Introducing the new Audiovox Xpress EZ, and Xpress Replay

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 at 8:51 PM
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Introducing the new Audiovox Xpress EZ and Xpress Replay XM Satellite Radio receivers. I've heard whispers about these two new plug-and-play receivers since CES, but until recently I've never had any photos of them. Well, here's the full (unofficial) deets...

The 2 additions to Audiovox's Xpress line allows for different price points for customers with of course various levels of features. Note that as I understand it, the Audiovox Xpress is unchanged, these are two new receivers that are rounding out Audiovox's offering.

First, let's take a look at the entry-level version, the Xpress EZ:

XM Xpress EZ XMCK5
The Audiovox Xpress EZ (XMCK5) rocks a big, easy to read, three-line display. It also sports a simplified interface, with a single knob to navigate through the Xpress EZ's menus, and three buttons for additional functionality. You also get 10 user presets for your favorite XM channels.

The Xpress EZ includes an external antenna, docking cradle with DC adapter and mounting bracket (though no remote control). Expect to see the XpressEZ to go for an MSRP of only $69.99.

Then there's the top-of-the-line Xpress, the XpressR (aka the Xpress Replay):
XM XPress Replay XMCK20
The killer feature for the Audiovox XpressR (XMCK20) is the display. It's the first satellite radio ever to feature a splitscreen display - so (finally) you'll be able to view both the XM channel you're currently listening to, plus five other channels - all at once. The XpressR also has an automatic backlight dimmer that adjusts for day/night conditions, oh and... it has a 6-line display. Oh yeah.

The Audiovox Xpress Replay - as you can guess from the name - also features replay functionality allowing you to pause/rewind live content within a 30-minute buffer. The XpressR also has a five-way tuner knob, numbered keys for direct channel entry and 30 presets for your channel favs.

It includes a magnetic antenna, docking cradle with DC adapter, cassette adapter, mounting brackets and remote control. Look for the Xpress Replay to MSRP at $129.99. 

Both XpressEZ and the XpressR will be available in June.




I have the Audiovox PNP3 for Sirius. All I can say is don't spend $130 bucks for anything from Audiovox until you check the reviews...

right...because comparing a 3 year old Audiovox Sirius unit to this 2007 XM model with 5000% better features is a great comparison.

I wouldn't get too thrilled about a 2008 Mustang...I have the '98.


Gizmodo posted info about the XpressR weeks ago
That link provides a picture of the unit on showing the split screen.

I love the idea. XM products rock the fat ass!

They look good, but the dual screen aspect is a sell for me, even though I own 4 radios. I might switch them out for these beauties. Nice. I am not worried about the merger crap, just want a nice radio that allows me to receive the service.

XMScott: Ok now that's weird. I never saw the release the Gizmodo found.

And the photo they're showing is different than the one that I have (note the silver on their XpressR version).

Props to the Giz!

damn you XMScott! now I have that song in my head agaiN!

When mighty horse rocks, he rocks the fat ass!
When mighty horse rocks, he rocks the fat ass!
When mighty horse rocks, he rocks the fat ass!
When mighty horse rocks, he rocks the fat ass!

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