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George Taylor Morris passes away at age 62

George Taylor MorrisGeorge Taylor Morris, most recently known as the daily morning host on XM Satellite Radio's Deep Tracks channel and the primary host of the Artist Confidential series, has passed away at age 62 from throat cancer.
George Taylor Morris (aka GTM) departed from Sirius XM Radio Inc. in 2008 due to health issues. Details for the memorial service will be announced shortly.

Morris is survived by his wife of twenty years, Gail Markens Morris and son Evan Markens Morris of Reston Virginia, brothers Michael Morris and Roy Morris, and his sister Karen Bertrand.

GTM's life is best described by his own words (from his Facebook page):
In the days of free love and one square meal a week, I was a noble, fair, long-haired leaping gnome ... or so I thought. Spent my entire adult life on and around the radio - some TV and print. Imagined many good things along the way with the help of fabulous friends and made many of them come to pass so people could better enjoy their music and the people who make it. And now I sit here, very light-hearted, waiting for one more day to be started. Those who know me, know that for me - it's one day at a time and every day is a blessing.
In lieu of flowers, his family suggests donations to the non-profit organization, Capital Hospice, located at 209 Gibson Street NW, Suite 202, Leesburg, VA 20176.



One of the first voices I heard coming out of the then new exciting experience that was XM. I still remember vividly the Live8 coverage and how energized he sounded that the world was coming together on that day, perhaps memories from days gone by. RIP GTM.

I'm sorry I'm absolutely crying. No fake.

A great voice, a great storyteller. A throwback to the glory days of FM. We'll miss you, friend.

What a wonderful man, what a terrible loss. I had the pleasure of getting to know him while he was at XM. I attended several YES shows with him...very few as kind as GTM.

RIP, my friend...

The one & only music channel I turn to first on xm. Deep tracks.

I have prob. heard his voice w/o even knowing.

He will be missed.

he was the voice that made Deep Tracks what is was...things arent quite the same.....had the pleasure of meeting him twice at the XM studios, for the 2 Wishbone Ash recordings done there...he was a musical and broadcasting genius and encyclopedia....had nothing but kind words for all, a true music fan and real person.....RIP GTM you will be missed

Thats too bad. RIP. A great personality is gone here..

I hear you there... He was definitely one of the things that made pre-merger XM something special.

George was as good as it got and we're all diminished by his loss. George and I met in the halls of XM one day when I was passing through town on a book tour. A year or so later he put my little radio show on Deep Tracks. He came out to the Way Back Studios a few times over the years and we had a blast. I'll miss his voice and his great sense of humor and all that stuff that made him him. God bless George, and Gail and Evan. Peace. Bill F

While XM had their deal with Starbucks, one CD that came out was "XM Artist Confidential, vol. 1" Sadly there never was a second volume but I've immensely enjoyed that CD with classic performances by Coldplay, Bruce Hornsby and Joan Baez among others. The voice that tied it all together was GTM. His interviews on that show made it a gem that captured the very best of the realized vision that XM was. Sadly those days are gone and now the news that GTM is as well. Whenever I want to recapture the magic that was, I'm grateful for this CD and that I can hear his fantastic voice kick it off.

a legend - the guy that gave me my first break in radio. i am seriously upset. my thoughts and prayers to his family - thank you for every thing GTM - have a great career, because of you.

IMO, GTM was the most special voice on all of XM. I particularly enjoyed the Rush installment of Artist Confidential. I am most grateful to have been able to listen to him for a few years.

My condolonces to his family and friends.

What a great talent and wonderful human being.
May GTM rest in peace.

RIP you will be missed

George Taylor Morris was one of the truly great guys - he was one of the originals at XM and one of the people that made it what it was. I had the opportunity to hangout with by the water cooler on lots of different occasions. He was a genuine, sincere man who truly enjoyed what he did for a living.

I wish his family an easy time as they will surely miss him and his warm spirt.

Rest in peace, George.

Rest in peace.

George lived with us for six months when our baby was first born...1969. (WHLI days) He slept in the baby's room and occasionally even babysat. He was fun & handsome, and kind...a true gentleman, even then. Although we lost touch over the years, I am not surprised to read the wonderful present day accolades. So sorry we never reconnected...

I had the pleasure of meeting George about three years ago; a most unassuming, kind and decent man. He had no ego, didn't namedrop or anything; just a really nice guy.

My thoughts are with him and his family...Rest In Peace.

My mornings haven't, and will never be the same. I too always loved to hear his voice, and the wonderful music he played on XM. Before XM there was Reelin' in the Years on Sunday mornings. Deep Tracks was a dream that became a reality for me, and my Sunday mornings with GTM became a reality again. RIP-I will sorely miss your beautiful talent, wonderful radio voice, and excellent taste in Rock n' Roll. Watch over us. kq

My heart aches. In the early 80's, my prime radio years, he was a mentor, a friend, and has always occupied a place on a pedestal that few in my life have ever occupied (hard-core realist that I am). He provided inspiration and guidance in developing my radio sensibility (a true exercise in discipline, as I was an active musician as well). A warm, funny, smart and gracious guy who shared his personality and wisdom. I let too many years go by, and now the fond memories will have to do. RIP, GTM. You will be missed.

The most genuine man I ever had the pleasure to meet in the music business. An incredible resource. Mornings have not been the same.

used to listen to and chat w/GTM about the Kinks when he was up on boston radio. he was a very kind and knowledgable guy. what a shame!


GTM made Deep Tracks the best radio I have ever heard - and that covers a very long time. What a pleasure listening to his show in the morning. I really miss him and his selections. Condolences to his family.

I will never forget hearing George for the first time during his Long Island gigs, while driving to Hofstra University. He was great then and continued to be great throughout his career. Deep Tracks will not be the same without him. My sympathies to all his close friends and, especially, his family.

Rest in peace, Old Friend

The BEST!!! GTM became part of my XM life in 2003. He was XM40. His knowledge of music took my appreciation of music to a higher level. I thank him for that. My prayers to his family.
God bless them and GTM.

I remember GTM from his days on THE SOURCE, NBC's rock radio network.

He was great.

I remember listening to GTM on WCOZ back in the early 80s. He use to sign off with "This is George Taylor Morris, Trying not to fall down". I listen to a tribute to him on Sirus/XM today, thats how I got the news. He was/is one of my all time favorite DJs, He will be missed.

I grew up listening to the golden years of rock radio in the 60's and 70's, until commercialism and the proliferation of watered down, so-called talent made it unlistenable. Finally, thanks in part to folks like GTM and Earle Bailey, Deep Tracks came along and made radio sound better than ever before. I just wanted to say Thank You, George, for what you gave us, and more importantly, what you gave BACK to us!! Thoughts and prayers to the family. RIP, sir....

Rest in Peace, George. I remember lisentng to a show called Reeling in the Years on the radio during my early days but meeting then working with GTM was a serious joy. The last 8 years were amazing and I have to thank George for helping me bring a new brand of radio to a satellite. Fine Tuning was very unique eclectic and free form channel. It was carved from mingling progressive with classical and all forms of music. You will be missed.


I used to work at XM but in a finance role. I would get the pleasure of talking with George at the coffee machines. He was so down to earth and a wealth of knowledge when it came to music. You could tell he was a genuine human being with a heart of gold. He will be missed.

Having worked with George for 2 years was a true pleasure. We shared ideas, but moreover, shared the essence of what made rock radio and XM a great experience.

My family and I truly misses him!

Greg Gillispie

Oh Lord... Not Geo.
He was my first love. No kidding. In real life.
I first fell in love with him when i sat in the request line booth at 97WWDJ in New Jersey, which directly faced the back of his head.
We had some fine times together... Van Morrison concerts. George Carlin shows.
He's been on the mind for several months now, and just by chance I Googled him, and saw this dreadful news.
My heart goes our to Gail and Evan.
God rest ye Merry Gentleman.
I love you with all my heart.

Such a terrible loss. I remember working at a small radio station in the early 90s and we'd carry "Reelin' in the Years" GTM had a great voice and was an incredible historian. Godspeed George - you are missed.

Sorry to learn of George's passing. I've always enjoyed listening to his programs on the "Deep Tracks" and often wondered why he suddenly departed the favored time slot and whatever happened to him. It wasn't until today that I googled his name to find his whereabouts. Now I know. I miss your show George Taylor Morris.

Reading these comments on GTM takes the words and feeling right out of heart.
I used to call GTM up on the toll free line,he knew who it was just as soon as i said good morning GTM.I live around the Fayetteville,ARK area,he would allways ask me hows things in the Ozarks?He even got me fixedup with a pair of meet and greet passes for YES@Red Rocks!!He was the BEST friend that i never got the thrill to meet.I love that man as a brother.i miss him soo bad.He did invite me more than once to XM.How i wish you were here as Roger and Dave puts it.Imiss you GTM your the BEST.My prayers are out to you and your family...Craig Carlton

The most genuine man I ever had the pleasure to meet in the music business. An incredible resource. Mornings have not been the same