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Info learned on XM's new portable device (Codename: Phoenix)

XM PhoenixYes folks, there's a new portable/handheld satellite radio coming out from XM, and it's currently floating around the halls of The Eck with the codename "Phoenix" (which, is appropriate).

The details are still coming in, and there are several versions of the prototype making the rounds as I understand it. So the below description is, by no means, final.

According to sources, the XM Phoenix is slightly smaller than the existing Inno with a much slicker interface and a rotating wheel that functions similar to the beloved SkyFi2. It features a MicroSD slot for external music (not for transfer of XM recordings, of course) and the internal storage space might have been increased (not sure exactly how much, if any).

The screen size is larger than the current Inno, but the antenna looks similar/identical to the Inno's. Details on whether or not the device has WiFi are still fuzzy.

The Phoenix is supposed to hit the streets in Fall. As more details come in, such as the final name of the device, I'll be sure to post them here.


new device--same awful sound quality--same FM repetition brought to you by Jon Zellner and Steve Kingston. YAY!

Hm. don't see any indication that it is interoperable, even though it is slated for release this fall, supposedly well after the unison of XM and Sirius. Suppose they are quietly pressing ahead with their solo plans?

There is more to XM than Jon and Steve.

I don't care that the SQ is not CD quality. It sounds good enough for me. I have CD's for CD quality. If I had a choice between CD quality or content, I would choose content anyday. It's radio. I don't expect stellar SQ. It is tolerable to me. Again, if I want CD quality, I will listen to a CD.

FM/HD can have the "best" sound quality but if you don't have anything I want to hear, then it is pointless how good you think your audio sounds.

Unless you can find a terrestrial station that plays REAL ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC (and I'm not talking about that Pop remixed shit either) within 100 miles of Palm Coast, FL I would gladly give it a listen... until then SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Thank you and have a nice day. :)

Finally! Expandable memory card slot.

Hope it comes with at least 4 GB. 8 or 16 would be real nice. So would Wi-Fi.

Real question is whether the device can pick up XMRO via WiFi like the Stilletto does. If it does, I'd buy one for whatever price they set - up to $400...

"HD Radio"

"Until now, portable HD Radio receivers have been unavailable because the chipsets needed by this technology required too much power to be practical for a battery-operated device. However, in January 2008 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas iBiquity unveiled a prototype of a new iPod-sized portable receiver. It is based on a new chipset developed by Samsung. Although portable, it is still a relatively power-hungry device (it will run on an average set of alkaline batteries in about two hours, according to an iBiquity engineer)."

I hope that the new portable Satrad receiver still has at least 30 hours of battery life, unlike the new Samsung HD chipset, with a miserable 2 hours of battery life.

i posted a reference to a new portable at least a month or 2 ago on your blog.. sure took you long enough to have someone leak more info to you..

AC, How did the tributes to George Carlin play out on boring radio? Glad you liked it now why don't you petal your HD info at

Wow how great XM is making a Stiletto2 copy cat. In all honesty what is the big deal about this with the merer going through. b

My sources tell me that the new device will come with home kit, just like the inno and helix. Price is expected to be $149 neighborhood.

The independent channels are trying to get the device in for the X-Mas catalog - from what I hear and there is a push to get demos in the independents' hands soon.

Lets hope:

A - XM is bringing this device out as a device which will make telling Sirius to piss off the right choice.

B - Good idea AC, that XM is making this device also with a HD Radio

The Stilleto stinks and has horrible reception. The Inno rules as Ryan has already stated, and is the superior device. Im just sick of earbuds they never fit. The Phoenix will rise!!!

The problem is that XM has very little room left to improve upon, in my opinion. Their equipment is good, and it has been with every incarnation. I still use my SkyFi2, my AirWare, and my Inno. I know. I have a fleet. But these radios are so good that I've managed to find a use for each.

Meanwhile. I've had two Stilettos and a Conductor blow up on me, and while I don't hate my Starmate, it's not up to par with anything I've had on the XM. (But I still gotta have my Howard, so...)

An SD slot in an Inno-like device would be nice especially for file transportability. Other than that and maybe a (real) bookmarking feature, but there are very few improvements left to be made on the Pioneer equipment and even on the Delphi stuff. It's just been good all along.

NOW THIS IS BIG!! A new XM portable!! DAMN! Hope it doesn't cost what the Inno did at launch! I'm just hoping the RIAA hasn't put restrictions on this device.

Would be nice if XM would come out with one last round of amazing hardware before the merger takes effect. The R&D guys at XM have always been 2 steps ahead of their SIRI counterparts - how many years did it take SIRI to have a portable after the MyFi came out?

Have one last great XM-designed XM radio for those of us REAL satrad fans who want to stick with the superior service and don't care about interoperability.

Biggest problem I have with my Inno is that is has to be in the cradle to do anything. Hopefully a new device will be able to function when just connected via USB without being in the cradle.

I'm hoping to see more devices that accept the Mini Tuner(Passport,) I'm sure this one won't.

Unless you can find a terrestrial station that plays REAL ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC (and I'm not talking about that Pop remixed shit either) within 100 miles of Palm Coast, FL I would gladly give it a listen

Er, Slacker?

"Unless you can find a terrestrial station that plays REAL ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC (and I'm not talking about that Pop remixed shit either) within 100 miles of Palm Coast, FL I would gladly give it a listen"

Or a gay club.

This is good news- although I wouldn't replace my trusty Helix, which has performed flawlessly, it would be great to see a device with more storage and makes use of some of the advances we've seen in interface and control technology. This type of device is the most versatile of all XM players- car, home, beach, out walking, it goes everywhere easily.

You guys keep forgetting something.

XM and Sirius still have separate infrastructures. Any merger won't make either obsolete. They have to keep supporting the other guys radios for up to 15 years! So yes, XM will still release Inno's, and Sirius will release Stilettos.

Would be nice to see XM finally step to the game and release a radio on par with the 2 year old Stiletto. I've got 'em both (S2 and Inno) and the Inno is seriously lacking in both features and sound quality.

The WiFi makes up for the lousy reception of BOTH units. The only difference is I can barely get a signal with the Inno if I hold it just right. I can get a signal with the Stiletto if I wear the headphones and am standing in the right spot. But I can pop in the WiFi on the S2 and have music.

And I won't even go into how Sirius' Sound Quality on the S2 is better than the Inno.

"Er, Slacker?"
That may be an option later if XiriuM screws this up... which I am willing to bet on... heard The Beat or Area (insert random number here) these days?

"Or a gay club."
I'm not gay. No straight man in their right mind would ever go into a gay club. I don't care what music they play.

I would buy one if I could get some SIRIUS content in it. Why is XM spending so much money on new radios and advertising now?? Seems like a waste until the merger is finalized.

No the device will NOT be interoperable.
No the device does NOT pick up any AM/FM or any HD radio.
No the device does NOT have WiFi.
No the portable reception will NOT be any better than INNO.
No this does not work with a XM mini tuner.

Basically an INNO with more features is all this really is.

The Inno is a good redio, but they really need to increase battery life to at least 15 hours and at least 16 GIGs of memory before I get excited. I bet they sell it for around $400 like all new radios.

The Inno is great. The only reason I would ever consider replacing mine is if they added an SD slot. However, should they put in place the same RIAA restrictions that plague the Stiletto I would have zero interest.

The Stiletto was such a great product they had to redesign it and sell essentially the same product 9 months later. And it's still bulkier than the Inno and restricted in the way it records, not to mention the awful earphones that are mandatory should you want to hope to have any signal at all. POS equipment.

Well, that sucks it won't have WiFi for XMRO access. That is the one redeeming thing about the Stiletto and the only thing I really want in a new XM unit. Guess I'll just have to stick with my cellphone for that, along with pre-recorded XM for areas of my house where I can't get a signal but have WiFi.

I have 2 Innos & am fairly happy with them except for the recording programming. I would like to be able to repeat a recording at the same time every week without entering all of the data again. The Inno lets you do this daily but not weekly. Every VCR has this feature....I hope they can put it into the Phoenix.

The SD card will be nice but I hope they don't put it under the battery like the Stiletto.

The SD card slot is external to the battery compartment, on top of the unit next to the headphone jack.

"No straight man in their right mind would ever go into a gay club. I don't care what music they play."

Sometimes you have to think outside the box. Straight men have started to figure something out about gay clubs. Many hot straight women have gay male friends. Hot straight women go to gay bars with their gay male friends because they don't feel threatened. They don't have to be on guard the entire night worrying about being hit on by dozens of guys like at a normal club. So now, straight guys will head to the gay clubs in search of those hot straight ladies who now have their guard down and are finding it to be very successful. As long as you can get over the fact of being hit on by men all night and nearly getting your ass kicked by some bull-dyke because you hit on her lipstick lesbian girlfriend.

And the Inno is fantastic. I've had it since it was launched in May 2006. I've yet to be disappointed by it, at least when they fixed the battery drain problem. Listen to it every day on the train, listen to it at work, and any time I'm driving. It goes with me everywhere.

"The SD card slot is external to the battery compartment, on top of the unit next to the headphone jack. "

I would prefer under the battery, I have the SKYFi3 and I always pop out my card accedentally when I undock from my car. Its rare that I remove the card to change out music. My only other request on the SD slot would be SDHC support so I could pop in a 16gb and never worry about what content I need and don't need.

Does anyone actually realize that HD Radio is NOT high definition? They just named it HD to fool you. The power of suggestion fooled you. Look it up. It's not actually high definition.
I just thought someone should mention this to counter some of the dummies in this thread.