Interoperable Satellite Radios Becoming a Reality

Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 12:06 PM
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Interoperable Satellite RadiosDual-subscribers of both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio may have hope afterall of consolidating both their subscriptions into a single unit - very soon.

Introducing Interoperable Technologies, a joint effort supported and funded by both XM and Sirius, working to bring dual-subscription satellite radios to market. XM and Sirius both share ownership in the company.

Interoperable Technologies, founded in 2003, is in the process of designing and architecting these dual-mode satellite radios, with the help of regular consultations from both XM and Sirius. In 2005 they successfully completed the design of a radio capable of receiving both services, and have a timeline to bring a reciever to market this year.

For only $26/month you get over 300-channels of superior content in a single unit. I can't wait.

[Interoperable Technologies



Everything sounds great there. If they lower duel subs down to 19.95 or somewhere and one company focuses on video and talk we got ourselves a merger without the legal implications.

how many channels of video can we get out of 65 music channels?

$26/month? A hell of a lot cheaper than cable tv.

Blah, blah, many times does this have to get posted?

Oh man! As a dual subscriber, this would be SO cool to have. Where do I sign up?

Cool idea if it ever comes to pass. Even though I only subscribe to Sirius, I would consider buying this with an eye on the future...


This would sure make for an easy transition if the two companies were ever to merge... Just food for thought...

WoW, just think...Opie and Anthony and...uh...ummmm...whatever they play on Sirius all on one unit.

When the hell will this damn thing come out already!?!? I'm ready to buy it now. You really should give Sirius a chance. There's some good stuff over there.

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