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Howard Stern is "pretty sure" he is leaving Sirius XM

Howard Stern
Howard Stern said today on his Sirius XM Radio Inc. show that he is "pretty sure" that he will be leaving the satellite radio provider when his contract expires at the end of this year.

Stern also said on the air that he is not considering leaving the radio business, which opens up Sirius XM to a competitive threat should he not re-sign and remain on satellite radio.
This is was some of the strongest language we've heard in months from Stern regarding the pending contract renewal with Sirius XM. Previously there was heavy talk and publicity surrounding Howard possibly joining American Idol.

In his on-air conversation today, Stern told listeners that he would announce to them where he would go next, hinting towards a possible mobile application and a low monthly fee.

Still, it wasn't entirely a negative conversation.

Howard also mentioned the possibility of launching a third channel, and of doing a similar show as he's doing now but with less hours.

One point of contention appears to be the length of the contract as well. Stern told his listeners that Sirius XM is pushing for a five-year contract, where he would prefer a shorter term agreement.

The official verdict on Howard Stern's contract with Sirius XM is expected to be made public prior to November, before the third quarter earnings call, according to management. In late 2008, Howard Stern answered a caller's question of whether he would re-sign with Sirius by saying that this was his "swan song" and that he was "done" with satellite radio... that is, unless he can "work on [Stern's] own terms."

I personally think this is part of the negotiation process, with both positives and negatives being brought up in a very public fashion. But what do you think? Will Howard Stern re-sign with Sirius XM? Or will he let his contract expire and move on to a new frontier?


I would like for Stern to stay However if he does not stay, I am confident in stating that 50% of the customers who own a sirius branded Sat Radio and those owning XM branded units with the best of sirius package WILL CANCELL thus dimishing and success and growth of this Satellite Radio company and increasing the risk of closure. Sirius XM better have a plan B.

Per comment above I'm correcting my grammar errors: I would like for Stern to stay However if he does not stay, I am confident in stating that 50% of the customers who own a sirius branded Sat Radio and those owning XM branded units with the best of sirius package WILL CANCELL thus diminishing the success and growth of this Satellite Radio company and increasing the risk of closure. Sirius XM better have a plan B.

I think that 50% is as inflated of a number as Sirius' radio counts were before the merger. Be honest - you have no idea what people will do. Sure a lot of people will cancel, as they did when Opie & Anthony were thrown off of XM for a month a few years ago. The business question to be answered is: is the dollar amount number of potential lost subs equal to, greater or less than the cost of renewing Stern and his "ability" to increase subscriptions?

I would cancel all three of my subs....additionally, I would not follow stern to another I would like him to stay put. Tired of him whining about oprah....and not getting 500 million not respect? I am a diehard fan, but I have my limits.

Who cares? His show is terrible now. Minus Fred, all of his talent is gone and he and Robin are bores. I have xm and don't pay for his channels. We all know he is being a drama queen and coming back, how many times did he cry this before? He loves being in the limelight and barely works now. Attach a quilt to that big nose and sail off into the sunset Howie

Howard is old and irrelevant. he doesn't bring in new listeners, just hangs on to the old fossils who still listen. Opie and Anthony continue to bring in new listeners.

Once again the "king" has to put on a show b/c his contract is ending. We get it your important!!! He did this at CBS every few years and he will do this until he has his real last day. I'm not saying the man wasn't great but enough already

Howard is a chick flick loving drama queen. His audience is going to be subjected to this horse shit for the next two to three months. Mel has worked with him long enough to know what Howard is doing. He did the same crap every time his contract was due to expire on terrestrial. His fans are use to it as well. This is just a chance for Howard to stir up the stock holders and cater to his ego. He needs to believe that satellite radio couldn't survive with out him and that his fans couldn't either.

Just like his satellite show, this "act" is old and tired.

That would assume 10 million Siri/XM listeners care about Howard. One million(5%) might think about leaving, but how many of those are already hooked on other content. I like Howard, but can live with out his show.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Howard. The cancellations of subs that are actually paid for (ie, not free trials, etc) won't come close to Stern's ridiculous salary. More cash flow for Sirius/XM is better for everyone.

He is full of it. He has been negotiating on air for years. He will wind up signing another deal for less days and hours than he ALREADY works and we will go through the same thing in 5 years. If he does leave, I would say that 50k people will cancel, TOPS. He is a has been at this point.

You didnt listen to him today obviously. Or you dont know howard that well. This is purely for clicks, you should be ashamed of yourself. Big time.

Let me sum it up for everyone in a nutshell. The deal is Howard staying with the launch of 2.0 coming and John Malone either making a tender offer or waiting for next year is inevitable. Bottom Line is this puppy is turning into a Mastif ,so no point in walking the dog just let it run loose. Long Sirius!!!

Has anyone done the math, it takes about 650,000 full price paid subscriptions to pay his salary every month, and that's just to pay Howard. Then you factor in advertising, marketing, operations, etc. I would guestimate that Sirius XM needs about 1,000,000 full price paid subscriptions a month to really break even. Is he worth that to a company that is struggling? I don't hate Howard's show nor am I an avid listener, but you have to look at the numbers and see what makes the best decision for the comapny and its survival and relevance today and tomorrow. So, ask yourself what Sirius XM could do with $12,000,000+ a month if they didn't re-sign Howard Stern. I have had both XM and Sirius since and before they launched, and now I just have XM since the merger, and I don't want to give it up, but I want it to get better. And we all know what gets things done, the all mighty dollar...

quote: "Howard also mentioned the possibility of launching a third channel, and of doing a similar show as he's doing now but with less hours."

How can he possibly do a show with less hours than he does now!?! He only works four freakin' days a week for 26 weeks a year!! What a complete waste of money that could have been spent more wisely elsewhere! Take a hike, Howard!! The show has sucked since Jackie left anyway. Give Jackie Martling a raise and put the Joke Hunt on in Howard's place.


Maybe you should whip out an Orbitcast classic out of the vault, and put up the crying baby picture for this story.

I would opine that it's not so much the number of subscribers that would cancel due to HoSte's departure.

The more serious issue is that there would be a MASSIVE shareholder SELL OFF as a result. And at today's share price, this would throw the company into a rather perilous tailspin.

How many days has it been trading under a buck? How many days does it take to trade under a buck and be delisted?

How many *other* companies are interested in seeing satellite radio go away?

Sirius, XM, and then Sirius XM had a lot of issues gaining subscribers during the merger and then, again, post merger when the share price began spiraling out of control.

No body likes throwing money away.

Frankly, I would opine that Sxm could easily lose 50% of the subscribers. Like I said, not so much as a direct result of HoSte's departure -- much more indirectly by way of the not_so_wonderful side effects that would happen as a result.

Oh, and the guy that posted his $ figures on what it costs to keep HoSte -- I'd highly recommend that he look towards real numbers that HoSte brought in and retains.

The man not only easily covers his costs but has brought in billions of dollars to the company. He also brings a spotlight to Sirius that none (or all) of the other celebrities and artists on all of Sirius XM combined could do.

Howard is interesting and getting predictable. But this is not a one man decision. He has staff and crew. He also has the talent to figure out how many shares he owns and his base salary, endorsements and other deals. Like everyone he figures his worth and when the "juice is not worth the squeeze" he will call it a day. Others know his worth as a product per day or per show. He is insured, as one insures equipment or talent too. As when anyone dies, they are replaceable as to talent. There is a responsibility of every corporate officer and board member of Sirrus XM to have these values at hand and to understand those values as product. You can bet the markets know these metrics too. If Howard was disabled or incapable of doing his show, he would be replaced. It is that simple. If anyone thinks that you are not replacable as an employee, then you have no clue as to the future at your own job site. I wish Howard well. Hey, I hope and pray he gets the biggest and best contract, that he returns his talents and makes his employer wealthy in return....and Howard, do good things with what you earn. We all wish you well in your decision.

I love Howard, I have been listening for 20 years, and I'll end up following him. I would leave sirius if he is gone because I don't really listen to anything else on there. But before that I would sell my Sirius stock shares as quick as I could.

The end of contracts and the beginning of new contracts are Howards best shows. It will get tiresome after a while, but when he wants to do a good show he can. Just like this 3rd channel BS. The 3rd channel was in his last contract. Notice how nothing came up about it till NOW. He always has ideas how to better his show / self worth when it is time for a new contract. Its when he goes into cruise control -> yrs 3-5 that the show suffers. He can leave. Jason Ellis is the future of satellite.

Just to add another perspective to Stern's departure; I initially subscribed for Stern, but will stay with the service, if he leaves. And, although there are many areas needed for improvement, I have grown to like SXM much. I, too, am extremely tired of Stern's constant complaining about his work.

So many commenters are on drugs. Jackie to replace Howard? That's worse than David Lee Roth. If Stern is really worth 1.5 million subs that most industry sources say then offer that. If he won't take it let him walk and suffer with Jackie and O and A who draw 1/10th of what Stern can. Hope the music and sports draw.

Glad you cleared that up, I thought O n A were the future of radio/satrad and entertainment in general.

There's now way he WON'T re-sign if he still wants to do radio. A mobile App? C'mon. Not everyone listens to their cell phones in the car. And at a lower fee? Say goodbye to Howard TV too then ...

When do most people listen to Howard? In their cars and trucks commuting to and from work on their RADIO that they have spent money on. Most people will CANCEL if he doesn't stay, except truck drivers and long distance commuters.

The die hard fans actually turn him on in the house whereas most of America is parked in front of the TV. He cares too much about his staff and the company to just ditch them all.

Oh and BTW Mike, Jason Ellis is definitely NOT the future of Satellite Radio. SATRAD will have no future without Howard Stern.


This is important, Howard. Go WHERE?!? What's happening in radio is not an isolated incident. It's happening everywhere. So, where you gonna go...what are you gonna do...'cause there's no one like you left.

Stern is going to spend the next 3 months whining about how all he wants is his current salary to work 3 days a week. A big Waaahhh!and an FU to all the unemployed people or underemployed people paying his bill. I will NOT cancel my 3 subs when he leaves and I will change the channel each time he starts whining in the next 3 months.

I have listened to him a few times. He does interviews well. But SIRIUS/XM has so much other content. I doubt he would have a super, long-term impact.

I bealive Satan wants Howard to stay because Howard is an instrument of him to keep people's minds idle and far from concentrating in enhancing their lifetyle, comming uphigher to pure motives, pure thoughts, botton line is, we are to keep the avenues of our soul (what we see, listen, talk) clean, and listening to this type on radio content will aid for totally the opposite, so, if Howard stays Satan will be happy about it, God is in control of everything but God cannot force people to choose upon what they want to do (God cannot force Howard to re-up his contract or not) nor can God force people to choose what they want to listen (elevated programming, or garbage programming) bealive it or not God and Satan and the salvation or lost of human souls is behind everything that happenes in this world.

Sirius pays Howard a lot of money. Did they over pay? I don't think so he brought a lot of listeners with him. Where they over spent was on the non-radio types that were given sweet deals just for their name recognition.

I dont' think Stern needs the money, I don't even think he needs a new challenge. The mobile/web thing would just be something to do. More of a hobby than a job.

Oh and if he does leave... Screw Ellis get Adam Corolla.

wow this is ridiculous. your quotes aren't even quotes. "pretty sure" can be pretty sure about anything. "pretty sure I'm staying with sirius." Now that's the real quote.

Too little too late Howard. I followed you from radio to Sirius, paid a small fortune in subscriptions and crap radios that broke every few months and had to be replaced, only to see the show go down hill. Now its nothing but his hob-nobbing with rich famous friends and Dancing with the Stars talk. bleh. Just retire. The "Revolution" you promised petered out and fizzled.

Howard Stern has an ego the size of Mt. Everest. He won't leave until Sat Radio is the raging success he promised. He shot off his mouth too much for too long to back out now. And if he did leave, who do you think would fill the morning slot? Bubba, that's who. The guy Howard found.

Howard may work less hours for less money. There may even be a third channel as well. But Howard Stern isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Luv his show even though it has gone in a different direction but regardless of Howard resigning I will not be renewing my subscription next year. Between Sirius now charging extra an $3.00 for internet access montly and the Royalty Fees that was slapped on my annual suscription fees I am done, what a way to reward a loyal customer for the last 6 years and not to mention the crappy Radios I have had to replaced.. Howard will do better with his own app I use my Cell phone more than my sirius now...If siris is banking on radios in the car to boost their bottom line I wish them luck..

I use to love Sat Radio, but it's starting to get old. I pay for three radios a year and the cost is pretty high. For the amount of money I pay I could buy a significant amount of content, and play it on my iPod. People like Howard bring people to Sat Radio, and if they start losing entertainers like him it will effect their subscription base. I can listen to a better variety of music on my iPod, but the iPod can't provide me with the live content Howard provides, and the other entertainers they have on Sat Radio.

If and when Howard leaves Sirius I will be canceling my subscription with Sirius. With all the hassles that come with the satellite radio equipment and the limited list of channels that appeal to me personally it just isn't worth the monthly fee that comes with your listening privileges.

When I originally purchased the unit it was to listen to Howard. I could now care less if he stays or not. SAT-RAD comes in way clearer, music has no commercials. Octane (for instance) plays music that is way out in front of Terrestrial radio. From Octane to Outlaw to the Roadhouse to the Highway to the vast assortment on ESPN. Let's not forget the comedy stations. I literally feel sick to my stomach at the thought of it going away. So you have to pay a fee, so what? It's completely worth it for almost constant music instead of constant commercials. My only complaint is that they still haven't roped Jim Rome. I hate Terrestrial radio.

I've had sirius since april 04'. It had 500,000 subs. Howard announced his move in oct. Now its sirius/xm with 20 million subs. To think Stern isn't responsible fir that is insane. I will cancel if he leaves. I'll just use my phone for a service ioradio,etc. Also I love o and a but the future they are both in their fifties you fools.


I agree with alot of the comments here. I am so sick of Howard constantly complaining about his life!!! WAAAAA!!!
as Artie would say..Geez how can someone who has everything be so miserable???
Ever since Artie left the show, I can't stand listening to ROBIN AND HER CACKLING!!! She drives me insane with her "i'm better than u" crap!! It wouldn't bother me if he left Sirius..I can always listen to O & A and yes Howard you're not the only one who can do radio!! I MISS U ARTIE SO MUCH!!! PLEASE GET BETTER SOON.....

I agree with alot of the comments here. Ever since Artie left the show, :o( I can't stand listening to just Howard and Robin!.I am so sick of Robins cackling and always thinking she's better than everyone else. I hate it when she talks about her STUPID coffee enemas and green drinks! Just because she doesn't eat real food that's no reason for her to put down everyone else. I do still listen but I'm also getting real tired of Howard ALWAYS complaining about EVERYTHING!!! How many freakin times did we have to hear about him not wanting to do the forward for Greg Fitzsimmons book! He kept going on and on and on and on!!! If he leaves Sirius I will just listen to O&A...I like them...and IF he stays, I pray that Artie comes back because if he's left the show for good...I'm out!! I can take hearing Robin anymore...Please Artie get better and hope to hear you soon on the and miss u!!!!

As a long time listener to Stern, this is the same game he played when he left regular radio. It gets tiring to hear him belly ache day after day, I have already starting listening to other things because I don't need to start my work day with someone crying like a baby.

If he leaves I will keep my radio. Sat radio is the best thing out there and love the fact I can get commercial free music and better music than my local stations provide. Now if they can only get the DJ Madison to go away I will be all set.

Its my understanding XM/Sirius has about 20 million subscribers, and of that, XM still edges out Sirius subscribers. Its obvious to me that Howard never mattered in the first place. I listed to him decades ago, but like a lot of you. I just can't stand to listen to a guy making 100 million a year talking about how hard his life is..

Some mentioned Opie and Anthony, when a lot of subscribers dumped there subscriptions. I don't think that will happen here. XM people did that because OandA where censored by XM management.. not because OandA didn't agree to a contract. I think its different.

I think Sirius/XM should take the hit now. It seems every year we get "Howard Issues" and it hurts the stock. By Sirius/XM shedding Howard and letting the chips fall. they can get out from under this "what if Howard" crap.

ALSO, atleast in southern california, there isn't any talk radio left except right wing talk. I will listen to OandA and a little Raw Dawg. I wish they would add more content on the XM side. I remember they had Nick Dipaolo, and patrice O'neal. those were good shows. I don't listen to Ron and Fezz, but if they just did a channel with just Ron Bennington interviews, i would listen to that every day.

I have 3 subscriptions to Sirius, been a subscriber for 6 years, got the last 2 subscriptions 4 years ago...I have listened to Howard 2 times during this time, and that was when Jason Ellis was on both times. Howard is irrelivant. There are sooooo many better things on satelite radio than his dribble. Covino & Rich on 108, Jason Ellis Show on 28, Opie & Anthony on there's music, hello! It's very unappealing as a subscriber to here him threaten to leave, and then read articles about how the SiriusXM can't survive without him. I never thought he was funny on testicle radio, never thought he was funny on Sirius radio, who cares where he goes, just get the F out. Let him go Greenstein & give his wasted payroll on the talent that is underpaid that you have now!!

steve carlesi from opie and anthony has been promoted to king of all channel 100/101/197(202)

I came to Sirius for Howard and even though I think there is potential for satellite radio if he leaves, I'm not gonna keep paying to find out. He leaves, I'm gone...simple as that. If I want music, I'll plug in my iPod...if I want news, I'll just hafta deal with the problems of terrestrial radio.....there really ain't anything else that keeps me loyal to Sirius! The NFL? Please...I'm not in my damn car enough on a Sunday for that to make any sense and Baseball is on XM (which I'm not gonna pay the upcharge to get) and besides, I'm a Yankees fan and can get all the games whenever I want on the local NY channel! Basketball...not an issue and Hockey, Hell, I'm a Canuck and still could give a damn!

If this is simply Sirius attempting to make Howard come to the table, then I think they've played their cards very poorly....he hates this kinda shit.....he knows he can bail tomorrow and it ain't gonna affect him one way or the other. I honestly think he wants more respect from the company. On today's broadcast he joked that he wanted the company to be called 'Howard Radio'...but in some ways I don't think he's joking. Oprah and Martha haven't added the subscription base this guy did! And all the sports combined can't touch his numbers! If Sirius thinks Howard leaving is a hit they can take, they're really outta touch...


A 50% drop is a VERY realistic number. Howard Stern is the largest differentiator between Sirius and Pandora. And Pandora is BETTER because it doesn't have yapping DJs with its music. If Sirius doesn't step up and buy Pandora soon, they're DOOMED.

The good news is that even with the 50% drop, Sirius will still be profitable since the cost of Howard will be gone. But 50% is about right.

Now a bunch of you are going to call me an idiot and a Howard worshipper but I'll just wait until after he leaves to do my talking...

Actually, he was promoted to the unemployment line. "YYYyyyyyyesssssssssssss!!"

50% isn't right.. XM still out paces Sirius in subscriptions..

Stern was never funny. It was always the rest of the gang that made that show what it became and they all got screwed over come contract time.

Hoo, hoo, you tell em' Fred...I'll just invent a new uh, broadcast medium to spew my tired old re-hashed bullsh@t! Who gives a f&ck, quit already you irrelavant prick!

New poll: Do you think Howard Stern will take a big heaping sh*t today? Who gives a flying f&*k!

Sirius would be smart to terminate Howard. His ridiculous salary doubtfully can be paid with subscriber and sponsor income. His show is also in a downward spiral. I loved his show 10 years ago, liked it 5 years ago, tolerated it last year, have not listened to it the last 6 months. He is done, put a fork in him.

Stern will NOT be bringing in any new subs. A lot of his listeners were disappointed with his 4 day work week and 10 weeks of vacation. IF XM was smart, they would promote O&A big time !