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Glee's version of 'Empire State of Mind' to air early on Satellite Radio

Glee fans will have to wait until Tuesday, September 21st for the hit show's premiere, but they can catch Glee cast's rendition of the song "Empire State of Mind" a full week earlier on their satellite radios.
The Morning Mash Up, Sirius XM's hit morning show on Sirius XM Hits 1 (Sirius channel 1) and 20 on 20 (XM channel 20) will air the world premiere of the Glee version of "Empire State of Mind" this Tuesday, September 14th at 7am ET and again at 10am ET.

And it turns out, Ryan Murphy the Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Director of Glee, is a big fan of the Hits 1 channel.

"I am a big fan of Hits 1 and have loved hearing Glee's version of 'Don't Stop Believin'' all summer as fans continue to make it a Top 20 request," said Murphy. "We hope you enjoy the Glee version of 'Empire State of Mind' and its world premiere on Sirius XM."

Those who don't have a satellite radio will have to wait... Glee's rendition of "Empire State of Mind" will be featured during the TV show's season premiere on September 21st.


This is news?
Oh, dear lord... this ship is sinking.

Seriously, they play that crap on air? Add that to the reasons I'm glad I have Slacker.

I am pretty sure Ryan just liked the girl in the display picture and was so carried out by it that he even posted it more than waving the impact of a worth or not worth it post. ~ sure is news, however does not meet the relevancy orbistcast's posts are well known for. but I can understand, Ryan thinks she's cute. LOL

The thought never crossed my mind.. ;)