest. The music channels were good for the most part, I did like the additional choices of music. Plus, the talk stations and cable news channels sold me too.

I love the merger and i'm glad both companies merged. I hated how Sirius had the NFL and I was stuck listening to FOX Sports Radio to get the score from the Packers games, now I can actually listen to the games. I could care less about losing channels....all in all, its the same format with a different name and slightly different DJ's. I actually have a life, so I could really care less about someone behind a microphone who talks in between songs for a living. Sorry to be so harsh, but that's the way it is.

Disco and dance fans : Check out below :

Dancin' with Denny Terio| 8 80s on 8| 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM (7 hrs)
You got the fever... and you'll get it again with DANCE FEVER host Denny Terrio's Saturday Night Dance Party on Sirius XM 80s on 8. Go back to the beats of the 80s with a party wherever your Sirius XM radio is!


Disco Saturday Night with Joe Causi| 7 70s on 7| 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM (6 hrs)

Join "Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi, as he brings you the music when chrome was everywhere and you were dancin' under the strobe... It's the Disco sounds like only Joe can bring it to you...

For those of you complaining about the timing of the lineup unveiling what would a day, week or month done? So you found out "5 hours" before it launched... who cares? What would a week or month have done? Were you going to protest in NY? Comment on your likes/dislikes of the new offerings, not the release date of the lineup.

I'll have to get used to it. I'll miss Fine Tuning. It seems like they're some good Alternative Rock stations now. We'll see.


Many of you rushing to cancel your subs today will be reactivating within 6 months. After listening to dreadful terrestrial radio and the broken record repeats of your Ipods, you will succumb to an offer to come back to satellite. Personally, I am very pleased with the changes. I started out with XM many years ago, but switched to Sirius because of what I perceived as better music programming. Then my wife and I both got new cars with factory XM and decided to go with it and not bother with an add-on Sirius receiver. XM has been rather bland and at times I considered just giving it up. But now with the Sirius XM merger, I get more of what I loved about Sirius. Way to go Mel, you finally did something I can cheer about -- and likely just maintained a subscriber for a long time to come.

Sirius Blues 74 was my constant companion. Me and some gal in Wyoming may have been the only listeners, but I grew attached to the DJs and shows, like JB, Early Times, a daily cup o' Joe Bonamassa, and Shemekia Copeland. Have they just been dumped? It would've been nice to be informed of this. The swap to XM's Bluesville, cold turkey, leaves me on ice.

I like it

A LOT. There was a lot more content that I am into. I really enjoyed Spectrum and 1st Wave and Coffeehouse - and didn't lose anything that I liked, like the Loft. Didn't even have time to check out GD, Bruce, or lot of channels that I want to sample.

How do you like them apples?

I love this new lineup. Great stuff.

I would threaten to cancel but it wouldn't do any good for me since I have a lifetime sub to Sirius. The only thing I think could benefit me in that case is keeping it past 3 years and I'm on year 2 now, so just one more year to go and at that point, I am listening to SATRAD for free.

Not that anyone is going to read this but ill put my thoughts out there. Its honestly going to take a couple of weeks to get a true opinion on this but a few things really stick out. I dont listen to a whole lot of hip hop/rap but when I do I like to kick it old school. Is there any legitimate reason why they dont have an old school hip hop channel? I also think they should have kept XMX instead of pushing all the exclusive shows and stuff on deep tracks.

Also ive spent much of the day ,listening to Outlaw country and it is nothing compared to X country. They really arent even similar at all and X Country was awesome.

Ill try to reserve judgement but some of this makes no sense to me isnt XM generally accepted to be better on the music side with deeper more unique play lists? It seems like all the music channels I loved to listen to have been swapped out. I didnt listen to a lot of Lithium today but I loved Lucy just how it was.

One more thing is the whole XM + Sirius seems like bunk as well. Since they have combined the two services shouldnt EVERYTHING be available for the same price? Its one radio why should I have to pay extra for some of the content? Frustrating stuff Ill have to think long and hard about renewing my subscription.

I've been a Sirius subscriber for over a year. It seems most of the posters here are XM listeners.
I am glad "Left of Center" has survived as XMU. Not so happy that Christopher the Minister is gone though. I read he was originally schedule to depart Sirius XM on the Nov 14th, but can only guess that he left early due to the realignment.

The handling of this was just bad. I got in my car late last night found all the new channels, but the email didn't show up until this morning. Weak.

I am happy that Deep Tracks survived, sorry about Fine Tuning' demise. Sorry about GTM gone Sorry about XMX gone, do not like any of the Sirius stations, will give them another try before cancelling my 5 subscriptions.
I do not like my subscription money financing foul mouth "entertainers" especially the ones that cost up to $56M per year! If Sirius XM cannot get its financial act together it will vanish my mid 2009. When Sirius signed a contract to pay such amounts, did they calculate how many subscription it would take to pay for that one channel ? Maybe Sirius can petition the federal government for bailout money, to give handsome bonuses to the overpriced personalities that are causing it to lose money. Maybe they plan to double my subscription fees for that purpose. May be Best Buy has a new car stereo that is IPOD friendly? Wake up Sirius, before its too late. GM was at least smart enough to sell it to you and get money. I like satellite radio, but am outraged by the fools that have run the business section causing the outrages aired above and below.

Former SIRIUS user, switched to XM three years ago. We may have the same number of channels (or close to it) but it FEELS like we have less. Less choice, less diversity, same price.

I rely on satellite radio for music discovery. If I want to listen to Elvis, Springsteen, Buffett or the Grateful Dead all the time, I'd buy their stuff on iTunes and listen on my iPod.

No Cinemagic and Boneyard until January. No Classic Dance channel. Fewer soul, latin and dance channels, but hey, how's the sound quality guys?!?

Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful, Thankyou. I have been waiting for this for a long......................time. Could you please just give us the best of XM stations? But great move.

I am generally happy. I like the 80s channel. They seem to have kept the best of both. I like Classic Rewind.

I am/was sorry to see Lucy go. Lithium just doesn't compare. Very happy The Bridge will be back in January on both XM and Sirius.

Does anyone else notice that the sound quality of these new channels is much worse? It sounds worse than AM radio. After 5 years as a sub, I might actually cancel.

Meh. I'll give it a few weeks to really get emotional about it but so far the rock channels seem rather narrow. My iPhone has a broader playlist, especially when it comes to the 90's alternative music (Lithium is really disappointing).

HERE IS YOUR ANSWER HIP HOP FANS![Old School, Progressive, New, Reggae] Sirius is just like turning on radio. Why pay for it!!

All you need is internet access.


Left of Center fans are wondering about the name change and whether the format will remain. Also, why The Minister left.

Kids Place Live is absolutely not a replacement for Kid Stuff. I no longer have something for my toddler to listen to in the car. While trying to listen to the new channel she kept asking for Kid Stuff. Its one thing to screw with my channels, but its absolutly another ball game to mess with my kids happiness. Guess if something doesn't change, its time to get rid of the radios and spend that money on kids music cds.

I have had XM for many years and was against the merger but for me the change is OK, no big deal, nothing to lose sleep over, get your panties in an uproar, although the decades really suck now (no Matt the Cat), but hey life goes on. I have not figured out why they butchered Chill the way they did so I will take that off my preset and it is beyond me why Fine Tuning was taken off, I am sure the 12 of us who listened to that channel are disappointed. Since I am paying for radio I like to have that odd channel here and there, that is why I like(d) XM over sirius. POTUS has changed, seems more like talk radio then an information channel. Now for the good news; I like the dog on the logo. My favorite channel "the Loft" is still on. What a wonderful channel! Old time radio is still there and I now have NPR. Some of you fear that the next step will be commercials on the music channels, for some of us, XM had several commercial music stations when we signed on years ago but the cost I think was $9.95 a month. I am not sure where I was going with this, but food for thought. It is funny to see how different the xm and sirius folks are, they are really hard core fans and very devoted to their own. We just came out of an election and to me the xm fans are like democrats and very liberal in their musical taste while the sirius fans are like republicans and very conservative in their music. All I can say is we lost this one. But I will give it a try and until something comes along better for in the car I will keep my 4 radios.

to mr. mike are the man!!!!!
thats the best news ive heard all day!!!! thank u sir!!!!!

Email? I didn't get an email.

I've been a subscriber for 3 years and I'm pissed. They neutered XM. The content is much safer; read: boring, commercially viable. They changed their best new rock station, Ethel and totally diluted the rest. If I wanted classic rock, I'd turn on my commercial radio!

I want my XM back.

As an XM listener, I'd be ok with it if they had not deleted two of my favorite stations: The Rhyme and Fine Tuning. They also bastardized 66 Raw, The City and Soul Street but I can live with that. The worst thing is it was done with no warning. That was low!! At least they didn't mess with the talk stations.

I don't know what to say about this but I know that one of the reasons I left Sirius a couple of years ago was because of music burn out. The Sirius playlist (especially on 70's) is horribly shallow. I listend for a bit today but I know that I won't listen to the "new old" 70's channel nearly as much as I did on XM.

I've also noticed a decrease in the audio quality no doubt related to adding channels and narrowing bandwidth so they can get them in.

I'll see what I think in a couple of weeks but if I don't feel any better I'll drop to news/talk only or get rid of the subscription entirely.

MIKE nova...i seen that list on

I FUCKIN LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM NOT GOIN NO WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I have seen a couple posts that discuss the new channel lineup and somehow want to link it to the new administration. You people are crazy..... Obama isnt omnipotent. He doesnt care about the channels on SXM.

Just wanted to say that.

I have Sirius and after Stern I've listened to Octane, Buzzsaw, Hard Attack, The Vault & Hair Nation the most. I don't like the fact that Octane has been taken over completely by Squizz culture. There are alot of songs on Octane that I really like and now they're gone. I think it would have been smarter to blend the two channels together. Squizz's playlist basically replaced Octane's overnight. They did the opposite with Hard attack. The Hard Attack playlist is the same but now it's called Liquid Metal. I liked the name Hard Attack better. Buzzsaw is gone so there is no classic hard rock until Boneyard comes back in January. Deep Tracks has a better playlist but the Vault is a better name. Only Hair Nation is intact. I live in L.A. and radio here SUCKS so I'll live with it.

So far, I have only this to say to the Sirius "personalities" I now hear.....


I paid for music, not your lame jokes or stories about how you once shook hands with the sister of a guy who knew a roadie to Def Leppard.

Where we have limited choice of radio stations, a classical NPR station being one and the other two being "canned crap", as a music lover I have had no other choice but to subscribe and enjoy xm for years. No one has really mentioned the elimination of Hear Music, the Starbux Channel that was on 45. What a shame, it was my mainstay and introduced us here to many musicians who occasionally pass through our upstate music venues, in the smaller theaters and concert halls. I never received any letter and because Starbux did no advertising or had a dj it was a complete shock. I flipped through some channels nothing seems to compare!

You know, I just saw a comment about 175 up from here (most commented post ever?) and it reminded me that for all the complaining I've done already, I hadn't mentioned the one thing I will miss the most. The XM audio 'logo'... whatever you want to call them... instead now I just have some channel constantly claiming to be MY alternative channel (which, as I recall, is not that channel, but one called Ethel).

Why are they taking away channels ? Whats wrong with more choices ? Even if there is some overlap . Its beginning to sound more like Fm ..
Bring back Boombox

I'm not happy, I have been a Sirius subscriber since Howard Stern gave out the free radios. I have been committed ever since. I'm a big music fan so I am disappointed that Left of Center and Boombox have gone. THe recommendations are not like for like, why not just tell me to listen to country and western. You have to be kidding me.
Before any one starts typing in all Caps and tells me to just listen to my Ipod and to go back to FM radio, please don't be so righteous. All I am saying is that this wasn't thought out by people who like music. If it was then it would have been better thought out.

Give me back my boombox and LOC and I will be happy camper. Is that too much to ask. Its not like I can go anywhere else now, it really has become the monopoly that the FCC was scared about.

They know that I will never listen to terrestial radio, but now I'm stuck.

I mostly listened to Lucy.
I popped Lithium on and off today, the biggest thing i noticed was that everytime I was listening, it was nothing but the hits. When there was an overplayed hit that I didn't want to hear, I jumped to other channels, or threw in a CD at work. I quit listening to regular FM radio and watching MTV because while I don't mind the hits, I find that a lot of times the "hits" are far from the best songs on a CD.

I am not sure how repititious the channel formerly known as Lucy is or any other channels, as i haven't listened too much today, but I hope it isn't as repitious as Sirius playlists were when I was looking into satellite radio 4 years ago. there are other alternatives at work, with the ipod, and other internet streaming choices.

In the car--I don't drive all that much, but on longer road trips, I may flip channels more than before, or throw the ipod on.

I have always thought it silly to give one artist an entire channel, now XM has 5 or 6. I think you limit your diversity and choice when you give one artist a whole channel. I can see having one channel, and rotating an artist every month, but 5 or 6 seperate channels for a single artist is limiting choice.
just my 2 cents

I like BBC1 and Lithium seems, okay.

But to delete Aguila? We better be getting Regional Mexican PLUS Tejano from the minority broadcasters. And why even have POTUS if you're going to have the same run-of-the-mill he-said she-said talk shows on the channel. As a political science major in college, I enjoyed the unbiased, inside-the-beltway talk.

What it comes down to, speaking as a West Coaster by birth, is that Sirius is too New York for me. Tropical music? Bruce Springsteen? The Catholic Archdiocese of New York? Howard Stern? Bob Papa, the voice of the New York Giants on the NFL radio morning show? NO Snoop Dogg in the new hip-hop channels?

They do know it's *satellite* radio, right?

I subscribed to this for music, If I wanted more talk radio I'd listen to A.M.

Not happy AT ALL...seems to me the sirius folks got the best of this deal by a long shot. Gone are Squizz, ethel and Lucy...replaced by Octane, Lithium and Alt Nation. Already I've heard songs repeated today...which rarely happened on xm. The sirius version just sounds like my local hard rock station, and for 16 bucks a month...that's not gonna fly with me. I have my MLB stations for next year ad I get to listen to Espn, and Talk radio and Maddog that is fine. Music wise? I'm not happy in the least. These channels (Lithium and Octane especially) had better step it up BIG TIME in the coming days.

I have 60' on 6 on its fine to me This genre of music on FM is getting scarce as Jack Bob Dave took them all over . There are a few high power AM stations still playin 60's stuff but listing to AM now is terrible as it drifts all over. Back then in 1966 that all we had and we were forced to listen to it . As I have stated before sat Radio changed it all.As far as I'm concerned I 'just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in'[ its on now] Way to go Kenny Rogers & the First Edition. This playlist still beats any FM oldies station left out there .Its a ok with me, makes me feel like Im 15 again just like 60's vibrations . No big change. I am definitely keepin all of my subs active.I for one like the new line up after a whole day off of sweeping the channels top to bottom.Its still a good buy for me and I see others agree here too.I asked a few others I know and they too are stayin.Theyre hooked.

Bring back THE BEAT (for me) and bring back KIDS' STUFF (for my son). BPM, which replaced The Beat, SUCKS. And the new kid's channel is a watered-down, slightly younger version of Radio Disney. THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!! My subscription runs out at the end of this year, and I WILL NOT RENEW unless THE BEAT and KIDS' STUFF are returned as they were!

PS: Fire Mel Karmazin while you're at it!

I absolutely love Maxim radio, but unfortunately it doesn't look like they're going to keep it around. It'll be switching names and Covino and Rich will be moving back to an afternoon spot. Stretch is gone, D&D will be ending soon as well. If this channel tanks, unfortunately I don't think I may be keeping my sub for that much longer. =\

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the combination of channels. It was about time that the playlist of The Beat and Area 38 was wish was finally granted today with BPM in place of The Beat and the addition of many great programs and tracks to Area 38!

Also, I am very pleased with the addition of the 90's on 9 and the reconfiguration of The Pulse. Again, there is a deeper playlist on The Pulse.

There are only a few minor things that I am not happy about. First (and probably most importantly) is the fact Sirius seems to have fired my favorite Beat DJ, Mr. Seth. I always looked forward to his radio show every night. Another thing that has irritated me a little bit is the addition of we need another Hits channel???? I have been tuning in on and off to this channel all day and it seems to be fairly identical to both The Pulse and Sirius Hits 1 (more to Hits 1 than anything). I feel for those whose fav. station was Boombox.

Overall though, I am very pleased with the channel merge...I do wish I could have heard about it from Sirius themselves instead of off SiriusBackstage forums.

Anyway...happy listening to everyone...and as many others have said...if you are not happy with Sirius, the car commercials are awaiting you on FM :P !

Devastated at the loss of boombox - Email Sirius and tell them why your upset over the loss of your favorite channels.


Not happy AT ALL...seems to me the sirius folks got the best of this deal by a long shot. Gone are Squizz, ethel and Lucy...replaced by Octane, Lithium and Alt Nation. Already I've heard songs repeated today...which rarely happened on xm. The sirius version just sounds like my local hard rock station, and for 16 bucks a month...that's not gonna fly with me. I have my MLB stations for next year ad I get to listen to Espn, and Talk radio and Maddog that is fine. Music wise? I'm not happy in the least. These channels (Lithium and Octane especially) had better step it up BIG TIME in the coming days.

Where is General Ortega and the Army of Weirdness?!?!?!?!

This sucks Mel said on Howard that we would not loose any channels and he lied. fuck the MERGER

Horrible move. It isn't fair that the company provided absolutely no notice about this. I picked XM years ago for a reason, better playlists less DJs. I'm very disapointed, but will give it a try until the end of the year, if not, Slacker here we come.

Fred, Ethel and Lucy were far superior and XM had those channels right on. The Sirius versions trample on each other, they have no clue what "alternative" is. I still have not heard any Joy Division on 1st Wave.

I was a dual subscriber and I'm very happy about the lineup changes. The best move personally was keeping Left of Center over XMU (Trust me, it's LOC with a new name). LOC was my favorite station on either of the satrad and it was the only reason I considered keeping my Sirius Subscription over XM. XMU played some good tunes that I hope they incorporate into the LOC playlists but overall I couldn't be happier. XMU wasn't even the best indie station on XM. That was the Verge, and that stayed anyway so it's a win-win. Also, glad to see Underground Garage make it to xm. I do wish they would have kept Lucy over Lithium, however.

I am OK with BBC and UPop switching, but am MOST upset about 84 Chill programming moving to Sirius control. I NEVER listened to Chrome, and this new Chill programming reminds me of that dribble + plus the trendy Morcheeba and ETBTG mixed in. Not my idea of chilling at all. Where is the unique mix of rare tracks that XM had? Audiovisions is a true loss as well and I hope that Spa will not disappoint as Chill has.

30's hits from 2k has too much rap and losing old school rap is another fail on their programming. When I want rap, I will tune it in, keep it out of my 80's, 90's and 2k's. I hope that Shady's station will fill the old-school rap void.

I have four radios between in-home and cars and from what I heard after this day, am going to consider a move to iPod integration and podcasts upon my renewal if things don't recover.

I'm a Sirius sub and I'm disappointed by the loss of Disorder (Loft is in NO WAY an adequate substitute) and Backspin. I can't even imagine how crushed the XM subs must be.

If FM radio wasn't total garbage in my area, I might just dump Sirius. But it sucks, I have a 40 minute commute each way, and I don't have time to work up clever playlists on my ipod every day.

Congratulations, Mel, you're just enough better than the alternatives that I'm not dropping your ass.

Now, could you get some of your drones to evaluate the channels you've got left, eliminate some of the overlap, and give us more variety? I'm not sure why we need all three of Spectrum, Coffeehouse, and The Loft, among many others.

First, I would like to say that I was disappointed that Sirius XM did not have the (g/n)uts to tell us up front when the channel merging was going to take place. Had I not been a regular reader to the Orbitcast forum, I would gone into shock when I turned my XM receivers on this morning. As an adult, I understand that this was a necessary financial development, and this merger would help to ensure satellite radio's survival. Additionally, I know that this company did not do this to increase profits but to finally turn a profit. However, they should as least share any changes that are going to occur with their customers BEFORE their customers have to hear about it somewhere else. I am sure that it is hard to efficiently commute and notify each and everyone of their subscribers, yet they certainly don't have a problem communicating with my checking account every month.

With all that said, I am going to hang in there. I can deal with some of my favorite stations being changed or deleted. Ironically, I might find in time that I like the new stations even better than the ones that they replaced. What I won't get over is how this change occurred without one word of notice. I am an adult, not a child and I like to be treated like one. What were they thinking?

The sound quality has declined to an unbearable level. Everything is so compressed now that it's almost impossible to listen without my ears ringing.

Unsubscribing by the end of the week.

When I got XM radio for my birthday two years ago, at least twice a week, every week, up until now, I would say,"I love XM radio. I love Cross Country. Marty Fitzpatrick is the best! If they ever get rid of Cross Country I will cancel my subscription". Never thinking this would happen, I purchased another radio for another vehicle, and then another one still for my daughter's truck.
Please tell me that I haven't lost Cross Country Radio. No more Marty Fitzpatrick?
My IPod works nicely in my vehicle and it costs me nothing a month to operate. If Cross Country is truly lost forever...XM/Sirius loses me. Outlaw Country is a pale substitute for the wonder that was (is?) Cross Country Radio.

I'm so pissed about Chrome being gone. I've been a customer for over four years and I've already written a letter, but I might as well have just stuck my finger up my anus, it would have had the same effect.

It has only been barely a day and people are going off the tracks about this change.. I personally like it. I gained several channels I'm really liking so far.The Blend being one,plays a great mix of stuff and much better than sirius super shuffle! My only gripes would be with music channel name changes.. here are my thoughts
Sirius Gold= 50's on 5 ( I think sirius gold was a better name)
Hard Attack= Liquid Metal( Liquid metal?? what the hell is that?? Hard attack was a much better more appropriate name)
Willies Place= (good stuff here, but then again i'm a big country fan)
40's on 4= (glad to have this one as well, if one likes this big band style of music)
Buzzsaw= The Boneyard( Cool name, just hope they don't change the style that Buzzsaw was known for)
New Country=The Highway( ok name change i suppose not very descriptive of what its playing)
I could go on and on but so far so good! I'm also glad to be gaining NHL radio back on Sirius where it was once before. Hopefully I'll be able to get MLB when that comes back on..
I'm just having fun checking out each new channel..

I am thrilled so far with the new lineup because I seem to get the best of almost all worlds. I enjoyed the quality of Sirius' music channels, but missed the number of options by genre of XM. The merged lineup seems to give the best of both. Add in the better talk lineup on XM and Howard now available with the best of Sirius package and it looks very good. Be realistic: This merger and these resulting changes are the most likely chance that satellite radio will be around for a long time to come.

Themadcap, you should hear Joy Division on First Wave unless they changed from before - they used to play a couple of their songs quite often when I used to hear First Wave on Dish Network.

Listening more, I am seeing that there are some fair substitutions for channels, although some are not ones I listened to a lot, so it's hard to say how an enthusiast would react. A few people have commented about the loss of Chrome, but it seems that The Groove (64) might be something to check into there, as it sounds somewhat similar.

As a die-hard X Country listener, though, I am not so far very pleased with Outlaw Country. For one thing, the language of the jocks is pretty coarse; in a roughly half-hour segment of listening I heard them drop "the F bomb" three times. I know some of the songs on the X weren't squeaky clean, and I do not want that, but it seems overdone, as if they're trying to appeal to teenagers who think it's cool hearing someone cuss on the air. The tone of the channel is just totally different - I could see where it would appeal to some people, but to me it lacks the class that X Country had. And while there's some music overlap, there's just too much that's unappealing to sift through to get to what you want.

Bring back the X, please. If and when we get to the "a la carte" plans, I'd be glad to pay extra for it.

I am still waiting for OutQ 109 to move to the new lineup.

Words cannot describe how upset I am. I received my Sirius subscription a couple years ago as a gift. I wandered around the stations a day or two and then found Boombox 34. I've listened to little else since. When it moved to 39 my head almost exploded when I was looking for it. This morning I waited for the update to end and went to 39 .. 34 .. went through every channel looking for it. Finally, I gave up and decided to listen to Backspin....................I can't believe this. There is no station like Boombox on the planet. There is no replacement for Backspin. This is unacceptable.

Hate it, hate it, hate it.

No punk channel? No classic hop-hop?

Hate it.

I'm sure it's already been said at least 25 times here, but I'll add on to it: I hate that The Rhyme and Backspin are both gone. Beyond Jazz gone from XM sucks, as well.

Didn't get to listen to too much but I AM EXTREMELY PISSED THAT BACKSPIN IS GONE!!!

There is no old school/hip hop station anymore. Now we just get this new garbage that all sounds the same and has no real feeling to it instead. They already have Shade45 playing mostly new Rap, Hip Hop Nation is a channel I always blew right past to get to some real Hip Hop on Backspin and it is now gone.

I pray that they bring this station back cause outside of Stern and some rock stations I am going to my Ipod for music from now on.

Disco and dance fans :

Look below


Dancin' with Denny Terio| 8 80s on 8| 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM (7 hrs)
You got the fever... and you'll get it again with DANCE FEVER host Denny Terrio's Saturday Night Dance Party on Sirius XM 80s on 8. Go back to the beats of the 80s with a party wherever your Sirius XM radio is!


Disco Saturday Night with Joe Causi| 7 70s on 7| 9:00 PM to 3:00 AM (6 hrs)

Join "Brooklyn's Own" Joe Causi, as he brings you the music when chrome was everywhere and you were dancin' under the strobe... It's the Disco sounds like only Joe can bring it to you...

I think that most of the people listing every missing (duplicate) or changed channel as can't live without, what am I going to do, sound like big babies. Of course, it will take some time to try to make both Sirius and XM listeners more comfortable with the changes and they will make adjustments as feedback is sent in. If you think that are not pouring over emails and calls about the programing changes, think again.
I must say I do have a little trouble with individuals stating that some of the country and hip-hop channels, that are not there anymore, were there favorites? It seems as if some are just taking the different line-ups and finding the differences.

First day I listened to
Classic Rewind ,I thought
it was BigTracks with new
name,but tuned in today
to find my music interupted by chatty djs.
Also Where's The
Disco/Dance Channel 83????
Last ,but not Least,
It would have been nice to have TopTracks,Classic Vinyl,BigTracks,Classic Rewind,BoneYard,BuzzSaw All on One Radio to really get the true value
of This Merger!!!!!!

Any Talk about Teaming up

With Ibiquity to get HD Radio broadcast of merged satradio music channels
in exchange for carrying
HD Radio in new generation satradios????


Where the hell is Keith Roth? They even purged his name from the website?

The changes are fine with me. I don't notice much of a difference and I am very happy to have BBC 1 and NPR on. I do have a problem with the new logos. Can anyone else decipher some of them on their innos? Good Lord, the logo for "Coffeehouse" looks like a mustard smear. It's unreadable.

I need more time to explore everything, but I am happy overall- they kept what I wanted and jettisoned things I personally had no interest in. (I will not miss the Disco channel, thanks.)

It could have been handled far worse, and hey, they can always make changes down the line. SatRad has that flexibility to add or subtract a format anytime it deems necessary. But all in all, I think they showed good judgment and sensibility.

I think it's awful. The merger was supposed to bring more channels, not less. And, one of my favorites since my daughter was 2 (and is now 6) was Kids Stuff. Kids Stuff was 24/7 kids music that was unique, fun, touching, etc. They even had a baby boomer hour in the evening that played music when we were kids. Instead, they re-vamped the inferior XM Kids channel-- which was always for older kids-- and re-named it Kid Place Live. It's filled with talk, and gab, and music for older kids. There is some former Sirius Kids Stuff music but it's hit or miss whn you'll get it, and it's usually surrounded by noisy screaming hosts. Not fun for a family drive. That's the most disappointing and glaring change, but bottom line we have gotten less now, not more. The merger was a mistake.

I am very happy. I am a subscriber (3 radios) to XM with 1 "Best of Sirius".

1. I am old folkie and XM15 "the Village Survived. In addition, there is now from Sirius 51 "The Coffeehouse" for acoustic music.

2. The decades from the 40s on remain. When my parents are in the car, they enjoy 40s on 4.

3. Sports, sports, and more sports. One of the reasons for me having XM was Major League Baseball so I could follow the Red Sox. I also follow the Bruins and Celtics. With the Best of Sirius I now also can follwo the Patriots.

4. XM164 Radio Classics remain, I felt this was the better of the two.

I know that there are folks that are very disappointed; everytime either service made a change, there were cries of agony from some.

All in all, the service remains a good value for me and my family.

Your opinions may differ, but that is fine.


As an XM subscriber, I'll give it a couple weeks to get used to this abomination. But first impressions - this new 'irrationalized' line up sucks orangutan ass.

Missed listening to Dylan's show yesterday - yeah, guess what I am not in my car at 11 on Wednesdays - thanks for nixing XMX.

If Mel is so poor, why did he just give himself a mega-million dollar Christmas bonus and hire a couple of people at what one hundred used to make. That man has ice water in his veins.

The Foxhole is a shithole.

I was extremely disappointed to see that The Vault is gone. It is basically the only music station I listened to on Sirius. Deep Tracks is good, to a point--I have XM in my car, along with Sirius--but it appears that obscurity is a virtue with Deep Tracks. Time will tell, but I certainly hope that they can program Deep Tracks to incorporate more of what we used to hear on The Vault--ELP, Traffic, Yes, Caravan, Tull, Genesis (including Peter Gabriel-era Genesis!). I'm not saying that the playlist of Deep Tracks is bad, just saying that I think they can program a better mix of progressive rock of the 60s and 70s that was so important to the evolution of rock. I know I can get all that I want from my CD player and iPod, but it was always great to get in my car, turn on Sirius and be rewarded with "Suppers Ready" from Genesis, or "Trilogy" from ELP or "Winter Wine" from Caravan.

I don't understand you fools. For almost two years all you whined about was getting this merger done. I told you all that XM programming will be a distant memory if this happened.

I caught a lot of grief and was accused of being "out of touch", a nay-sayer and even a troll for the NAB.

Well, look at what we have now - XM programming decimated, soon to be a distant memory. Just what you all wanted.

This is the begining of the end of satelite radio. They have removed everything I liked so there is no sense in me keeping my subscription.

Bring back "universo latino" or disconnect!

I agree Disorder was the only reason I subscribed to Sirius and the The Loft is not much of a consolation prize. I will miss Larry Kirwan, Ghosty, Rick Allison, and Johanssen. At least Meg is still on the Spectrum. What a disaster.

Well IMHO this merge stuff worked perfectly fine for the XM subscribers. They get all the sports, their music selection just got better, and they have a bunch of repeaters so their signal works beautifully.

On the other hand, Sirius music selection just died, censoring hip hop stations, no more old skool, no more disco music, only one blues channel and so far no notice if we are going to be able to get MLB. it doesnt worth the price anymore, in fact im thinking about cancelling my 3 Sirius radios and keep just one XM.

My Ipod will work better and cheaper.

I'm pissed they dropped Backspin 43, That was the first channel I went to after Howard 100!

Wow. Sounds like everyone is thrilled with the changes.

Interesting. It seems as though most of the Sirius listeners are very happy, and the old XM listeners are not.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the music channels much yet, but I briefly sampled XM 45 (used to be XM Cafe) yesterday. All I heard was a DJ talking too much, and a couple of overplayed U2 songs. Huh. Maybe some of the other new channels will be better.

I'm giving it a chance. It cannot possibly be worse than local FM programming.

As long as O&A are on, I will still subscribe.

Interesting. It seems as though most of the Sirius listeners are very happy, and the old XM listeners are not.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the music channels much yet, but I briefly sampled XM 45 (used to be XM Cafe) yesterday. All I heard was a DJ talking too much, and a couple of overplayed U2 songs. Huh. Maybe some of the other new channels will be better.

I'm giving it a chance. It cannot possibly be worse than local FM programming.

As long as O&A are on, I will still subscribe.

4 single band
Bruce Springsteen
Jimmy Buffet

I have yet to receive an e-mail or any other notification from XM. I've lost 10 of the 18 presets on my radio. I am interested to try out the extra comedy channels, plus E-Street radio. The one station that I was hoping would get replaced on XM, naturally, was kept (that's the christian station - they went way downhill a year or two ago.)
I told myself that I would give XM three months to decide whether to keep my subscription (I paid for 5 years, and I think that runs out sometime next year). I am thinking now that it's one month. I've completely given up.

Radio Margaritaville is not all Jimmy Buffett all the time. While you can expect to hear him every 3rd or 4th song and they play his concerts, either live or replays of old shows, there is a lot more on that channel. Think tropical rock...Bob Marley, Beach Boys, Kenny Chesney, Little Feat, etc. But they throw other stuff out there also now and then.

Also remember, Sirius did not take a channel and convert it to all-Buffett. Radio Margaritaville was already a internet station owned by Jimmy. Sirius replaced the "Vacation" channel once they acquired the rights to RM.

Can anyone tell me why BBC Radio 1 is simulcasting The System on XMRO?

Do they not have the rights to re-broadcast BBC's content online because their own website offers it?

I gave up on commercial FM radio about 30 years ago because of the juvenile nature. "The Spectrum" reminds me of what I hated about traditional free radio.

Here is what I heard while listening to "The spectrum" (the rectum) which replaced (my favorite) "XM Cafe".

7:30 obnoxious, channel ID/Jingle
7:30 1 song
7:35 annoying, fast talking announcer chatter
7:36 1 song
7:38 obnoxious, Dylan theme time radio advertisement
7:39 2 songs
7:47 obnoxious, channel ID/Jingle
7:47 2 songs
7:54 annoying, fast talking announcer chatter
7:54 2 songs
8:02 annoying channel ID/Jingle
8:02 2 songs
8:12 annoying, fast talking announcer chatter
8:12 2 songs
8:21 obnoxious, Bruce Springsteen radio advertisement
8:22 1 song
8:26 annoying channel ID/Jingle
8:26 2 songs
8:32 annoying, fast talking announcer chatter (with mispronouncing Michael Franti's name)
8:32 2 songs
8:40 obnoxious, channel ID/Jingle
8:40 1 song
8:44 annoying channel ID/Jingle
8:44 2 songs
8:52 annoying, fast talking announcer chatter

Can someone tell me why Sirius seems to have a rule about not playing more than 2 songs in a row w/o an annoying interruption? How about a 20 to 30 minute set of UNINTERRUPTED music followed by tasteful (as in no hype) back announcing, and then back into the music? I am a 52 year old adult and seriously want to not have to be annoyed by the now dumbed down satellite radio service I pay for.

Obviously the Sirius music programming staff have commercial radio backgrounds.


jmarkzat wrote:

"System became Area, High Standards became Sinatra, Audiovision became Spa (and seems to have taken the best thing about Audiovision - the good accoustics prgramming"

Tell me you are kidding. If you really do listen to Audiovisions or The System you know what a joke this has turned out to be. I'm gonna guess you work for the company. The system and Especially The Move were well thought out well researched perfect representations of the best of the Electronic Dance Music World. As a True Electronic Dance Music DJ for over a decade I and all the other listeners in the know understood just how incredible a job they did with those channels. When you can hear the Beatport Countdown on The Move once a week you knew you had it as good as it could possibly get. Beatport is by far the most popular and important site for DJ's looking for the best of new material. Between amazing radioshows like that of the Beatport countdown and so many others there was half decent programming none at all of which is offered at all with "The Area" Which can best be described as Clearance Rack Record shelf material their bland boring and no where near the quality of material as their Predecesores. If I hear Sandstorm once I am cancelling faster then you can blink an eye. What it comes down to is this - This has absolutely destroyed Electronic Dance Music for Satellite Radio. For anyone like myself who is an avid Dance Music Listener we now no longer have a broadcast of our musical tastes to get anywhere but the internet. Say goodbye to getting in your car after work and hearing a new track you can't wait to get your hands on. IT'S OVER!

XM Chill.... or is it?

It absolutely is not XM Chill. This hasn't been nearly as bad as the above stations transition though it has clearly gone way downhill. 90% of what I have heard so far has been new material which holds not a single flame to what XM Chill used to be. As an amateur downtempo chillout lounge music producer I can atleast say that I will feel less intimidated by that of which I hear on the radio now. I'll choke this one up best I can for now.

Audiovision - Spa, Transion:

Also an absolute disappointment for what once was known to play some of the most deep intense amazing ambient/new age ever made with artists like Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Michael Stearn, John Serrie, just to name a few has now been replaced by no name garbage that you can find on the shelves of beach side gift shops along with your souvenir saltwater taffy. And finally what kinda name is SPA? I'm not some high society woman going to get her nails done here.


I understand listener's of these genre's are by far not the majority but for once I felt like a corporate run broadcasting company felt like putting some effort into it's playlists for us a handful of it's listeners. It seems now thats its back to what you would only expect from a company this large. Appeal to the majority get your numbers from them and throw some scrap at those left over. If they stay thats great, if they don't so what the numbers aren't big enough to make a dent. The thing they need to understand is were not that hard to please just give us quality material and we'll be happy. They once had it just bring it back. Hire back the program directors that were doing such a good job and you won't lose these listeners. Obviously we don't matter to them or they wouldn't have done this in the first place.

I'll hang out awhile keep a little hope alive that over the course of time they hear these cries from passionate listeners like myself and make the necessary adjustments.

I guess only time will tell. As for now I am heartbroken. And for those who want to tell me to stop wining and crying I ask put yourself in my shoes and all those others who lost basically everything that they listen to in this merger. Imagine it was you and everything you listened to was pretty much gone and replaced with a poor representation of what you used to listen to. I think you would be pretty damn upset as well.

XM Sirius I have faith that you will get it together and do the right things. I just hope it happens before I cancel.

Kevin C

I said in an earlier post that Outlaw Country wasn't as good as X Country. I was wrong. Outlaw Country just plain sucks. BRING BACK X COUNTRY!!

ya and what the hell is this single band stations taking up full channel slots?

Bruce Springsteen
Jimmy Buffet

Classic Rock and Elvis fans will be happy but I'm supposed to give up my channels for single artists stations?! That's such a slap in the face I might just have to cancel on principal alone!

I personally am pleased with the programming. In my favor is that I have Sirius and so these changes are a plus but also I have a wide range of tastes so even with the loss of some stations and genre specific channels i am still entertained by what is there and pleased with the replacements. We all lost something in this change(Sirius Disorder for me). Testicular Radio is not a viable option so we all need to grow up and be happy with what we have. If it goes away we all are going to get sick of listening to what we have on our IPods before portable Internet Radio comes to the rescue.Let's all remember why we came to XM and Sirius in the first place.

both companies were hurting, the merger was approved by the justice dept. for this to happen because monopoly's are something very scary and should be avoided when they happen voices no longer are heard variety disappears people idea's and expressions are drowned out by majorities cause "thats where the money is" Society becomes stagnant in creative differences blaa i can go forever. this is a dangerous thing you seen just happen. Don't think it's not. Here's an article about the approval

Overall, I like it, though I miss Disorder and Fine Tuning. I hope that Celtic Crush has found a new home, I love that show.

I know!!!! i seriously thinking of canceling-what am i paying for? Howard?

I really don't like the long SiruisXM commercials that they now seem to be running on all the music stations. We never had that before with XM.

Also why are they putting call-in talk radio shows on POTUS? That makes no sense.

But I like having NPR and the world news channel now.

DAMMIT MAN!! I was hoping that there would be deeper playlists, and now Backspin is gone, HipHop Nation and the Heat are edited. This does suck. Really disappointed.

Yeah im sorry to say that the merger seems to have destroyed the uniqueness of satellite radio. I want boombox and backspin back!!! What are we paying for if we arent getting what we want and with no warning or options. I feel bamboozled!

Sirius XM should have polled it's listeners, find out what THEY like, then made cuts that way. They also should have communicated with us about the changes.

I'm guessing it's a bunch of turmoil over there right now; they probably didn't see the economy going into the sh!tter...and their prospects were grim to begin with, with commercial radio ripping their guts out.

I was pretty pleased with Sirius XM U yesterday, then went to listen to my favorite station, Backspin. Nas is right. Hip Hop is dead.

So I tried to stay positive - I have a lifetime sub, and 17,000 shares of SIRI. I turned it to Shade 45. What an embarrassment. They had a female porn star on there yesterday saying things like "mafucka, I's CLEAN - cleaner d'an all y'all ho's out there fuckin with no protection!"

Just play the fucking music you stupid assholes. What a horrible decision to keep that shitty station and lose the real gem (which probably cost 1/3 of the money, as there weren't 30 idiots talking about the lifestyle).

I was unpleasantly surprised by these changes. I've been a Sirius and XM customer for years and strongly preferred XM's line ups. Sirius sounds like it was programmed by Clear Channel execs, while XM had a greater diversity of music.

I am angry that Lucy, Fred and Ethel are gone, replaced by total crap imitators -- stations I could not stand over on Sirius. I haven't had time to see if the Verge has been replaced by some bland Sirius channel.

And Soul Street seems to be gone, along with the awesome DJs. XM always had far better personalities than Sirius -- I guess the new combined entity has gone down the cheap path. But I never bought into XM because of the price. The content was why I subscribed.

I only kept Sirius around because it was a tax deduction (my wife works in radio and I used to).

I canceled Sirius last night -- if I can cut back XM and keep the NavTraffic, I may well do that as well.

Disorder pretty much the ONLY thing I listened to on Sirius. Spent yesterday scanning through channels and no apparent substitute. No warning this was going away. Not so happy.

If you are dispointed as I am, the best we can do is to let Sirius/XM know...Go to their website click on the help link and email customer care...the more emails they get, they have to take notice that they are pissing off their subscribers who became very loyal to a specific channel..

They should have at least poll their subscribers to see what people want and let people know in advance NOT turn on the radio and the channel is gone!!!

As an XM subscriber, overall i'm happy with the new lineup


When I first became an xmradio subscriber the two things that amazed me were the sound quality and the depth of the programming. Literally overnight these have dropped to be about on par with FM-Broadcast level--I doubt my acct will be open by the month's end

I finally got an email today telling me about the channel changes that happened yesterday! I also got an answer back from customer support at XM about my complaint that Outlaw had replaced Xcountry. They told me how wonderful the station is and all the great artists I'll get to hear.

There is no Comparison between XCountry and Outlaw. Outlaw is like a bunch of hick DJ's playing worn out music. The DJ's are horrible and talk more than play music. They seem to revel in their ignorance and think they are so funny. One does not have to be a red neck to enjoy the wide variety of country music that is available. This channel is an insult to one's intelligence. It will never take the place of Cross Country. I have signed a petition on this site with 4.5 million signatures and climbing. If you don't want to loose the great music that we had on XM, email them and sign the petition and forward it to your friends. Maybe they will listen to their subscripers before they lose them. XM, you were GREAT and now you STINK.

I'm a longtime XM subscriber, and post channel merger, I'm still very happy. While I don't really get the single artist 24/7 channels, there's still plenty of other choices to like.

I guess if someone was particularly attached to one of the lost channels, I can understand their frustration. I liked Chrome, but being that there is only a limited classic dance library, it did repeat quite a lot. I can't imagine it was a terribly popular channel. I choose to look toward the positive on this one. On the 70's, there is now a Saturday night disco show. I'll take that.

I suppose when you put your music listening into the hands of another, (local radio included) you have to deal with the programming choices of someone else. While you may not always like what they do, ultimately, they run the show.

There are plenty of other alternatives to satellite radio out there, be it Slacker, (which would be my second choice) an all you can download music service like Rhapsody, internet radio, ( is free, and has over 1000 channels that can be played via your iPod touch, iPhone, or other smart phones. Vote with your dollars. If you can't live with the new XM Sirius, put your equipment on Craig's list, and go with another choice that makes you happy. Competition is good for everyone.

Fine tuning, and the style of music with an open format was one of the channels that made XM great. Now it's gone.

XM now seems to be not much more than FM without commercials. Narrow playlists, no channel playing progressive rock from ELP, Renaissance, etc... Yet, they have dedicated channels for Elvis, AC/DC, Led Zep, and one has to ask why since these artists already are featured on the rock channels.

Truly mind numbingly stupid programming moves.

I am an XM subscriber and I think there will be an adjustment period for everyone. I am trying to be positive. I was a loyal XMU, Fred and Lucy listener. I'm not happy with the alternatives at this point. It does seem like the depth of the playlists have been effected.

I thought XM was doing better than Sirius? If that is correct, why does it seem like Sirius "took over" XM and not the other way around.

I am hopeful for any alternatives for XM Sirius in the future.

Say NO to censorship! Sirius used to be all about that. Getting very concerned.

What happened to Sirius Disorder? Where is Megless now? Where can I listen to the Mansion of Fun?

buying a zune mp3 player with a fm modulator and a car charger. They need it socked to them by losing alot of listeners so that maybe they'll pull their heads out of their ass and realize they can't treat their listeners this way. BOYCOTT. Who's with me!?!?!?!

"Well IMHO this merge stuff worked perfectly fine for the XM subscribers. They get all the sports, their music selection just got better"

better music selection? if better means all hits, all the time, (i haven't listened enough to see how repititious it is)--FM without commercials, then yeah, I guess it's better.

Outlaw Country may have some decent songs, but it's NOT a replacement for XCountry, and pretending that it is is a slap in the face. BRING BACK X COUNTRY!

I have one of the XM Pioneer Innos and the channels are slowly updating. Some have lost their logos and have only text, some of the new channels still have the old channel's logo, some have a logo when scrolling through the channels but it goes to text when you actually select the channel.

I'm with you on the unifying channel numbers (and what is an area). I know that it would have caused a TON of confusion for listeners like my grandparents when their jazz channel became Shade 45, but I think in the end hearing sweepers that say "XM 202 Sirius 197" will be just as confusing to people like that.

Me, I want my shit organized. I don't care if BPM (my fav channel, along with the virus) moves to 39, as long as I don't have to see "Shade 45" on channel 66

If you live in a big city, you have a choice between AM and FM radio.. if you live in the sticks of Wyoming or Nebraska or parts of Colorado or big assed states where FM signals reach only slightly further than you can throw a banana peel, satellite radio is great and I can't see saying "I'm gonna pull the plug on it".. truth is I hope Mel keeps the Clear Channel programmed music and talk channels (they were likely a package deal) because I think those channels will keep the sirius XM channels honest.. don't ask me what that means, I'm shootin' from the hip here.. but there are like three FM channels here that two are country and one is todays hishits and there are more FM but they are hit and miss (i.e. bounce atmosphere regulated) and AM radio is what it is (ell suckorama) so here we will have what they offer until internet radio is a true viable option..

no classic hip hop from Backspin? are you kidding? referring me to thug-life rap instead? come-on. this might be a deal-breaker and cancellation reason.

Has anyone tried listening to the "new" 70sOn7? Holy Crap!! The morning host Magic Matt is an annoying moron. Quick talking, self-deprecating, and horrible over the top fake DJ voice. He breaks in almost every other song and talks up to "the mark", sometimes even missing it. His babbling is inane and grating. The DJ that follows him in the afternoon is just as annoying. WAY too much talking about nothing. Sirius just got 9 Million plus new listeners from XM (even more than they had as Sirius). Now that they have almost 20 million subscribers, hopefully they will seek customer input and make some changes. Everyone should be happy, both XM and Sirius subscribers. There in nothing wrong with having some hits station with shallow play-lists for casual listeners, but there has to be some channels in each category that cater to those of us who like to listen to music throughout the day. One of the new to XM channels, Hair Nation, is playing the exact same songs that I heard when I was surfing around yesterday. And again the DJs are unbearably irritating. I’ve noticed that even if the XM station name was kept, the on air personalities are all from Sirius. Hey Jon Zellner if you are listening, help us out here. There’s got to be a better way to keep both camps happy.

As a side note, couldn’t you guys condense all of the single artist channels into one channel that changes the artist each day? Elvis one day, Bruce Springsteen the next, and so on. I don’t think I ever remember seeing this many posts on one subject.

You wrote:

"Audiovision - Spa

Also an absolute disappointment for what once was known to play some of the most deep intense amazing ambient/new age ever made with artists like Steve Roach, Vidna Obmana, Michael Stearn, John Serrie, just to name a few .."

Hey, I woke up at 4 AM today and they were playing a very long piece by Steve Roach. That's exactly when Audiovisions used to play drone music.

You also wrote:
"XM Chill.... or is it?

It absolutely is not XM Chill. has clearly gone way downhill."

Huh? I thought that there was a lot of repetition on the original Chill station.
Oh well, I like what I am hearing so far.

Why not a special audio link of the O&A show (202 XM/197 Sirius) yesterday promoting Orbitcast? Apparently Opie is a lurker here....

I listen to the Gregg and Tony show and R&F on the Virus and that has not changed so this is great news. Squizz/Octane has retained Bodhi and Grant Random from the Squizz channel so it appears the 2 have "merged."

The music seems it is the same as the old squizz music. I was also worried it would be edited since I didn't see XL. I then heard a few songs unedited and I thought "thank god it's an XL channel!"

I am cancelling my subscription, unless they bring backspin back. One of only a handfull of my favs. THIS MERGER SUKS. Im up for renewal next month. BY BY SIRIUS, HELLO IPOD.

Im cancelling no backspin no subscription. The new hip channel bites, not oldskool. MEreger killed the radio star !!

Ronnie Milsap on the old X Country - NO WAY IN HELL!!!! Ronnie Milsap is NOT Outlaw Country, it's OLD country. Put that crap on the 80's country channel or Willies Place. PLEASE!!!!

I think it's funny that most of you 'only' subscribed because of one particular channel.

BS. Crying and complaining would have happened no matter what was done. But, that is what to expect because most people come to forums only to whine and bitch.

Did anyone else notice that on Sirius, that on the channels that are from XM, you can't MEMO the songs, or the artists, or both. I was unable to MEMO songs on many of these channels.

So far I REALLY like the change to prime country. I havent heard these songs in ages and no repeats!!! I havent wanted to change the channel in two days.

There's a reason I chose XM over Sirius in the first place. The music selection was far superior, and I am not a Howard Stern fan. All but two channels I listened to are gone. The ones that were replaced are absolute CRAP. Unless they'll be bringing back all my XM channels, I'll be cancelling my subscription as soon as I can get through to customer service.

I subscribed because I got sick of terrestrial radio. and Stern. anyways, the music that I listened to kept me as a subscriber. Some of those channels are gone. I think talking trash about other people because they have been screwed over is juvenile. So eat a dick.

There might be some truth to the fact that people would have complained no matter what, but I believe that many subscribe to XM for single channel.

I basically only listen to four channels - The Viris, MLB Home Plate, XCountry, and Radio Classics. Thankfully only XCountry got the axe, but it's still very painful for me - essentially 25% of the channels I listen to are gone.

So if you primarily only listen to three channels, two channels, or even a single channel - the losses are amplified. Truly a shame that we had to choose between "some" or "none at all" with this merger. XCountry, you will be missed.

Love it. Just give me MLB in the Spring!

I am totally upset with the change... I hate the Caliente mix of music. It was bad enough that Sirius had only two latin channels and now to mix the tropical music with pop..just stinks.

I am VERY disappointed with the merging and/or deleting of some stations. I have been with Sirius since 2002 and this is yet another time where a changed has disappointed me. I LOVED listening to WAX 42, until they took it off the air. then there was Super Shuffle which kept me going if I wanted some variety. Now the lost of Backspin and Disorder is killer. It's like they completely killed off the Old hip hop programming. Hip Hop Nation should have been taken off, and backspin should have stayed.. or I heard that XM had The Rhyme, which would have been just as fine.

I love the creativity used by satellite radio for branding their stations. The visuals and the audio branding are all first rate. I hope the medium can continue to survive after the merger.

So I lose Ethel, Lucy, and the Boneyard (for a month and a half). In return I get 2 Springsteen Channels, 2 Greatful Dead Channels, (I'm counting the garage and jam stations) Elvis, Buffet and a stations who's playlist is Nirvana, Peal Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden. Yep, that works for me. I thought I accidently had our local rock station on...nope, hair nation. So Long XM.

Well you got me I might have been a little too worked up when i wrote that. I still must say personally ALOT of what I'm hearing on both chill and spa are not as good as what I heard before when they were audiovisions and xm chill but now that I hear your saying that steve roach was on this morning i'm starting to feel a little bit better. you might have helped me give this one more chance. Thanks! Sorry for the rants lol.

I am horribly pissed about this. First, Sirius changed my Punk channel, a preset for years, in to the freaking AC/DC channel without warning, and now it's just gone altogether.

Then, again without warning, the Real Jazz station has become a jokey joke imitation of a jazz station. Now I get to hear crap like Manahattan Transfer, David Sanborn and some boring vibes player named Joey Baione instead of getting the genius of Les Davis guidingme through an afternoon of Trane Tracks and real classic jazz gems.

Oh ya, just to complete the kick to the nads, they get rid of Backspin too. What a pile of crap.

I might not be as pissed if I could automatically receive NBA and NHL like I thought I would when the merger was announced. Now I have to buy a whole new receiver to be able to access this - and pay extra too.

This merger has turned out to be an incredible disappointment.

They gave us all sports from Sirius except the Soccer Channel. Are there any plans to offer this as part of the shared package? Doesn't make sense.

What's wrong with the channels we got? They play pretty good...

Virus...Lithium...1st Wave...

+2 Miss Boombox, even with liquidturd


What a crock of shit lost my favorite channel the beat for another version of area BPM this is horrible and canceled my radios

Chill played Cold Play? Are you kidding me. What an abortion this merger was.

Am I the only one that has noticed the degraded sound quality on most of the stations that came over from Sirius, especially, Lithium, Classic Vinyl and Faction?

Of course, the replacements fail to compare to the stations we XM subs had before and were happy to pay for.

Yes, I've noticed the degraded sound quality...So has my wife, who rarely notices such things. I've especially noticed it on 41, Hair Nation. When it was The Boneyard, it sounded crisp and clear...Now it sounds like it's coming from under water...Like AM, but in stereo or something.

For those missing Cross Country, another approach wuld be to email Jon Anthony, the head of Country programming. I just sent off a note to; we'll see if I hear something back. I'd encourage other country fans to do the same, and for those disappointed and with comments about any of the changes in any areas of the musical genres, email Zellner at sure if he has a Sirius address, but so far, that address still works...Or, I should say, I've gotten replies when sending to that one, and it hasn't bounced back. :)

Why did XM remove Sirius/XM remove Seriously Sinatra/High Standards from the DirecTV roster? I leaves very little in the way of American Songbook music for those of us who prefer this kind of entertainment. I know the channel is aired as part of the new lineup, so why not on DirecTV?

I am pleasantly surprised. I really enjoy listening to The Message for Christian Music and I like how the DJs can give encouraging words to help in my walk with God.

I also enjoy listening to The Blend, Classic Vinyl, and Classic Rewind. Its something how they kept some of the XM names but incorporated a flavor of Sirius. It really is the best of both worlds.

yeah backspin was one of my favorites too...kinda bummed about that... not gonna cancel my sub though. maybe if i do say i'll cancel they will bring it back...

either way... the channels beat any 20 minute FM shitty commercial breaks...

SIRIUS goin long...

As of right now, I am only keeping my XM for the Sports and Talk radio.

For the music, Slacker is the way to go, as I am now a Slacker Premium radio subscriber.

I'm glad BPM is staying. I noticed POTUS added a new show, Stand Up with Pete Dominick. I only listened for a bit but it seems more opinion talk oriented than the other non-partisian programming on POTUS. Probably not a good choice for POTUS.

Boy, the XM subscribers are some of the most elitist pussies I've ever heard. I have/had both services and the xm playlists weren't that superior to sirius. I heard repeats on xm as well. Anyway who thinks satellite is FM without commericials is a fucking fool. Where do you people live where you can turn on FM radio and hear 69 commercial free specialty stations and drive 500 miles hearing the same station. SiriusXMU is the same as FM?!?! Where the hell do you people live . I've never once in my life heard 90% of those bands on mainstream FM radio. I want to live there so I don't have to pay for xm. Let me know...idiots!

As of right now, I am dropping all our siriusxm sub's

For the future of radio HD Radio is the way to go, as we are now HD Radio listeners.

HD Digital Radio • IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE!
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Thoughts on Radio’s Digital Future
Addressing The Long Tail: HD2s and HD3s for Fun and Profit

Analog AM/FM cannot address The Long Tail. HD Radio™ technology can help.

Few business concepts have gained such quick and widespread acceptance as The Long Tail, put forth by Chris Anderson of Wired. It states that in the digital world, there will be increasing opportunities to serve small niches of consumers with targeted products and services. It’s about profitably addressing the 20% of consumers in the classic 80/20 structure. Huge new businesses have been built (Amazon, eBay, Netflix), and older businesses have been revitalized – think of the hyper-customization of Apple iTunes and Dell computers.

Analog radio cannot effectively serve The Long Tail. Broadcasters have had huge success addressing the 80% with widely popular mass market content pushed through our loud speakers. But our economic structure won’t let us take advantage of the few consumers who like reggae or death metal or comedy or mommy talk. You simply cannot program niche formats on analog stations and make the numbers work – listenership and revenue potential are too low to cover capital and operating costs.

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And there are hundreds more you may not have heard of. Like WPOW’s Pirate Radio in Miami, doing reggae and island for the South Beach crowd, WAMU’s Bluegrass Country serving the greater DC’s bluegrass devotees and my personal favorite, WIYY Indie 97.9 HD3 in Baltimore, which is as good as any of those great Boston indie rock stations I listened to back in the day. I could go on and on.

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Develop compelling programming: As the man said, content is king. Listeners are being turned on by great HD2 programming, but they can just as easily be turned off by schlock. It’s a blank canvas, go wild. But make it good.

Promote: No one will know how great your HD2s are unless you tell them. The national Alliance ads have been hugely important to the initial rollout, but they can’t compare to local stations passionately promoting their HD2s and HD3s to their local listeners in ways they know best. I applaud the stunting that is going on – stations putting their HD2 programming on their main channel during certain day parts, to promote and let listeners sample. And nothing is more effective than the simple act of a trusted jock encouraging his listeners to check out the station’s HD2.

Monetize: My belief is that nothing will push the HD Radio rollout forward more effectively than broadcasters making money on the technology. So sell it! Others are. I know there are no ratings and only hundreds of thousands of radios, but that was the case with the early days of FM too, and creative account reps sold that. Bundle with other digital or analog assets, lease spectrum, create sponsorships, ask us for ideas. Set a budget number for multicast sales. The industry needs the top line help, and here’s something new to sell.

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All good things.

Bob Struble
Columbia, MD
September 2008

As a XM subscriber I'm less than pleased. First off, there is a very clear difference in sound quality in the Sirius channels. They sound muffled or muted. So far, the play lists seem OK but definitely not as deep as XM's play lists.

The DJs are annoying as hell. They seem way to FM for my tastes. I loved the XM DJs because they were edgy and said whatever was one their minds. If it wasn't for Ron & Fez and O & A, I would bail. Honestly, they may not be worth $13 a month.

I miss Starlite too. The Blend is nothing but a joke.

I called today to cancel my XM subscription. I had XM since 2005 and I signed up for three channels. CNN (still there), the RHYME (gone) and my Spanish Channels (gone) They crammed all my 4 spanish channels (Salsa, Mexican, etc, into one shitty spanish channel)

They offered one free month while i TRIED the new line up. No thanks.. What poor customer service... One email the day the changes are hapenning..

Bring back the RHYME and I will consider going back. They gave me NOv 19th as my last day to tune in.

So I was wondering what happened to all the real stations that XM had. I tuned in to what used to be XM RAW and it was like really bad talk radio. The decision makers at Sirius must not know what real hip hop is. It's more than music. LEO G, and Mizz Kitty are more in tune to the hip hop culture this is why I chose XM over Sirius to begin with. Not to mention the Rhyme is gone too. Trust me, I highly doubt I will renew my subscription without these two channels. I went to channel 66 (formerly XM RAW) because I wanted real music and real personalities not a bunch of scrubs that seem like they don't understand that they are supposed to spin music. I hope someone at corporate is listening to your customers. XM RAW was the realest station because of LEO G and Mizz Kitty. Thank god for an ipod because it will be getting more use than ever before.
Bring back XM RAW and the cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT LEO G AND MIZZ KITTY.

It's pretty much combining Indie Talk from Sirius with POTUS '08 so POTUS lasts longer.

For the X Country fans, I also emailed Jeremy Tepper the program director of Outlaw Country to voice my displeasure. His email address is

SWS your comments about how Outlaw Country sucks are well said and right on point. Where does one find the petition your referred to? I would really like to sign it.

I agree. It is clear someone thinks the people who listen to any kind of rap will listen to anything. The "urban" stations have been reduced to the same crap you can hear on the radio without paying a subscription. This Sucks. Not sure what I am going to do.

i am not all that thrilled with the changes
the 80's vj bore me to tears and
first wave isnt equal to Fred
i did cancel one radio yesterday
i will give them a week or so and may end
up cancelling the other radio
luckly i have slacker to listen to

What this tells us is that they think all rap is hip/hop. The so called rap stations play the same garbage that is on the regular radio. This is god awful.

Hmmmm, we have both XM and Sirius and the Sirius was updated and lost the AC/DC temp channel that was to be temp until Jan.15th, add a new channel so it's continued and others can have their channels it replaced back. Sirius seems to have less channels. I like both since we live out in the middle of no where and the radio station is horrible, I like a variety especially on road trips, there just some music that makes driving more fun than the same old same and don't have to worry about cd's and mp3 players all the time.

Surprised nobody cares that Hot Jamz is gone. I know it is silly in the satellite environment to have a station that plays R&B and Hip-Hop, but if you like it all, the format works. Plus the new channel seems to be playing edited tracks a la commercial FM radio. What in the world are we paying for if not uncut versions of the music we hear? Big time fumble on the PG rated edits... they're abandoning one of their few competitive advantages

Oh ya, I noticed the sound quality is way crapper than with XM. Ipod and internet radio here I come!

Perhaps SFM should rename Lithium, Radio Nirvana, or maybe the Sublime Channel because thats all I hear when I turn into this channel. Over and over and over... loop.... over and over and over...

have anyone notice that you can't save any of the song on some of new station and old. what's up with that. I hope they fix it. You think it sucks now, wait intel later. If don't improve this in the future it going to really suck A... Just think the new subscriber won't now the differences...

I have to say I was really upset at first. How dare anyone mess with my XM.. especially LUCY. Then I started to flip around a bit and I am liking what I hear so far. It is too soon to tell if the playlists will get stale and old. I noticed some of the XM DJ's on some of the new channels too. I think XM is has superior technology and want to make sure my devices keep working,,,if that means Sirius XM saving some money by combinding channels than i can deal. XM is still the better value as we can get MLB and NFL and we get the clear channel talk shows. Long Live XM and Sirius!

Why kill backspin? Now there are no "old school rap" channels. Hip-hop (40) & Shade 45 are not suitable alternatives to what was previously enjoyed on backspin.

I'm hoping that all of the whiners and complainers and totally negative pessimists who threatened to cancel their subscriptions actually go ahead and do it. That way, this page won't be filled with their crybaby antics. C'mon guys, it's only a friggin radio service! If your tastes are so exotic that none of the channels can satisfy you enough to keep subscribing, get out, save your money, and load up an ipod. Not everyone has 20,000 cds in their music library. Not everyone wants to explore world music and obscure mariachi bands from world war two. Most of us just want to be free from twenty minutes of commercials every hour and endless replays of Faith Hill and Michael Bolton. Sirius-XM gives it to me (and a lot more) and I am willing to pay for it. Dry your tears, unsubscribe, and go back to whatever great music source you were listening to before you got into sat-rad (and what the heck was that?). You won't have to waste your time posting hate messages to Mel anymore or making it seem as if armageddon has occurred. It's a friggin radio service, dammit!

I am not so concerned about Sirius "names" taking over some of the channels. The playlists will likely be narrow at first but expand. What is distressing are the channels from both services that were cut. These channels were precisely what made XM and Sirius so much better than FM. The Rhyme, Boombox, etc. were unique things you could not get anywhere. Perhaps they will come back one day but right now SXM just seems to be about mass appeal and bringing in new subs. Too bad they will lose a lot of old subs along the way.

I turned on Lithium when I got to work, why were they playing Seal?

Yep I made phone calls about this to them atleast 5 times over the course of the month or so that it was off the air and they kept saying oh it will be back it's just off for special events. Thats not a company I want to give money to. one thats going to lie right to my face!

Siriusly if we plan on having them start representing the quality music they used to they're going to have to lose alot of subscribers. Buy an MP3 Player hook it up to your car we need to pack a big punch otherwise there's no chance we'll ever get this material back on the air. BOYCOTT. UNSUBSCRIBE ALL OF YOU WHO ARE OUTRAGED. Everyone else that says oh stop complaining "I" still have "MY" channels. Suck my balls "WE" don't.

I sent my Dear Jon letter LOL.

Man I got so worked up last night I flew off the handle at someone telling me to give it some time.

Bring back the X.

So goodbye to X country (cross country). Goodbye to XM I will listen to my CD's before I'd listen to that Outlaw country garbage.

The comments that say "love it or leave it" are depressing. As if any change should be accepted just because.
XM's not what it was, it's between less and much less interesting to those of us who turn the radio on to listen rather than just hear. Sirius had Stern (who's also becoming a bore) and now I can't think of a single reason to have a Sirius radio, except it's built into the car.
These moves won't make a material difference to subscriber numbers (especially in a recession) and I'm betting expenses will continue to be cut until some handful of on-air people are voice tracking as many channels as they physically have time to. When that fails to pay the bills - because you cannot cut your way to success - either they'll sell out to Clear Channel or go commercial on all channels. Wall Street must be obeyed.

I think it stinks. I hate the new 70s much 'puking' for me. And the whole mess on Ch. 175 is beyond description. The new Sirius people think that everyone likes yelling and Mad Dog. No one outside of New York wants to hear that. I'm canceling my subscription. If I wanted Sirius over XM I would've gotten it in the first place. I'm done with them. And if their stock doesn't get about .30, it appears that Wall Street will be done with them soon, too.

First let me say that I was a huge fan of XCountry. In fact, it was the SOLE reason I subscribed to XM.

Having said that, the X is gone. I don't think trashing Outlaw Country or signing petitions with a few hundred other folks that will probably never make it to anyone is the answer.

I do not think this should have been an either/or situation. If you give Outlaw Country a good listen, it is better than most (although not as good as the X). There are indeed some new artists I have picked up on at Outlaw. There should be room for BOTH Outlaw Country and the X.

I would suggest that folks send an email to or call in to XM to voice your displeasure. If there is something more you want to see on Outlaw, will get you to its PD (also known as DJ Rig Rocker).

I would also add that pushes to get stations back are usually futile. Management is reluctant to reverse decisions without time going by to see how it worked. By then talent is usually spread elsewhere.

I remember back in 2004, the main reason I subscribed to XM was more to acquire more diverse radio than I received on AM/FM in Northeast Arkansas. XM had UPOP and the BBCWS. Those were my two main stations, and they have been for the last 4 years. I did expand quite a bit after that, however, by listening to 60's, and when Casey Kasem came on, I listened much more to the 70's and 80's channels. None of these formats are available here in NE Arkansas.

I miss UPOP, but would have missed them anyway in its current state, due to the economic unrest at Worldspace. BBC Radio 1 is a suitable alternative for me, because I used to live in Britain, and I very much understand the British, personality-driven radio (unlike American, music-driven radio). I still get the WS, and am grateful.

Although I am saddened that some of the people and stations have changed (and I miss them), my reason for keeping XM is still the same: AM/FM in my area doesn't hold a candle to it! I will probably keep it, and hope they continue to tweak the service in months to come.

My 6 year old daughter used to sing her way to school in the car and sing her way home. Now Kidstuff 116 is gone.

The annoying hosts on Kids Place Live talk too much and the music is NOT what we want to hear. Kidstuff was a good channel and appreciated by many parents. The new Channel is horrible and at least in my opinion represents the kind of entertainment that good parents...and kids, loath.

We've been listening to Kidstuff every day in the car since my daughter was 2 ... Now its gone. Thanks for nothing. Time to load up the iPod.

I hate it! I miss moving easy, the old Sirius Ch. 4!

The alternative is MUSAK ? I may cancel an just get digital NPR!

Hi All,
Like many of you I'm upset about the cancellation of so many quality stations with deep play lists in favor of hack DJ's and the same 200 songs on rotation. I posted a petition online and I'm asking for people to sign it and forward it on to friends and family.

I have some emails of the Sirius Execs. and will forward the petition to them to show our extreme displeasure with the state of satellite music.

I will also post the emails below the petition link.

For those posting about the narrowing of the playlists, I read on Wackbag (first time logging in there in a LONG time) that one of the members heard from a terminated PD that XM was told to narrow station laylists to 500 songs each from whatever they were because that's "all Sirius allows". Don't know if it's true; it could just be sour grapes or a fellow wackbagger starting s**t...But if it is true, then it definitely lends credibility to us XM'ers who feel the playlists have gotten narrower.

And thanks to those who have posted Jeremy's (or DJ RigRocker's) email address. Let's all let him know what we think. Serious emails only, of course. I flipped on Outlaw last night and heard probably two of the most mainstream songs out there...Travis Tritt's "Modernday Bonnie and Clyde" (not sure if that's the real name) and Dave Dudley's "Six Days on the Road". The Dave Dudley makes sense for the trucking show, but Tritt? I love the guy's music, but come on...I can hear him on The Higway or Prime Country...Don't need him on Outlaw; The X never would've played that song.

Sirius has channels they offer but for a confused squizz listener... Octane didn't have the commercials in between songs that made you have a chuckle while listening, No ID checks, SquiZZ intel, what made them decide to put Octane name in front of one of XM's best channels. But the CEO's of either company won't care its all about money and no satisfied listeners. Octane music wise is good but their first DJ sucks ass...

I agree, here I listen to Sirius for the BBC The WS has always been a staple in my life as their news is top notch and I get a world perspective on it ,not just an American point of view.BBC Radio 1 is a godsend and innovatively time shifted for us here in the USA to hear it as the Brits do [REAL TIME]On top of that I live like KGORE in a rural area of Maryland.Yes we have rural areas in the free state.Its right in the middlle between Phila and Baltimore and 45 miles SE of Lancaster.FM here is weak and Sirius blasts right in.I also enjoy NPR 2 streams of it on Sirius and WRN another London based network.Then on the secondary side is the music channels as long as I have something its better than nothing.Its my money I earn it and I will still spend it on Sirius.Nothing even since Wed,still comes close.I have a SUB 1 boombox in the house and the sound is not shallow at all.It really kicks. All of this talk on crappy sound streams I dont buy at all, come on over Ill let you hear it.To me as long as there is still music news and entertainment streams coming down to my radio Im happy.If I want to see FRED ETHEL OR LUCY I can watch em on NICK @ NITE[just a joke son}To me there is a lot more than 69 music channels to listen too.Terrestrial radio cannot and will not ever hold a candle to what satellite radio offers.Im giving them a chance heck GM is broke too!I still bought a new Chevy this year anyway,its in the driveway and my Sirius One is it it as active as ever. I listen online every morning for breakfast and I get to pick what I want to listen too depending on my mood that morning. More choices than FM for sure.Like John Lennon said 'Give peace a Chance'.

Bring back Backspin & quit censoring Hip-Hop Nation.

"THE MOVE, XM 80..... what the fuck?? They ran that loop message that it would be back. A lie all along. How can there be no HOUSE MUSIC on satellite radio? The are basically chasing me back to internet radio and my MP3 player.

Actually I do miss Hot Jamz. When I noticed they were playing FM cuts, I was livid. That, coupled with the loss of Boombox is why I canceled 3 of my 4 subs. The last one is free and it came with my car. Mel has until that one runs out to convince me, I guess. They certainly won't upsell me with the current lineup

i'm on the hunt for something else. Whats this Digital NPR I hear someone talking about?!?>!

I hate it! I am going to cancel Sirius! They removed the old Sirius Ch 4 Movin EZ the alternative is a XM MUZAK station. I will go with HD NPR.

Howard Stern has bankrupted Satellite radio, financially and morally.

Whether you prefer XM or Sirius, the argument that Howard Stern bankrupted Satellite Radio is wrong.

When they were separate entities, Sirius owned the better balance sheet. It's been said that if the merger never happened, only one SATRAD company would have survived (that was Sirius, not XM). Irregardless of preference (I actually subscribe to XM in my car), you cannot deny that XM management made Horrible decisions. Among others, leasing channels to Clear Channel...leaving them unable to market their music (which is superior as stated by many on this post) as commercial free. For the casual listener interested in SATRAD, this is a turnoff. A large part of the debt refinanced prior to the merger being complete (and leading to the dilution of the stock) belonged to the MLB deal. I can go on and on.

Like him or hate him, Howard isn't to blame. Sirius only needed 3 million subscribers to make up the price of his 500 mill contract (also, what seems to be forgoten here is that a large part of his compensation is stock options, which are all but worthless now). Horrible business moves from XM bankrupted SATRAD, not Howard or Mel. Shame too, it was a great service while it lasted.

Changes were made Wednesday, it is now Friday and I can honestly say that I HATE SATELLITE RADIO!

If i wanted Sirius I would have suscribed to it, I was a dedicated XM'er!

All my favourite channels are now gone:

Lucy, Squizz, Ethel, The Rhyme, all I'm left with now is the Virus.

The only thing keeping me is Opie and Anthony, because the rest of these channels fucking suck.

So many duplicate channels, programming and the SAME SONG PLAYED ON 4 STATIONS EVERY FUCKING HOUR.

Thanks Mel for saying a big FUCK YOU to all your loyal XM customers.

Super bummed about the loss of BOOMBOX. Alt Nation is not even close. Sent a letter of complaint a few days ago, got a letter back saying they take my concern very seriously and will forward it on to the programming dept.
I'm sure.
Come Jan. my subscription will be cancelled.

All the jerks who tell people who have complaints to shut up are missing the point of a "comments" section. Here's where we get to blow off steam. I'm pissed off about losing some of my favorite channels and I'm not going to just clam up and put up.

BoomBox and Backspin BOTH GONE?!? Customer service told me if I liked BoomBox I should listen to Alt Nation. WTF?? Does that make sense to anyone? Now there is no old school hip hop channel on Sirius XM.

I'm really sad today. And if you are bummed out you should do what I'm doing which is telling Sirius XM exactly how you feel. I called them and I've written letters. If things don't improve I'm switching to Slacker full-time. I picked Sirius over XM because of channels like BoomBox (and others). This blows. I knew this was goin to happen. MERGERS SUCK. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their jobs. Best of luck.

Good point Douchebag (thunmbs up),

People are angry because they were used to one thing and now are being forced to pay for another. There was a reason why Sirius and XM were 2 different companies because it encouraged competition, XM'ers loved the XM programming and Sirius listeners loved what Sirius was offering. Now that they've merged they start making blind cuts to shows and channels that were a staple for the whole concept of Satellite Radio.

Will some people like the newly merged service?, of course! and good for them they can keep on subscribing. These are the people that should keep their mouths shut beacause the company needs to address what is wrong.

People PAY for this service and they were used to and expected various programming for their favourite music/talk genres.

Now some of these channels are totally non-existant or a watered down, DJ talk loaded sorry excuse for a "radio service"

People should complain all they want because others will listen and HOPEFULLY changes will be made

I loved XM for several years. I have the Sirius music channels on my Dish Network and knew their playlists were uninteresting and got stale after just a few days.

Now my three favorite XM stations are suddenly gone -- X Country, Fine Tuning and Beyond Jazz -- and replaced with their inferior counterparts. X Country in particular was a GREAT station.

And yes, the sound quality IS inferior. I guess they're compressing the signal to save on bandwidth.

They're doing this like they have no choice.

now I can't even record songs to my Stiletto. WTF.

I haven't received an apology email from sirius and a date by which this stupidity will be reversed, so it bears repeating. This is Bull$$hit. Sirius Disorder, Celtic Crush, and Larry Kirwan were the primary reason I paid for Sirius. I don't know a single sirius subscriber who is happy with this corporate ambush and most of us are on the way to canceling our subscriptions. Those of you who are missing other stations, I feel your pain too. I have yet to be convinced that this attack on the customers is warranted in any way.


As of right now, I am dropping all our siriusxm sub's

For the future of radio HD Radio is the way to go, as we are now HD Radio listeners.

HD Digital Radio • IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE!
HD Digital Radio. It's here. It's local. It's free. DISCOVER IT!


Same here. I am very disappointed in the "new" Channel 74 and my 4 subscriptions are about to be canceled.

Faz, XM did not decide to "lease" channels to Clear Channel. CC was an early investor in XM and was entitled to the bandwidth. In fact, XM was taken to court by CC over the matter. XM would love to not have CC channels.

Facts are your friend., arrogant FM egomaniac, is one of the big problems at XM.

I already miss backspin 43 :(

My opinion is, nobody should be telling others to shut up. There are many people who are not happy with the changes, and those folks have every right to express their displeasure. If you cannot stand to hear differing opinions, you're going to have a stressful life.

I myself am still quite content with the new merged channels. I turn it on, I can still hear the music I like. Sure some things are different, but eh, I can live with it.

You may not like what they do, but you do not run XM Sirius, so at the end of the day, you either have to live with their choices, or you have move on to another option. Find something that works for you.

Bring back X Country. XM has gone Nashville and I hate this new Outlaw country. That they think it replaces or is similar to X Country is a real slap in the face.

I hate to think of the impact it's going to have on the Americana and Texas music scene. With shows like Rogue Calls- it was truly music by the people for the people- the fans voice made the decision on what we heard not Nashville.

I've already sent XM several emails stating that I do not like Outlaw and want X Country Back. I am seriously considering unsubscribing after over 4 years of X Country enjoyment and have told them as much.

X country was what brought me to XM.

I listen to country music an love the changes.

Bring back X Country. XM has gone Nashville and I hate this new Outlaw country. That they think it replaces or is similar to X Country is a real slap in the face.

I hate to think of the impact it's going to have on the Americana and Texas music scene. With shows like Rogue Calls- it was truly music by the people for the people- the fans voice made the decision on what we heard not Nashville.

I've already sent XM several emails stating that I do not like Outlaw and want X Country Back. I am seriously considering unsubscribing after over 4 years of X Country enjoyment and have told them as much.

X country was what brought me to XM.

I would be willing to pay for boombox seperately, if that would bring it back.

Killing the punk channel which represented a GENRE of music with the AC/DC channel which represents .000001% of rock music is the reason I will be canceling.

I agree entirely. I am afraid that the "harsher" side of Sirius is invading XM. Below is a note I sent today to the folks at their POTUS channel via this feedback page.

I understand that with the merger there are many programming changes that occur.

I wanted to let you know that I am concerned about the direction of the POTUS channel. This morning at 8:30 EST it was very jarring to hear a harsh shrill "station identificatioN" for POTUS that then sequed into the "big music" of the morning briefing.

I also did not enjoy the segment somewhere between 8:35 and 8:45 wtih Pete Dominick interviewing someone about the auto industry. It sounded too much like the shouting heads on cable news. I am not looking for shouting heads in the morning. What I have always enjoyed about POTUS is the in depth interviews and analysis with political insiders. During the election this would involve interviewing Democratic and Republican spokespersons, but not having them on at the same time for an argument. POTUS to me is like an enhanced NPR. If this devolves too much, I may look to cancel my subscription and just return to listening to my local NPR affiliate.

I am bummed to lose my favorite channel, Sirius Disorder, in the merged lineup. Neither The Loft nor Deep Tracks has the same eclectic mix of rock and non-rock or the same sense of musical adventure. So far, the best thing about the merge is getting to hear the "Bob Dylan Radio Theme Time" weekly program on Sirius. Otherwise, I can't say I'm too pleased.

So, is a news/talk alignment also in the works?

XM and Sirius each have their own trucking channel, two seperate channels each for left and right talk radio, and numerous different traffic channels. I wouldn't be suprised if these also change soon...

The new dance lineup is horrible BPM and whatever they replaced area 38 with seem to play nothing but trance. Bring back the beat. Oh and can't believe they switched out Hot Jamz. the worst part is the replacement is edited. Everytime sirius makes a channel lineup change it just gets worse and worse. Been a subscriber for 5 years, not for much longer though

Couldn't make it to the end of the week like I had promised. After 6 years of listening to XM and going through numerous channel changes, I cancelled my last two radios yesterday. The rock channels really really stink. And what's the deal with not only an all AC/DC channel, but an all Springsteen channel? WTF? What kind of morons do they take us for?

Also, after speaking with the customer rep on the phone for a while, he told me that channel 52 Faction was the replacement for the long lost Fungus53 punk channel. If that was the case, that's pretty weak. It sounded exactly like a few local "rock" stations here in CT that already stink.

I'll miss Boombox. It was unique. Alt Nation is nothing like it. I have tried Deep Tracks, but it is not as good as the Vault. The playlist on the Vault was much better. Why axe the punk station and sirius disorder? Seems the comment about fringe music was a good one. All the channels that were difficult to categorize were axed. Can't find a channel that's any good. Anyone like any of the new channels?

Yep. Sirius Stars has become a woman's channel. Dr. Laura is in place of Jay Thomas. Jay is moving to the old Maxim channel, now called Sirius Stars 2. This begins Monday.

Sorry boys, you cancelled all my favorites on XM and I sell cars that has XM in them. Not sure if I will be able to muster the rah rah about the joys of XM anymore.

Cancelling my subscription, MP3 here I come.

Another great thing (XM) turns to shit at the hands of the greedy. Wonderful.

Now where did I put that iPod?

i can't believe they got rid of the rhyme. that station is the main reason i have maintained my subscription for so long. the channel they replaced it with is garbage. if i wanted to listen to new school and mostly garbarge hip hop i could listen to the other three "urban" stations that play that crap. i am seriously let down. i sent XM my opinion. i will cancel if i get a prorated refund, otherwise i will cancel at the end of this billing cycle.

The new channel line up is horrible. These new urban channel sound like FM!! Customers aren't stupid. H.B.O can't just take Entourage off and replace it with the L Word. Without telling the people. That's what Sirius DID and that's just st8 disrespectful. R.I.P XM

Once a week I would get an email from XM about that week's channel line up. Sometimes I would get additional emails about buying additional subscription. But not once did I get an email about the channel change. So imagine my dismay when my favorite channel, Beyond Jazz, had been substituted by a New Age station. XM messed up big time and the results will be in the increase in cancellations (judging by comments on other blogs). Serves the greedy executives right!

I am very unhappy, since the channel combination, everytime I start my car, the XM unit gives me a message that the station I am listening to is off the air, it is preset to 202 the Virius...I have to shut off the radio and then turn it back on, sometimes more than once to be able to hear the channel

I think this whole channel mixup was a disaster. No BoomBox WTF I thought we where goning to get more to choose from not Less.. 8(

Come on Sirius NOT GOOD

Competition is what keeps you strong and thirsty to better oneself with improvements. When I first heard of the merger, I knew that it was the first step to killing a good thing. Goodnight satellite radio. Thanks Sirius and Howard Stearn.

After being with XM for years I am NOT happy that most of my favorite XM channels and hosts are now gone.


If Sirius management ever comes back to reality and respects the XM customers, returns our channels and XM hosts then I will sign up with my $$$ and support XM again.

Thanks Sirius for this awful merger.

Thanks FCC for allowing XM radio customers to be treated this way. This merger should NEVER HAVE BEEN ALLOWED.

Once again Sirius CEO in case you didn't hear me I JUST CANCELLED. That's mean one less customer to get $$$$$$ from.

I really hate that I don't get Fred, Soul Street, XMX and many many other channels.
Really HATE this whole mess.


Its great to see that I am not the only one who loved boombox! I am sure they cancelled because they did not feel there enough people who listened to that station. I wrote Sirius but only got back a generic email. I found the email addresses of Mel Karmazin and Scott Greenstein. I don t know if they are legit addresses but Ill give them to you. Please write them and voice your concerns. Maybe we dont have to cancel in order to be heard and have boombox brought back. They have to see that this station is missed and wanted. Write them please!!

40 fucking 2! RIP katie brutal and mercury. thank you for the months of enjoyment. liquid metal is dead. sirius sucks and i'm back to cds.

It's strange. TV circa 1970 consisted of ABC, NBC, and CBS with PBS and independents as the only other options. Today, TV gives us hundreds of channels with more being created all the time. Radio, on the other hand, had many more options back then since hundreds of radio stations provided their own programming much of the time. Today, terrestrial radio and now satellite radio offer less and less options every month. Geniuses like Mel will probably have us down to a single format simulcast everywhere in a few more years. In era when variety is exploding in TV and the Internet, radio is imploding. And their bottom lines reflect that.

I purchased an XM unit at Circuit City or $39 in July and then found a way to get it activated for free plus get three free months. We were headed on an 8,000 mile road trip. XM was a godsend! 70s on 7, Fine Tuning, Deep Tracks, news stations. The drive was smooth because of XM. I thought I'd cancel right after the trip because I don't usually drive more than 20 minutes away from home. But I learned that I really liked XM and kept it, even after the billing started.

Unfortunately now I can see what Sirius is like. It is true, what one writer said here, that Sirius is FM without commercials. I'm really bummed to read here that the 70s on 7 channell is NOT the same, despite the same name. I will probably cancel after our next long car trip in December. It's still worth it for the long haul, but that's it for me.

Never been so unhappy - Sirius listener to basically one station - channel 8. They took a brand people knew, the Big 80's and a simple premise (the original MTV VJ's) and have just trashed it. And so much for saving money - the new channel 8 has double the number of DJ's - and not nobody's they got cheap - Casey Kasim and Rick Dees added to my channel 8 on the weekend. The morning drive DJ Rick Stacy is a snoozer - he needs to stay behind the scenes as program director as he's listed as.

They better play Casey going nuts talking about puppies dying this weekend coming out of an up-tempo song or I may lose it.

I want my Big 80's back!

Granted, I hate that Fine Tuning, XM Cafe, X-Country, Beyond Jazz, Fred, and other channels went...but love that 40's on 4, The Village, The Loft, Real Jazz, and a few others survived...and the addition of NPR Now, WRN, Underground Garage, JamON, The Coffeehouse, and a few others make for a decent listening experience.

Im mad XM 65 The Rhyme is gone. Hip Hop Nation and Shade 45 are ok, but its for the most part the same as what on FM. I dont need to pay to hear a short playlist of mainstream hip hop.
The Serius old school channel and The Rhyme should of merged into one. Rock has so many stations, but only like 3 hip hop stations. one of which might as well me 106 & Park..(The Heat.

I do like having the NBA games though, thats a big plus, and being out of town for a while its helps be keep up with my local teams.

Serius stations talk so much, I was told that before and now I see its true. I dont mind most the time but they go on too much on Shade 45. XM stations was generally very very little talking, just music

SXM give us a classic/old school hip hop station!!

Look what they've done to our songs, ma! No Disorder, no subscription renewal.

I was absolutely stunned when I turned on my receiver the other morning, and found Beyond Jazz (the ONLY source ANYWHERE for modern jazz) gone, and XM Chill all but destroyed. I called my wife, who at the same time discovered some of her favorite XM channels were deleted as well. What executive management at XM-Sirius did was unconscionable, and I cannot believe they would make wholesale changes to this service without at least soliciting some degree of subscriber input. In my mind, they have turned SATRAD into pay FM, and management stripped the company of any competitive advantage over commercial radio. An action like this could only have been taken with the intent to alienate the subscriber base, and in turn destroy the company.

For what it’s worth to the rest of you readers, I called XM on the morning of the 12th to cancel all three of my subs (we’ve been subscribers since 2001). They offered us free service for a period, but that was really of no value to us. But then this offer poses another question concerning management expertise and ability: if they are trying to enhance profitability by laying off people, reformatting their music offerings / eliminating redundancies, what will be the net effect when the subscriber base disappears, and/or the company has to offer free service to help retain listernership? Brilliant huh? Like I said before, these actions could only be contemplated with the intent of running the company into the ground (pun intended).

xcountry was the best station on the face of the planet. outlaw dosen,t even come close. sirius-xm seriously flawed !!! too bad.

Disorder replaced by the Loft?--come on! it sounds like another Coffee House.

Where is Larry Kirwan, Meg Griffin etc?


What's the deal with some of the stations being cencored? I'm not paying $13.95 a month to hear radio versions of songs. They should seriously think of bringing these 5 stations back on too -
Movin Easy

Hilarious! I am literally pissing myself right now! I heard People Are People today and wanted to cry. Are they serious? If I wanted to hear Top 40 "New Wave" I would time travel back to 1984. I hate the new programming.It's awful.

Sirius subscriber and have 2 GM cars and hated XM before but now love it and subscribed both cars on XM, Love Hair Nation, Octane, Spa, Zepplin, Classic Vinyl. Can you please play some of the old tunes on Spa because now there all different still good but give us more also more Sirius on XM.

Sirius For LIFE!!!


Per an email from Jon Zellner - Meg Griffin is off for the next few weeks. When she comes back, she will have spots on 2 stations: The Spectrum and The Loft.

Count me in as THRILLED that Fred was supplanted by 1st Wave, not to mention the other changes.

Music and genre knowledge is one thing. But XM went so overboard on obscurity and B-sides that I wanted to rip my own ears off. It's like, gee, Fred, I get it: It's all about PIL, oldest Blondie, even more ancient The Cars, and a whole lot of The Clash. I would drop-dead-Fred whenever I just ONCE heard a song like New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle.

GOD FORBID you would EVER see The Go-Go's show up anywhere on XM (too mainstream for Fred, and not bubble-gum enough for 80's on 8). You know something? I've heard them both on 1st Wave and 80's on 8 since the line-up merger. And you know something else? I consider the overlapping a GREAT thing.

What's worse is that on old Fred, those out-of-the-mainstream songs were played with mind-boggling redundancy. It's as if they were trying to compensate for their previous lack of air play.

So, yeah, I was REALLY SICK of Fred. It was just too deep. I envisioned aging music nerds compiling its playlist, with their only goal being to demonstrate just how obscure their knowledge is. I didn't care to know anymore.

I'm happy about 1st Wave, I think it is FAR better and more enjoyable to listen to than Fred. I think 80's on 8 has improved, as well - since it loosened up and started playing more pop new wave songs.

Overall, this XM subscriber household (three in the family here, actually - all sharing the same joy) is VERY VERY happy with the merger.

Lucy, Fred & Ethel!! GONE!
Lithium, 1st wave, etc-- NOT!!
And even if I'm willing to give the other stations a try-- the DJ'S TALK TOO MUCH. THEY WON'T SHUT-UP!
I LEFT Free Radio and PAID for Satellite so I could hear MUSIC. NOT YAP! A DJ is jawing in on the end of a song and into the NEXT about what? A FOOTBALL GAME??
If I wanted to listen to FOOTBALL, I would TUNE TO THAT CHANNEL!
And Watercolors is nice-- but it's elevator music. NOT JAZZ. Classic JAZZ is OLD OLD OLD. It's NOT Beyond JAZZ.
And Sinatra? JAZZ? Please. I'm over 40, not Ancient!
And Again-- the DJ's need to SHUT THE HELL UP and just PLAY THE MUSIC.

Dear Sirius,

You blew it. No notification, no heads up, just screw every subscriber without them knowing....Now promptly remove all the single artists channels so I can enjoy whats left of my music channels. Starting with:

1 Jimmy Buffet
2 Elvis
3 E Street radio
5 Led Zeppelin

These artists are already on OTHER CHANNELS !!

Hi - A poorly designed change, poorly communicated.

1) The change unconfigured every Volvo-installed Sirius unit. This seems to be fixable, but what an annoyance! See

2. I'm in the minority, but that doesn't take away the legitimacy of my despair. I'm bitterly BITTERLY angry at Sirius about Sirius Disorder. What business survives whose customers are filled with helpless rage every time they think of the company? I really hate them. Hatred is not too strong a word.

liquid metal is worst than ever before. Fuck sirius

I agree that a petition alone unlikely to bring X Country back - this is, after all, a private company. Petitions make more sense with public officials.

But I also agree that there really should be a place for both Outlaw and X Country. CBS Radio has an Americana channel on AOL Radio. There are Americana terrestrial stations. Admittedly, not many, but this is a format that does have a following, and X Country did it exceptionally well.

Just browsing around different forums and seeing comments that have been made, X Country is mentioned quite often as a big casualty of the channel merger. And looking at the ratings numbers, X and Outlaw had very similar numbers, so it's not like they removed an extreme niche channel to replace it with something more mainstream. They're taking one niche and replacing it with another that overlaps maybe 25 percent. Also, ratings don't tell the full story because this is pay radio, not ad-supported radio. What matters is not how much people listen to it, as much as whether or not they're willing to pay for it. X Country's listeners liked it a lot, and it kept us paying that monthly fee.

Honestly, I can't understand a management decision that deems an AC/DC channel or a Led Zeppelin channel as more appealing and worthwhile than X Country.

When my partner said he wanted Sirus radio, he promised me an excellent listening experience. We enjoyed the Beat for the last two months but what the hell happened? We turn on the radio in the morning and our favorite dance music is gone!!!! In its place is a bunch of repetitive crap! What is with the crowd noise accompanying a song? I want to hear music, not people noise.
Talk about a bait and switch! He likes to listen to disco but not from 9 PM to 3 AM!
We feel as though we were scammed.

I'm giving the new XM a shot, although I'm still unsure whether I want to keep the subscription or not. They've ruined some things, but improved some others. I mostly listen to the rock channels, so here's my analysis.

I guess I'll start with Lucy/Lithium. This was a real loss, IMO. Lithium does not have the character that Lucy had - the liners sound like something from a generic FM station now. The playlist is absolutely much narrower and there's favoritism towards certain artists - Nirvana mostly. Over the last few days I have been listening and I HAVE noticed some improvement, though.

Liquid Metal fared the worst. The programming philosophy there has COMPLETELY changed for the worst, mostly towards more mainstream metal such as Metallica, Pantera, Slipknot, etc. The XM Liquid Metal was *not* like that, and played many bands that would not have radio recognition otherwise. I'm not a fan of the "Nu-Metal" stuff that LM now favors.

Some stuff, however, hasn't been as bad as I feared. Sirius XMU is certainly different than the old XMU - but I like the music mix and it's still something worth listening to. I also like Hair Nation, because it is actually a completely different channel than Boneyard in my eyes. If Boneyard resembles Sirius' Buzzsaw insofar that it plays less hair and more "stadium rock", then I accept the change.

I have to praise one thing, however, and that is the addition of Underground Garage. This channel singlehandedly saved my XM subscription. It has depth, it has an incredibly unique format, and I absolutely adore the music and presentation. It's now my number one preset.

Overall, there's more repetition - even on the deeper channels - and that's why I remain lukewarm. I have to see, after a few months, whether the service is still worth it. It's not as good as the old XM - not even close.

The Loft isn't replacing Disorder. Both Fine Tuning and Sirius Disorder were dropped, unfortunately.

I am very disappointed. The only channels I really enjoyed on XM have been replaced. I enjoyed "The Rhym, RAW, and The City (edited hip-hop that the kids could also listen too). I am seriously (siriusly) thinking about canceling my membership.

I do not understand your 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. comment. Are they playing the music he likes during only certain hours? If so you might want to consider a radio with a recording function.

Hey moron, shut the fuck up. He was referencing an old O&A show. (linger longer) asshole.

Mixing all the spanish channels in one, is like if they'd mixed country, classic and disco music in a single channel. Simply stupid.

Completely agree! Those are the channels I'm missing the most. '70s on 7 is NOTHING like Strobe. Neither is Alt Nation for Boombox!

While I tend to listen to all types of music, My favorite station on Sirus by far was Buzzsaw....Needless to say, I'd like to thank the good people at Sirus XM for getting rid of my favorite station, and replacing it with ALL AC/DC ALL THE F*ING Time!!! I know where I'd Like to stick My grits and gravy! If I ran my business like that, I could plan on being out of business pretty damn quick! Thanks again Morons!

Thanks Sirus /XM, Appreciate the heads-up there folks. Thank God I have an I-Pod. I don't think you'll like my next call to cancel my subscription. I definitely will not be renewing.

Think folks really love the new XM? NOT!
Just take a look at eBay... receivers are a dime a dozen!

I am upset that backspin is gone, I also love the spanish canel Rumbon which had a good mix of latin music, the one I stuck with now, Caliente, sucks, there is too much of that old classy spanish bullshit music and not enough good oldschool salsa, merengue. also not enough new reggaton. dammit if I aint pissed off at this shit.

boombox was the best bring it back sirius

Canceling two of three subs in a few minutes.

No need to pay for carbon copy music, shallow playlists, idiot DJ yammering, and the death of the dance music channels.

Thanks Mel! Great business plan.

Bye bye!

Alx I am with you, I am canceling soon enough I loved the Niche programming now they bundled everything into one it suxs, Lucy was awesome and not the lithium channel is pathetic. Good bye XM you will be missed.

I think we should all switch to Raphsody that way we can choose our own music and take it with us and no more idiot DJs

I am very disappointed with the merger. Prior to merger I was looking forward to hooking up another unit since I have one Sirius (connected) and one XM (not connected). Now I am thinking of just canceling my service. I noticed the name change on the display other than that I knew nothing of the channel changes. I listen to Rumbon pretty much all the time. It was the perfect blend of the Spanish music I like (Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton, a little Bachata. Now with Caliente they have added the other Spanish music types that I would prefer not to listen to that is why I never changed the channel. My ride to work was not the same with my regular music (not one Reggaeton song in 30 minutes). Also my kids loved Kid Stuff and not the Kid station is not the same. This morning taking my son school all we heard was a talking and no music. We pay not to hear all the talking even is on a Kid station. I guess without the regular station I can look forward to going to work and listening to Pandora an online station where I get to pick the music I like and go figure it is free.

I come back from vacation and find no more Boombox?!?! No Backspin!?!?! The 60's has too much DJ talk and early 60's. The 70's is mostly disco and I even heard Dolly Parton this morning. Ugh! I want my rock and roll back! They took away or ruined my four favorites! I picked Sirius because I liked their programming. I hate every single XM channel they brought over. Lucy might have been nice but that didn't make it. Please at least bring back Boombox.

XM 44: Fred.

Fred, dear Fred! WTF happened to you? Who the hell is "1st Wave," Fred? Is that supposed to be some sort of reference to the first wave of New Wave music, circa 1979-1984? Because Joan Jett is NOT "New Wave," Fred, you know that!

Fred, you would never play Joan Jett. And you never played as much Duran Duran. Not that I have anything against Duran Duran--my locker was a John Taylor shrine in 1984. But enough is enough. And what is with your INXS addiction now, Fred? And where did "I'm Not Crazy: INSTITUTION!" go?

Fred, please come back. Please make these annoying, nasally deejays go away. I do not need to hear who is singing the song, because I have a display on my XM radio that tells me already. Please make them stop talking over the music. The music format change is bad enough, but to have bad college station deejays talking over it is just unbearable, Fred. I thought I was paying $13.95 a month to NOT hear annoying people talk. Less talk, MORE ROCK, Fred.

Suck it, Sirius. You seriously suck.

--soon-to-be EX-XM subscriber

After just 1 evening listening to the stations, I've now found myself catching the same song on multiple stations at the same time. Something that had never happened with XM prior to the merge with this junk.

Although I was still able to get my sub for only $77/year using the 4 year old ZWINBACK promo code, I may still cancel this watered-down merged version.

Backspin is gone!!!WTF...are they outta there minds....that channel was personal favorite.

I don't know if I'll bother renewing...FM is just as good now.


The new hip-hop and metal options are horrible! I couldn't wait to get XM channels b/c their music was so much better than Sirius'. Instead of keeping the diversity, they watered everything down. Blah!

I've been listening to Slacker online for a week to see if it's worth it. I have a GM vehicle and I travel 30,000 miles a year in my truck for work so I'm keeping XMS for the traffic/nav updates, but god do I wish I could cancel it just for spite.

I asked my husband to get me a Slacker for Christmas. I can't justify the purchase when I've already spent so much for XM.

You obviously have no musical taste, just like all Sirius radio listeners. "Too deep?" They played TOO MANY songs for you? You actually LIKE hearing the same 200 songs over and over? You must have a whole lot of discretionary income if you want to throw $13.95 a month away to hear "the Go-Go's." Why don't you just buy a "Best of the Go-Go's" cd, or just download your two favorite Go-Go's songs on your iPod? Fred and the other XM channels with 'too deep' playlists are for those of us who actually listened to real music, not just what FM radio or even college radio shoved down our throats. 'Too deep?" "Obscure?" Are you serious?! Isn't that what's great about music--and previously about XM--the variety?! Isn't that what was supposed to make it DIFFERENT from FM programming?

You and the other people who think that those of us who are mourning the death of our beloved channels are 'overreacting' are just not audiophiles, plain and simple. You can have your Sirius. I don't want it anymore.

When my annual subscription runs out, I WILL NOT RENEW. XM provided stations that gave me the kind of music I can't find on local FM and new music that truely lifted my spirit during the day.

The new lineup is pretty old. Many of the stations focus on music I can easily download or play via CD.

It appears that the XM-Sirius staff that created the new line-up really don't know much about music. I'm not sure they know much about marketing either.

Evidently this is primarily a cost saving move, but perhaps not an income increasing one if you ask me. If they wanted to impress the stockholders -- well, we'll see. If they wanted to impress the customers that have paid, they might have gone slower and asked for more input (particularly from people that understand music).

Here is a good story about why Sirius is now CENSORED. They need to fix this back to UNCENSORED now since this is what we all pay for.

Well, as a fan of music, this is very disappointing. I wish I had recorded more Fred, Ethel, Lucy, XM Chill, Chrome & Real Jazz when I had the chance. You don't know what you miss until it's gone. I'm shocked by the tight playlists of the Sirius channels alleged to replace the XM alternative channels in particular, which appear to sound just like FM to me. No depth, no brains, just a lot of blathering and bullshit.

As an owner of 4 XM radios, it will soon be just the one in my car, as I still enjoy O&A and Ron & Fez on the Virus 202. Nice also to hear Howard again after many years. XM brought back my faith in music on the radio again. The merger took it away.

Hey, Jennifer Tyler, you think I have no taste in music? Well I think you couldn't come up with any better response to my comment than to make a lame personal attack. I'd put my knowledge (and its depth) of the genre against yours any day. Fine, we disagree about the music line-up. But was it necessary for you to be so snide? At least I have better "taste" about how I address people.

If you read my previous post without whatever rage that clouded your perception, you wouldn't be calling me a "Sirius" user - because you'd know that I'm an XM subscriber. Just like you, our family has 3 GM cars with XM receivers. My perspective was that of a worn-out XM user. How would I have been able to air my frustration of XM if I weren't an XM subscriber?

I already know the deeper, obscure songs. I certainly want to hear them sometime, but not all the time. (And sorry, I don't own the I-pod you so cattily suggested I use... because I rely on Satellite radio). I'd rather have a heavier rotation of songs that were more mainstream - not overwhelmingly bubblegum mainstream, but more mainstream than Fred. I guess you could say I want an amalgamtion of my time listening to an entire decade of KROQ here in the LA area. The OBSCURE stuff, if I'm not hearing it, is what I would rather opt for burning to a CD (or in your case, the Ipod). Trust me, I have the kind of collection to do just that.

It's just that, given the choice of what I want to hear in my car on a regular basis? I'd rather skew toward a variety that is NOT as deep / obscure as Fred had gone - and it really seemed to go further and further in that direction in the past year.

Jennifer, we simply have a different opinion about what we want to hear driving in our cars, and - evidently unlike you - I respect that difference of opinion.

And you suggested that I accused people like you of overreacting. I'd say you're overreacting now, because I didn't make any such accusation. I realize you're pissed, but retract the claws from me and put them on the scratching post. While we have different takes on what should be played on 44 (or 22), I'm not responsible for the change, I'm just happy about it.

I currently have 2 subs to XM. I had these because I LOVED BPM and XM Chill. Now, since XM Chill is gone, replaced by the horribly random Sirius Chill, I believe I'm going to cancel. I mean why should I be paying $20 a month for one station? I would I would have kept right on and maybe purchased the "Best of Sirius" if they had just left XM Chill alone. As it is now, I'll just go back to my MP3 player. I set up a petition, but I suspect it's pointless.

you guys and your tough words...

Please leave and stop bitching.

You sound like a bunch crybabies who can't have it both ways. If you want SiriusXM to get their channels back, you need to support them in their efforts and stick with them.

When profitable - you can have your channels back. duh?

Until then, stop your bitch'n - because, just like every american who says,"I am going to move to another country, if obama (or mccain) is going to be president." it's just another "cry for me", bullshit, pathetic loser statements.

Guess what - you LOST. Get over it. Sirius will survive, without you.

...and, YOU KNOW, there is no other place to run to. America is the best place to live in the world and every other country is just that, another country.

Every Internet Radio, Radio, iPod, is also just that, another place to listen to music.

Long live SiriusXM. Long live the only place to get Fox, CNN, ESPN, etc... in my car.

go screw yourselves you crybabies.

Well, my two pennies worth.

It's a travesty that X Country and Beyond Jazz are gone. Before I got XM 4 years ago or so, I didn't listen much to those styles because I didn't know them. Where was I going to hear that kind of music.

That's why I love (loved?) XM. It introduced me to so much music I didn't know before.

Outlaw Country is unlistenable. And nothing has replaced Beyond Jazz.

I was a regular listener to Audio Visions and The System, and am still not sure if their replacements measure up.

On the plus side, however. I've become an instant fan of the Jam channel. I enjoy it way more than I ever did Music Lab. I'm also enjoying The Coffee House.

I'm not a huge alternative fan, so those changes didn't impact me as much. I'm finding the music channels in the 20s and 40s are fine when I'm in a pop music mood. (Though, I do miss the Boneyard.)

And, as a sports fan, I'm in heaven. With the Best of Sirius package, I get every game of all four major sports, the major college conferences, golf, soccer, now skiing. All that alone is just about worth the subscription for me.

Plus, a good selection of news, and information and talk. Thank goodness Sonic Theater is still around. (Or whatever it's called now.)

Yeah, I truly miss the old XM, and the channels they took away. But, there's still a lot there to enjoy. I hope Sirius XM is around for a long time yet.

The change in XM is really bad. First they took off my Underground House station, The Move (XM 80), and now they take off The Rhyme (XM 65) and Chrome (XM 83). What is going on. I turn to the other dance stations The Area (which replaced The Move) and BPM and they both play the same thing; they only rotate the schedule so they do not play the same DJ's mix show at the same time!! Same with the Hip-Hop stations. WTH!!!!! I subscribed to XM to get away from the monotony of regular radio and it looks like XM has fallen into the same category. I think that there are numerous subscribers that feel the way that I do about their music genre of choice that has been removed by XM. If it will cost a little more to get those stations back because they would need to acquire more bandwidth, then so be it but don't kill the music, give the people a choice. There are other people in the world that listen to music beside those that listen to mainstream top 40 pop/rap/country radio. What's the use of having a subscription based radio service when I can turn on regular radio for free and listen to the same thing that XM is currently playing.
I will give XM until the end of the first quarter of 2009 to get their act together; if not, I am cancelling my service. I think that there are numerous subscribers that feel the way that I do about their music genre of choice that has been removed by XM.

The only channel I really wanted from XM was Oprah & Friends. I'm very disappointed it's not available unless I upgrade to the Best of Package. It's the only channel within the Best of Package I'd want/need. Is it worth an additional $4 a month for the 1 channel? In this economy, I don't think so. If I wanted the custom channel package, I suspect I'd have to have my factory installed car radio changed and I'm not going to go through all that just to get Oprah. It's too bad. I really had hoped to hear it as part of the merger.

Absolutely right, Kevin! Spa is a very weak replacement for Audio Visions.

I also prefer The System over Area hands down. Time to cancel both my subscriptions I guess.

Great job, Mel.

Another Kevin

I too am livid that backspin is gone. WTF??? How can this possibly be based on customer feedback..backspin was the greatest thing on radio

As someone who has both (XM on DTV, Sirius in car), I'm noticing the same complaints from both sides.

Both sides lost a few specific channels. Backspin, X Country, etc. Which was probably bound to happen, but I tend to think there's more crossover in the classic rock stations.

Both sides hate that their favorite station got "dumbed" down. Example: the 90's alternative station. Both XM and Sirius subscribers have the same complaint, the playlists are shortened. You can't say "we now have (the other's) playlist which sucks"...they were BOTH shortened and combined. They shortchanged both sides. Ethel and Lithium were both good stations, but now are reduced to one poor censored station. I listened to both daily, Lithium more due to the car ride. Now I can't even listen for 10 minutes to the current edition.

I hope they realize how much damage they've done, and make changes before the holiday season really kicks in. Bad press going into Christmas can doom a company that's barely treading water.

Well the biggest problem was changing from X Country to Outlaw Country. Outlaw Country is horrible. It is hee haw on the radio.Many of the "personalities" are annoying. X Country had personalities with class and they played music from artist not heard on many FM stations. They were truly unique and I hope Sirius will reconsider or at the very least incorporate MANY of the programming ideas from X Country to Outlaw Country,and hopefully get rid of the hillbillies they have on there now. Plus they need to move a lot of the music over to Willie's Place or the Roadhouse and bring in the artist that was played on X Country. I have been downloading music off the net and listening to internet sites to get what X Country used to offer.
I also really enjoyed Lucy,but I can live with change there. I am glad they didn't mess Bluesville up.
On the plus side I really like the Hair Nation. And, with $4 extra I do get the NFL channel.

The new channel line up is atrocious!!! For those of us that had Sirius, we lost our disco channel, we lost our old skool hip hop channel, and our rap and R&B channels are now polluted with “radio edited” tracks.

My ipod will be getting much more use!!!

Thanks for ruining a great service!

All good things must come to an end I guess, The new station sucks, Might as well listen to bad FM, Outlaw country what a joke, stupid DJ's that talk to much,Johnny Knoxville? XM 12 Made me like radio again, say goodbye to subscription

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got hosed. Did anyone really think a bog corporation really gave a crap about the ons that support them?
The damage is done! Now we (myself included) need to quit snivelin' and lets try to effect some changes. I lost 6 out of ten of my pre-sets, so needless to say I'm cheesed too!
Now the question is, how to get some of the channels back.
I read where some of you are talking about petitions for specific channels. How do you find these? Is this the best way to contact? Are there other sites to go to? Phone numbers?
Most of us lost a really good thing in one way or another to corporate greed and lack of brains. Some of the channels lost are not replaceable, and no others come close. It is sad to think they may be gone forever and like boiling frogs, we just get used to it.

I dont like the changes, I liked XM because they had all kinds of music, but my first choice was Old School Hip Hop and new and uncut Hip Hop, The Rhyme, Raw were the best, I also like electronic and House, The Move had good DJs and The System was great. Audio Visions was like no other. 70s on 7 is not the same, too much talking. I was proud of having XM in my car and at home, now I am not proud any more, I dont like FM so I am going to have to by an Ipod. I am going to cancel one of my subscriptions and keep the other one to see if they make some changes. Bring back XM the way it was, bring back The Rhyme, Raw, The City, The Move, The System, Audio Visions. Please listen to us, we pay for the service.

So now that the change has been made for almost a week, here is what i think.

1) ENOUGH SINGLE ARTIST CHANNELS!! no band is worth a 24/7 channel. Load up an ipod if you want to hear one artist. and if you have your own channel, i shouldn't hear your music on any other channels.

2) Faction is really not a good replacement for fungus. Everytime I have turned on Faction, it has been horrible--although I just turned it on to hear NOFX's "Drugs are good"

3)Lucy/Lithium---Jury is still out on this. 99% of my xm music listening has been spent listening to Lucy.

last week, Lithium sounded predictable playing only the big hits (Jane's Addiction Been Caught Stealing, Red Hot Chili Peppers Give it Away, Nirvana Smells like Teen Spirit etc) I turned it on earlier today and it sounds like it is SLOWLY expanding. Lucy seemed to be getting smaller regarding their playlist the last year or so compared to when I first got XM.
Lithium's Station ID's sound too FM-ish. Lucy's were definitely better. (alhtough a lot of the sweepers for the Sirius channels sound like terrestrial radio sweepers.

4)DJ's. I think if you have Radio, DJ's are necessary to give you that radio feel, but i have heard a couple that seem to try to be over the top and keep blabbing so they can hit the post.

5) I haven't done this since i first subscribed to XM, but I find myself flipping through many channels, just to see what else is on. I used to do it all the time when i first got xm. its like i am checking it out for the first time all over again

The Verdict:
I will probably keep XM. XM is just one component in my listening arsenal (along with internet radio and Ipod. My wife likes the Coffeehouse channel as well as the womens talk shows (i believe on Sirius Stars).

I listen to O&A, and sports talk radio. While I haven't listened to it enough to determine if repitition is as bad as it was when I had online Sirius trials 4 years ago. if I am on a long drive, I may switch channels more frequently, or get a hookup in my car for an Ipod. At work, go to slacker or listen to the Ipod.

In the grand scheme of things, there are bigger things to get worked up over as far as I am concerned. Perhaps what they shuold've done is rename the combined channels to something completely new, so the stigma of one company doesn't linger to the new lineup. just a thought.

I've given the new Caliente station on Sirius a try; and it simply sucks. Rumbon was like the perfect party station with its nice mix of salsa, merengue, cumbia, bachata, and reggaeton. Caliente plays Joe Arroyo followed by Laura Pausini... WTF program director? Nothing against Pausini, but if I wanted to listen to her, I could've tuned to Universo Latino (oh wait, Sirius scrapped that station as well). And don't get me started on the DJ: he should learn to shut the hell up and let the music play.

A friend of mine who was an XM suscriber cancelled the moment she learned that Aguila, Caricia, and Viva were yanked off the air and replaced by the new sucky Caliente. My Sirius sub expires at the end of the year, thank God... I have been checking out Slacker, and it seems to fit my music needs. Sure I'll miss the news/talk stations, but music was my principal motivation for becoming a sat radio subscriber. Looks like Slacker will feel the void left by Sirius' decision to can Backspin, Boombox, Punk, Disorder, Strobe, and Universo Latino.

the blues channel suks big time now all i hear is some guy blabin about shit he knows nothing about, and the bles channel is now playin soul music to .. aint that sweet.. pissed off

Well it seems that Sirius XM took away the stations that subscriber liked and "replaced" them with new clear channeled version of what used to be on the sat radio service. RIP the Rhyme, Fungus, Lucy, and the like. I don't know what the Sirius listeners lost as only listened in my friends car, but the xm they are giving you now is not what I listened to, I can only tell you about the good old days.

If you do a google search for sirius petition you will find that petitions have been posted. I petitioned for Boombox, I hope there is one for Backspin as well. The company has to be listening, if you don't give your customer base what they want then you won't make any money; and from what I hear they're hurting anyway.

There needs to be something to replace boombox. The two electronic stations are very similar. Correct, Alt Nation does nothing as a substitute for boombox. At least dedicate some of the time on Area 38 to play some the electronic music found on boombox. BPM replays too many of the same songs over again as well as repeating the mixes of their djs.

I agree it seems as if the most unique stations from both companies were removed and replaced by more generic versions. XM listeners should relize that the stations on Sirius were better before the merger. They took the bad parts of both companies and merged them, leaving out the channels that diferentiated satelite from terestial. I Want Boombox back...would be willing to pay for it.

Well I gave it a week. I really gave the new channels a chance. The only changes I've noticed were shallow, repetitive play lists. Irritating DJs that offer nothing but mindless banter and do not know how to "hit" the mark. And a noticeable decrease in sound quality on the channel that are homed at Sirius. So far a big disappointment.

We'll see how it goes from here.

I, too, gave it a week. In fact I just blogged about the experience, and what I said was that my commentary would have been much more blistering had I written it last Wednesday. I'm now finding much that I like- Mojo Nixon and Outlaw Country are pretty much unchanged, Underground Garage is still there. I originally hated The Loft, but that was probably because when I first turned it on, the DJ sounded like Sarah Palin "we're gonna play tunes for ya'". Haven't heard her since, so it's not so bad, and I'm glad that many of the elements of Disorder have found a home there: Vin Scelsa, David Johansen, Lou Reed, and Meg Griffin returning in December. Still miss Larry Kirwan's shows very much. And the Kennedys, too. Disappointments so far are BB King's Bluesville.. seems to be mostly current artists, and none of the roots stuff I'm used to hearing on Sirius Blues. Jury's still out on Real Jazz. Hasn't been a good fusion jazz channel since Sirius closed Planet Jazz a couple of years ago.. that one really pissed me off. Looks like Deep Tracks has some programs that feature all my favorite "head music" I used to get stoned in Nam on. Will definitely check those out.
Overall (as an existing Sirius subscriber), I think I'll stick around. Looks like

I was addicted to XM Radio....and had really listened to a few channels...RHYME old skool hip hop....which has been removed from the channel list......and Now I notice there is more talking on Sirius. I'm not at all pleased with the line up of channels....they do not play the same variety of music that we xm listeners are accustomed to. I miss my orignal xm line up...and can not imagine taking long drives..without my old skool hip hot channel..., this is one of the main reasons i subscribed in the first place...after a 3 month free subscription with my purchase of a new vehicle...they should keep the channels seperate...and company as a much better to please your customers than to lose them.........I am very disappointed...and miss the dj mix radio shows...that were featured on the The RHYME Channel...please consider bringing the Channel back..

I quit! Fred on 44 touched me personally, not any more. But if I tired of Fred, Ethel and Lucy were always there, not any more. I am just a crazy white lady in my 50's and sometimes The Joint and Rhyme got me just where I needed to be, but not any more. The dance stations and the jazz, not the same. Music is the spirt of the universe, and a part of that is now gone. To those of you in power, read these comments, read your e-mail, listen to what we are saying on the phone. You guys messed this one up! Bon Jovi was being played AT THE SAME TIME on three different rock stations Friday night. Come on... Bruce 24/7. Greatful Dead is great, but you know what? We get 2-3 hours of Dead every Friday night on community radio here in Dallas and that has been for the last 20 years! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase rethink what you have done.

I'm a fairly new subscriber (signed on July of '08) and I'll have to say I'm very upset about the loss of Movin' Easy on Sirius. That was the one channel I listened to the most for background music at home and while driving. I'm sorry, but elevator music (Escape) and a station that plays Kenny G and Michael Bolton every hour (SiriusXM Love) are not adequate substititues. Here's hoping I'll find some refuge with The Bridge when it comes back in January.

Also not happy about losing Disorder and Boombox--two more stations I listened to quite regularly.

Something I've always wondered--why aren't there any good world music channels? You would think that with all these dozens and dozens of music channels, they could squeeze in at least ONE channel that plays a decent mix of music with an international flavor. (Note that Disorder used to fill this need somewhwat.) Sure, there's Caliente but it's only Latin and isn't nearly as good as the salsa sounds of Rumbon IMHO.

It just seems that instead of being delivered a variety of music--which is the reason I signed on to satellite radio in the first place--we're getting nothing more than dozens of channels with chatty DJ's mixing every combination and permutation of pop music imaginable. We already have that. It's called FM.

Very nice. Thanks for signing my petition as "anonymous", coward. The personal attacks are sad. You are a troll and you probably enjoy being a troll. Your arguments also make no sense. "When profitable - you can have your channels back. duh?" The music channels are commercial free, so how does that apply?

I am a paying subscriber to XM. I have the right to be upset that the primary reason I paid for a service was changed without my input.

I know the trolls will say "then just cancel and go away". If I was to do that without expressing my reason for leaving, the service would not know why they are losing subscribers.

I have tried to give this "mess" a chance for the past week.I used hear Waylon several times a day on America.I aint heard but 1 of his lesser songs 1 time this week!
The way they divided up country by decades on the channels stinks.
Sirius has made a Serious mess of Xm.
The other day while working on my old car at the shop with Xm playing on channel 10,I coulda closed my eyes and sworn I was in a elevator.Music sucks!
I may be 1 less customer before long.I was loveing the service before the 12th.
And the sad part is,thanks to our goverment letting the 2 merge,we have no other options besides buying cd's with 1 song we like and 10 we dont or nothing.Ipod's,I dont even know how they work.And didnt need to know till last week.

This is from a Rolling Stone blog:

The company claims that the programming decisions were largely not made with financial considerations in mind, and that the haters are outnumbered by the silent majority of happy listeners. "There are people who didn't like the Beatles or Elvis when they came out," says Sirius' Greenstein. "There were de minimis complaints, I mean minor. The ones that did complain were loud and had a lot of time on their hands to do it." Presumably because they weren't listening to the radio.

I have three jobs and I love Sirius Disorder, but that little email I sent as a three radio subscriber suddenly renders me out of touch and a slacker!! How arrogant and insulting! Way to go Sirius, you just insulted one of your strongest advocates and supporters. What are they doing?

No more dedicated punk channel, no more classic hip-hop and censored versions of songs. Sounds a lot like what I was listening to before subscribing to Sirius... For free.

I have been a Sirius subscriber since Howard announced he was headed to Sirius, which didn't take place until 14 months after the announcement. I love Howard and the NFL channel, as well as Totally 70s, Buzzsaw and Hair Nation. I have to say the loss of Buzzsaw and the Van Halestorm at 10PM every night does suck. Losing 43, Backspin ( old school rap ) and ch 37, The Strobe also sucks. Sirius stated that Strobe music can be found on the 70's channel, but the 70s channel isn't dedicated to dance/disco. Overall, I'll always be with this company because of Howard and the NFL, but commercial free music has a great appeal. Listening to local radio, with the constant commercials and painfully moronic DJs makes me appreciate Sirius even more.

The line up completely sucks.The main reasons for me having XM were 65 the rhyme and 66 raw. Now I'm being force feed a program over ran by 50 cent and G unit.Hip hop is not about just music it's a culture.The new programming does not reflect the vast number of decades that hip hop as been around.I could care less about hearing Lil Wayne 50 cent or any of these sound scan rappers.Leo G and Mz.Kitti were the gatekeepers of what true hip hop on the radio is.They are sorely missed.Please e-mail and make phone calls.It's our money ,we should have a in choice in what we pay for.Bring back 66 raw and all the better XM stations

THe Rhyme, Raw, Suite 62 and The City, the only channel I REALLY listened to are all GONE.

There used to be 3, maybe 4 hip hop stations and 2 hip hop/rnb stations (newer stuff.. The Heat and The City) Now there's only The Heat, Hip Hop Nation and Shade 45.



I've paid until April. No notice, I just turned on the radio one morning and The City was gone. Poof. GONE.

I am not happy with the programing choices on the merge. Gave it a week and by the way, got rid of Direct TV last week also because I'm tired of being insulted by the garbage on it.
So, thought listening to the radio would fill in the empty hours that I am alone in the evening and give comfort this winter. REALLY MISS FINE TUNING AND AUDIO VISIONS. The bland elevator music that replaces these as "SPA" makes me turn it off. POPS was good with XM now playing shorter versions of things instead of the whole piece. Please bring back some of the programing you took away. Will be dumping this next quarter if things don't change.

I think this merger sucks. The System was innovative and now I got to listen to Area which is total crap. To many repeats. The same DJ shows much like on the system but reruns of the same music. NO INNOVATION. Bring The System back or give us a choice between Area and The System.

Perhaps this isn't the right forum, but has anyone else found that the new station lineup has changed how the seek/memo feature works on your radio?

I'm a Sirius subscriber with an older Starmate. Now it seems I'm not notified when a "favorite artist" or "favorite song" I have in my memory seek comes on certain stations. I'm guessing these are XM-based typed stations, but I don't know.

Also, if I want to try to recapture a certain artist in my memory seek bank, many times it will say "artist unavailable" and only lets me the save the song.

It's really weird and frustrating. Wonder if Sirius/XM can or will send a fix for it. Any other thoughts on this?

I agree with you brother.I feel lost and confused without my SIRIUS BLUES. BLUESVILLE,quite frankly,sucks. I've got the BLUES for the BLUES. SIRIUS BLUES,bring'em back.

Before getting a new car, I listened to my ipod pretty much exclusively. When getting a car, I added the sirius package which required getting a sunroof ($1250). Add on a lifetime subscription ($500) for a total of $1750. I mainly got it for Howard. When the punk channel started 1-2 years ago I got really excited. Now they replace it with a 24/7 ACDC payola station? Does sirius really need to promote a band that sells their record exclusively at walmart? Please bring back the punk channel. Faction is not a sustitiute. I currently listen to Howard and Hard Attack the most. If Howard does not renew, my next car will not have sirius. Baba booey to you all!

pretty disappointing. lots of repitition and sanitization. sirius has really pussed down xm. liquid metal has gotten weak. i really like how the jack ass sirius dj's talk over the beginning and ends of songs just like regular fm.

xm blueville was better before sirius got a hold of it. also, xm had a great fusion channel called beyond jazz, this station was replaced with the "spa". real crap. and for head music xm had an awesome channel called the music lab. it was killed by xm, a couple of years ago, due to low listenership? i listened to both xm and sirius before the merger, and they both suck after the merger. they have both been sprayed with lysol and realllllly watered down. my favorite thing now is the form letter e-mail responses that have nothing to do with my e-mail questions, or the total lack of response. my name is mike at not trying to be anonymous. just didn't take the time to sign in.

yeah, this is not based on customer feedback. as i was told, "a need for this type of programming will be monitored through new subscriber feedback." i.e. we got your money and now we don't care what you have to say anymore... mike at

I am so angry that they have dropped VOX. I know there are only a few of us but it was the only place where you could get great classical vocal, especially if you hate Opera. I suspect there is some sort of money relationship between New York, the met opera and Sirius. Give me a break, the classical area has been screwed. Now how do I cancel my subsription and go back to public radio?

I had xm in my old car and now have sirius. Two of my fav channels are not included on the best of xm..Fox sports talk and MLB...any chance of this changing?

I have been a XM subscriber from the beginning.
I have gone from 4 units to one. Quite frankly I enjoy public radio more. They (public radio) are in tune with their listening audience. Not so with the "elite" (Sirus & XM). Why pay for what agrivates you?..... Here is the answer....Anybody want to buy my TAO with many accessories? contact me at

They changed the only channel I listen to. I became a customer just a few months ago and after some experimenting, I finally settled on BPM because it was supposed to survive the merger. I didn't want to fall in love with a doomed station. Anyway, BPM didn't really seem to survive the merger - it just did so in name. They crowded a bunch of new mouthy DJs into it and I wish they would shut up. Also, they moved DJ Armando's Addiction to a time slot when I'll never be able to listen to it because MY RADIO IS IN MY CAR AND I SLEEP AT NIGHT. And finally, the play list seems to have changed. They still play hits, but they don't seem to be sending me to the iTunes store as much to download new music. (seriously, before the merger, BPM was costing me a lot of money on iTunes, but I enjoyed it)

I really want to see this all work out. I paid up for a year so I definitely have a few months to see how things play out. But really, whether they keep me or not depends on what they do with BPM. They didn't destroy the channel, but they definitely knocked it down a notch. I can still listen to it but like I said earlier, I don't seem to be looking as much stuff up on iTunes anymore. I also tend to hit the CD button a lot more, now, because I get bored.

I agree H. Jarek....I like opera but Vox was a great station because they played "Choral Music" and not just opera and major choral works, but contemporary chamber choir stuff and Renaissance works....pretty good variety. And I miss "Fine Tuning" the only station that would go from Dvorak's New World Symphony to Van Morrison...from early Genesis to Nickle Creek....and so on....too bad!! Xm/Sirius, you messed this up!!!

Fred is dead....long lived the best backround, long car trip, working on the computer, etc music channel. The Waviewhatever channel in it's place is awful.

The disappearance of Cross Country is a big loss. The Outlaw station isn't nearly as cool; it's more redneck, less cool. You can't label yourself an outlaw. Someone else has to do it. As soon as you call yourself an outlaw, you're merely the establishment, just doing some marketing. This stars and bars, pork rinds nonsense is repellent.

Howard Stern? Let him go. He is not worth what he is being paid.

I don't trust jon zellner at all, especially after 11/12/08. The Strobe coming back? If jon zellner has his way, it won't be the same. All I want is The Beat to come back fulltime. jon zellner giving us 6 hours on that god awful bpm channel is not the same. Hate mel and hate the merger.

Shallow content. Exactly what I was afraid would happen. I'm hearing the same songs everyday now on the '50s and '60s channels, and would someone please tell that moron Cousin Brucie to SHUT UP and let us hear the music?

the "legendary deejays" need to shut the hell up and go away NOW. I am not interested in having some moron who just his/her GED talking all over my favorite songs. I might be able to adjust to the changes in the channel line ups but I will NOT listen to this insipid mindless blathering. If it doesn't get better real soon I will be canceling my subscription and plugging in my IPOD.....

I agree too much talk when there doesn't need to be. The music stations are becoming what sat. was suppose to be getting away from, the original idea of sirius and xm was good but the cost of business must be to great to be true to what sirius and xm was in the beginning. I guess we don't understand why repetition has to be such a large part of each channel programing... sad. We will see if I can live with it, I'm sure that if I tried to go back to FM and AM talk it would be unbearable. So there it is


I've been a Sirius XM subscriber for over two years, and can't believe that Jonathan Schwartz is the best jock that you can find That he's old is not the problem...I know many 70 pluses that are not only competent, but still really good.

He overplays New York Broadway "talent", especially on Sundays (when he can't remember he's being satellited by WNYC-FM and Sirius...I mean every time he forgets). he runs his mic much too loud and whispers much too softly. I'm sure he's a fountain of musical knowledge; his father having been a composer, and he a saloon singer...but please.

I can't believe that "singers" like Jimmy Scott and Jack Sheldon (world's worst vibrato next to Frank Junior)can be on the same air with Frank, Vic, Peggy, Ella, and the rest.

You can put Nancy Lamott, Steve Tyrell, Charlie Watts, Kenny Coleman, and Van Morrison also in the must-miss list. These people could be broadway or saloon singers, but not artists...not unique stars.

Not long ago, I heard Nancy Wilson sing the same song three consecutive days. I like Nancy, but someone's asleep at the switch.

And I'm sorry, Nancy, Robert Wagner, and some of the other alleged hosts need to prepare, at least a little bit before they come on and say "I'm Robert Wagner after every cut.

Other than that, I'm fine!

I'm glad BPM is staying. I noticed POTUS added a new show, Stand Up with Pete Dominick. I only listened for a bit but it seems more opinion talk oriented than the other non-partisian programming on POTUS. Probably not a good choice for POTUS.