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iPhone gets a boost


16gb iPhone

As expected, the Apple iPhone has gotten a boost in storage capacity from 8gb to 16gb.

The 8gb version runs $399 while the 16gb will cost you $499. There's also a new iPod Touch, weighing in at 32gb at also $499.

While not the fabled 3G version (yet), I'm sure this interim version will help maintain Apple's ridiculous rate of sales.

[Apple via Engadget]


I wonder when the iPhone will have enough storage capacity to hold the Library of Congress for less than $999.

It seems like Apple is starting to run out of ideas, and the upgrade cycle has been reduced to memory upgrades, which in my opinion have little marginal benefit.

I know I may not be in the norm, but my PC actually has 45 GB of space and is running a patched XP pro, and I have all the songs I could ever listen to and yet I still only use 16 gb of space.

Are there really people out there who load up their ipods with hundreds of movies and thousands of songs? How much space do you need?

The extra space is for applications, which you're about to see a deluge of.

I'd love to see a Sirius application for iPhone/iTouch.