Greg Giraldo tribute all day today on Raw Dog Comedy - Orbitcast

Greg Giraldo tribute all day today on Raw Dog Comedy

Greg Giraldo
Comedian Greg Giraldo died yesterday at the age of 44 after a lethal overdose of prescription drugs. In remembrance to Giraldo's life and legacy, Sirius XM Radio's Raw Dog Comedy will air a day-long tribute to the popular comedian.
The new of Giraldo's death was first made public by friend Jim Norton on his Twitter, and shortly afterwards on TMZ.

A regular on The Howard Stern Show and The Opie & Anthony Show, Giraldo was hospitalized five days ago after overdosing on yet-to-be identified prescription drugs during a party following his performance at The Stress Factory comedy club Friday night. He was found in his hotel room Saturday after failing to show for a scheduled appearance the next evening.

Sirius XM Radio's Raw Dog Comedy channel posted this on their Facebook Page following the news of Greg Giraldo's death:

We here at Raw Dog are very sad to learn of the passing of Greg Giraldo. 
We're taking our time this evening to remember our friend, and invite you to share your love for Greg with us and the comedy community beginning tomorrow morning at 6am eastern with Sonny and continuing all day.
Tonight we mourn.

All day today, tune in to Raw Dog Comedy (Sirius channel 104, XM channel 150) to hear comedy and interview clips of Greg Giraldo, as well as join other callers in sharing memories with hosts Sonny Fox, Mark Says Hi and Steve. Additionally, you'll hear from fellow comics who knew and loved him.

R.I.P. Greg Giraldo


Greg Giraldo's passing has upset me much more than I believed it could. It was definately not his time. You were exteemly funny sir, RIP.

For whatever reason, this didn't actually air today. I did hear a lot of Carlin. I miss him too.
RIP Greg