iPhone Mania: Estimated 500,000 sold over the weekend

Monday, July 2, 2007 at 8:32 AM

Apple iPhone 

Apple sold about a half million iPhones the first weekend the device went on sale, according to analyst estimates.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster released a report Sunday estimating that Apple sold about 500,000 units through the close of business Sunday. Munster originally thought Apple would sell 200,000 on Friday and Saturday.

Ninety-five percent of iPhone buyers in San Francisco, New York and Minneapolis purchased the 8GB model, according to the survey. About half of the people surveyed for the report were new customers for AT&T. Considering that it's estimated that Apple pulls in anywhere from a 20% to 50% profit margin for the iPhone, that's not a bad opening weekend.

Now, what can Sirius and XM learn about this?




What can Sirius and XM learn from this? One, they can learn to make or have made products that are multi-faceted. The "live sirius-xm/mp3 player" just won't cut it anymore. Heck, they shouldn't be in the hardware business anyway, they are the content to which EVERY media player should have access. Two, time to start making "Sirius Compatible" a catch phrase. The iPhone is the badboy gadget of the moment. Unlimited data connection, 4 or 8gb storage, and you can't listen to Sirius or XM on it because it requires the Windows Media plugin. Screw that! Make the online subscriptions format friendly: wma, quicktime, whatever... make it easy for current and future subscribers to access the online content without having to jump through hoops. And finally, don't wait for a special occasion to hype/promote the goods. A 30 second spot during the Simpsons, a 15 second spot during Greys Anatomy, another 15 second spot during Oprah, and of course a quick TV scroll during the sports that you broadcast. You'll have hit most prime demographics and will create the same kind of word of mouth promotion that Howard did when he went to Sirius.

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