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Doctor Radio answers your questions on Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform
What does the new health care bill mean for you and your family?

Andrew Rubin, VP for Medical Center Clinical Affairs & Affiliates, NYU Langone Medical Center, host of Doctor Radio's weekly Health Care Connect show will take calls from around the country, and help listeners understand what the bill means for them and their families.
Rubin will take calls for the entire hour and offer guidance on what changes people can expect on their plans, short term and long term.

He'll also discuss the new guidelines for patients with preexisting conditions, the new option parents have to keep their kids on their plan until the age of 26, the changes on prescription medications, the changes on caps for yearly care and more. Rubin will be joined by Allison Vogel, Vice President, Managed Care at NYU Langone Medical Center.

Rubin's weekly health care show Health Care Connect regularly airs Thursdays from 12 - 2pm ET on Doctor Radio.

The special will air live today, March 23rd from 10 - 11am ET on Doctor Radio (Sirius channel 114, XM channel 119) and will replay from 4 - 5pm ET.


I can tell you what Health Care Reform means to the American public: an increase in taxes and more government control over your lives. First it was the car companies, then it was the banks and now it's our healthcare. When do we say enough is enough ?

The Congressmen and women in the picture are smiling and patting each other on the back because they don't have to participate in it.

Joe you can say what ever you want HOWEVER if you looked more deeply into why year after year health care reform was called for you might understand why the bill was signed by our President as he and many others understand that the healthcare and insurance industry was running completely out of control and needed to be controlled and regulated. Land of the free, but when things get out of control like the healthcare and insurance industry bring on the regulation.

Nancy Pelosi just isn't right .

Cool aid alert. Healthcare reform has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with bigger government with more control over peoples lives and less liberty for the people. Tom, if you would look a little deeper you would learn that healthcare and insurance go up every year because of goverment involvement. We need less goverment and more free market not vica vera. ObamaMarx ain't the solution he and his merry band of comie fellow travelers and useful idiots are the problem.

I thought the number one reason for healthcare reform was to lower the costs, lower the deficit....Something got lost as the bill does neither

What Ronman said is right on the money... Can't wait for November 2, 2010 to throw this group of socialists out so they can all move to France and live off the government over there in Sarkozy land.

Sorry that I missed the show on Doctor Radio; I'll try to listen to the one tomorrow.

It's interesting to read people's opinions about this. Two things bother me:

1. The health insurance tax. Obama's campaign ads (rightly) blasted McCain for his idea to slap this new tax on the middle class. We elected Obama but got the tax, anyway.

2. The mandate to buy health insurance. It was Hillary Clinton who campaigned for this bad and probably unworkable idea. Obama opposed her on it, which is one reason I voted for him over her in my state's primary. Obama got elected, and we got the mandate, anyway.

Yeah, I know, politicians break campaign promises every day, but these were centerpieces of his campaign. I'm disappointed.

OK, so why is the government so much worse than letting private companies control our healthcare? I will pick the government anyday over some CEO's bottom line.

The mandate to buy health insurance. I can see why you think this is bad but you do understand why they are doing this? or not? Hospitals lose alot of money every year due to treating ppl with out insurance or are underinsured, well what happens because of this? they lose money alot of money. so in order to make up that money what do they do? raise the price of costs on tests and treatments, by the time you know it where over paying massively for simple things this alone will cut health care cost alot