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Howard Stern's contract negotiations with Sirus XM still continue

Howard Stern
Howard Stern's contract with Sirius XM Radio Inc. expires at the end of this year, but the satellite radio provider still has not come to an agreement with it's star talk radio personality.

"We do not have any updates today," said CEO Mel Karmazin to investors today.

Karmazin had originally indicated that the contract renewal negotiations with Howard Stern would be resolved by now, but apparently those negotiations are still ongoing.

That said, Karmazin didn't sound like the prospects of Howard Stern's renewal are in any way diminished.

"The discussions continue," Karmazin added.

When asked about Stern's contribution to subscriber growth, Karmazin said Stern has been "a great partner." He added that Stern has helped drive a significant number of subscribers as part of the content offering.

Karmazin also said that given Sirius XM's improved financial position they "can buy whatever content we  believe can drive listener satisfaction."

And that sounds like a pretty positive indication that Sirius XM will be willing to pay Stern enough to keep him on satellite radio.


The fact it's taking so long should indicate that they're not offering Stern what he wants to stay there. They'll probably come through at the last minute with enough to keep him, but I gotta tell you...I listened to the show a few times last week. Not horrible, but Howie's phoning it in. He could care less if he's in that chair or not. The old "Rod and Jack" fake phone bits, the same old goofing on Gary...the show's stalled.

He should just retire, but he won't. The money they're paying him could be used to hire a LOT of new talent. I wish it was still 1995, too...but it's not. It's time to move forward.

I agree with smiteboy. it all comes down to the Ca$h. whenever you see negotiations renewals delating is because the dough is not at hand yet. ~ I personally want for Howard to retire. enough is enough.

I hope you guys are speaking for yourselves because I for one still listen 5 hours a day and can't imagine not having Howard on the air.

The show has not stalled at all. It's evolved. Some people just have not evolved along with it. That's ok because pleanty of new listeners love the way the show is now.

In fact I can't really listen to too much "best of" stuff because of how superior the show is today. The old stuff, while groundbreaking and hillarious in it's day, is just not as good as the current format. Howard has matured and his wit is sharper than ever.

And they play new prank calls all the time, the ones you hear over an over are just on the bumbers for when they take or come back from a commercial. Any show that has quality content does that.

I think Sirius and Howard will come to an agreement. For right now I think they still need each other.

A couple of weeks ago I went through and assessed the channels, in their current form, on my last activated XM radio, then called in and canceled it. In fairness to the company, I am sure I am no longer in the target customer group, being more of a radio enthusiast, interested in the different formats and unusual stuff that's not already available across the dial, whereas the model is now is mass appeal.

As far as Stern, he and this company are probably a great match, and I wish them well. I'm just glad my few bucks will no longer be part of the millions headed his way.

I pretty much did the opposite. I canceled all three of my XM radios 5 months ago...but when I was sure O&A were re-signing, I had one of them turned back on under the 5 mos. for $20 deal. It's a good deal at that price, but when renewal time comes I have a tough choice to make. I'll have to decide if it's really worth it at that point.

When I was renewing I had the chance to add the Best of Sirius package and turned it down. Playboy, Martha, and Howard didn't appeal to me at all.


"11/20 - A DCRTV source tells us that DC101 morning man Elliot Segal was spied today at Sirius XM's NYC HQ. With Tim Sabean, who programs the Howard Stern channels on Sirius XM satellite radio. Also accompanying Segal - a few of the Howard 100 channel people. DCRTV wonders if Sirius XM might be thinking about using Segal as a morning replacement for Stern, who still has not signed a new contract. If no deal is penned, Stern's last Sirius XM show will be in mid-December. More as we hear it....."

I don't think Segal will cause Stern fans to change their mind about cancelling if Howard leaves.

Die-hard Stern fans will leave regardless if he does. It would make a dent if he were to go, but it would free up some programming dollars and they'd have to make do. There's been on-air talk of Stars Too undergoing a renaming/rebranding after the first of the year anyway. It might all fit into the plan for what's left of Howard 100 and 101. If Howard goes, there's nothing to stop Sirius XM from merging its remaining comedy shows (O&A, R&F, Jay Thomas, Jason Ellis, Covino & Rich) into that space.

My prediction: Sirius folds. Last minute re-signing.

"Howard Stern's contract negotiations with Sirus XM still continue" ~ "still" has to do with timing, and timing usually make people really unconfortable when there is a desition you have to take the sooner the better.

I do not know why is the mistery they keep on having. one thing I know: if a massive pressure from the customers rises using the social media and other sources to create a massive convultion, pressuring Mel Karmazing to let customers know before a specific end date, let's say, December 15th for example, what will be happening with Howard's contract, and if they do not hear from Mel an answer by then, they will all cancel. I think Sirius will let people know what's up right away and quit all the bullshit.

a masive pressure to make them INFORM people by a SPECIFIC date and they WILL inform what will happen even before then. if, of course, they see this pressure is no joke and REAL. so, if this is a real fact that is NOT impossible from taking place... why is it they keep hiding STILL this far???

They probably sell more satellite radios this time of year than any other...and since they still have Howard under contract until the first of next year, they can use him to sell subs. They're not going to even HINT that he might not be on the service come January for fear that someone might not buy a radio or try to cancel.

The latest rumor, by the way, is that he's signing with Apple for a 3-years to do a live iTunes/AppleTV webcast for $600 million. I tend not to believe it, since this would make it even MORE difficult to access the show.

He should just take whatever SiriusXM is offering or retire. He's on top of the world where he is...he's not going to get a better deal.

I hope they pay Howard out the @ss again.

That way, as more subscribers realize how bad the entire product that SiriusXM offers has become, and continues to become, the outflow of revenue into Howard's bank vaults will hasten the death of SiriusXM.

SiriusXM, don't go away mad, SiriusXM, just go away.... please.

Your merger ruined XM, and you deserve to fail. Mel is a moron.

Well, they can't give O&A or Bubba a deal that will keep them happy, but they're spreading cash to Dr. Laura. DR. LAURA?!? And we're hearing ZERO about the Stern they've probably been concluded one way or the other.

I think they'll get Howie back on the air in a slightly reduced role, but it would be VERY interesting to see what SiriusXM would look like without him and that money freed up to spend elsewhere.

This upcomming New Year, if Howard stays, he'll be called: "Howard Reloaded." lol


Published 12/09/2010 10:49 AM | Updated 12/09/2010 10:49 AM
SIRIUS XM and Howard Stern have reached a new 5 year agreement.

Coming soon - subscribers will have the opportunity to listen to Howard via their mobile devices Early January, maybe sooner. Please continue to check our website at or for further details on when Howard will be available on our mobile app."

"The full details on Howard's contract are not available."

Agreement Includes Rights for SIRIUS XM to Transmit Howard Stern's Programming to Mobile Devices

NEW YORK - December 9, 2010 - Howard Stern and SIRIUS XM Radio (NASDAQ: SIRI) today announced a new five-year agreement. The news was first reported by Howard during his show this morning.

"On my first day in satellite radio SIRIUS had approximately 600,000 subscribers. Today, the two companies have 20 million; and, in my view, we have just scratched the surface of how many people will get on board," said Howard Stern. "I am especially excited that my show will now be heard through SIRIUS XM on mobile devices. Access to my show on mobile devices will open up additional opportunities for my fans to hear me wherever they are."

"Howard is a great talent and we are thrilled that he will continue to provoke, engage and entertain on SIRIUS XM. Our agreement is good news on all fronts - it is good for SIRIUS XM subscribers and good for SIRIUS XM stockholders. Howard forever changed radio and was instrumental in putting SIRIUS on the map when he first launched on satellite radio. He is one of the few 'one-name' entertainers in the country and our 20 million subscribers are lucky to have him," said Mel Karmazin, Chief Executive Officer, SIRIUS XM.

The world-renowned Stern is credited with revolutionizing the talk radio format. Known for his large and extremely loyal fan base and for his unequalled ability to migrate fans to other media, Stern has embarked on numerous highly successful ventures over the years. Stern has written two best-selling books - Private Parts, which was Simon & Schuster's fastest-selling book ever, and Miss America, the fastest-selling book in publishing history. He later starred in the highly successful motion picture adaptation of Private Parts, orchestrated one of the fastest-selling soundtracks in motion picture history and has starred in one of the most watched entertainment pay-per-view specials of all time.

Howard's new contract will run through December 31, 2015. Under the terms of the new contract, SIRIUS XM will now have the right to transmit Howard's exclusive programming to mobile devices. Additional terms of the contract will not be disclosed.

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