The History of Howard Stern Act III debuts on Dec 21st - Orbitcast

The History of Howard Stern Act III debuts on Dec 21st

The History of Howard Stern: Act IIIThe third chapter of Sirius XM's incredible The History of Howard Stern documentary series will hit the air starting December 21st and run through January 1st on Howard 100 and Howard 101.

If you didn't hear The History of Howard Stern Act I or Act II, you've been missing out. These are some of the best produced radio documentaries, and you won't want to miss Act III.
The History of Howard Stern: Act III picks up where Act II left off: with an in-depth look at the era when Howard is crowned "The King of All Media."

Moments of Howard's career covered in Act III include:
  • The publication of his bestselling books Private Parts and Miss America (including the story of Howard's secret meeting with Michael Jackson)
  • The launch of the E! show, marking the first time the daily radio show was televised across the country
  • Howard's run for governor of New York
  • The day Howard saved a caller from jumping off the George Washington Bridge
  • An all-star tribute to Sam Kinison, and much more.

Listen to a promo below...

Narrated by Jim Forbes, the voice of VH1's Behind the Music, The History of Howard Stern: Act III features extensive audio from Howard's personal vault plus exclusive interviews and commentary from Howard's friends, family, former colleagues as well as the celebrities, including a rare interview with legendary late night host, David Letterman.

Other entertainers and Howard fans who contributed interviews include Alec Baldwin, Quentin Tarantino, William Shatner, Pamela Anderson, Richard Belzer, Howie Mandel, Gene Simmons, Richard Lewis, Gilbert Gottfried, Sandra Bernhard, David Brenner, Flavor Flav, former Governor Christie Todd Whitman, former Governor Jesse Ventura and others.   

Premiering on December 21st, The History of Howard Stern: Act III will air in 10 separate original parts, with one installment airing each day that week - beginning at 6am ET on Howard 100 and 6am PT on Howard 101 - and encore performances all day, nightly and throughout the weekend.


you must be kidding. i dropped sat. radio almost a year ago because this overpriced old fool was just sitting back on his wrinkled ass. history of stern part 3, give me a fucking break. hey, asswipe, how about a friday show you fucking thief.

when is this old thief gonna retire already. NOBODY CARES ANYMORE.

Looking forward to hearing this! This is coming into the time I started listening to Stern so I'm sure I'll be able to relate to it more than the previous two.

Well at least his listeners will have something for when he's not live. Enjoy your vacation howie.

Howard who? I think my grandfather used to listen to him. ROTFL

But seriously, the decades old material HAS to be better than anything he's done on the air the last couple years.

"Good luck bro!"

I hope we can hear the History of Opie & Anthony real soon.

I've seen a transcript of this magnanimous event decades in the making.

Chapter 1 We suck, we complain during our pathetic careers that we're being kept down by Stern and the entire radio broadcasting world. We tell everyone we're the best and we're even starting to believe it.

Chapter 2 We still suck, but we've managed to get some simpletons to drink our Kool-Aid and believe we're really funny. We now have a huge following.

Chapter 3 We're still lame and suck but now we have free reign on redgular radio because our nemesis has left and gone to satrad. After being owned by him in the ratings our entire careers we now have a chance to prove to everyone we're the best show in the world.

Chapter 4 We suck and our ratings prove it. We've been dropped by every radio station we were on and despite telling everyone we're going to change the face of radio we failed miserably. We'll blame it on the radio stations.

Chapter 5 We only have satrad to suck out a paycheck and living from. We're thinking of podcast where we can really put out something good.

Chapter 6 Didn't think there would be this many chapters in our careers but hopefully every other radio show personality will die leaving only the two of us and then, maybe then, we'll become number one.

Chapter 7 Everyone does die off and we still can't get ratings, listeners or subscribers. Who can we blame? We're still getting our asses whipped by 40 year old Stern reruns and Mr. Hanky's new show - turd in a box.


To be fair, almost nobody's gonna be live next week...and these shows are very well done, if a bit slanted. I'm not gonna hate on the man, there's nothing to gain from that anymore.

I listened to Act I and Act II; both excellent retrospectives, and surprisingly entertaining. I expect Act III to be just as good, and the real fans of the show will tune in.

He has a fabulous deal, is paid a fortune, and has at least 10 weeks - it seems like more than that - of vacation a year. It's easy to blame Stern, but nobody held a gun to Sirius managements head when the deal was inked - as far as I know. The 55 million they gave to the exalted, most worshiped and revered human being in the history of mankind - the eighth wonder of the world - her Majesty Oprah, was a worse investment if you ask me. That beautiful, generous, and most philanthropic human being in the entire universe, with a face that makes Carla Nash look like Catherine zeta-Jones, has done nothing to promote or enhance Sirius/XM. They might as well have flushed the 55 million down the toilet. These people sqandered money all over the place; at least a case can be made that Howards contract is justified. There is no jusification for some of these other deals they made to sign "talent." They spent like it was play money, and according to Mel, they will continue to pay what's necessary to procure these characters. Oy vey!

So anyway, I will be listening to it. It beats listening to some of the bastardized channels that are repeating the same songs over and over again. Just think how many subscribers they might have if satellite radio had great programming..... and word of mouth. No excitment - no buzz on the street. It's that simple.

Radio really does need more shows like this, that involve actual production rather than just music, live DJ chatter and increasingly inane listener call-in formats.

Unlike most of Sirius/XM's programming, these "History of" shows exude creativity, innovation, and a commitment to quality. I was really impressed with the first two. If the same dedication to excellence was applied across the programming board, satellite radio could, and should be a force to be reckoned with. Sirius/XM has such a golden opportunity, the demand is definitely there, and terrestrial radio is dying a slow, miserable death.

Sirius/XM should put the hammer down NOW! The American public can be molded and persuaded quite easily. They are - we are - a nation with a voracious appetite for consumption. If those hideous, fashion disaster "Crocks" shoes can become popular, then anything can! Here is a great product, with lasting value, that has the potential to be a "must have" addition to millions of peoples lives. All Sirius/XM has to do is continue to be relentless with the message, relentless with the promotion, and explain to people and inform them about radios unique attributes. Think about it; hit a button, and be entertained! Just the convenience of it is enough to make it a deal maker. Throw in uniterupted signal, commercial free music, and the news, sports, and talk etc. and it has to make you ask "Why isn't this thing HUGE?"

With dedication and commitment to excellence... it still can be.

Yah,.... I'll listen. And I'm sure it will be pretty good too. But at some point Howard needs to start focusing on the future rather than basking in his glorious past. There's a generation of young people out there who don't even know who he is, or what he's talking about.

"Why isn't this thing HUGE?"

Simple, because siruisxm SUCKS. Thankfully "The American public" has awakened and knows better than to pay money for radio, especially sh*t siriusxm radio.

siriusxm is nothing but a merge MONOPOLY which as for seen has gotten alot worse without the competition of the other. siriusxm, satellite radio is DEAD. Now all we have to is wake up the siriusxm sheep who are molded and persuaded quite easily.

That is because the young people in our world are idiots. They were raised in a protected enviornment by parents who used car tv's to baby sit there kids for a 15min drive around town. Not only that they have no social skills because of twitter and texting or even care about a job. They would rather download music than work. They would rather shop online than support LOCAL businesses. I am really looking forward to this special and if you canceled your subscribion than stop wasting your time posting on blogs that have nothing to do with your life.

It's pretty funny so far.

Too bad that playing this really shows the huge difference between the care put into the show versus the obvious lack of quality now.

Oh well.

He should just put "Kidd Chris" on live for the next 2 weeks instead of playing a RECORDING!

Really A great retrospective. Listening to that first one got me hooked. The interviews with his childhood friends is touching,Spliced with Howard's own radio words. Its very well done. Thanks for another great year Stern Show.

I think Howard's glory days are long past. He might have been funny in the 1990's and into early 2000. He isn't anymore. Maybe it is time for him to call it quits. Stern has more than enough money to enjoy a comfortable retirement.


Why were you banned on DRC????????

The only history of HS I need, is the memory of the call-in gal to his radio show in NY who wired her phone speaker to a vibrator and Stern would make buzzing sounds with his lips while she screamed in exctasy.

Forget the meds. It is Howard Stern who keeps me from despair.
The least of his show is eons better than anything in entertainment history.
I give him my money willingly for all the joy and laughter he has brought me. A bargain in my world.

Howard needs to retire to the Hamptons and leave the heavy lifting to Opie and Anthony....

So many complaints! WAAAAAAAHHHH

I'm just stoked that the old stuff wasn't lost, and to get it on top of the normal show makes my lifetime Sirius subscription all the more valuable to me. Thanks to Howard and thanks to Sirius!

Funny how you talk about your "grandfather" listening yet your sorry ass is on the edge of your seat listening. And funny how your heroes Opie and Anthony are buried on a network that he built.

this guy hasn't cared about his show for a long time and listening to these older shows only demonstrates that fact. now, is there anything else robin.

why is it that all the people that have made this show funny in anyway are never given the credit they deserve. the most creative time was with jackie and billy west, but this old boring fool never seems to give it up to these guys. sure, he'll give them some passing credit, but never acknowledge just how important these people made his show. if it wasn't for these people he would never have the success he has and most of his fans are fans from those glory days who are living on those memories.
p.s. those days with jackie and billy west were in my opinion the best radio i have ever heard.

Jackie Martling was the one who didn't care about the show; the self serving, greedy little prick was never satisfied, no matter how much they paid him. Not only is he an arrogant douche bag, but he's about as funny as AL Gore at a Global Warming Conference.

The Stern Show is just as good, if not better than it ever was. All of you pathetic morons who criticize The King of All Media wouldn't know what's funny if your life depended on it. Go turn on Two and a Half Men, or watch old replays of Home Improvement - you probably think that shit is a real knee slapper.

Oh yeah.... if you don't like Howard, don't listen to him. Turn on the Catholic channel, or maybe Out Q. You'll be happier than Oprah Winfrey in a Krispy Kreme.

jackie marlow was simply looking for what was rightfully his and by the way howard was also vastly under paid back on terrestrial radio.
i certainly hope that your joking when you say the show is just as good today as it was back then. if your not then you either have not heard those amazing years or you work for the show.

I'm not a huge Howard fan and never had the opportunity to hear his show before he came to Sirius. I did always enjoy his appearances on Letterman and loved Private Parts.

I've been listening to the History of Stern and I can see how/why the die-hards might be a little upset... In these old clips he sounds much more full of energy - ready to take on the world. Much more confident, combative, and down right arrogant. He was all about getting his name and face out there.

Now he sounds much more relaxed and almost humble. You rarely see or hear about Howard on mainstream media beyond the occasional Letterman appearance and those aren't near as fun as they used to be....

Maybe Howard feels like he's reached his goal and has nothing else to accomplish?

good point Bman. and if this is the case then why bother doing a show?

I like what you have to say and think you're absolutely correct on most points.

The show has evolved. It is a different show, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, as you point out, it's different and not everyone's cup of tea.

The great thing about Sirius|XM is that it offers a myriad of other choices to fill the audience's listening needs. I, for one, enjoy O&A now, as well as Jason Ellis.

Maybe getting up at 4 AM for the past 25 to 30 years, and this thing called ageing, accounts for the difference that you notice. I bet you had more energy 20 years ago - especially if you are anything like the typical overweight, out of shape, fast food eating, lazy slob American. Just go to Walmart and take in the sights and sounds for a few minutes; it looks like some kind of freak show/petting zoo scene from a Fellini film! People let themselves go; it must be all that diet coke they suck down.

Everybody evolves, and Stern is no different. Look at the Letterman show from the mid to late 80's, as compared to now. Back then, letterman was funny as hell, the show was irreverent and cutting edge, and the audience wasn't programmed to applaud every 20 seconds like it is now. Now the show sucks, he looks like a walking corpse, everything is predictable and rigidly formated (Top 10... UGH!), and the goddamn audience goes berserk with laughter and applause no matter what Dave says. What a bunch of bullshit. There are a million other examples (Kathleen Turner in Body Heat compared to the matronly cow she is now) of people/shows changing over the years. I guess the one exception would be Pee Wee Herman; he's pretty much ther same now as he was before he got busted for buttering his popcorn in a porn theater.

I think that high maintenance, critter collecting, piece of ass diva wife of his is probably draining the energy out of the guy. She clearly annoys the shit out of him, and they are about 2 more cats sway from divorce if you ask me. Like a lot of hot chicks, it's just a matter of time before their psycho bitch persona rears its ugly head.

Like Erica said in her post, Howard at his worst is better than most people at their best. His show is the only thing that makes me laugh these days. Television hasn't been funny since The Honeymooner's, Seinfeld, and maybe King of Queens sometimes. A lot of people laugh along with the "laugh track" these days, as if they will be poked with a cattle prod if they don't. I laugh if something is funny. The shit that passes for humor these days is pathetic. If these assholes who run Sirius/XM would give us back the decent programming that they stole from us after the merger, that.... along with Howard, makes satellite radio worth paying for in my mind. If they don't restore the programming, and Stern ends up being on less than he is now, I will have to reevaluate how I feel about the the whole Goddamn thing.

Those two homo's are lucky they still have a place to spew their stupidity.. Worst radio show ever. Those guy's are the minor leagues.. BubbaTLS is more of a pro.

i started listening to stern in the 80s and i feel that he hit his stride about a decade later. when billy west left the show it changed but i stuck around and got used to it. jackie left and the same thing. when the show moved to satellite so did i and in the beginning it was good, but as time moved on i would listen less and less. now, i still feel that the show is funny and probably the funniest show on the air, which is not saying much these days, but after the merger and the removal of some music channels i decided to cancel my subscription. That was in february 09 and i haven't missed it that much. every once and awhile i'll check out what's happening on the show and i said to myself that if he ever showed up to do a friday show i would renew my subscription, obviously i haven't renewed my subscription.

p.s. i filled out a survey when i cancelled and one of the choices to the question of why i was canceling was that i thought howard stern would be on the air more often.

p.s.s. i tried to listen to o&a on terrestrial radio but i just feel they are way too schtick and less than intelligent.

p.s.s.s. if i remember correctly these history of stern productions are usually pretty good. well produced and packed with classic bits, but to each his own.

P.S. means "Post Script"

The correct way of formatting anything after the "P.S.", needs another "P" added.

For example:
P.S. You're the best.
P.P.S. I forgot one more thing....
P.P.P.S. Darn, this is the last thing I wanted to mention.

Every additional "P" means "post".

Sorry, I'm finnicky about grammar and sentence structure.

I enjoyed your post; a good summary of the Stern show, and sirius/XM in general. Now, if you would just stop people off with your penchant for unpardonable postscript perplexity, all of us could relax.

PS - I hope things get better, and that you sign up again. I can't blame you for pulling the plug, though.