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It's official: Opie & Anthony re-sign with Sirius XM

Opie and Anthony
It's official, Opie & Anthony have re-signed with Sirius XM Radio Inc. for a two-year deal, it was announced on the air today. The value of the deal were described as being "about the same" as their original contract with XM.
To understand why there was confusion yesterday between Opie's and Anthony's individual online statements - Anthony had signed first, while Opie didn't finalize his contract with Sirius XM until earlier this morning, it was announced on the air.

The duo expressed frustration with the contract terms, though said they were happy to continue on satellite radio. While money was obviously an issue in the negotiations, there were other non-financial aspects of the contract that Opie & Anthony expressed frustration with not getting agreement on (such as studio size).

"They made us really happy at XM with a lot of extra things," said Opie, comparing the conditions at Sirius XM headquarters to their previous studios with XM Satellite Radio.

Either way, it looks like fans will continue to get Opie & Anthony on their satellite radios for another two-years.



Whewww, at least now we can find out how the polar bear got on the show.... wait.... nevermind

wow, i was worried.

Thank god!!!!!! Love you guys

At this point, it doesn't matter, they will never be happy.

I'm sure Howard will take credit for this....

why re-sign them no talent wannabes

Hey, where are all of the hoo-hoo fans who commented on the other story and SWORE that O+A wouldn't get signed?

This makes this long time fan very happy! Now, I need to pay my XM bill and get my radio reactivated!

Yeah! Now I can jack it to the boyz for a few more years!

so watch when Howard resigns---Its a 2 year contract too!

So I guess you'll be back at your usual glory hole right? Say 11:30 am?

And please brush your teeth this time.

Once again Sirius does the right thing for their listeners and stock holders - great job Mel.

Now wrap up NFL, Stern & Bubba...

They should have held out for a couple of weeks to get what they wanted. Once subs started dropping off they would have been nervous since they already know how important they are to the company.
Typical Mel Karmazin bullshit.

WHy is it that all O&A fans need to bash Howard, but god forbid if a howard fan says anything about O&A, Forget it..... attack!!!!! Morons!! You people take this self created drama by Greg Hughes so seriously. It's all for attention!!! Get that through your warped heads.....ATTENTION!!!! He is so jealous of howard and its so obvious but whatever he says its gospel to you sheep!! Its just a radio show, They're both radio shows, no more, no less!!!

Good stuff. I'm sure it's not the best deal for them but they probably took it for the fans.

Oh, now all the Howard lovers can go listen to his show instead of commenting on something they claim they don't care about. Wait, no they can't. Stern doesn't care about his fans and takes every Friday off.

Now they should start looking their next gig.. Don't wait until September of 12 to look, get somewhere else inked before the end of next year and get the size studio they want and any particulars.. i.e. internet radio somewhere because by then internet radio will be huge, it already is but by then maybe it will be ready for the next step..

Good one Ray. You really are a silly cunt.


yay pudding!

Pretty pathetic that this is the ONLY press this generated.
Opie, is a fucking cunt. Spoiled rotten pre-madonna that will most likely NEVER be happy. All those years bitching about HooHoo and Opie ends up being an even bigger douche. Funny how shit works out.

Yeah!! What about Jimmy?

I like turtles!

Opie is an entitled jerkoff with a kid that looks exactly like Bam Margera.

"I'm sure it's not the best deal for them but they probably took it for the fans. " -Major Tom

No, they did it so they could keep living the lavish lifestyles they've established for themselves. I'm happy for the guys that they were able to keep their jobs at XM/Sirius,there's many people in the radio industry that wish they still had a job.

2 years is a good contract period, that's about the time that economist are predicting the economy will be growing again, which would make the contract negotiations a lot easier if it turns out that way.

Like the attention you are giving us RIGHT NOW.

I'd guess JImmy signed first - before leaving for Carolina. He mentioned something about not being able to get a raise out of Sirius on Thursday. I think his "move to California" thing was just fodder.

Hey you anonymous retard. The phrase your one lonely brain cell was searching for is "prima donna" not "pre-madonna". It's Italian meaning "First Lady" and not a reference to an 80's whore, (or the Virgin Mary, take your pick.)

Get over yourself. It's definitely the other way around. Opie and Anthony fans don't start anything. Only responses.

pre-madonna? So, Opie is from the Old Testament or before the mid-80's pop boom?

WHy is it that all O&A fans need to bash Howard, but god forbid if a howard fan says anything about O&A, Forget it..... attack!!!!!

Howard started the rivalry years ago with his pathetic gag order, which he recently admitted really happened, just as O&A claimed it did. Howard doesn't even care enough to work five days a week anymore.

Yes Ryan,

What about Jimmy? Any word on him?

No surprise. Like I said... where were they going to go? Their failure at replacing Stern on terrestrial pretty much killed their employment prospects there, and there is no way that a podcast would ever earn them what they could get by staying at Sirius, even though it sounds like they has to take a pay cut under the new contract.

Forget about Jimmy; what about Uncle Paul, Chip, Ted, ? Those guys I care about. oh wait; don't forget BoBo

And if you listen to the way greg spins it, like always poor them they get picked on by everyone right? Seriously grow up dude! Again its a radio show!!!!!!!!!!! What is the matter with you. If you like O&A great, If you like Howard thats good too. But its just a show. They say things for attention. Not for people to follow them like sheep.

Everytime theres a post here about Howard, then come all of the Hoo-Hoo and he's a hack and he's washed up and blah blah blah, so then why is Opie so jealous of him if he's so washed up? He wishes he could have howard's deal. He wishes he can work 4 days and take all of those vacations. Dont beleive that martyr crap he's always spewing. His jealousy is compleatly obvious.

Hoo hoo Robin....I invented O & A's contract!!!!

I'm glad they were able to resign. Stocks are up and I think it's because they've resigned. Thank you!

Imagine the stock crash if we let these two juggernauts go. Forget Black Monday, we'd have Virus Friday.

I wouldn't be able to sleep losing all those subscriptions from o n a fans who can barely pay the monthly fee. We'd never eclipse 20 million subs without those two. They were critical in our expansion and XM being overtaken by Sirius.

I think by resigning we staved off two suicides. Those poor bastards couldn't deal with another failure and dismissal.

lol @ pre-madonna ... you are an idiot

Hoo Hoo Robin Opie's my bitch

Yeah I'm sure Greg did it for the fans!! Just like he did it for Steve C! Oh that's right, he let SiriusXM fire him. Way to fight for your guys! Why doesn't he pay Steve out of his own pocket? That's because he's a tool and I hope he enjoys his pay cut!

lol, all the hoo hoos can't spell :D

at least use a name. "anonymous"...really? chickenshit

I'm sure both of their listeners are thrilled.

When you are two unoriginal hacks who have spent all their time trying to hold Howard's jockstrap,you get paid what you're worth....0.0 lame radio means getting paid accordingly...of course 0.0 were going to take this deal it was either take the deal or get used to saying "Welcome to McDonald's...can I please take your order"

Hey O & A (and Jimmy).... I was seriously considering bailing on SIRIUS when it started to sound like Stern was gonna be done at the end of his contract (and I'm a 20 year listener,not a Johnny come lately). Then, the day before I was leaving for a business trip (from the east coast to the west coast) my Sirius Stiletto radio decided to crap out. I rushed to Best Buy and had to get the only portable radio they had which happend to be the XM XP3. I then had to sign up for XM and pay for the "Best of Sirius" package to get Stern (which makes no sense since Sirius and XM are one and the same, but you still have to go thru seperate entities for some stupid reason). Any way, this was the best thing that could have happend b/c I started to listen to O & A and I am now a huge fan. I honestly don't care if Howard leaves now. Your show is FAR FAR more entertaining. I haven't laughed as much at Howard's show in 20 years as I have at the O & A show in the last 9 months. During every O & A show I find myself laughing out loud. I haven't done that in years of listening to Howard. I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that you resigned for 2 more yers!! I hope they're paying you boys a fair wage and I honestly no longer care if Howard and his bed bugs hit the road.

Punchin Out,


I agree. Radio is a very specific medium, and isn't always transferable to other areas. They obviously both have talent, and their BRAND has value, but to continue doing what they want to do CREATIVELY well....their options are limited. If Sirius and XM didn't merge, then they're in business to work out a contract MUCH more to their liking by claiming to have a better offer blah blah blah. But's still a good gig! Take the $$$$, have FUN, and drink your carrot juice boys. If your REALLY that unhappy, attend that Armondo dude's house flipping course and ride off into the sunset in 2 yrs! :-P


Howard who?

This doesn't change the balance of power in satellite radio, by any stretch of the imagination. My feeling is O&A's resigning was always a done deal; just the minor clauses each of the guys had probably were the points of contention, which is why Opie got his done first.

Either way, the drama created by them (and by the Orbitcast trolls) was to crank the hype, get more listeners (for short-term) and see if they could create a story where none existed.

Same thing will happen with Howard: he'll hem and haw, and keep his sheep on the hook for however long before he re-ups.

"Anonymous" I think is one person, and the same one who is either employed by Stern or just has a pathological hatred for O&A; he never fails to mention "0.0" and I'm surprised he hasn't trundled out the "35,000" figure; you remember, Anon, the one that claimed that's how many of O&A's fans subscribed when they first showed up?

And a bit more wanking on about the great genius Howard is, who cannot even haul ass out of bed more than four days a week, despite his huge contract and benefits?

The whole point is, nothing's changed at all. I'm sure Howard AND O&A are all sitting around somewhere together, laughing at how they've managed to make their idiotic fans believe there's a blood feud going.

It is to laugh. Anyway, the resignings are just to keep things as they are; whether or not any new talk programming or signings will take place, remains to be seen.

Well now that this is done you won't hear anything about these two losers for another 23 months when the same scenario will rear its ugly head. Unless of course they are dropped before that

Well now that this is done you won't hear anything about these two losers for another 23 months when the same scenario will rear its ugly head. Unless of course they are dropped before that