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I know how to save HD Radio...



...just change the name to Blu-ray Radio!

Afterall, HD DVD has now lost the war to Sony's Blu-ray format - what with Best Buy, Netflix and now Wal-Mart delivering crushing blows by siding with Blu-ray exclusively (and reports coming in that Toshiba is ready to throw in the towel). So I think the terrestrial radio camp should reconsider its naming convention for HD Radio.

Since that "HD" distinction doesn't mean anything anyway, they might as well rebrand themselves once again for another year of stellar sales.

"Quite honestly, it doesn't stand for anything," said Peter Ferrera, president and CEO of the HD Digital Radio Alliance, told the LA Times. "The concept was somewhat of a steal from HD television, where viewers know it means better quality."

That approach didn't work for Toshiba... and if they're not bound to pesky acronyms that actually mean something, why not give it a shot?



Or just call it AM/FM radio, make it standard in all the old devices that had an AM/FM radio and pray that people still tune in.

I never listen to the radio, but my wife still does. It annoys her that the radio doesn't display names like XM, but she's not going to go pay for something that does that.

Just call it Howard radio.

I've read how much $$$ is being pumped into promoting HD and it might catch on. I'm all about XM but I would give it a try if someone had one or on a trial basis but I'm not about to buy equipment for it.

I feel like the only way to "save" HD radio, is to put it in peoples hands. I feel like the only way it can succeed is when a radio is manufactured to to include HD radio. So you would have AM FM and HD. Maybe by offering "free trials online" like XM and Sirius, and make widgets like Slacker does. No one is going to try it unless they hear it.

Not many people think it is better and most from what i see think it is worse.
So were is the money coming from?? My guess is the music Industry or those that want to sell you music.
If they are going to make it work they need to turn off Analog. Is that what it is all about??

The fundamental problem with HD Radio is that all it does is changes the sound quality, which the vast majority of people don't give a damn about. To the average listener, it is just warmed-over FM. Very few people are going around saying, "Gosh, I really would like FM a lot more if it just sounded better...."

The attributes that set satellite radio apart from FM are the national footprint, the subscription model (i.e., no ads on music channels), and the broad selection of channels. HD doesn't possess any of these attributes, and therefore represents a marginal improvement over FM.

Will it succeed? Of course. It is a natural progression for terrestrial radio to follow. But it doesn't fundamentally alter the basic product in any way.

Why, would anyone want to save HD Radio - it's jamming our broadcast bands, especially on AM. Consumers have already gotten a taste of this farce and said, "no thank you":

“Is HD Radio Toast?”

“There are serious issues of coverage. Early adopters who bought HD radios report serious drop-outs, poor coverage, and interference. The engineers of Ibiquity may argue otherwise and defend the system, but the industry has a serious PR problem with the very people we need to get the word out on HD... In other words, everything you can find on the regular FM dial... The word has already gotten out about HD Radio. People who have already bought an HD Radio are telling others of their experience (mostly bad) and no amount of marketing will reverse this.”


Clear Channel has pulled a number of HD Format Lab streams, due to lack of interest:


"After conducting a survey of 340 HD2 stations to determine their programming needs, the folks at Clear Channel have dumped a number of their HD 'Format Lab' stations due to a lack of demand."


Hopefully, Congress's investigation into the dealings at the FCC will expose the HD Radio scam:


HD radio is dead, in fact it was never alive, and as others have pointed out it does nothing positive, everything it does is negative, it cuts receiver range severely and interferes with adjacent channels. Someone here said that it is the natural progression, no way, digital radio has failed in Germany and is not doing well anywhere in Europe and it has been there for at least ten years. Their system was better than ours too, There is nothing to fix with radio except for the lousy programming. FM sounds fine the way it is, HD turns it into MP3 quality sound which is not an improvement, it is a degradation in sound. Don't waste your money, it's going nowhere. Where's the money coming from? All that money that is supposedly being spent on ads is really ad spots that were never sold in the first place, radio is giving them to the iBlock Alliance and iNiquity for free. AM HD would be a bad joke except that it is so destructive to the adjacent channels that it is ruining adjacent owner's livelihoods and FM is just a complete waste as no one even knows it exists.

The current reasons HD Radio is failing is; 1) High cost of radios. 2) Limited HD Stations. 3) No portables. If HD radio is to succeed. They need to take a look at sat radio. have the HD-2 & HD-3 multicasts be commercial free.
Better reception. Otherwise it will fail.

This proves that O&A are failures at HD Rad....oh wait...this ISN'T an O&A/Howard Thread?

Sorry, my bad...

Oh yeah, HD Radio is going to be huge. I might even be as big as those other huge radio innovations of late - AM Stereo, Quadraphonic Sound, FMX, RBDS. HD Radio gets me what? More stations by the same broadcasters who already don't deliver content worth listening? This is a winning proposition?